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    Default **~~December Spaces~~**

    **December 2011 Spaces**

    Welcome to December 2011 and Congratulations to you all!

    Please reserve your spot here AFTER you get your BFP.

    Spaces are reserved for sharing...
    1. Something brief about yourself
    2. Info about your appointments
    3. Pics of your BFP, your growing belly, ultrasounds, nursery shots, etc.
    4. Additional pregnancy tickers
    5. Anything else you want to share related to your pregnancy (please keep as brief as possible).

    Please read the following before posting!

    * This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

    * Once you reserve your "space," edit it each time you post something new. Please DO NOT create a new post for each new picture/piece of info you are posting. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of your post.

    * Because this is already a picture-heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by un-checking the "Show your signature" button before your click "submit" to post your message.

    * Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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    I got my BFP on Wednesday 3/23! EDD December 7th!

    My chart that cycle...

    4w: 548
    4w2d: 1163

    Ultrasound at 8w
    Baby measured 8w3d with a heartbeat of 164!

    Ultrasound at 21w
    It's a GIRL!!!

    30 week belly
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    First appt: April 27th
    First u/s may 4th 9w4d
    Second OB appt may 25th 12w4d
    First trimester (nuchal) screen: May 27th
    Third OB appt June 22nd

    9 weeks

    13 weeks

    13 weks


    First appt yesterday. Typical appt with the long introduction and physical stuff. Things seem to be fine. Scheduled dating u/s for 9 weeks 4 days!

    5/3 U/s went great! HB 175 measuring 9w5d (1 day ahead) and only one in there!! Whew!
    5/25 Second OB appt. lost 1 lb. HB 165 or so.
    5/27 Nuchal screening. Baby measures 5 days ahead already! Nuchal measurements were around 2.02-2.11 within normal range and they saw the nasal bone(all good signs) official results will be in about a week.
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    I'm Katherine and dh & I are going on 15 wonderful years of marriage. This is our 4th baby, 6th pgcy. We have: ds-10yo (11 in a few weeks ) dd-8yo & dd-14mos old. We also had another son stillborn in 2008. Very excited for this baby and to be pg again. Dh and I took our first Vacation alone together since we've had children and this lil' one is our souvinier from Paris!!

    EDD 12/13/11

    + test on: 3/28/11 & 3/29/11

    Started spotting on 4/17

    Had an u/s on 4/18 saw our baby and a beautiful heart beat!!! Spotting turned to bleeding.

    4/19 Heavy bleeding - going in for another u/s 4/20
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    I got my BFP in the afternoon on March 30th, at about 19DPO I wasn't charting that month, aside from tracking fertile CM and other signs, so I wasn't exact on my ovulation date, which is why I tested so late. So no temps...can't show a pretty chart! I completely thought we were out, as we had only got one BD session in during what I figured was the fertile window...and it was probably two days out from ovulation. Guess it worked anyway!!

    First BFP, afternoon March 30

    And the second one, taken the morning of March 31

    Due date is Dec 3rd!!!

    So my doctor appointment with my GP went well and I just got my bloodwork done today. We have chosen a midwife, and our first appointment is Tuesday Apr. 19

    We met our midwife it went really well! She gave me good suggestions for dealing with nausea and getting through the first tri. We go again in two weeks, where we will have to let her know if we plan on doing prenatal genetic testing. Not sure how we feel about that yet.

    We had our second midwife appointment, which was mostly just taking a detailed health history. We declined the prenatal genetic testing. If our diagnostic ultrasound around 18-20 weeks shows any soft markers, we will pursue further testing then. My one and only ultrasound (boo!! ) is scheduled for the afternoon on July 8th. We will likely hear the heartbeat for the first time around 13 weeks, at our next midwife appointment on May 26!

    First belly pic was somewhere around this time Forget the exact date, probably around 14 weeks?

    We just had our third appointment, and we heard the heartbeat. I cried! It was in the 160's and sounded so clear. We are so thrilled!!! My physical exams went well too, everything is perfect. We feel so blessed that everything is going well.

    And a couple weeks later, the next belly pic...about 16 weeks or so.

    We heard the heartbeat again at our fourth appointment a little slower this time at about 150, but still sounded clear and strong. Best part is we heard our baby do a somersault and move away from the Doppler after about a minute, it made me laugh!! All of my final blood work came back just fine, and the physical exam went well again too. Ultrasound in one week!!

    We had our ultrasound today on July 8th! Everything looks good and on track for my due date. We will have official results in about a week.

    First baby pic!

    Just shy of 19 weeks belly pic!

    Had our fifth midwife appointment this week. It all went fine, considering pregnancy is going smoothly for me so far so I typically don't have many questions or concerns. We heard the heartbeat again, sounding strong in the 150's like last time. Baby kicked the Doppler almost immediately and made the midwife laugh since she felt it quite strongly! We got the results of our ultrasound as well. Baby is healthy and everything looks just great, except in one image they thought the nasal bone looked a little short for the gestational age. However none of the images they got allowed them to make accurate measurements, so we go for a repeat ultrasound later in the week. We are very stressed and scared, but our midwife is reassuring us that it is nothing serious, it's a "new science" to mesure the nasal bone in the second trimester so there are a ton of inaccuracies, and since everything else is fine they aren't considering this an actual soft marker for any issues. Still stressful though, but we are enjoying the chance to see baby an extra time at least our 3D ultrasound to find out the gender is in one week and one day!!!

    We had our follow-up u/s on July 29th, and pretty much got an entire repeat of a full diagnostic u/s. We managed to get results same day (amazing!) and got the final word: baby is perfect, healthy, and there are no anatomical abnormalities. Nasal bone measures just fine - in fact the tech who reviewed our previous images said it didn't look short at all and she doesn't know why they would have told us it could be. Yay for good news!!! Baby also weighs 438g, almost a pound

    There's baby waving hi

    And a belly pic at about 22 weeks:

    And finally with just one week to go before we know who's in there, we decided on our names! Can't wait to find out if it's Connor Alexander or Elaina Rose

    Okay, so I missed a couple updates. We found out in the beginning of August that it is a GIRL!!! So shocked, we were sure it was a boy. But we are THRILLED to be having a girl...we just can't wait to meet her we have bought tons of girl clothes over the last month. I am having so much fun! Girly stuff is WAY cuter My mom and I made a road trip to Seattle to stock up on Carter's clothes since we don't have one here. Yayyyy!

    Now at the end of August we have gone into shopping overdrive. Tons of clothes, and most importantly we got our car seat. Bringing that home was a big reality check! We also decided to do cloth diapering, and we started our stash (AMP hemp fitteds & Bummis covers). We will be placing our order for our crib and stroller in the next two weeks, and then we will be ordering all our nursery decor (finding a lot of it on Etsy). WOW...can't believe we are here already!

    Our sixth midwife appointment was around this time too. I had a lot more questions as I'm starting to feel the aches and pains as I near the end of my second tri. I also talked a lot about some increased anxiety and nightmares...worried that something would be wrong with the baby or go wrong with the birth I am feeling better now though. I also had my 1 hr GD test and passed it but they discovered I have very low iron, and so I have to start supplements. Hopefully that will help me feel more energy and I won't be constantly short of breath/lightheaded.

    A week or two after our midwife appointment I started having very strong Braxton Hicks, complete with shortness of breath, pulse racing, even dizziness. Not fun I did page the urgent number and they said I was okay unless things got worse. Hopefully these don't become a regular thing. Also, prenatal classes start NEXT WEEK! Time is flying. My next midwife appointment is near the end of September, and after that I will be going every two weeks. We are getting so much closer to meeting our Elaina!

    Well, September has gone pretty well!! Our prenatal classes have been amazing. We are learning so much, and DH really enjoys them too because he's learning how to support me in labour. I am feeling more empowered about a natural birth, but still freaked out too. We also did an infant/child first aid and CPR course which was really great, I feel good knowing those skills! On the downside...I am feeling pretty huge and uncomfortable by now. Sleeping is a huge issue for me. I wake up all the time, I can never get comfortable, I have intense thirst but then of course need to pee a bunch more times...and I have terrible heartburn I'm exhausted through the day and my stress level is climbing at work, just because I can barely get there on time let alone stay there the whole day. So, my midwife is going to pull me out of work pretty soon. For sure by the end of October I think. I wonder if I can make it through the whole month...anyway, we are lucky that I will get paid during medical leave, and my maternity leave will start when the baby is born and I'll get the full 52 weeks with her
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    April 2, 2011: BFP (at 10dpo!) That's really early for me!
    EDD: December 14, 2011
    April 9, 2011: Confirmed our spot with our HB MW
    First prenatal appointment booked for May 18, 2011 (10 weeks)
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    BFP: April 7th
    EDD: Dec 4th
    1st appt was yesterday and saw the heart beating!!!!
    This is our second child.
    Photobucket BabyFruit Ticker

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    BFP: April 16th (9dpo)
    EDD: December 30th

    1st appointment: 5/5/11
    2nd appointment: 6/3/11- 160 BPM overall weight gain: +1 lb
    3rd appointment: 7/1/11- 148 BPM overall weight gain: 0 lb
    4th appointment: 7/29/11-

    BFP Pictures:

    Ultrasound Pictures:

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    Default New to this forum

    A Quick hello to all the other mommy to be's out there (and Daddy's to be if you are reading this).

    This is my 2nd pregnancy with My husband. I was pregnant twice before I met him, and to date, I have no children. All (except this one) have resulted in m/c.

    We are due Dec 15 and I am currently on Progesterone Supplements until our 10th week. We go for our first Ultra sound on the 28th. We are very nervous. My Biggest pregnancy complaint, is the night sweats. I wake up in the morning having soaked through my shirt and sheets MS isn't too bad right now.

    I also quite smoking 4 days after I found out I was pregnant. I read the Book "Allen Carr's easy ways to quite smoking". If you are struggling to quit smoking then I encourage you to read this book. I am having a much easier time then my hubby quiting...(He broke last night and had one, and I still haven't had a craving yet

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