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    Default *February 2010 Spaces!*

    Welcome Ladies to February and Congrats of your BFP's!
    I wish everyone a H&H9M~*~
    Please reserve your spot AFTER you get your BFP!

    Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.

    * This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

    * Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

    * Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

    * Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!
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    K's Space

    Hi I'm Katherine and look forward to having a HH9M!! DH and I have been married for almost 13 years. We have a ds 9yo, dd 6yo and I am due with #3. I was pg last summer and found out just shy of 20 weeks that we lost our ds. I gave birth to him on 11/22/08 so I am very nervous and cautious with this pgcy as we have been thru a lot these past 6 months. We are however, very, very excited about this baby!

    BFP at 10dpo 5/17/09

    (+) Bloodtest on 5/18/09 52hcg
    3rd bloodtest on 5/20/09 155hcg
    3rd bloodtest on 5/25/09 2256hcg

    started spotting on 5/20/09
    no more spotting 5/21/09
    M/S in full swing been dry heaving for days, first day vomiting 6/3/09

    6/1/09 First u/s found a yolk sac but saw now embryo

    7/16/09 12week NT scan HB=160 CRL=2.26 inches

    Belly Pix's

    *5 wk belly pic 5/27/09* *6 wk belly pic 6/3/09* *7 wk belly pic 6/10/09* *8 wk belly pic 6/23/09*

    *12wk belly pic 7/12/09*23wk belly pic 9/28/09*23wk belly pic 9/28/09*

    20 wk U/S picture

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    I'm Amanda, 22, married to a wonderful Canadian named James, who's 23. We've been married since July 16th, 2005, together since February 16th 2001. I plan to get my Canadian citizenship when I become eligible.

    Currently (and for this next kiddo) I'm a stay-at-home mama. I have a wonderful son who was born April 1st, 2008, after 43 hours of induced labour and an hour of pushing. I'm really hoping to go on my own this time, my dream was a water birth, but we've been turned down by the midwife so had to go with the OB we had with our son. The hospital has only one water room, so now our goal is a happy healthy baby and to go into labour on our own so we can be home for awhile.

    Big Fat Positives

    May 20th

    May 23rd - Getting darker

    Milestones and Memories

    May 23rd - ER visit, bright red spotting, HCG levels checked: 504 at 15DPO.
    May 25 - HCG levels rechecked: Over 1,000! Doubling rate of 36 hours.
    July 24th - DH kissed the baby belly and told me I'm starting to show, not just look "overweight".
    August 3rd - Due date changed to Feb 27th, and after much hassle we've gone with the same OB as we had with our son. Waiting on appt date.
    Aug 5th - "Peanut" kicked for the first "feel-able" time.
    Aug 24th - GP appt went great - heartbeat at a perfect and mellow 140.
    Aug 26th - U/S done, 18 weeks exactly! (Possibly a boy - hidden heart.)
    Sept 8th - First OB appt, went well, scheduled a repeat u/s.
    Sept 16th - Repeat U/S to check previously hidden heart.
    Oct. 6th - OB appt, measuring ahead, and frequent ctx. Booking 3rd U/S to check cervix.
    Oct. 19th - 3rd U/S. Its a BOY!! Measuring at 2 lbs. Heartrate in 140s. Find out cervical results at next appt.
    Nov. 3rd - OB appt.
    ~insert laziness for updating here~
    Dec 23rd - OB appt - still measuring a week ahead.
    Dec 24th - Swelling and carpal tunnel have set in.
    Dec 31st - OB appt. Dilated to 1.5, high and thick.
    Jan 6th - OB appt. OB considering going by LMP to move me up a week and match my fundal height.
    Jan 12th - L&D visit, failed kick count, released after 3 movements around 1 am.
    Jan 13th - OB appt. LMP now official due date - Jan 22nd instead of the 27th. Due to both carpal tunnel and L&D visit day before.
    Jan 20th - OB appt. Measuring 40 weeks, biggest yet. 100% effaced, and "very ready". Induction will be booked at next appt.
    Jan 25th - next OB appt.


    Ultrasound Pics

    18 weeks - foot measuring 1 inch!

    25 + 5 weeks - weight estimated at 2 pounds!
    Belly Pics

    May 23rd - 4 weeks May 29th - Week 5 June 5th - Week 6

    June 14th - Week 7 June 19th - Week 8 June 27th - Week 9 July 4th - Week 10

    July 13th - Week 11 July 19th - Week 12 July 24th - Week 13 August 6th - Week 15

    August 19th - Week 17 September 2nd - Week 19 September 24 - Week 22+1 October 7th - Week 24

    October 18th - Week 26

    Weight Tracker
    Starting Weight: 164
    Week 5-10: 161
    Week 11: 159
    Week 15: 163
    Week 17: 165
    Week 20: 169
    Week 24: 176
    Week 27: 179

    Make a pregnancy ticker
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    Default Kristen's Space

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    Hello! My name is Mari (35) and I have been married to DH Mark (37) for 11 years this year. We have two daughters, Emiko (5) and Aiko (1.5) and will be welcoming another one on or around 2/1! We def. didn't plan for a 3rd but I think deep down, we both wanted one. I took a POAS test today and this is what we got:

    I am looking forward to getting to know you ladies! Here's to a HH9mos!


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    I'll Love You Forever, I'll Like You For Always, As Long As I'm Living, My Baby You'll Be


    Doctor labeling chemical pregnancy
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    Our baby was an ectopic angel. We were treated with a shot, and I was able to keep my right tube.
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    My board hopping has come to an end! I am Christine, age 37. My DH (Bob) and I have been married for almost 5 years, and big brother Adrian is 2! We just got our BFP on 5/28/09 and baby is due 2/4/10! Here are some pics:

    Our wedding day:

    8 months preggo with Adrian:

    Our first family photo:

    A cute baby pic of Adrian, he was 3 months old:

    Here we are at the park, he was about 8 months old:

    Me and Adrian, he was 16 months old:

    A recent family pic:


    11 weeks


    13 weeks

    16 weeks

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    Default Monica's space!

    Hello I am a mother of 4 and expecting #5 next february 2 2010! I am very exited because is me and my DH 2nd baby together! we are super happy!!! I suffer from HG (Hyperemesis) and I hope this time around I do not get it and if I did I am hoping for a mild case of it!!

    O tests and HPT tests! BFP@ 11 DPO!
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    Default Heather's Space

    Hi! My name is Heather, 33, and DH is Allan, 38. We have been married for 20 months and TTC for 13 of those months. After battling a few infertility issues and facing the real possibility of needing IVF/ICSI we conceived naturally on our 15th cycle! Yeah! I guess the HSG and the Clomid prescription in my hot little hands scared my body into working! LOL. Here we are on our wedding day (September 2007).

    Here are the BFPs I got on 2009.05.30 with FMU 14DPO:

    The winning chart

    06.19.2009 - Baby measures 7w0d, 10.2 mm long with a heartbeat of 154 bpm.

    07.15.2009 - Baby measures 44 mm long with a heartbeat of 153 bpm. Baby was moving around in there...waving his/her arms. No picture. Boooo!

    09.23.2009 - Baby measures ??? long with a heartbeat of 143 bpm (she was sleeping...aweeee). Her profile:

    Here is her belly on the left and her arm on the right:

    This one shows her legs and feet. It looks like her ankles are crossed and her little feet are sticking straight up. She looks like she has big long feet like her mama. LOL.

    And last but not least...her foot. I love this shot. Aweeee....

    12.31.2009 - Baby is great! She is definitely breech with a heartbeat of 151 bpm. Ultrasound tech estimates her weight at 6lbs. Here she is face on:

    This is her nose and mouth...cute little cheeks!

    And this is her pudgy little leg and foot.

    05.29.2009 - Nausea...vomiting...oh no!
    05.30.2009 - BFP! WOAH! We're knocked up!
    06.04.2009 - GP says my uterus is high?!?!?!
    06.17.2009 - Prenatal made vomit. Boooooo!
    06.19.2009 - First u/s - baby measures 7w0d with a heartbeat of 154 bpm!
    06.23.2009 - Midwife meet & greet appt.
    07.14.2009 - First real midwife appt.
    07.15.2009 - CVS appointment. u/s - baby measures 44mm with a heartbeat of 153 bpm.
    08.04.2009 - CVS results in! All of the chromosomes look normal, no extra or missing pieces anywhere. Baby does NOT have the same deletion as DSD. Baby has double X chromosomes!!! ...looks like we're having a GIRL! YEAH!
    08.11.2009 - Midwife appt., urine good, blood pressure low, up 1.5 lbs in the last 4 weeks. Heard baby's heartbeat on doppler.
    09.09.2009 - Midwife appt., urine good, blood pressure low, baby's h/b was 156 on the doppler. Result of alpha fetoprotein test was negative. Scheduled detailed ultrasound.
    09.23.2009 - Third, detailed, u/s - baby measures 21w4d (I'm 20w5d) with a heartbeat of 143 bpm (she was sleeping).
    10.07.2009 - Midwife appt., urine good, blood pressure low, baby's h/b was 160, fundal height 24. u/s results were normal. Anterior placenta 3.5 cm away from a tightly closed cervix. Amniotic fluid and cord looked normal.
    11.04.2009 - Midwife appt., everything looks good. Fundal height 27...good since I'm 26w4d.
    11.10.2009 - 1 hour blood glucose test. Good times! I passed with a score of 7.1.
    12.02.2009 - Midwife appt., everything looks good. Fundal height of 30 (I'm 30w4d). Abdominal palpation indicates baby could be head down. Appointments every 2 weeks now!
    12.16.2009 - Midwife appt., everything is great. Baby feels to be breech! Boo! If she feels breech again at 35 weeks we will be sent for an u/s.
    12.30.2009 - Midwife appt., Fundal height 33 (I'm 34w5d), baby's h/b was 148, my blood pressure 100/60. Midwife Sandy thinks baby is head down but since Margaret thinks she's breech, we're being sent for an u/s.
    12.31.2009 - Fourth u/s. Baby is indeed breech. Her feet are up by her face and her head is under my left rib. h/b was 151, they estimate her size at 6 lbs and say she has a big head. Yikes. Got some cute pictures.
    01.06.2010 - Midwife appt.

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    Heather, 37

    Kennedy - b. 01.26.10 after 15 cycles of TTC
    Marshall - b. 06.17.13 after 3 cycles of TTC

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