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    Default *April 2010 Spaces!*

    April 2010 Mommas!

    Welcome to April 2010 and a HH9M to you all!

    Please reserve your spot AFTER you get your BFP!

    Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.

    * This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

    * Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

    * Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

    * Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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    Nicole's Space

    EDD: April 5th 2010
    BFP: July 23rd 10 dpo with a FR test

    Hi, my name is Nicole (33) Dh John (35) we have been married for almost three years. We have one DD, Sophie that is 17 months old, and the joy of our lives. This was our third month ttc, and now we are excited to be pregnant and expecting an April 2010 little one.

    First Appointment August 27th

    8/10/09 had an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat...baby ok after two days of spotting pretty heavy. baby is the size of a grain of rice

    8/17/09 had a follow up ultrasound and saw and heard the heartbeat again 133 bpm. baby was bigger than last week and "C" shaped.

    Third appointment nothing special....heartbeat 150 bpm

    Big u/s appointment November 12th!!

    Nov. 12th: Its a BOY!! everything looked great!

    12/15 passed glucose test! have gained 10 lbs total

    1/12/10: appointment rhogam shot, gained 12 pounds and start appointments every two weeks
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    Kara's pregnancy space!

    I'm 27, married to Aaron, 28, for 3 1/2 years. I'm due with #2 on April 1st. We have one perfect little princess, Amina, who was our first surprise, and she is so excited about the baby in mommy's tummy... surprise #2! I guess it goes without saying that we're really bad at planning these things...

    First appointment: 8/21 at 11:30 CST. Saw and heard the heartbeat!
    2nd appointment: 9/17 at 11:30 CST. NT scan, everything looked good. Had blood draw. Gained 1 pound so far!
    Blood draw results: 9/24. Very low risk for Trisomy 13, 18 and 21.
    3rd appointment: 10/15 at 10:15 CST. Quick checkup, found the heartbeat, scheduled the anatomy ultrasound for November.
    4th appointment: 11/19 at 11:00 CST.
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    DH (Aaron) 1/11/06
    DD1 (Amina) 10/3/07
    DD2 (Anasia) 3/2/10
    Get Your Free Gerber Baby Food

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    Kristine's Preggo Space
    Pregnant w/ #2!
    Due: 04/08/2010
    11 DPO & 14 DPO

    First Appointment: August 19th
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    learning the ropes as a mom of two


    ~*~*Kristen's Space~*~*

    I'm Kristen, 30 (when did that happen ), mama to Alexa who was born June 27, 2007. DH and I have been married for almost 7 years and are excited to be expecting again & feeling lucky to get pregnant on our first cycle trying (for the 2nd time!).


    Look what we got!! (July 24, 2009)

    EDD -- April 2, 2010

    First appt 8/20 -- measuring right on track at 7w5d

    2nd appt -- 09/18

    hb was 170. Had u/s for integrated screen.

    20 week appt and BIG u/s

    Found out I have an anterior placenta which is likely why I hadn't felt too much regular movement early on.

    ~~~Belly Pics~~~

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    Pregnant with #2!

    EDD: April 4, 2010 (Easter Sunday!)

    My name is Corinne & I am 24. My DH (28 ) and I have been married for 5 years. We have one DD, Caylee, who is 4 (diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 10/7/09) & a little dog named Freckles. DH is active duty US Navy, and I am a SAHM. This was our 15 month of TTC, and we have recently just been through about 1 1/2 months of infertility appointments. We are thrilled to finally be pregnant again, yet still in shock!

    1st BFPs: Wed., 7/29/09 @ 12DPO (8 AM) - Digital (6:50 PM)

    Another darker BFP: Wed., 8/5/09 @ 19DPO (9 AM)



    August 17, 2009: Urine Sample to confirm pregnancy. It was POSITIVE!
    August 27, 2009: 1st appointment! Met new Dr, did basic labwork, and had an ultrasound. Saw ONE baby & saw the heartbeat. I have a cyst on my right ovary. Will have another ultrasound later on to make sure it's shrinking.
    September 24, 2009: Gained 1 pound! Will have to get measles vaccine after baby is born. The nurse couldn't find the heartbeat at first; Made me NERVOUS! The Dr. came in and found it right away. Baby's heart was beating around 161 bpm. The cyst appears to be "leftovers" from where I ovulated. At my 20 week ultrasound, we will determine if the cyst has shrunk or grown.
    October 22, 2009: Gained 1 pound. Baby's heart was beating around 152 bpm. Had the quadruple-screen bloodwork done. Results should be back within a week.
    November 19,2009: Gained 4 pounds. Baby's heartbeat was at 142. Everything was measuring right on time. We had our BIG ultrasound, and it's a... GIRL! We're thrilled to be adding another girl to our family. I still have the cyst on my right ovary. It measures 2cm. Will have an ultrasound several weeks after baby is born to determine whether I need to have surgery to remove it.
    December 17, 2009: Gained 5 pounds. (YIKES!). Baby's heartbeat was at 140. Baby Girl is measuring right on time. I go to the Dr every 3 weeks now.
    January 7, 2010: Gained 2 pounds. Baby's heartbeat was at 154. Measuring perfectly. Baby girl appears to be head down! Did the glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.
    January 28, 2010: Gained 4 pounds. Baby's heartbeat was at 149. Glucose test came back "perfect"; Blood sugar level was 90! I go to the Dr every 2 weeks now.
    February 11, 2010 (Caylee's 4th Birthday): Gained 1 pound. Baby's heartbeat was 138. Dr ordered an ultrasound due to my belly measuring much smaller than he would like at this point, even though it has been growing consistently. He just wants to make sure baby is developing properly and that there is enough amniotic fluid to sustain baby.
    February 17, 2010(ultrasound): Met with the ultrasound tech. Baby is still a girl! Heart was beating at 139 bpm. Amniotic fluid amounts looked good. From what I observed, Baby Girl was measuring right on in some areas, and 1-4 weeks behind in others. She is head down! U/S tech commented on her "large feet". From the u/s, Baby Girl is approximately 4 pounds 1 ounce. AND, the cyst on my right ovary appears to be smaller! Will discuss ultrasound results at my next appointment with my Dr, unless he calls and wants to see me before planned. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything is good, and we're just expecting a petite girl.
    February 24, 2010: Gained 3 pounds. Baby's heart was beating strong at 143 BPM. It was the first time she didn't try to hide from the nurse. My Dr went over the u/s results with us. The amniotic fluid levels looked good, and baby's body parts were measuring fine. The only cause for concern is Baby Girl's body fat percentages, taken from her abdomen. She was 58th percentile at my 20 week u/s, but now only 22 percentile for my 33 week u/s. The Dr said the decrease wasn't enough to "whisk me away and do a c-section", but I guess it's still somewhat concerning? I'm hoping all it means is that Baby Girl is just slender like her mom, dad, and big sister. I now go WEEKLY to the Dr. Next visit we'll do the Group B swab & he'll check me to see if I'm progressing.
    March 3, 2010: No weight gain this week. I've been sick & had somewhat of a loss of appetite, so that wasn't a real surprise. Baby Girl's heart was beating away at 143 BPM. My Dr did the Group B test, and I should get those results back next week. He also did a pelvic exam. I'm dilated to a 1, cervix is still thick, Baby Girl is head down, and VERY low.
    March 10, 2010: Gained 2 pounds. Baby Girl's heart rate was 146 BPM. I'm dilated to between a 1 and 2. Cervix is still thick and high.
    March17, 2010: No weight gain. (I think this is because I wear shoes when I'm weighed & I wore flip flops rather than my "regular" shoes.) GBS test came back negative! Baby Girl's heart was beating strong at 148 BPM. I'm now dilated to between 2 and 3. Cervix is now 80% effaced, and baby's head is at a -2 station. My Dr said I was "ripe". He also seemed confident that I could go at any time.
    March 24, 2010: Gained 1 pound. Baby Girl's heart was beating at 133 BPM. No change in dilation, effacement, etc. Dr said that Baby Girl is low enough that there's really no chance she could turn breech. He also talked a lot about possible induction at any time. However, I want to wait and see how this week & my next appointment goes before making any decisions along those lines.
    NEXT APPOINTMENT: March 31, 2010

    Belly Shots:


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    Mara's Preg Space!!!
    ~Welcoming JADE in April 2010~

    Name: Mara (30)
    DH: Nathan (29)
    Tried for 14 cycles
    July 30 2009 is forever a happy day!

    EDD: April 9 2010!!!

    13 dpo

    Let that belly bulge!


    Aug 20 - 1st look! heartbeat 136!

    Sept. 30 09 - 2nd look! heartbeat 155!
    Our Little angry alien! (or "let me out" i can't decide!)

    Feb 10 2010 - 3d!!

    thurs July 30 - 163; sun Aug 2 - 369; wed Aug 5 - 1101!!!

    ME and BABY
    aug 12 - weight 91.7 kg
    aug 20 - baby hb 136
    sept 30 - baby hb - 155
    oct 27 - weight 91.5 kg, baby hb 150
    nov 10 - baby hb 140
    nov 25 - baby hb 142
    dec 1 - weight 88.7kg, baby hb 134, uterus measure 23cm, baby weight ~2lbs
    dec 30 - baby hb 129
    jan 6 - weight 90.2 kg, baby hb 150 (i ate a twix), uterus measure 28cm
    jan 14 - gestational diabetes screen passed 7.3!!
    feb 3 - weight 91.2 kg, baby hb 135, uterus measure 32 cm
    feb 22 - weight 92.5 kg, baby hb 136, uterus measure 33 cm
    march 9 - weight 92.1 kg, baby hb 140, uterus 35 cm, BP 110/70(?) 75%, -3, closed!

    aug 11 -diagnosed with graves (or hashimoto thyroiditis not sure which yet), start synthroid
    sept 14 - perinatal high risk consult - went great!!
    sept 30 - testing u/s (down syndrome, etc)
    oct 27 - first ob appt.
    nov 10 - 18 week u/s and profile it's a girl!
    nov 15-21 - survived H1N1 and pneumonia!
    nov 25 - follow up u/s
    nov 30 - ob appt
    dec 9 - thyroid appt. - everything looking good, levels right on track!
    dec 30 - follow up u/s (thyroid monitoring) - looking terrific!!
    jan 6 - ob
    jan 14 - gestational diabetes screen, 1hr, crossing fingers!
    feb 3 - ob
    feb 10 - u/s
    feb 22 - ob
    march 9 - ob
    march 10 - u/s
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    Jen's Space

    EDD April 13th!

    BFP July 30th mid morning
    BFP July 31st FMU

    *sonogram #1 September 1st - everything looked good! 1 beautiful bean.
    *nurses apt. September 9th - gave family histpry and am up 1.5 lbs already had a ton of blood drawn
    *1st Drs. apt. September 17th - cervix check (ouch!) but that's about it. COnfirmed he's still not doing vbacs, but gave a few options if I do decide that's what I want.
    *2nd Drs. apt. October 6th - heard the hb and everything sounds good!
    * 3rd Apt. November 3rd- heard the bh and everything sounds good. Got orders for an early GD test and for anatomical scan.
    *November 13th-It's a girl!!
    *December 2nd- Next apointment
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    m/c @ 9 weeks
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    MamaStarbird's Space!

    Due Date: April 1st

    Starling (27), DH (27), DD Summer (26 June 2008 ), plus two big dogs and a crabby cat... we can't wait to welcome baby #2 into our family!

    BFP August 1st...eight months to go!

    1st ultrasound: September 22nd (13 weeks). Heartbeat 165 bpm!

    2nd ultrasound: October 30th (18 weeks). IT'S A BOY!!

    3rd ultrasound: January 14th (29 weeks). Looking a whole lot like a little person in there!
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