**Sticky please*** October 2009 SPACES

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**Sticky please*** October 2009 SPACES

Please reserve your spot after you get your BFP!

Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.


* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

* Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!


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My space is now reserved. BFP today!!!!!

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Mindy, 30, married to Andy, 30, on halloween 2003. Violet was born on april 24th at 9:51 am frank breech at home!! this LO was a HUGE oops and surprise but slowly we are getting used to the idea of it.

got my bfp on Wed jan 14, and sat the 17th, sun the 18th, and mon the 19th. not really sure when i ovulated, i missed 3 temps this cycle and wouldn't you know it, thats when it happened.

I'm here because Violet was a week late, so i'm assuming this one will be late too! plus I really really want an October baby!!!

in order from 10dpo i tested every OTHER day and the last one was at the DR. office at 30dpo WOW its really been that long already?!?!

10 weeks

13 weeks

19 weeks

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my daughter

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Hello Baby! We have a heartbeat!

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Noelle's Space!!!

7 weeks

14 week ultrasound

15 weeks

17 weeks

22 weeks

Mike & I at my Baby Shower

26 weeks

30 weeks

Reed's crib

34 weeks

Happy Birthday Reed!!!

Growing so fast!!!

December 2009

April 2010

July 2010

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Reserving my space...Suz_Q

Here is my first PG pic!

16 weeks...mostly still fat, but a bit of baby belly there!
18 weeks, finally starting to look pregnant instead of fat!
23 weeks
What I see when I look down at 23 weeks:
39 weeks, morning of c-section

Ultrasound Pics

The Big Brothers

Here he is! Xander Rae

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After two years of TTC, a chemical pregnancy and an ectopic, followed by a diagnosis of MTHFR, DH and I are happy to announce our growing "Lil Pumpkin"!

1/27/09 - BFP at 14 DPO, Estimated Due Date 10/6/09

1/30/09 - First Appt: Saw a sac at just the right place, high in my uterus. Pumpkin is definitely not going to cause us an ectopic! Great news! Next Sono scheduled for mid-February.

2/1/09 - Got more good news. My first two beta results:
Friday, 1/30 - 263
Monday, 2/1 - 1163
Here's hoping for nothing but positive news from now on!

2/12/09 - MS begins. It is shockingly HORRIBLE, but I'm glad to know the Pumpkin seed is probably healthy.

2/13/09 - Second Sono. The Pumpkin Seedling is measuring 5w5d. New due date of October 11. HB of 141.

2/27/09 - Third Sono. The Pumpkin Seed (now big enough to have graduated from being a Seedling) measured 8w3d which puts our dd back to October 6. HB of 175.

3/10/09 - After missing 4 1/2 days of work over the last 6 work days due to severe morning sickness, I broke down and had my OB write me a prescription for Zofran. I hope it's the miracle I need. I've been going insane with vomit!

3/27/09 - Heard Pumpkin's HB at OB visit today. 160bpm. What a miraculous event!

3/31/09 - Had first trimeter screeing at peri's office. Pumpkin measuring on target and has HB of 173. Dr. said all measurements are beautiful. Smile

13 w 13 w 13w hand

4/3/09 - Heard from genetics counselor at peri's office. Results are in from NT scan. Pumpkin is at a significantly higher risk (1:80, as opposed to 1:400) of having Downs syndrome. Next step - meet to discuss testing options. What a shocking and scary time.

4/9/09 - Decided not to go forward with an amnio (not worth the risk of m/c for us) or further blood screen (only 3% more accurate than NT scan done on 3/31.) I'm feeling better and more positive as time moves on. I'm loving the Pumpkin and wearing maternity jeans!

4/30/09 - It's a GIRL!!

5/12/09 - Had follow-up u/s at peri's today. Pumpkin is looking great and is showing absolutely no signs of Downs. The U/S measurements combined with our last test results now give us a 1:306 chance of Downs. We are so relieved. However, our chance of placental abruption after 32 weeks went up, so bedrest may be in my future this summer.

6/4/09 - My colleagues threw me a rockin' Baby Shower today! It was amazing. We got fabulous gifts for our new little one and feel so blessed to have such wonderful people supporting us. I also made my first "emergency" appt. with my OB this morning -- seems Pumpkin has my ligaments stretching so much that I felt pain over the last couple of days. So glad it's nothing more serious! Smile

6/9/09 - Saw peri today. The baby is measuring 1lb 2oz, which is right on target. Things are going well with her! Mommy, on the other hand, has carpal tunnel and REALLY wishes she didn't!!!

7/7/09 - Another ultrasound a the peri's office. Baby is still measuring on target - 2.5lbs. One of her kidneys is slightly enlarged but the dr. reassured me if it is still enlarged at birth we will put her on antibiotics and all will be well. I'm hoping to get my scanner working to put some of these great profile pics up soon!!

7/27/09 - Finally finished painting the nursery!

9/18/09 - Since the last post I've been put on modified bedrest at home due to low amniotic fluid. We've also had two echocardiograms due to our baby's possible enlarged heart. Today, we're feeling good about everything. The fluid has managed to stay stable at the "lower end of normal" and two cardiologists believe her heart will be okay soon after birth.
Yesterday, we worked with my OB to plan our induction date. (None of the doctors think it would be a good idea to deliver after our due date.) We're all set for 9/30, if she doesn't get antsy and show up earlier. We're so excited! We'll be meeting our little girl in less than two weeks!!

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Just reserving my space. I'll have to get that new camera sooner than I thought!

BFP January 25th @ 14 DPO

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Just got my BFP this morning! Will post a picture later!

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I am so excited that i can finally make a space here. I am Michelle and my husband is Mark. We have been TTC for 2 and a half years. We conceived in January of 2008, but sadly it wasn't meant to be and my angel went to heaven at 7 weeks.
So I am very excited to be expecting again, and feeling very blessed.

This is Mark and I at our wedding on May 6, 2006

[LEFT]First test Tuesday January 27th. 16dpo................ 2nd Test - January 29th 18dpo


[LEFT]January 28th - Positive Blood Test = 117
January 30th - Positive Blood Test = 282
February 6 - Ultrasound (5wks 5dys) - went well, saw yolk sac.
March 2nd - Ultrasound (9wks 1dy) - Saw Heartbeat:yahoo:171 bpm[/LEFT]
March 17th - Ultrasound (11wks 2 dys)
April 14th - 1st OB appointment - didn't get to hear heartbeat, but everything is good....
May 7th - 18 week scan and gender scan....so excited...ITS A GIRL!!!!!
May 12 - 2nd OB appt. Last appt with OB at fertility clinic - Heartbeat 166bpm, baby girl doing great
June 4 - 1st Appt with new OB - everythings good....
July 3 - OB Appt - Everythings Good....
July 24 - Next OB Appt.
July 18 - 3D ultrasound


[LEFT]1st u/s - Feb 6 - 5weeks 4 days

[LEFT]2nd u/s - March 2nd - 9 weeks 1 day

[LEFT]11 weeks 2 days

18 weeks 4 days

Belly Pics

[LEFT]Gifts and Purchases[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Our first gift[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Our Stroller and Car seat from MIL&FIL

[LEFT]Weight Gain[/LEFT]

[LEFT]8 weeks: +3lbs
10weeks: + 3.5lbs (total +6.5lbs)
11 weeks: - .5lbs (total +6lbs)
12 weeks: - 1lbs (total +5lbs)
13 weeks: + 2lbs (total +7lbs)
14 weeks: +1.5 (total 8.5lbs)[/LEFT]

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early miscarriage 2/2/09.

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I am Stephanie and DH is Mike. Im a SAHM to my 1 year old Mikey. We are very excited to be expecting number two! I am due October 15th.

Married October 28, 2006

DS - Mikey, born January 9, 2008. 8lbs 1oz, 20.5 inches

Due Date: October 15th

2nd appointment: March 18th (9weeks 6days). Couldnt hear the hb with the doppler so we got an ultrasound! HR 176 BPM and we saw a beautiful wiggling baby! Measuring 6 days ahead at 10 weeks 5 days with EDD October 10th. So my original EDD of October 13th was probably correct! Oh, and I lost 1lb! Yay!

February 2nd - Beta - 65, Progesterone - 29
February 4th - Beta-166, Progesterone - 32
February 11th - Beta - 4230. Progesterone - 12, started on 200mg of Prometrium
February 18th - Beta - 22,947, Progesterone - 26

1st ultrasound February 18th- measuring 5weeks6days, 116bpm

BFP on January 30 at 10 DPO:D

The Winning Chart

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Boyd Andrew and Angel Lynn with there mommy born April 27th

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I am reserving my place :)

After 4 years, Clomid, 2 IUI's, 3 cancelled IVF cycles, 2 BFN FETs and 8 months of acupuncture/Chinese herbs, I am FINALLY pregnant..... NATURALLY!!!

Got my BFP on January 20th and my EDD is October 6th!


Jan 21st - 13 DPO - 80
Jan 24th - 16 DPO - 198
Jan 27th - 19 DPO - 1594
Feb 2nd - 25DPO - 14241

Feb 2nd - bleeding, ER visit, a script for progesterone and 5 days ordered bedrest, had scan and saw sac and fetal pole (5w4d)
Feb 4th - a case of 5th's Disease discovered at the school where I work, got bloodtest for the antibodies (a 6 day turnaround for the results as the test is done in South Africa) - off work for a week
Feb 8th - follow-up scan 6w3d - saw heartbeat (109bpm!)
Feb 15th - went back to school although test results still not back... Found out 2 more cases in school - sent home again Sad
Feb 17th - Found out lab in South Africa ran out of reagent to do the test and it will take 6 more days! Went in for another 5th's bloodtest and it was sent to another lab in London - supposed to be a 2 day turnaround for results....
Feb 17th - First antenatal appmt - Gave LOTS of blood for a myriad of tests, got weighed and tested for sugar and protein in urine - discussed birth options, choice of OB's (my husband's company only covers certain dr's and hospitals) and got tons of written info.
Feb 19th - still no test results....
Feb 21st - Dr. called lab in London and they promised to do it first thing on Monday - 2 day turnaround - YEAH, RIGHT!!!
Feb 23rd - still off work and waiting for results.....
Feb 24th - FINALLY got results - I'm immune - both short and long-term! no more 5th's tests! yeah!
Mar 11th - 11 week scan - baby measured 6 days smaller but he/she was moving around like crazy and the heartbeat was 171bpm! Was asked to return in 2 weeks for another scan and to do NT measurements.
Mar 24th - appointment with hospital doctor to register as 'high risk', only because of my age - 39, saw baby again, heartbeat was 171bpm
Mar 25th - NT scan - this time everything was 'perfect'! all measurements were in the normal range and initial Down's risk was 1 in 1297, mostly based on my age again! Due date adjusted to October 6th.

Mar 31st - met with dr. to discuss results of triple test - all is great - very low risk of down's (1 in 1040, mostly based on age) and trisomies.
Apr 15th - first appointment with OB - all went well and baby is growing on target
April to the end of Aug - LOTS of appointments! Decided not to find out the sex....
July 8th - DH came home and announced he wanted to know the sex so we looked at the last scan report.... We were THRILLED to find out we're having a GIRL!!!!!!
July 10th - We FINALLY decided to call our daughter.... Lexie Grace H**** Now she has an identity!
July 29th - 30 week scan - all looks great!

And baby bump at 32 weeks 2 days....

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Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

My name is Tammy and I have been married to my DH Tom for 5 years. We had been TTC since March 2005. We got a BFP in September 2008 but in November 2008 our baby grew wings and went to heaven. We are feeling so blessed to be holding our baby boy in our arms!

Here's a pic from 1/25/2009

Here's a pic from 1/26/2009

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Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

1/30/09 HcG blood draw 552
2/1/09 HcG blood draw 1292
2/13/09 First Ultrasound-6 weeks-saw a heartbeat 128 bpm
3/16/09 First Appointment with OB Dr.-10 weeks-heartbeat 162 bpm
4/9/09 Second Appointment with OB Dr.-14 weeks-heartbeat 142 bpm
5/14/09 Third Appointment with OB Dr. and Ultrasound-19 weeks-heartbeat 135 bpm-IT'S A BOY!-Ethan Bradley
6/16-18/09 Attended Childbirth Education Class with DH
6/18/09 Fourth Appointment with OB Dr.-24 weeks-heartbeat 137 bpm-gestational diabetes test-levels within normal range! Anemic-began taking iron supplements
6/25/09 Attended Breastfeeding Class
7/3/09 Made Baby Registry with DH
7/16/09 Fifth Appointment with OB Dr.-28 weeks-heartbeat 138 bpm
8/6/09 Sixth Appointment with OB Dr.-31 weeks
8/22/09 Baby Shower with family and friends
8/24/09 Seventh Appointment with OB Dr.-33 weeks-concerned about the swelling in my legs and feet
8/26/09 Fitted for support stockings and prenatal cradle
9/8/09 Baby Shower with staff at work
9/10/09 Eighth Appointment with OB Dr.-36 weeks-Strep B test-negative
9/11/09 Non Stress Test, baby is fine and no signs of contractions, being treated for urinary tract infection and bacterial infection
9/16/09 Baby Shower with management team at work
9/24/09 Ninth Appointment with OB Dr.-38 weeks
10/1/09 Tenth Appointment with OB Dr.-39 weeks-dilated to 4 cm.
10/5/09 Eleventh Appointment with OB Dr.-39 weeks-Non Stress Test, baby is fine, small contractions, still dilated to 4 cm.

Birth Story

Ethan Bradley
Born 10-7-2009, 3:17 am
8 lbs. 5.8 oz. 19 inches long

On Tuesday night at 10:30 pm I went to the bathroom and when I sat down I felt a little gush. It was clear but it wasn’t as much as I had expected so I called L & D and told them that I think my water broke but it wasn’t much. The nurse told me to lay down for 10-15 minutes and call back to let them know if it was leaking. I called Tom and told him to come home from work since he had an hour drive. I called L & D back and told them that I had no leaking. They asked if I was having contractions and I said that I didn’t think so because the pain was only in my lower back. I reminded them that I had been dilated to 4 cm for the past 6 days. At 11:20 pm DH got home and we both took showers. The pain in my lower back continued to get much worse and I was very uncomfortable by the time I got out of the shower. Tom thought that we better go to the hospital and I kept telling him that they didn’t want me to come if I wasn’t having contractions. I called L & D again and told them that I have tried heat, ice, moving positions, taking a shower, and nothing has helped my lower back pain. They suggested that I try a warm bath because I still didn’t feel like I was having contractions. I told them that I was coming in and that I at least wanted to be put on a monitor to see if I was having contractions. They said that if I feel that I needed to come in then I should. We packed the car and left our house around 1:00 am. The 1 hour ride to the hospital was very uncomfortable. I was in so much pain that no matter how I sat in the car the pain just seemed to get worse. When we got to the hospital at 1:55 am I was taken to L & D in a wheel chair, taken to a room, and changed into a gown. The nurse checked me and I was dilated to 7 cm and my contractions were 2 minutes apart on the monitor! The nurse asked if I wanted anything for pain and I said that I wasn’t planning on it but something may help. They put a dose of pain medication in my IV. I breathed through contractions for about a half hour. The nurse said that it would be time to push soon. Then the nurse called the doctor in and he waited for a bit and then had to leave and deliver another baby. He returned and I began to push. My blood pressure was high so they used a catheter to get a urine sample. The baby’s head started to crown and the dr. decided that I needed an episiotomy so he made a medium cut. I pushed for about 45 minutes total and finally Ethan Bradley had arrived at 3:17 am! The dr. put him on my chest and Tom cut the umbilical cord. Ethan cried on and off for the first few hours. He has great lungs! After 4 ½ years of heartache we finally have our little boy! He is a blessing from God and the answer to our prayers! There was protein in my urine so I was treated for pre eclampsia with a medication in my IV for the first 12 hours following delivery. Ethan and I are doing well and DH and I cherish every moment that we have to spend with him!

Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

7/3/09 26 Week Belly Pic

7/11/09 27 Week Belly Pic

9/17/09 37 Week Belly Pic

10/8/09 Ethan 1 Day Old

Nursery Pics

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My space

Hi there! My name is Lauren (27) and DH is Jeremy (29). We got our BFP on January 30, 2009 at 12 DPO.

Here we are:

And here are the test pics:

12 DPO - the day I got my BFP

20 DPO

12-20 DPO

(I only took this many tests because I had the cheap ones and they were going to expire in 6 months, so obviously I'd never have another chance to use them ;))

Baby bump @ 40 Weeks (186 lbs):

Baby bump @ 39 Weeks (185 lbs):

Baby bump @ 38 Weeks (184 lbs):

Baby bump @ 37 Weeks (183 lbs - boo):

Baby bump @ 36 Weeks (180 lbs):

Bonus 36 Week pic of bare belly (don't mind the stupid expression on my face):

Baby bump @ 34 Weeks (176.5 lbs):

Baby bump @ 32 Weeks (176 lbs):

Baby bump @ 31 Weeks (176 lbs):

Baby bump @ 30 Weeks (174 lbs):

Baby bump @ 27/almost 28 weeks (168/169):

Baby bump @ 26 Weeks (166 lbs):

Baby bump @ 24 Weeks (166 lbs):

Baby bump @ 22 Weeks (164 lbs):

Baby bump @ 19 Weeks (163 lbs):

Baby bump @ 18 Weeks (162 lbs):

Baby bump @ 17 Weeks (159 lbs):

Baby bump @ 15 Weeks (158 lbs):

Baby bump @ 10 Weeks (152 lbs):

Baby bump @8 Weeks (I'm puffy! 153 lbs):

Baby non-bump @ 6 Weeks (152 lbs):

Baby non-bump @ 4 Weeks (151.5 lbs):

Sonogram pics:

Body and head:



Head and arm:

My first doctors appointment was on February 20, 2009. Nothing overly exciting to report about it... I got my blood work done, went over the basics with the doctor, and got a run down of how the rest of my appointments would go.

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I really need to figure out how to post pictures

I got my BFP on Feb 1. Picture to follow.
Dr. Appt to confirm pregnacy on: Feb 3, 09. 4 weeks along Result: HCG Level : 379
Folow-up for an OB referal: Feb 10, 2009 and the official Due Date is: October 13

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Jessica's Space

[LEFT]I'm so happy to be here!!! I'm Jessica, 27 married to Brian, 27 on May 7, 2005. We've been ttc our first child for 3 cycles, so I guess the 3rd time was a charm for us!! We are ecstatic about having a baby and watching our family grow!! We are praying and leaving everything in God's gracious hands. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]"And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them."[/LEFT]
Mark 10:16



[LEFT]BFPs: (2/2-2/5)[/LEFT]


1st appointment: March 3rd

Our first appt. went great!! We had our first u/s and our LO measured 7 weeks/2 days. We saw the tiny beating heart on the screen, it was truly a magical experience.

2ND APPT: March 31st
We got to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat!! The doctor found it immedietly and said everything was perfect!! Overall it was a great appointment!

3RD APPT: April 28th
Appointment went great! Very uneventful. Got to hear the wonderful little heartbeat again! Big u/s appt set for May 26th!! I can't wait!!

4TH APPT: May 26th

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be more excited!!!!

[LEFT]EDD 10/19/09[/LEFT]

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Jessa's Space
EDD: October 8th 2009
Cautiously expecting after 2 losses
It's a GIRL!!!


8 weeks 3 days: Measuring 9 weeks, Heartbeat 165 bpm. Baby wiggled around for us to see.
Changed EDD to match u/s measurements.

13 weeks: Heartbeat 159 bpm, gained 4 lbs. Scheduled big u/s for April 30th.
17 weeks: Gender U/S reveals that she is a GIRL! All her parts are present and perfect. Heartbeat 151 bpm. She was really shy at the beginning keeping her legs crossed and her face turned away, but quickly warmed up and waved "hi" to us. Baby measures right on for her EDD. I gained 4 lbs bringing the total up to 8 lbs so far.

21 weeks:Quick appointment, gained 10 lbs! :eek: baby was moving around so much it was hard to get the heartbeat on doppler so we didn't get an exact number.
25 weeks:Baby's heartrate good, gained more weight. Yuck.
28 weeks:I've passed my goal for weight gain already, I guess my body doesn't care what I want, up about 36 lbs so far. Baby is very active, heartrate in the 130's. Did GD test, will update with results later.
29 weeks:3D Ultrasound!!!

30 weeks:Great uneventful appointment. Gained 2 lbs. Baby's heartrate 127 bpm. Passed GD test, not anemic...all tests look good.

Belly Pics:
14 weeks...............................16 weeks..............................18 weeks

20 weeks................................22 weeks..............................24 weeks

26 weeks...............................31 weeks..............................35 weeks

40 weeks................................

Nursery Pics:

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My Space

Anita's Space

Our Story

Hi my name is Anita and my DH is David. We were married in May 2002. This is our first time around after TTC for almost 2 years. I've had a previous miscarriage and have endometriosis. I was told that I may not be able to have a child. I tried reflexology for fertility for the first time along with BBT this time & poof! We are super excited and praying for HH9M!

Expecting Our Baby Girl [SIZE=4]~Addison Elise~ in October!
EDD 10.10.09[/SIZE]

BFP 01.30.09 @ 15 DPO (faint line)
BFP 02.01.09 @ 17 DPO (test line appeared immediately)

02.26.09 first with US -- Baby measured 1 day ahead of EDD -- Saw & Heard the Heartbeat (173)
03.26.09 second -- Heard the Heartbeat (165) -- gained 3 lbs
04.23.09 third -- Heard the Heartbeat (140s) -- gained 7 lbs -- total 10 lbs
05.21.09 fourth -- Had the Anatomy Scan... Its a GIRL! She was perfect and healthy! She measured approx 10 in & 1 lb and 2 days ahead of EDD.
-- Saw & Heard the Heartbeat (146) -- gained 5 lbs -- total 15 lbs
06.18.09 fifth -- Heard the Heartbeat (mid 140s) -- gained 7 lbs -- total 22 lbs :eek:
07.16.09 sixth -- Had glucose test -- I passed!!! My # was 100 after drinking the "beverage".
-- Heard the Heartbeat (nice & strong but I forgot to get the #) -- gained another 7 lbs -- total 29 lbs :eek: :eek:
07.23.09 -- 4D Scan (for FREE!) -- DH came with me but our little Addison didn't want to cooperate for picture time. The tech is having me back again next week.
07.29.09 -- 2nd 4D Scan -- The tech had me drink a coke & eat a snickers prior to the scan to see if she would be more active. She was a bit more cooperative this time but still pretty laid back.
08.07.09 -- last 4 wk interval appt scheduled... every 2 wks after this one!
08.20.09 -- last 2 wk interval appt scheduled... every week after this one!
09.03.09 -- Heard the Heartbeat (140s) -- gained 1 lb (seriously thought it was going to be 10... I feel HUGE!) -- total 33 lbs
09.10.09 -- First Internal Exam (OUCH!!!) -- I'm closed w/ some thinning -- Head is low & in position -- GBS test -- BP 110/70
-- Heard the Heartbeat (130s) -- gained 1 lb -- total 34 lbs
09.17.09 -- Swelling for 2 days -- Random contrax for 1 day -- BP 128/80 (up probably b/c I was in pain) -- Trace protein in urine -- GBS results neg (YAY!)
-- Heard the Heartbeat (140s) -- gained 0 lbs -- holding at 34 lbs
09.24.09 -- BP 116/70 -- Heard the Heartbeat (153) -- gained 1 lb -- total 35 lbs

04.17.09 -- Felt Baby "flutter" for the first time
05.23.09 -- I feel my baby girl moving everyday now
06.04.09 -- DH felt her move for the first time
07.09.09 -- Addison has been breech the whole time so far... thought she was going to turn last night. I felt her kicks up higher but then she went back to the same spot.
07.23.09 -- Addison is head down AND feet down. Had the 4D Scan. I guess this explains why I only feel her movements really low & never high.
07.29.09 - 09.02.09 -- Child Birth Classes (every Wed) -- These were great! We really enjoyed them. We had a fantastic instructor.
08.11.09 -- BFing Class -- The instructor seemed to be knowledgable but was not passionate about teaching a full class.
09.09.09 -- Had a slip & fall getting out of my car at Kroger... It was raining and I couldn't see the slick substance in the parking lot. I caught myself on the car before I hit the parking lot but wow it hurt. I ended up doing a stretchy split & bruised my arm pretty good. But, all is well.
09.10.09 -- Had my first Internal Exam & bled for awhile afterwards.
09.11.09 -- Ended up having my first random contractions this evening. It took me awhile to figure out that's what was going on. At first, I thought my tummy was upset. Then I realized that I kept saying "Oh I don't feel well" at intervals. After that, I realized the pain was more like menstrual cramps with waves of pain. I drank some water and went to bed.
09.16.09 -- LAST DAY OF WORK!!! I ended up feeling like crap all day. I had more random contractions that got stronger as the day/evening went on. I was pretty miserable by bedtime and really didn't get much sleep b/c of the pain.
09.17.09 -- Woke up feeling like someone took a baseball bat to my abdomen. Sitting is very uncomfortable. Driving is very uncomfortable. I have quite a bit of pressure down low. I can tell Addison has dropped some. My OB appt went fine.
09.18.09 -- I'm still hurting in my abdomen. Random contractions about 10 min apart. Drank water and layed on the couch all day.
09.19.09 -- Still sore but random contractions have stopped. Still have pressure down low. Sitting is still uncomfortable.
09.25.09 -- Addison is really low. I think she's facing the correct direction b/c the movements I feel are different. Yesterday I felt what seemed to be punches towards my rectum (which was weird). My SIJ has started hurting when I sit. Still can't wear rings... too swollen.

Our Baby Girl's Pics

02.26.09 -- 7 wks 5 days -- measured 7 wks 6 days

05.21.09 -- 19 wks 6 days -- measured 20 wks 1 day

05.21.09 -- 19 wks 6 days

07.23.09 -- 28 wks 6 days -- 4D Scan -- You can see her feet by her head and... yes... she is sucking on her toes.

07.29.09 -- 29 wks 5 days -- 2nd 4D Scan

07.25.2009 -- First Baby Shower -- Given by my family
08.08.2009 -- Second Baby Shower -- Given by DH's family
09.08.2009 -- Third Baby Shower -- Given by DH's work

Belly Pics
Coming Soon!

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Reserving my space!!!
WOOO HOO! My name is Lisa. DH & I have been trying for 4 years, we just did IVF, and I got a BFP on a test today! My beta is on monday, but Im claiming my spot now!


6.5 weeks

19 weeks

thiis pic is of the face - you can see the eyes & mouth & hand beside cheek facing forward

spine & head

tiny little foot

3D ultra Sound

Nursery Photos

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Jessica's Space:

Week 5: Lots of bloat

6 week UltraSound

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Katie's Space


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[LEFT]My family:
Todd, Karlee, Caroline, and Kaden[/LEFT]

Important Dates:[/LEFT]
February 8, 2009: BFP 8 DPO

February 22, 2009: First Ultrasound. Found out it's TWINS!!!
February 26, 2009: 2nd Ultrasound. We have HEARTBEATS! 133 and 144 bpm. Music to a Mama's ears!
February 27, 2009: Treated in ER for dehydration
March 2, 2009: Back to ER for dehydration and low potassium.
March 6, 2009: PICC line placed to receive daily IV fluids at home for m/s.
March 23, 2009: PICC line is REMOVED! Yay!
March 24, 2009: Regular OB apt. Uterus measuring 14 wks. Lost 8 lbs total (way less than I expected)
March 31/April 1, 2009: Had some spotting.
April 2, 2009: U/S shows babies are fine. Subchorionic Hemorrhage which showed on 5/6 wk U/S looks slightly larger and closer to Baby "A".
April 4, 2009: Woke up in the middle of the night with major bleeding. U/S finds subchorionic hemorrhage has grown and spread. Put on strict bedrest.
April 9, 2009: Follow up OB. Lost another 8 lbs. SH doesn't seem to be any worse. Still on bedrest until next apt. Doc wants to up my m/s meds due to dehydration. Begin spotting which OB believes is the SH draining.
April 13, 2009: Vomiting blood. OB believes broken capilaries (sp?) in throat or esophogus due to extreme m/s. What fun. Pepcid added to Rx list. Spotting has continued uninterupted.
April 20, 2009: 13 week apt. No weight change. Measuring 18 weeks. Bleed is lower and closer to my cervix which explains the bleeding. Bumped to modified bedrest. Can now slowly increase my activity and adjust if bleeding increases.
May 1, 2009: The bleeding/spotting finally stopped after over 3 weeks!
May 7, 2009: 16 week U/S Baby "A" is a BOY! Baby "B" is a GIRL! We are thrilled. There is a mass of tissue that shouldn't be there. The tech thought it was an accessory placenta, but we have to wait until our next apt to hear from our OB.
May 22, 2009: 18 week apt: Gained back 6 lbs, measuring 23 weeks. Babies looked great! Doc confirmed diagnosis of accessory placenta - thinks may be cause of early bleeding. Still on pelvic rest. Ordered 20 week anatomy u/s!
June 5, 2009: 20 week u/s: babies both look great! They are definately a boy and girl. Baby Boy measured 20 w 2 d and Baby Girl measured 19 w 5 d. Both were estimated at 13 oz.
June 25, 2009: 23 week OB apt: gained back another 5 lbs, which puts me at a 5 lb loss to date. My doc is really happy that I am gaining, and my goal is/was 1 lb per week, so I'm right where I should be. I measured 28 cm. I have had some pressure the past few days that I can only describe as pressure on my bum. It's different from the achiness I felt when I was dilating with my other kids. My doc did a pelvic, as well as a trans-vag u/s. I was 4.0-4.2 cm and closed, which was great news. I received orders for my gd test as well as monthly u/s for the rest of my pg. I scheduled my 24 week u/s for next Thursday. Great apt! My next apt is in 3 weeks, then I start them every 2 weeks and will be having cervical checks at each apt. Wow! We're getting there!
July 2, 2009: 24 week u/s: Everything looked really good. Our baby girl measured 23w 5d and 1 lb 7 oz. Our little boy measured 24w 4d and 1 lb 8 oz. They were well within normal range. My cervix is down to 3 cm, but the tech said it isn't worrisome. I'm going to take it easy anyway.
July 2, 2009: Having mild contractions 3 minutes apart. Go to L&D for monitoring. Cervix is closed but some contrax showing up on monitor. Get shot of terbutaline to stop contrax. Couldn't get FFN because of vag u/s earlier in day. Sent home on modified bedrest.
July 4, 2009: Return to L&D for FFN and follow up monitoring. FFN is negative and no contrax show up on monitor. Babies look great.
July 16, 2009: 26 week OB: Gained 6 lbs, which equates to 2 lbs per week Yahoo My big-old belly measured 32 weeks, which is perfect. Both babies are now breech, and when we did the quick u/s they were face to face and it looked like they were chatting it up and having a grand old time. LOL. I have been under a great deal of stress the past week due to my daughter Caroline being diagnosed with a brain tumor, so I had her check me. My cervix is closed and the fact that the babies flipped means that I don't have heads pressing on my cervix so there is less risk of PTL. We talked a lot about plans for next month, since my daughter will likely have brain surgery. She said everything is looking perfect, and even though I'm now scheduled for every 2 weeks if everything continues I can skip an apt if I am out of town dealing with Caroline. I am scheduled for monthly u/s and have orders for my GD test. I am doing my best to stay off my feet unless absolutely necessary and drink gallons of water to ballance out all the stress right now.
July 31, 2009: 28 week OB Apt. Measured 36 weeks. Everything looks good! Iron is low, but GD was fine.
Same Day!: U/S: Baby Boy weighs 2 lbs 15 oz and baby girl 2 lbs 9 oz. He is still breech, but she is now transverse... again. Cervix is closed and 2.7 cm. Everything looks very good!
August 18, 2009: 30+ week OB Apt. Weight up 1 lb in two weeks, which is a little over 5 lbs from PP weight, although my doc is measuring my weight gain from when I bottomed out. That puts me at +21 lbs (since I originally lost 16). Both babies are once again breech. They are head to head and feet to feet. He has definately dropped lower, and I am soft and a fingertip dilated. My doc doesn't think it's likely that he will flip into a head down position in order for me to deliver vaginally, so she will probably do a c-sect at 38.5 weeks. This is a huge disappointment for me, since I have had very easy vaginal deliveries with my other babies. She did an FFN, since I will be traveling next week. It was negative! Dirol
September 3, 2009: I found a naturopath/chiropractor in my area that claims to be able to flip breech babies through adjustments, and at this point I'm willing to try anything. I went in, and she sayes that I am a good candidate. My blood pressure kept dropping during the treatment, as was evident by multiple dizzy spells. We scheduled sessions for every 2-3 days from now until d-day.
Same Day: I went in for my regular ultrasound, and my cervix was shortened. I also had a couple of major contractions, so I walked down the hall to the Family Birthing Center at the hospital to get checked out. I was 3-4 cm and actively contracting. Admitted, given first steroid shot and put on terbutaline (horrible stuff).
September 4, 2009: Given second steroid shot and bumped up to Magnesium, because contractions were strong, regular, and I progressed to 4cm. The mag gave me serious chest pain, so I was taken off and put back on terb.
September 11, 2009: Discharged home on strict bedrest.
September 19, 2009: Cheated big time, and went to Michael's for crafting supplies. The cash register broke while I was waiting in line, so I had to stand for about 15 minutes after already walking around the store for about half an hour. When I got home my back was aching and contractions started. Admitted to Family Birthing for observation.
September 20, 2009: Kellan born @ 8:27 am, 5 lbs 12 oz; Chloe @ 8:29 am, 5 lbs 1 oz both are in the NICU getting a little help breathing. I lost a lot of blood so am about to get 2 units.
September 25, 2009: Brought Chloe home from the NICU, but still spending all day there, since Kellan hasn't gotten the hang of eating yet. He's just too sleepy.
October 2, 2009: Brought Kellan home from the hospital!

[LEFT]Belly Shots:
BFP Day (very bloated):

14 weeks:

19 weeks:

21 weeks:

23 weeks 5 days:

30 weeks 1 day:

[LEFT]Ultrasound Pics:
Baby Boy "A"

Baby Girl "B"

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My name is Becki and I'm 25, my DH is Rick and he is 28 (29 on October 2nd). We have one son (a surprise!) born Nov. 2004, named Orion. We have been looking to make him a big brother for a while, and just recently decided to put some real effort behind it.

My Boys:

The New Addition's Due Date is 10/19/09!

My BFP picture:
12 dpo

My Belly Pics:
6 Weeks:

10 weeks:

18 Weeks:

34 Weeks:

2/17 - ER visit due to migraine and bleeding U/S shows nothing on screen, except a subchorionic hemmorage SadSad
2/24 - First OB visit, with Nurse Practitioner. HCG level 14443!! Smile
2/27 - Follow up appt with Nurse Pract. Progesterone levels 29
3/9 - U/S at the OB measure 7w3d HB of 158 bpm
3/23 - U/S measures 9w6d (3 days ahead) HB of 176 bpm
4/7 - NT Scan all measurements between 1.1 and 1.6 :woohoo: Baby measures 12w1d (2 more days ahead!)
4/10 - OB appt, says the Subchorionic Hematoma may be gone!! follow up on monday
4/13 - Follow up U/S... Its Official, Subchorionic Hematoma is GONE!!! (baby measures 13w2d another day ahead!) Yahoo
5/8 - OB appt, drew blood and sent all my fluids to be checked for thyroid and other issues due to heart palpitations. Waiting for results..... ((update: being sent to cardiologist as all bloodwork came back within normal ranges))
6/8 - BIG u/s went awesome, baby looks perfect! We are still on Team Green (boooo) but DH is thrilled.
9/9 - Pre-Term Labor. Stopped by Terbutaline injections and oral Procardia. Sent home on restrictions.

Next up:
9/11 - 34 Week Appt.

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Amys space

EDD 29th October! BFP

Due date moved forward and I am now on TEAM PINK!!

My two boys Bailey (7) and Teig (2.5)

About me:

I reside in Victoria, Australia (outer eastern of Melbourne) I have been married for 7 years. I am a registered/ethical breeder of Cairn Terriers and show them. Ihave 3 at home and one coming from Switzerland in March(whoo!) I also have a Brittany I do Agility with and a maltese that pretends its a cat (a rescue dog )

The kids come to dog shows with me, hubby usually has work on or goes fishing! lol

We love to go camping up on the murrey every summer as a family break.

This is our last baby Smile I would LUUUURVE a girl, but healthy boy is fine as well Wink

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Reserving my space.. not sure what that means, I'm new!

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reserving my spot.

4 weeks pregnant

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I am reserving my spot. I don't have my camera with me, but I will put up pics asap. I took a test on Feb 1st and got a light positive. I took a 2nd test Feb 3rd and got a bright positive.
My 1st doctors appt is not scheduled until March 10th, which is too far away because I am already 6 weeks now. My Dr. is just to booked and too busy to actually take time the way he is suppose to. So I am now in the process of trying to find another doctor. My EDD is October 5, 09.

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gone to soon

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Reserving my space :-D. Will post pics as soon as I can take them without them looking extremely fuzzy lol. BFP 2/12/09 H&H 9 Months to everyone.


2/18 First u/s Everything looked great.
2/25 2nd u/s Hoping everything still looks great when we go back.
3/4 3rd u/s Hoping everything looks as great or even better than it did on 2/25.
3/18 4th u/s Hoping everything still looks great when I go back. The wait is going to kill me Sad
3/31 5th u/s Hoping everything still looks great
4/9 To Baylor for diabetes stuff... uggg rescheduled to 05/04
4/22 OB appointment
5/4 Peri appointment at Baylor
5/20 OB appointment

2/25- Appointment went well. Redated to 10-28. Repeat c-section so... around 10-14 is when Pumpkin will actually get here Biggrin First beta # great. 8080.20
2/27 Second beta 12,400
3/4 YES!!!!! We have a heartbeat Biggrin I was soooo cheesy, I cried on the sono bed lol.
3/18 Everything looks great. Pumpkin is a few days ahead of where he should be Biggrin
3/31 Appointment went well as far as "Pumpkin" goes. S/he is growing very well Biggrin
4/22 Appointment went great for "Pumpkin" S/he was flipping, turning, wiggling like a fish Biggrin However, they want to transfer total care to a peri at Baylor grrr.
5/4 IT'S A BOY!!!!!! Peri appointment went awesome.




My precious "babies", William and Jolene. They will be 8 the first week of November Biggrin


One of me

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Me: Jen, 27
DH: Dion, 32
Married for 2 years (at baby's birth)

We got pregnant on our first try back in May of 2008. My water broke at 19 weeks and delivered my perfect baby girl Kylie into the arms of Jesus on September 21, 2008. She will be forever loved and missed. :angel1:

After waiting 10 weeks to start trying again and then 3 of the longest cycle's of my life, and on my angel Kylie's EDD (11DPO), here I am in October 2009!
Due date is October 28th, 2009




The one that we all like to see................





:beta: 2-18-09(13DPO)-108 Progesterone=29 Smile
:beta: 2-20-09(15DPO)-306! Yahoo (doubling time of 31.95 hours)
Ultrasound-March 5th at 9:00am (6 weeks)
Ultrasound-March 10th at 3:00 (7 weeks)-because of bleeding. Baby is good, heartbeat strong!
March 30th @ 9:00 first reg OB appt (9 weeks, 5 days)-Baby is great, HB 164, saw boo moving arms and legs! *precious*
April 24th @ 9:30a (13 weeks, 2 days)-doppler only appt,Heartbeat was 168BPM!!!
May 15th @ 10:15 (16 weeks, 2 days)-doppler and quad screen. Heartbeat was 153BPM and sounding strong!!! Quad screen came back NORMAL!
JUNE 9th-(19weeks, 6 days)BIG ULTRASOUND! HB was 144bpm
June 24th @ 4:00-(22 week appt)-All good, uterus measures 22 weeks, Heart beat was 146
July 20th @ 9:15-(26 week appt) Everything is good, measuring 25 weeks. HB in the 140's.
August 18th @ 4:00 (30 week appt)-normal appt, uterus measuring 29 weeks,HB in the 140's
September 1 @ 1:30 (32 week appt)-all good. HB and uterus are right where they should be
September 16 @ 3:45(34 week appt)-meauring just shy of 34 weeks, HB in the 140's. GBS and cervical check next appt. WOO HOO
September 28th @ 3:45 (36 week appt)cervix is soft and fingertip dilated, HB 140s-All ok!
October 7 @ 9:45 (37 weeks appt)Dilated to 1 CM :D, HB=130's. Uterus measuring 36.5 weeks
October 14th @3:45 (38 week appt)
October 19th @ 3:45 (39 week appt)
October 26th @ 3:30 (40 week appt) 2 days before DUE DATE!

The Nursery

Maternity Photos

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Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

I'm Amanda and DH is Steve. We've been ttc since October 2008. I was diagnosed with PCOS in January 2009, and started Clomid. It worked! and I got my BFP after the first round!

I was diagnosed with complete amnio-chorion separation, which caused congenital defects in the baby's legs. His left foot is clubbed and his right leg ends just above where the ankle would be. I'm now considered high risk for premature labor and umbilical cord problems. Watching baby's movements have become vital in knowing if our little one is doing ok.

Baby Stephen (or Charles) is moving lots today, yesterday too. He was kicking so much earlier, that DH and I just sat and watched my belly move! Everytime we saw a little punch or kick, we giggled.


4 Weeks/6 Weeks/9 Weeks/11 Weeks
Photobucket6 weeksPhotobucketPhotobucket
28 weeks:
28 weeks

March 11: 8 weeks, first u/s
8 Weeks

April 10: 12 weeks, saw baby moving, hb 158!
Baby 12 weeks med

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Awating a M/C

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Reserving my spot ...

BFP in September 08, M/C 11/12/08. We weren't really TTC (were told to wait at least 2 cycles) but low and behold, a week late gave me a BFP today! And it is DARK ... cautiously optimistic but happy as can be ...

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post deleted bean did not stick....

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Bonita's Space

Hi! My name is Bonita and welcome to my space. I am 27 and already have two precious little girls and just got my BFP!

March 12,2009March 26, 20009April 13, 2009


Belly Pictures:


March 2,2009 - Went in for an ultrasound. Saw a sack. Got beta's done. 4,800. progesterone 6.5. Started taking progesterone pills. Went back 2 days later for a follow up beta. 5,610. Waiting to see how things look at our next ultrasound March 12, 2009.

March 12,2009 - Went in for an ultrasound. It was WONDERFUL!! We got to see and hear the heartbeat! Everything looks great. We will go back for a follow up on March 26th.

March 26, 2009 - Went in for follow up ultrasound. Everything looks PERFECT! Baby is measuring behind still so new due date of November 2.

April 13, 2009 - I had some spotting over the weekend so I went in for a ultrasound this morning. Everything looked perfect and the baby was even waving at us! We still do not know why I was spotting, so I am on restricted activity for the next few days.

April 27, 2009 - I went in for my scheduled appointment. Everything looks great. Had an ultrasound on an old machine to see the heartbeat. The baby was looking right at me and had grown a lot. I did not get a picture. Next appointment in four weeks.

May 22, 2009 - Office visit. Heart rate of 152. The baby was moving all over the place and made it hard to hear. Big US on June 10th at 9:15 am.

June 10, 2009 - Big US. Heart rate of 154. A perfect and beautiful baby girl Smile

June 17, 2009 - Went into the doctor due to high blood pressure. Was put on medication twice a day and told to rest as much as possible.

July 9, 2009 - Went to doctor. BP still up. Some protein in urine. Right now it is mild, if becomes sever, will deliver at 29 weeks, if not will deliver at 34 weeks.

July 23,2009 - Went to the doctor. BP is stable. Taken off restrictions. Took sugar test.

July 27,2009 - Doctors office called. Failed one hour test with a 165. Will take the 3 hour test on Wednesday.

August 6, 2009 - Doctors visit with the High Risk Specialist. Had an ultrasound. Baby is great exept a little too small. Will have weekly visits to messure the baby, my blood pressure, and the gestational diabetes, and to check for preterm labor.

Hmmm, missed updating for awhile. TONS of doctors visits and a hospitalization for poor blood flow to the baby. Now on bed rest. - 8/28/09

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Kris's spot!!

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Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

Family History
Hi, I'm Meagan! I have been married to Mike for 3 years. 4 months after we got married we were suprised to find out I was pregnant (I was on BC) we lost that sweet little one at 12 weeks for reasons unknown to us.

We waited a year or so giving ourselves time to heal emotionally, and get healthier before we began "trying" for the first time. We immediately got pregnant with MaryMichael aka "Mickie". She was born on June 12, 2008.

I stopped nursing her at 8 months b/c I was drying up very suddenly, and it stressed me out...turns out I was pregnant! Stopped nursing on Feb. 12, got a BFP on Feb. 16th...mystery solved!

p.s. We call our babies "morsels" b/c our last name is morse...cheesy, I know.

February 25th-bloodwork
February 26th-physical w/sono, Morsel measuring ~ 5 weeks
March 23rd-sono, Morsel measuring 9 weeks 1 day EDD October 25th!

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Karyl's Spot

don't have any pics to post yet, but very exicted.

Married to DH for 4 yrs this Aug. My history has been m/c Feb 06 (blighted ovum), m/c Oct 06 then got a BFP in July of 07 delivered our 1st child April 1, 2008. We have a beautiful boy!

Now expecting #2 Oct 15th. My b'day is Oct 29th

We are so happy! We are old LOL 37/44 started a family late in life, but worth everybit of the wait, finding the right person to have your children with and spend the rest of your life with is such a wonderful thing. I previously divorced twice, so this means the world to me to have such a loving husband and wants children more than anything. I don't know how I would live with out him.

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Aimee's Space!

I'm 28 and SAHM to 3 kiddos-Lisette, 9, Christian, 7, and Haillie, 3. SO to Houston, 30, mechanical engineer. I grew up in NYC but we live in South Jersey now. This pregnancy is a surprise! #4 and last, I'll be tying tubes. Wink

Received first BFP with FMU on 2/18, the day AF was due.

It was faint so I went to the doctor later that same day and their test was negative, but the doctor said it was early and their tests aren't as sensitive as the one I took so she ordered bloodwork which I *still* haven't gotten the results back for. :rolleyes: But I took an EPT Certainty last night (1/19) and it said "Pregnant" so it's official! LMP was 1/21 and I'm due 10/28.

First sono 11w 2d

Second sono 19w

3D Sono pics 28w

Belly pic @ 28w

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Kristin's Space

Hi, My name is Kristin and I am 30 years old. I have been married to Hector for 9 years. I am mommy two 3 little boys.
This is AJ he is 3 and William who is 7.
6-9-09 024
6-9-09 027
We were TTC but not really temping or charting. I was surprised and shocked when I got my BFP on 2/19/09.

2-20-09 001
My belly pics at 20 weeks even
6-9-09 006
6/11/09: New due date AGAIN! Now EDD 10/25/09
Repeat C section scheduled for 10/16/09

Well the result is in... BOY # 4 Healthy and happy.

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U/S #1: 2/20/09 - too early to see much
U/S #2 scheduled for 3/4/09
Next OB appointment: 3/18/09

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lost again 2/21/09

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My name is Lily (26) married to Will (30) and SAHM to 19 month old William. I've had 3 miscarriages. 2 before my son and 1 Decemer 08.

According to my LMP I'm due Oct 16th.
1st Beta (2/17) - 1655.5
2nd Beta (2/19) - 5004.7

1st Ultrasound 2/27

Baby's heartbeat is low at just 75bpm.
Measuring 6wks (should be 6+5 according to LMP)

2nd Ultrasound 3/6
Baby's heartbeat is normal at 115!!!
Measuring 6wks 4 days (should be 8 +1 according to LMP or 7 according to last U/S)

3/12/09 diagnosed with Maternal Hypothyroidism again (also had it during pregnancy with DS)

3rd Ultrasound 3/18
Baby's heartbeat is normal at 176!!!
Measuring 7wks 6 days (should've been 9+4 according to LMP or 8 +3 according to 1st U/S)

3/25/09- Heard the baby's heartbeat with the doppler at the OB's office for the 1st time!!!

4/17/09- First Trimester Screening/ Perinatologist Appt & Genetic Testing

Measuring 12wks 6 days - it caught up again! (Should've been 13 wks according to last U/S or 14+2 according to LMP)
All is well with both DH & my genetic testing
First Trimester Screening shows a healthy little one with heart rate of 148bmp

"BIG" ultrasound 6/5/09- We weren't going to find out the gender but it was very obvious so we gave in.
We introduce to you
(pics to follow)

Our Family

William Justus
Nov 17, 2007 10:24pm 7lbs 1.6oz, 19 1/4 inches

1st Birthday:

15 months old

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Steven Douglas, Abigail Ruth, Elisabeth Grace, Angel Baby Jonathan Thomas, Benjamin Paul

The winning stick Wink

8 weeks 15 weeks

20 weeks 24 weeks

29 weeks

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Laura's Spot

Reserving my spot!

BFP on Feb. 20

Due date: Oct 28

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Pamela's Spot!

(I'll make this all fancy later, just wanted to make my spot!)

BFP on Monday, March 2nd. No clue we were pregnant, but those lines are prrrrety dark! These were all taken around noon on March 2nd..so not even FMU..

These lines would pop before I could even dip the second test...yes I know, I'm obsessed! :eek:

And in case we had any doubt!! Yahoo

According to my last period, I'm due October 26th. We'll see what the doctor says since that would put my conception date at Feb 1st..and well..Dh wasn't even home from Iraq till Feb 8th! Smile I'm thinking we caught the eggy right as DH got home..Coooonfusing! I'm guessing I just O'd later than what the websites I researched suggested.

Our Appointments:
Emergency Appointment: *had spotting on March 6th. Did blood work and us- Dr. believes I'm earlier along than 6 weeks. More like 4. Considered a threatened miscarriage but Dr. does not think that is the case. Follow up ultrasound and blood work for Thursday 12th.
1st Appointment: March 11th, just paperwork. Will select first OB appointment at that time! YAY! FINALLY!