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    Default B and B's Space

    B and B

    B and I met in elementary school. We knew each other prior to fifth grade but that is the class where we really hit it off - I had a crush on him...he had fun being a boy. We went to the same middle school though we did not have any classes or really stay in touch. We met up again fifteen years later through facebook. It turned out we were living nearly identical but separate lives - backpacking the same countries, reading the same types of books, eating the same types of foods (vegetarian), studying a lot of the same topics in school, and believing in the same types of spirituality. We both happened to be living in Arizona at the time...a long way from Illinois where we grew up. We met up for dinner and ended up talking the entire night...both of us knowing that we were done searching. Though the next couple of years held many trials and tribulations, B asked me to marry him on September 1st 2010 on the playground at the elementary school where we grew up together. We were very happily married in May of 2010 - the most perfect and happiest day of my life. Only three months later on September 1st 2011 we found out we were unexpectedly expecting - exactly one year to the day that he asked me to marry him! So, here we are, enjoying our honeymoon and first pregnancy.


    Our surprise BFP on September 1 2011.

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    Sharing the News

    We told my sister in law first. We both thought of her immediately and could not wait to share the news with her. We Skyped with her only a couple of days after receiving the positive tests.

    We decided to tell my father in law and Mother shortly thereafter. We currently are living with my father in law and we thought that not telling him would strain our living circumstances. If we were telling him, we HAD to tell my mom.

    We decided to tell my brother in law and the rest of the family last weekend (at about 8 weeks) because everyone was in from all over the country for a big family get-together. We thought it was the perfect time to tell them even though we really wanted to wait until after the first trimester. We knew that there would not ever be a more perfect opportunity with everyone around.

    There are still some outstandings that we have not told - my grandmother has not picked up her phone (how could someone STILL not have a cell phone??) so I am still waiting on that one and I have not told my aunt yet (because I could not in good conscious tell her before my grandmother).

    I finally told my grandmother and aunt. My grandmother seemed unphased and wanted to talk about random things more than the pregnancy. On the other hand, my aunt's reaction was super! She started screaming and crying all at once...then apologized for freaking out and was just crying and saying how excited she was. The next day we talked for two hours about being pregnant and having a child. It was a really great reaction to end on.


    September 1st 2011 - Surprise BFP!

    September 30th 2011 - First "doctor's" appointment to confirm pregnancy. Pregnancy confirmed.

    October 7th 2011 - First midwife appointment. Two hours of chatting about baby and pregnancy, drew blood for tests, pap for tests, and pelvic exam. Last but certainly not least - heard the baby's heartbeat (155 bpm) through the doppler and my husband and I cried. Excellent surprise ending to the perfect first appointment.

    November 4th 2011 - Second midwife appointment. Talked about diet and heard the heartbeat. Still going strong at 145 bpm. We decided to become a part of group prenatal classes so we "scheduled" our next appointment for November 15th with a group of parents expecting babies around the same time as ours. Should be fun!

    December 2nd 2011 - Third midwife appointment. Talked about any changes - namely pain associated with sleeping on my side all night and a unique pain day that scared me a bit. The most exciting change to report was that I started to feel the baby at 16 weeks and am feeling the baby a whole lot more each day. Heard the heartbeat and all is well. It was a very strong and very loud (so much so that the midwife had to turn the doppler volume down!) 142 bpm. Yay. Our next appointment will be an at home visit so the midwife can check out where we have chosen to have our baby and advise us regarding it.


    Our Daughter's First Picture at 21 weeks 4 days. Isn't she beautiful??

    Belly Pictures

    This is me at 21 weeks 4 days.

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    Destry's Space


    Got my surprise BFP 9/30/2011

    -October 17th- 1st OB appt!!- Went well. Just did paperwork and blood work. Got a Rhogam shot for some spotting I had last week.
    -October 26th- Went in for an u/s. Dr thought I was miscarrying because my hCG levels were really low. Turns out it was an error and we are having TWINS!!!! Baby A- HR- 149 Baby B HR- 139. Both measuring 7 w 1 d.
    -November 7- Pap and U/S! Heard the HR. In the 170's. Every thing went well.
    -November 9- U/S w/ Peri- Went great. babies measuring with a due date of June 12. Everything looked perfect. They are identical in separate sacs.
    -December 21- Had an u/s. Baby BOYS!
    -January 6- U/S to measure fluid levels. Everything looks good so far. Got diagnosed with partial placenta previa.
    -January 10- OB appt. Finally gained weight. 3.5 pounds. Measuring 23 weeks.(I am 18 weeks)
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    Brittany's Space
    ~ Brittany

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    Shelly's Space

    My kids, Savannah, Chase, Corban, Caeden, Tru, Trinity, Westin, and Trace.


    We live in Northern California! It snows during the winter and gets to 90 degrees in the summer!


    Little bean is due May 22nd!

    Blessings, Shelly

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