** September 2010 EDD & Gender List **

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** September 2010 EDD & Gender List **

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=red]September 2010 Mommies[/COLOR][/FONT]

[LEFT]Gender count so far:[/LEFT]

[LEFT]19 - [/LEFT]

[LEFT]20 - [/LEFT]

[LEFT]7 - [/LEFT]

If you would like to be added please post with the following info:
Estimated Due Date
Your gender guess, gender you're hoping for or if you're planning a surprise.

I'll try my best to keep this up to date. Smile

Estimated Due Date

September 1st
nygirl23, Karen -
Ambergirl123, Amber -

September 2nd
mandora, Manda - Gone too soon...2/10 :angel13:

September 4th

September 5th
Danielle.C, Danielle -

September 6th
Andy1784, Andy -
mama2amy, Katie -
LydiaQOTU, Lydia -
AshleyJ10, Ashley -

September 7th
gaberielsmom, Mary -
Miss Mia, Mia -
JamieJooNC, Jamie-

September 8th
Cali26, Cali -
nwmommy, Chaise -
kimrw, kim -
AmberNTravis, Amber -

September 9th
miessej, Jessica - Gone too soon...1/18/10 :angel13:
sweet_nth, Safa -

September 10th
demon-misses16, Destry -
thirtyandprego, Ruby -
AmberC727, Amber -

September 11th
Clarkton, Lynn - Gone too soon...2/23/10 :angel13:
Emilys3Guppies, Emily -
Trystinsmom, Heather - Dad is Thinking Pink...Mom is Thinking Blue
clarkwuf, W - Hoping for a Girl
SlackerSally, Sally, -
Lisa09, Lisa -

September 13th
beemarie, Brandi -
Gwyllion, Jennifer - x2 Its TWINS!!!
lbff, Erin -

September 14th
buckeyebaby, Kelly - Gone too soon...2/10 :angel13:
babybeth, Beth - Hoping for a Boy
thatlauragirl, Laura - Thinking Blue
MommyHopeful3, Monique - Dad is Thinking Pink

September 15th
Angeley572 -

September 17th
newmamma2b, Lynne -
christine_08, Christine - Gone too soon...3/10 :angel13:

September 18th
dannie138, Danielle - Gone too soon...2/23/10 :angel13:
Katie79, Katie - Gone too soon...1/10 :angel13:
Susan777, Susan -
sdg13, Shayna - Hoping for a Boy

September 19th
azin_may, Alison -
sarahsunshine - Hoping for a Boy -

September 21st
MamaAngel, Angel -

September 23rd
ahinescapron, Anna -
Illiana, Jade - Thinking Blue -
alishah323, Alisha - [COLOR=magenta]Hoping for a Girl [/COLOR]
ecoberry1 -

September 24th
brooklynkc1023, Ruth -
EmmyG, Emmy -

September 25th
froggie919, Danielle -
GracesmomAnna, Anna -
AndiSings, Andi -
TinaB382130, Christina -

September 26th
Cloud nine, Jessica -
mommie1014 - Dad is Hoping for a Boy

September 28th
OperaMommy08, Kristen -

September 29th
ange84, Wendy -
Melychang, Melynda - (for now)

September 30th

October 5th
butterflykissesx5, Laurene -

October 21st (but expecting late September)
lared713 - Hoping for a boy

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Thanks Andy! I am sure you will do a good job.

And thank you Lynn for doing it in the past.

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Can you add me?

LydiaQOTU, Lydia - Hoping for a girl! EDD 9/7


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"LydiaQOTU" wrote:

Can you add me?

LydiaQOTU, Lydia - Hoping for a girl! EDD 9/7


updated Smile

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Can you add me too. I'm due September 23rd, and I'm hoping for a girl.

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Hi! I am due 9/15/10, and I am thinking blue!!!

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updated to here

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Due 9/10/10 with a GIRL!

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We are expecting a girl!!!

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Updated to here, congrats on your girls ladies! I added a quick girl/boy/surprise count on top, so who will be the first to find out they are having a boy?

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Someone posted today about having a boy. I don't remember the username though.

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Shoot I missed that one, I'll find it. Hopefully that momma will want to be part of this sticky bc I don't want to throw it up without their permission.

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Can you change my due date?
It should be September 19 - according to the midwife!


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We found out today we are having a GIRL! EDD is 9/8/10.

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Having a little girl! (Sticking with the due date of 9/7/10 for now). Not what I expected, but so happy to be on Team Pink! Biggrin

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Am I the first on Team Blue? We're having a boy for sure! EDD is staying at 9/13.

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Updated to here!

Erin, you were the first on team blue I put up here but there is another now too.

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Hey Andrea. I know I'm super late, but could you please add me?

I'm Emmy and my EDD is Sept. 24. I'm not thinking pink or blue... just thinking healthy! Smile

Thanks for doing this!

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WOOHOO! I have an update. We are now due September 6 (Labor Day), and we are expecting a GIRL!!!!!

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Its a Girl! Yea for team pink! Due date is still Sept 8th!

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sorry it took so long to post this information but had to get my insurance fixed & due to I just had a baby was not sure when I got pregnant again. my DD is oct 21, but my doc thinks I will go the end of sept or beginning of oct so if yall dont want me to stay I understand. Im thinking & hoping boy, but it does not matter. If yall decide to add me here is my info.

Nickname/Name lared713 / Leslie

Due Date 10/21 but expected the end of Sept

Hoping for a boy cause all I will need are diapers lol

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Officially joining team blue Smile

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You can put us down for a boy!

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We decide to find out after all. Smile You can add me to Team Blue...having another sweet boy!

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Lared - Of course you are welcome, I remember on my other BB lots of women went early and a few went late so we had quite the spread of actual due dates and birthdays.

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Oh and congrats on all those boys ladies!

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Hi there~ can you add me?
EDD 9/6/10
expecting a GIRL Smile

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Can you please update me for TWIN GIRLS!!!!!

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can you update me for a girl! my EDD changed to 9/21 too.

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Can you please add me.

Laurene (butterflykissesx5)
EDD: 10/5/10
Expecting a surpise

I actually fudged on my dates w/my dr and told her my LMP was 12/30/09 when it was 12/23/09, know I "O'd" a week late. Based on LMP my EDD should be 9/30/10 but I usually go at least 4-5 days late (probably because of the late "O") So who knows where I'll land. My ultrasound said I was 5 days ahead which would put me 10/2/10.

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Add me to team blue! Due date: 09/11/2010

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We are also having a boy Smile

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I have everyone updated to here. If I missed anything or made a mistake feel free to correct me.

Looks like team blue has just about caught up. Congrats to anyone I haven't had a chance to congratulate yet!

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We confirmed we are having another little girl!

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Team green. Baby was not in the best position to find out. Transverse, spine facing my belly and the cord was between the legs. I am going to ask on Monday if I can get another u/s since my placenta is low and I want to keep an eye on it.

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Slacker Sally---Sally

I am expecting a boy, so sign me up for team blue! EDD is September 11th!

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Updated to here, the boys have taken over!

Counting the people who haven't participated in this thread I think team blue is 1 ahead. Pretty even compared to a lot of other months.

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Add me to team BLUE! It's a baby boy for us! Smile

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Put me down for team pink please. I'm having a girl!

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Lisa09, September 11, we not finding out the sex

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We ended up finding out. I'm having a boy.

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Updated to here.

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Hi -- we're also having a boy, and my due date on the list is off, it's now 9/25. Thanks! Smile

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Fixed you on the list, the boys are taking over!

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Due date is the 25th and we're having a GIRL!

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Add me to team pink.

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Can you add me please??

My name is Amber....we are having a GIRL!! and My EDD is Sept. 8th.


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I will be giving birth via scheduled c-section to a baby girl (Sierra Rose) on September 29th!

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Hi! I was just going over the list and realized that my EDD is wrong. It's 9/9, not 9/23. And we're still expecting a surprise!