~*~ April 2012 Arrivals and Birth Stories ~*~
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Thread: ~*~ April 2012 Arrivals and Birth Stories ~*~

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    Default ~*~ April 2012 Arrivals and Birth Stories ~*~

    Arrivals and Birth Stories posted here......no comment thread please.

    April 2012 Arrivals!

    March 14, 2012
    Samantha (sdduhon), Raegan Kayleigh 3lbs 15 ozs, 10:55am, Raine Kyleigh 4lbs 10 ozs 10:56am

    March 20, 2012
    Karen (k_canuck), Ella 8lb, 7oz, 20" 5:43am

    March 23, 2012
    Katie (KET_2010), Desmond Jensen, 7lbs, 19" 3:15 am

    March 24, 2012
    Erin (ErinElizabeth), Avery Elizabeth, 6lbs 12oz, 19.5", 6:17pm

    March 26, 2012
    Nicole (Dixiemom1st), Emma Nicole, 8lbs 15oz, 19.5", 9:45am

    March 26, 2012
    Jennifer (Jeffininer), Tyler Ray, 8lbs 9oz, 20", 1:26pm

    March 27, 2012
    Amanda (mommyof1.5), Elijah Nathaniel, 9lbs 3oz, 11:55am

    March 29, 2012
    Neela (youngmom08], Donnie D. Morris Jr (DJ) 5lbs 14oz and 18" 5:46am

    March 29, 2012
    Heather (jhj), Heidi Rose, 6lbs 14oz, 9:30pm

    March 30, 2012
    Esther (3Kiwikids), Daniel Jayden, 9lbs, 21.5", 1:49am

    April 2, 2012
    Roxie (ShylahEQ), Maggie Helena, 9lbs 6oz

    April 4, 2012
    Kelly (Aleyfamily08], Payton Lee, 11lbs

    April 5, 2012
    Danielle (cuppycake77), Harper Danielle, 1:45pm

    April 6, 2012
    Megan (MrsRiggert), Holden August, 7lbs 4oz, 20", 4:01am
    Anna (AnnaRO), Kole Ezra, 8lbs 3oz, 21", 6:18pm

    April 7, 2012
    Kristin (GarlicBreath), Madeline Grace, 9lbs 2oz, 22"

    April 10, 2012
    Laura (Lolkje), Bree Barbara

    April 11, 2012
    Joy (Jollysd11), Archer Magnus, 9lbs 9oz, 20.5", 1:28am
    Jenny (JBird3010), Camille Elise, 6lbs 8oz, 18 3/4", 3:25pm
    Amy (Ithilien), William Stephen, 8lbs, 20.5", 5:15pm

    April 18, 2012
    Daria (daria), Lucas Ryan, 8lbs 9oz, 20.75" 9:21am
    Ali (fittoac) Jack Cyrus, 8 lbs, 6 oz, 20.75", 9:44am

    April 30, 2012
    Kasey (kduncan2897), Liam Knox, 6lbs, 13oz, 19", 9:33am

    May 4, 2012
    LJ (LJB07), Adam James,
    8lbs 3oz

    Please post your birth story here! Please remember, this is a no comments thread.
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    Desmond is asleep and the girls finally have sort of calmed down. DH is about to go out to the store to get a few things for me and Des and so I am going to write my birth story, while it's still fresh in my mind!!!

    The 22nd at around 7:37 PM I began having those regular contractions again...every 2-4 minutes. It was weird though because they would last 2-4 minutes and then after about 40 minutes of it happening they would stop for about 10 minutes, I'd have a BM, and then about 10 minutes after my BM they would start up again...slowly...about ever 5-7 minutes and then back to 2 minutes. This lasted until about 11:30 when DH finally told me he was taking me to L&D. So we woke the girls up and he dropped me off to see if they were going to discharge me. I got there (making sure I walked ha ha) and they took me into a room to monitor me and check me. I was 4 cm 75% effaced. They asked the dr and she wanted me to make sure I was progressing so they didn't admit me yet...instead I got to walk the hallway...which really sucked because the pain was going to my legs making it really hard to walk.

    I was walking and I could feel them getting slightly stronger but I kept going just to make sure and hope I was progressing. That's when another lady came in who had only been having contractions about 5 minutes apart for 40 minutes...they said she was huffing and puffing and saying how much pain she was in so they immediately admitted her. Lol...I'll admit, I was real irritated that here I was with contractions happening for a while and then this other lady came in and was admitted right away! Turns out she was 5 cm and 100% effaced with the baby at -3 so I didn't mind too much then lol. However, because they admitted her before me, by the time they realized how much pain I was in they didn't have any more rooms left! (They only have SEVEN rooms at L&D on base)

    So I told them I didn't care just leave me in the observation room place and they said that was their plan. Well by this time it was 12:45 and they were figuring out who they were going to discharge in the middle of the night (which they usually don't do). While they were doing that, I was calling DH to let him know what was going on and calling my friend to let her know that hey I was in labor so she could come up and her DH would stay with the kids while they slept. About 1:00 AM I texted my family to let them know Des would be born soon. They checked me and I was a 5 and 90% effaced. About this time the contractions started coming real fast and real hard. Turns out Des decided he was going to turn sunny side up while I had been walking and I was now having horrible back labor...

    I literally was screaming through contractions and almost in tears. They kept trying to labor on my side to encourage him to turn, but he wasn't having it. While I was waiting for DH to arrive I had 3 different people sit with me to get me through the contractions. I had one guy holding one hand and rubbing it trying to get my mind off it, one lady holding my belly for the contractions, and another holding my other hand, breathing with me and talking with me saying I could do it. I thought my back was going to break...it hurt so bad!

    Finally DH arrived with my friend and they held my hand, breathing with me and were trying to make me laugh and talk about stuff to take my mind off it. I kept screaming for an epidural lol. Finally around 1:45 they got a room cleaned up and vacated for me to labor in. They told me that I had to wait because the other lady who had come in after me was getting an epidural first because they took her vitals and everything first (shakes fist!) About 2:00AM or 2:15AM the lady for the epidural came in. DH held my hands and breathed with me while I got it done and about 2:30AM I was feeling relief. I could still feel a lot of pressure down there because he was trying to come out! Turns out I was now an 8 and full effaced and they said if they broke my water he would come. They called for the dr to hurry lol.

    It was about 3AM or so when the dr arrived. I lucked out and it was the one I really wanted to deliver my baby. Around 3:10 my bag of water was broken and it was time to push. I got him in out 5-7 minutes they said and he was born at 3:15 AM! DH said he came out facing sideways and with one arm out in front like Superman! Ha ha! Also when he started coming out, amniotic fluid sprayed all over the dr and nurse LOL! They thought it was funny.

    He was immediately put on my chest and cleaned up while DH snapped some photos then after a few minutes they took him to be cleaned more. DH took some more pictures while they delivered my placenta and then cleaned me up. I asked and...no rips for me! They were surprised since he came out funny.

    About 4:30 DH left with my friend because her DH had to be at work by 6:00 AM and he didn't have his work clothes. So I began to breast feed and he latched immediately and fed for 30 minutes and then about 5 minutes later he fed again for 20 minutes. Then about an hour later he fed again for 15 minutes and then again an hour later for another 15 minutes. Then about 8:30 or so he went to sleep. DH brought the kids up to meet their brother around 9 AM and Des slept through the whole thing. DH rocked him for the time they were there. He left around 9:45 to take DD1 to school.

    Des slept literally all day. Well okay I take it back...he woke up for his bath at 11:30 and I couldn't get him to eat for anything. The drs said that's okay, as long as I attempt. DH came back with the kids around 5:30 and again he slept through them being there lol. They didn't stay long because it was close to their bedtime but DH said he'd be back early (around 7 or 8 AM).

    Around 7:45 FINALLY Des decided he would eat again lol.

    He gets mad because he's real gassy. I have to pat it out of him and finally he will burp or fart and he will calm down and then go back to sleep ha. Other than that, he's a real good eater and sleeper. Although it sucked because I hardly slept during the day and I had been up all night laboring ha ha. So I was running on very little sleep so when they took him for his 24 hour new born screening at 3:15 AM this morning I felt bad at how relieved I was that I would finally get some sleep! And I was out so hard that when he was brought back an hour later I didn't even hear them come in. He was also asleep ha ha. He slept until about 8:30 and that's only because the drs came to check his vitals and everything.

    So DH came up around 8:15 with the kids and the pediatrician came in to talk to us about circumcision and advantages and disadvantages. DH read all the hand outs and finally we agreed that it would be DH's call and DH still was for it. So he got to go with Des to be circumcised but he couldn't be in the room while it happened only because they didn't want to risk someone passing out and for sanitary reasons wouldn't be able to assist the person passed out ha ha.

    At the Naval Hospital they strap down the legs of the infant to make sure there's not kicking since there's sharp instruments. And then they numb the area with medicine. They wait a little for the medicine to take and then give the baby sugar water to suck on while the procedure is done. Now apparently my kid is special because during the whole procedure he didn't once cry, and instead they said (and DH said too because he could hear them in the room) Des made happy noises. Ha ha, they were all confused about this!

    The whole time I was there I only changed one diaper. Turns out, whenever they'd check his vitals he'd poop lol. He had four BMs in the hospital and he peed a few times...most of the time he peed on someone! Lol. He peed on one of the guys when they checked his vitals and then he peed on the pediatrician after the procedure lol.

    Shew, I wrote a lot. Overall, I had a pretty good experience. I was a little annoyed that when I asked the nurses something it would take them like 30 minutes to get back to me lol. But other than that, they were all very nice. The sucky part about after giving birth and them pushing on your stomach to make sure it feels okay, because it hurts so much! And I forgot the cramps that occur when you start breastfeeding. But I'm happy!

    I also found out that there were 3 babies born within an hour or two of each other. Desmond won lol. And the other lady who was admitted before me kept saying she felt bad for how much pain I was in because they left my door open while I screamed lol. But they said I did real well and better than a lot of people they have come in. Also they said that lady had put up an act when she came in because after she got a room she was fine and talking through everything when she hadn't been before and that when monitoring her contractions they didn't appear to be strong. I guess she wanted to be guaranteed a room? I dunno.

    Anyway, so we were discharged around 2:00 PM and it's so nice to be back home and I get to sleep in my bed tonight! I feel a little emotional off and on so I'll need to be on the lookout for postpartum. But I wanted to let everyone know my birth story and experience at the hospital. After I find my USB cord I'll make sure to upload Demond's pictures so share!

    Katie and Tyler: 04/13/2010
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    I woke up at about 1:30am on the 26th of March to feeling a little 'different'. Nothing big and I was able to fall back asleep. Again I woke up at around 3:30am, noticed the contraction was a bit strong, but was able to again fall back asleep. At 4:30am (10 minutes before DH's alarm goes off) I started timing my contractions. They were consistently 3 to 4 minutes apart. No pain, just definitely different than BH contractions. I paced my bedroom timing and waiting to see if I was actually in labor or if things would slow down. At 5:15am DH and I decided this is probably it and I called my mom to come over to take care of DD and then I called the on-call doc. He said since my contractions were consistent, but not painful, to hold off for 45 minutes to see how things changed. I waited until around 6:45 to finally call back because they were still consistently at 3 minutes and definitely getting stronger.

    We left the house and headed to the hospital. Once we got to triage, I was checked and was at 5cm. After being 3cm for over 2 weeks, it was nice to know I'm was finally progressing. Once in my room I was in bed, hooked up to IV and monitors. The contractions stayed consistent and got stronger. The doc came in to see me and they encouraged me to get unhooked, walk around, or sit on the birthing ball. This was such a different experience than from DD, I was so happy to be free! But, after 3.5 hours my contractions went from constant to non-existent. I could sit and talk to DH and my friend without any issues. I just wasn't contracting any more.

    The doc came in around 12:50pm to check my progression and he informed me he'd break my water at the same time. I was 6cm dilated and almost 100% effaced. Tyler was at -2 station. The very first contraction after he broke my water got intense. I told the nurse I wasn't trying to be a hero and wanted the epidural. She suggested that I go to the restroom before the epidural came since I wouldn't be able to get up and walk again. I had a contraction on the toilet (this is now only about 1pm) and it was so intense I had to call DH in to lean on. Right in the middle of the contraction my body took over and I felt this great urge to push. I told my nurse this and after that contraction ended she hurried me to the bed to check me. In 10 minutes I had gone from 6cm to 9cm. After that there was a swarm of nurses and doctors. I had never seen so many people come into a room at one time. I still don't think I had any idea that I was getting ready to have a baby.

    The contractions now were so strong I couldn't help but push. I think I had about 3 contractions this way before I was REALLY pushing. After a particularly strong one I looked at my nurse and asked 'Am I getting an epidural'. The poor woman just ignored me. When she turned back to me again I said 'Just tell me, I'm not getting one am I'. The look on the poor woman's face was just priceless. No, I wasn't getting one. Found out I'm one of those screaming moms, lol. I just remember looking at DH and the nurses and saying 'I can't do this!!'. They were all amazing and encouraging. With the next contraction the doctor was at the foot of the bed and ready to catch my boy. I pushed through 4 contractions and he was out.

    He was born at 1:26pm at 8lb 9oz 20 inches long. I saw him right as he was born...a BIG boy! They rushed him to the incubator because the cord was wrapped around his neck when he came out. He also came so fast that he had no time to have the amniotic fluid pushed from his body. They had to do a lot of suction and massage to get him to come around. They told me he was going to have to go to observation for a few hours because of these issues. I got stitched up (only one small tear!) and was left to wait. I didn't quite mind them taking him right away. I had just been through the most amazingly scary and UNEXPECTED birth. But, they didn't bring him back to me for 2 hours. It's really put a damper on our nursing relationship.

    So far he's a VERY good sleeper. He hardly cries and he is just the most precious little fuzzy guy. DH, DD, and I are all head over heels in love with our new little guy.

    I can't believe I not only got my VBAC, but a NATURAL delivery on top of that?! The anticipation and fear was actually worse than going through natural birth. I really isn't that bad

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    Donnie D. Morris Jr (DJ) was born March 29th (37 weeks 5 days) at 5:46 am. His stats were 5lbs 14oz and 18 inches long.


    So, I posted about 2 days before I had him that I had been having this lower backache and cramping associated with it. I knew something had to be going on because the backache and cramping weren't going away at all even trying tylenol, warm baths/showers, and massages. On Wednesday afternoon I went to my NST and they told me that I was having contractions every 8 minutes. This was around 2:00. One of the nurses read my chart wrong and was going to have me admitted because she thought I was 34 weeks but it said that I was admitted a few weeks ago (34 weeks) for pre-term labor. They asked if I could feel them and I told them that I could.

    After that I left and went to my doctor's appointment and it was 2:45 at that time. I mentioned to the nurse that came in before my doctor did that at my NST I was having contractions every 2 minutes and she said she would let the doctor know and that she was going to have the doctor examine me. He came in and told me that I was at 2 cm and that my cervix was really soft. He pretty much said you can go anytime time because your cervix is saying things are really favorable for labor. He did say he didn't believe I would be making it to my appointment next week though and told me to pack my hospital bag.

    When I got home, I decided it would be funny to prank call DF and tell him that my water broke. At first he was like are you serious?? Then I bust out laughing because he sounded so worried and he told me that he knew I was playing because I wouldn't have sounded so calm. DF and his grandmother came to pick me up so that we could all play cards together for a little while so I didn't get a chance to pack my hospital bag since they showed up so fast. I really wasn't thinking that I was going to go into labor that day so I thought it would be fine. I noticed that I was still having contractions pretty often and that they definitely felt different than the braxton hicks ones that I was having.

    I started kind of thinking that at this point I was in early labor so I told DF and he asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I told him no because they weren't super painful and weren't at least 5 minutes apart yet. Later on that night I started noticing that they started getting closer and closer together and this was around 2 am. I started timing my contractions and they were 4 1/2 minutes apart and getting kind of painful so I decided to get in the shower. I was so set on getting an epidural so I told him I didn't want to stay at home too long but would leave when they get to be about 3 minutes apart.

    He kept saying you know your labor goes pretty fast once it gets to the active stage, so you might want to go now. I'm like no they won't let me stay because I can still talk through these. At one point and time I felt this huge pop which I'm pretty sure was my cervix changing and they were really painful at this point to the point where I had to breathe through them and brought tears to my eyes. At this point he said we're leaving because he felt bad with me being in so much pain. I did not want to get out of the shower. It was around 3:35 by the time we all got ready to leave and go to the hospital.

    When we got there he made me get in the wheelchair and we headed up to L&D. I was in so much pain at this time all I could say is can I please have some medicine. I was laughing in between contractions because I said luck will have it that I can't get an epi again. DF just kept telling me to breathe and that it would be okay. He held my hand for every contraction and was rubbing my back and stomach as I asked him. When the nurse checked me, I was a 6 and she said you're definitely being admitted and got an IV started. I was so excited that I wasn't too far dilated because I felt I had a chance to get the meds. Forgot to mention that we had arrived at L&D at 4:00 am. The nurse gave me a shot of nubain (sp?) but that did not do anything at all for my pain, just made me feel drugged.

    After that they had me sign the epidural consent form and I was like THANK GOD! I'm getting medicine. DF thought this was hilarious, and I told him to shut up and that we were NOT having anymore kids crying and laughing at the same time. I started grabbing his shirt at this point because I was feeling sooo much pressure in my butt area. I told him that it felt like my butt was going to pop off. All this time, they were still waiting on my IV bag to get to a certain point and they came to check me and said that I wasn't going to be able to get the epi because baby was right there. I literally lost it and started hyperventilating and saying that I could not do this. I was saying are you serious?? I can't do this again and breathing really really rapidly. DF keep telling me to breathe and calm down and so did the nurses. They all kept saying you can do it, you're doing great and I told them NO I'm not doing great lol.

    I started feeling like I had to push and told them but I honestly didn't put any effort into the first push. My body was shaking so much from the pain and I just kept saying I couldn't do it. DF had my hand the entire time which I did appreciate and encouraged me to push and so did the nurses. I wasn't thinking rationally at the time but when the nurses said the pain will be over as soon as baby is out I gave two good pushes and out he came. I felt instant relief and was sooo happy that he was out. DF cut the cord and we started our kangaroo time for an hour. I didn't have any tears this time which is definitely making recovery that much better. The only thing I had was like a superficial cut almost like a paper cut type thing but I don't feel it and I'm not bothered by it at all.

    He did have some issues regulating his temperature the first day and was a little jaundice but his levels went down to where they said he would not require any light therapy and he started regulating his temperature after a couple hours of skin to skin contact with me. Breastfeeding is going pretty well and they were all surprised at how fast he latched on considering his age.

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    Peyton Lee's Birth Story~ 11lbs 22 1/4 inches

    They started my induction a little late on 4/4 at 8 am they inserted the Cytotech, but buy 8:30 my contractions were coming very fast and VERY strong. At 1 pm they decided to check me and I was 4 cms dilated and I asked to have my water broken since I wasn't in any pain and wanted to get the ball rolling. At 2:00 I got into the tub after being monitored for 1 hour for having my water broken I was 6 cms then. By 2:45 I started feeling the urge to push, so they made me get out of the tub. I was only 8 with a lip, but it went away very fast. At right around 3:00 the lip was gone and it was time to get to business, it took about 5 minutes to get his head out, he has a HUGE head. Well that is when things started to get interesting, my nurse and dr was yelling for extra help since they knew there was a chance for Shoulder Dystocia, once the head finally came out you couldn't see in shoulder's he was stuck and in a bad way. Within minutes we went from having 1 nurse and 1 OB to having 6 Nurses and Ob in the DR. One nurse had to get on top of me while the other nurses were pulling my legs back over my head it felt like, they kept screaming for me to push as hard as I could I was giving it my all. It took 4 minutes to free his shoulders but as soon as they got him out they rushed him to the warmer, my husband didn't get to cut the cord due to the bit of emergency we were in. They had to do some chest compressions and it took him a bit (which seemed like a life time) to breath. He is huge, he is doing pretty good now but they had to keep him in the Nursery overnight to keep a special eye on him. I haven't been aloud to Breastfeed yet but they said they will allow me to come in the nursery in the morning to try to feed him if he continues to do good. I feel like I have been beaten with a stick I have never had such a hard recovery, but I did deliver him with out any pain meds and they said if I would have had an epi they would have probably had to do an emergency c-section. Oh yea with all of that baby coming out of me I only had a 2nd degree tear (same place I tore with my 1st and 2nd) so it isn't that bad I am doing great physically, emotionally I am a wreck. They were very off with my last ultra sound odviously and I begged for an US before the induction just to be on the safe side, but they felt he was going to be smaller then my son who had should dystocia as well but no where to this extent. The thought of what could have happened just has me on pins and needles.
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    I had had my weekly visit with my midwife on Tuesday 27th where we discussed induction dates for the following week. I wanted to avoid an induction as much as possible. Because of the discrepancy in my dates, my age and possibility of issues with the placenta, we decided to do a stretch and sweep right there. OK, so that requires a bit of mental preparation on my part so no surprises that I was a little tense and therefore it pretty much did nothing. We scheduled another appointment for the 29th for another sweep should that one not be successful.

    Thursday 29th at 2pm I went in for the next sweep, this time a bit more mentally prepared and relaxed. When I got home I decided that it was going to better to stay on my feet this time rather than go put my feet up because of a little swelling. Instead I baked a cake, made a double load of 'mac 'n cheese' and had dinner on the table when the rest of the family got home from Karate.

    I noticed during dinner that my Braxton Hicks contractions were pretty regular and intense. Tightening was definitely across the top of my bump and nowhere else. At 1950hrs that changed in an instant. Braxton hicks were gone and contractions had begun. Pain stemming from the lower back and coming around the front to underneath my bump. We put the kids all to bed as it was their bedtime and rung FIL & partner. I decided it was probably a safe idea for them to start their 40 minute trip to our house, just in case.

    I began timing straight away? 2 minutes and 36 seconds, 4 minutes 50 seconds, 7 minutes 33 seconds?3 minutes 13 seconds? from then on it didn?t change much except get closer together. So I went had a shower and rung my midwife when I got out. Her instructions had been to ?call me when you get to 5 mins apart? but I never did 5 mins really. She said to txt her when we were leaving. FIL and his partner turned up and we left straight away.

    We arrived at the hospital at 10pm and I expected things to progress quickly as my DD only took 2 hours. Contractions got more intense as the evening progressed. I swayed through them leaning on DH?s until midnight when I decided I?d had enough. I laid down on the bed on my left side and, all of a sudden, I felt a ?pop? and my waters had broken.

    At 00:30am I was checked for progress. There was an issue with my dilation. I appeared to be stuck at 9cm and was still showing bulging forewaters. Even though I had felt my waters break and there was evidence, there was still a huge amount of water surrounding the baby. We discussed breaking this water also but were then faced with the possibility of a cord prolapse occurring. Because there was such a high possibility of this happening, ?emergency caesarean? also came up in the conversation. The Registrar decided it would be better for me to continue as I was for another hour and things would then be re-evaluated. In the meantime, I had blood drawn (required for the c-sec) ? just in case.

    Suddenly I was pukey. When that was over with I was put on my back and had the bed adjusted into a more upright position. With every contraction I got the shakes. At 01:10am I had gotten the most intense back pain so my midwife got a heat pack for me which helped considerably.

    At 01:37am the Registrar was back to re-check me. My cervix had a rim which was holding me back from dilating to 10cm. She decided to break my bulging forewaters. By then the contractions were so intense, my back was so sore and I was so tired. I was about ready to give up. Of course, that?s when it?s all on!

    At 01:45am my midwife rechecked me and I was fully dilated. I was put on my left side (my preferred position for delivery) and was left to push. Incredibly intense! Baby was then coming FAST down the birth canal. Within two pushes I felt the baby crowning and a very quick ?pant! Pant! Slow it down? from my midwife. OMG, that was hard to do.

    At 01:49am we had a normal vaginal delivery of a healthy baby boy. The cord was around his neck. He had a quick rub down to assist his breathing and then up on me for a whole hour. I had received a small tear which was fixed with one stitch. His Apgar score was 9 / 9.

    We?ve named our son Daniel Jayden. He was born on 30 March 2012 at 01:49am (NZST). His birth weight was 4075gms (9lb) and is 55cm (21.5" long).

    He has settled in well at home and is being well cuddled by all of his big brothers and big sister (and Mummy and Daddy too of course).

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    Default Kole's Birth Story

    Kole Ezra
    4/6/12 6:18pm
    8lb 3oz, 21 inches

    I woke up at 2:30am on Friday, April 6 and went to the restroom. After I had a bowel movement, I felt a trickle of fluid and immediately thought that it didn't feel like I just peed. So I sat for a minute and it happened again. I turned on the light and looked and it was pink fluid in the toilet. I knew at that point that my water broke. I had no idea what to do next though since I wasn't having any contractions, but realized that I was now on schedule. My OB's orders were to immediately go to the hospital if my water broke, but I decided to try to lie back down and see if I started contracting. I laid there, wide awake and then had a mild contraction at 3:36am. I went back to the restroom and as soon as I sat down I had a gush of blood come out along with a good sized glob of cm. Still, I went back to bed to wait some more and tried to fall asleep again, but it was impossible to fall back asleep. The contractions were mild and 15 minutes apart and since I hoping that I would have a fast labor, I got up and started getting things together. Kurt was sleeping so soundly that I really hated to wake him up, but I did at about 4:30am.

    It took him just a second to realize why I would be waking him up at 4:30am, and jumped up and asked me what?s going on even as he's grabbing his clothes and throwing them on. He immediately had everything loaded in the car before I could even think about whether or not I had packed everything I wanted to take. I went and told my mom that we what was going on and that we were going to get checked out and asked her if she wanted to go with us or stay with Lyla. She said that she'd like to stay.

    At the hospital we checked in and got put in a small room to get checked out. The put me on the monitors and a nurse came in to check me. I HATED her! She was extremely rough and had short, fat fingers and was ramming her hand at me trying to reach my cervix. And then, because my cervix was still so high that she would barely even reach it they refused to let me get up to do anything, including going to the restroom because they said it would cause cord prolapse. In that moment, I knew that I was in for a fight. I began sending text updates to my pregnancy.org buddies whose cell numbers I had because I knew I'd need all the support I could get.

    They moved me to a delivery room to await my OB, who would be around until noon that day. He came in at around 8am and requested to check me and I allowed him to. I was still very high and 2cm just as I'd been at my appointment on Monday, but my contractions weren't regular at all and I had no issues walking or talking through them. I made DH go get us some breakfast, even though the nurse had insisted I was not allowed to eat anything and the only reason I was being allowed water was because my OB had okayed it. At this point I was still hopeful that things would progress quickly and I even thought we'd likely have the baby with my own OB attending. However, as the hours ticked by and there was no change in anything that I was feeling, no matter how much I walked, bounced on the ball, squatted, or anything else. I even had DH go home and get my breast pump (thanks for the reminders!) but after over an hour of that my contractions stopped instead of getting stronger. I kept walking, but was feeling weak and tired. At around 1pm, the on-call OB (and only female OB in the practice) came in. I was happy to see her because I've heard good things about her and was assured that she was VBAC friendly. However, I quickly determined that though she 'allows' a 'trial of labor' for those who want a VBAC, she's not so much VBAC friendly. She immediately advised me that she generally insists on continuous fetal monitoring because 'fetal distress is the first sign of a uterine rupture' and then went on to give us a long speech on the risks of a VBAC, even after I told her that I was very aware of the risks and comfortable with my decision. She insisted on checking me and I had made no progress at all since 8am. I told DH that if he didn't get me something to eat that someone WOULD get hurt. The nurse had scared him with talk of aspiration and what not. He came back with the tastiest burger with melted cheese and bacon on it and then advised me that he felt guilty for breaking the 'rules' for me. I was 'allowed' to walk around unmonitored for 10 minutes periods every hour. We took some of that time to walk the halls and conveniently forget to watch the clock. The nurse at one point got on to us about the monitoring and insisted that we needed to be more vigilant because the on-call OB was pretty strict. So went the afternoon. At one point, I did begin to feel stronger contractions that I had to breathe through, but I could still mostly walk through them. I was very hopeful that these were doing something and that we were making progress. They were 2 minutes apart and then 4 minutes apart and then 3 minutes apart, but while I was lying in bed being monitored, they were never closer than 4.5 minutes and much weaker than when I was walking. I was getting very worried because I was in a time crunch and the on-call OB had told me we'd have to discuss our options if nothing happened by 5pm when the offices closed. So I knew that if I didn?t make some serious progress soon that I'd be staring a c/s in the face. At this point, I was so utterly and completely exhausted that I felt like I just didn't have the fight in me anymore. I had already had several emotional breakdowns over the afternoon and can only imagine the state of mind that I would have been in had I not eaten anything. However, since I'd been feeling stronger contractions and had lost quite a bit of my mucous plug, I was optimistic that things were going to have changed when the OB came back in.

    She was back at about 5:45pm. She immediately insisted on checking me and then when she looked at me, I knew immediately that it was not good news. She said I was barely at 2cm and at -2 station. I looked at DH and, after 15 hours of labor with no change, we both knew that we were done. I didn't have anything left in me, I was so exhausted and felt like the cards were completely stacked against me. When the OB went into her speech about the 'writing on the wall' and the unfortunate circumstance of my water breaking before I went into labor etc., I knew I'd never really had a chance. There was no one there for me at this hospital. So, feeling completely betrayed by the system and the circumstances around me I agreed to just go ahead with the c/s. Turns out, they already had everything ready to go for it! They had already been planning my c/s the whole time!

    They hooked me up to my IV and wheeled me off to the OR. Turns out, every c/s is different too. The anesthesiologist had me sit differently to get the epi put in and getting the epi this time took a lot longer than it did with DD. I have two holes in my back, so it took 2 times! I wondered about that at the time, but never even questioned it. The surgery was different too and took a lot longer. I could feel them pushing on my stomach and it HURT! And the closing me up took nearly 30 minutes, where it only took about 5 with my first c/s. The benefit this time was that I made big fuss right before they wheeled me off that I didn't want to be separated from my baby and so he was never taken to the nursery and was waiting for me in recovery, which meant I was breastfeeding within 30 minutes of his birth. He's been an absolute joy and champion nurser. He sleeps well and I actually have to wake him up to feed him. I know that I will have a lot of emotions about everything over the next weeks and months, but I will do my best to tackle those as they arise.

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    On Monday March 19th we had an appointment at the hospital at 8am. My doctor was predicting a rather large baby and had suggested a check at the hospital to discuss possible induction since I was at 38 weeks.
    The hospital agreed that we were looking at a much larger than average baby. On an internal check my cervix was still long, firm and closed - NOT what I wanted to hear. I was pretty freaked out by the idea of induction - but also very anxious about waiting about another 2-3 weeks and her getting much bigger. Add with my terrible back pain, and general emotional state we decided that induction was the best option.

    We arrived at the hospital around 9:30 that evening - the plan was to insert a drug to begin the process of ripening my cervix overnight and then to begin the induction 'for real' in the morning. After a half hour of monitoring, the midwife did an internal check. To everyone's surprise I was 2 cm dilated and my cervix was pretty much effaced! She said there was a very good chance I could go into labour myself that night so she definitely wasn't going to put in the pessary! DH went home at about 11 and planned to come back in the morning when we would get things started.

    At about 11:30 I felt an odd 'popping' feeling in my lower back/hip - I didn't think much of it since my back had been popping so much recently! But when I sat up about 10 minutes later there was a huge gush of fluid! The midwife was there when it happened - I just said OH! and sort of giggled! When I stood up to get out of my soaked PJs we realized that my fluid was very bloody. I was immediately told to lie down on my left side and the monitor was hooked up. baby's heart rate was strong and steady. The other MW and on call OB were called in. I started having mild cx , and with each one there was a gush of fluid and it was very red. DH was called just after midnight and told to come straight in.

    The CX started to get stronger and more regular, but still very manageable. DH arrived around 12:30, and I was moved to the delivery room. The OB told us that they would keep a very close eye on things, because they were concerned about the amount of blood that was in the fluid and they didn't know where it was coming from. They would keep the baby on continuous monitoring and just watch how things developed. All seemed to be OK for the moment. But we were also told that if at any point the baby started showing ANY signs of distress we would go straight down to the block for an emergency C-section.

    CX were getting stronger and definitely more painful, but I was managing them with breathing and groaning. For a while I stayed in the bed, but that soon got too uncomfortable so I stood at the side of the bed, bent over so DH could massage my back. Suddenly at around 2:30 there were several more large gushes of fluid, and it was again, very bloody - so it was back in bed on my left side. The OB came back and said a vaginal birth was still an option as baby's heart was still strong and steady, but that he was concerned about the amount of blood. He wanted to speed things up a bit and get baby's head down lower to see if that would stem the blood loss. We decided to go ahead with an epidural and an oxytocin drip to strengthen the contractions.

    The epidural was placed around 3am and once it was working, they started the oxytocin drip. I was able to snooze a little bit over the next hour since I could barely feel the contractions. Around 4ish, I started to feel the cx a bit more and so the MW topped off my epidural. She did a check then as well, and I was at 5 cm. Over the following hour, I was able to feel the cx more and more despite the epidural, but some breathing got me through it. The OB came back around 5am to see how things were progressing. By this time I was definitely feeling more pain and pressure with the cx. Suddenly I felt a very strong and long cx that felt totally different - like I was being pushed open! The MW went to do another check and announced that baby was on her way down and she could see her head. I had gone from 5 cm to pushing in about an hour.

    For the next 15-20 minutes, I just let the baby descend on her own - wow! These cx were really powerful - I could really feel her head pushing down. At around 5:20 ish I started pushing with the contractions. They were really intense' My epidural had pretty much worn off by this point and I started to get a bit freaked out during the contractions as it felt like she was going to split me in two! Silly I know, but that?s how it felt! Just before she was about to come out, the MW did an episiotomy, and on the next push at 5:43am out she came!

    Ella gave one good cry straight away, but then was quiet as she lay on my chest. She wasn't interested in nursing right then so we just cuddled. It took a while to deliver the placenta, but it was intact so that was a relief to me. Ella was then taken across the room to get weighed and measured while the OB checked me out and stitched me up. That was pretty uncomfortable ' he wasn?t the most gentle 'stitcher' to be sure! I then got my girl back and we moved next door to the recovery room. I remained on an Oxytocin drip to make sure my uterus was contracting well (trying to avoid the hemorrhaging I had with DS).

    Over the course of the next few hours, I did end up having a lot of extra bleeding - my uterus kept softening up and wasn't shrinking down quickly enough despite the Oxytocin. I was given more drugs to contract my uterus and an ice pack on my belly and that seemed to finally do the trick. We were finally moved to our own room around 3pm.

    In all, it wasn't exactly the 'best' birth experience, but definitely more positive than the one I had with DS. Recovery has been much easier and quicker as well. I did end up losing quite a bit of blood, and am taking iron pills for the resulting anemia (better than with DS though where I had IV iron twice as well as a transfusion!)

    Ella is now nursing well and gaining weight, after a slow first two weeks where we were dealing with jaundice and then a cold.

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    Our little suprise was a boy. Here is the birth story. Sorry been MIA, had the flu really bad the last week before birth. Ick.

    Archer Magmus
    April 11, 2012 1:28am
    9lbs 9oz, 20 1/2 inches

    Early on and off contractions started happening the week before the birth. Friday 4/6 had a reg. appt. and decided to get checked since I'd been having pressure waves and found that I was at a 3. Came down with the flu that day and had more early labor type stuff going on throughout the weekend. Started loosing my mucus plug Monday and Tuesday with more rounds on contractions for a few hours that would fade. My mom droved from San Diego Tuesday 4/10 and arrived at our house in Northern Ca by 5:30pm. First day that I didn't have a fever from the flu! Once she arrived pressure waves started coming more regular and I hypno-slept through some of them while the family ate dinner.

    By 7pm Tuesday night I told Wally that things were really getting more intense and I felt like he should get the kids down and that we would need to go soon just to get checked out. Didn't 100% feel like we'd be staying at the hospital/birth center but we should get going. He was ready to go by 8:30 and I was dreading the hour drive. After getting gas we were on our way. In the car I heard/felt 2 pops and really tried not to move. A while later the pressure waves started slowly pushing out my water which had broken just like I though. Yay for treated leather seats in the van! Long hour car ride but I was so happy to get there cause things were getting more intense.

    9:45pm and they got me into a room right away and the first thing I said was bath. I needed that water so bad. First I had to get part of a strip done and answer questions. Intense. Got checked and was only a 4. FOUR???? How could it be. I had so much longer to go and I'll be honest it was dissapointing to find out. About 30 minutes of that stuff and then into the tub to finish my inital strip and get the hep-lock done. Three tries on the hep-lock and it was a was cause they couldn't find any veins. Flu had me a little extra dried up. Also monitoring was hard in the tub as I was hands and knees and the little units just wouldn't stay put. They wanted me on my bottom but that was a no way. Outta the tub to finish the stip on land, get the hep-lock by a pro, and then a promise to get back in tub. On the bed things got INTENSE. No comfortable position. Hypno-stuff just not helping me be calm. Finally someone got a vein to get lock in. I agreed to 1 bag fluid since I could tell hydration was an issue. Finished strip and waited for someone to come unhook me so I could crawl back in the tub.

    Top of my thighs kept really really hurting during pressure waves and my body was taking over. The awesome doctor(thought she was a nurse for a long time) asked to check me cause she felt like I was progressing. Guess that bag of fluid got things going fast cause I was complete and it was about 12 midnight, only 1.5 hours since I'd been checked as a 4. She asked if I wanted to push and I said "no" cause it was all to fast and too much to take in. Operation accidental tub delivery was ruined since I wasn't going to be allowed to get back in the tub now. Had a 15 minute very painful pitty party and then decided pushing would be much more effective than being a sitting duck. Plus I started vomiting a ton and that got pushing going on its own. Was totally ineffective at pushing at first cause I was so tired. Awesome older nurse brought in some fun birth tools to try and the one I liked best was the squat bar with a sheet tied to the middle. It was like water skiing and I could really feel baby move down fast. Couple of pushed on that bar and the head was out. Took a minute and then the rest of his body was out. OB was so calm with me even though a few nurses started getting heating and yelling/forcing me to push. Baby came out and was put right on my chest and never left my skin until I had him weighed 2 or so hours later. Cord got to pulse, placenta came out fast (this time it wasn't pain free), and I only had a small tear on my old tear that required 4 little stitches. Got the chills again right after birth and then did the whole fever sweat thing (probably my flu) but was good again in like an hour.

    Some pics

    Don't have lots of great pics as we are still at the hospital. Archer had a fever and some off blood levels just before we were to go home so he is on some meds and under the bili lights today. Hopefully we will be home by the end of the weekend. We are at a great hospital run birth center so its been an ok extended stay.
    ~Joy~ DS1-8/5/05, DS2-10/18/10 (VBAC#1), DS3- 4/11/12 (VBAC#2!)

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    Get ready.... it's a long one!! (Jack Cyrus, 4/18/12, 8 lbs, 6 oz, 20.75", 9:44am)
    The day after Jack?s due date, I had my 40 week check up. They did an ultrasound to make sure the fluid levels were good and everything looked ok, and noticed that Jack?s movements were very minimal. He moved just enough to ?pass? (avoiding an immediate admission to the hospital for induction!) but not enough for my doctor to feel comfortable letting me go until who-knows-when. We decided to have her strip my membranes, which I was super nervous about because I?d heard that can be extremely painful. I was very relieved that it wasn?t painful at all and also very fast! Dr. Anderson said that just in the process of stripping them, I dilated from 3cm to 4cm. She predicted that I?d go into labor in the next 12-24 hours, but we scheduled an induction for 2 days later, just in case.
    That night, I still felt normal but decided I?d better at least pretend that I could go into labor during the night, so I added all my ?last minute? items to my hospital bag, packed Piper?s lunch for school the next day, and got everything absolutely ready to go. SO glad I did!! I woke up at 3:45am with very painful cramping that felt nothing like my contractions with Piper, but more like I realllly had to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom, got back in bed, and was hit with another wave of that same painful cramping. I started to wonder if perhaps they were actually contractions, and by the time the 3rd wave came it was obvious to me that they were. I grabbed my phone and started timing them with the super handy ?Full Term? app and realized that they were already 8-9 minutes apart. Considering that my contractions weren?t even timeable with Piper until about 12 hours into it, I was shocked to realize they were already so regular! Around 5am, Conor woke up and saw that I had my phone in my hand and was moaning, and he immediately sat up, knowing what was going on! Once the contraction passed, I confirmed that they were pretty painful already and that I really wanted to take a shower but was concerned that I would miss timing them because I obviously couldn?t take my phone in the shower. Conor offered to go in there with me, so at 5 in the morning he was sitting on the toilet hitting ?start? and ?stop? every time I told him to! What a good husband. ☺ During that brief shower, my contractions REALLY picked up. By the time I got out, they were about 5 minutes apart. I couldn?t believe how quickly they?d progressed, but knew that I was in A LOT of pain and we better get moving. Conor jumped in the shower while I ran downstairs to wake up my parents (who were staying with us) and Piper. It was so funny?I walked in their room and turned on the closet light so I wouldn?t blind everyone, and immediately my parents threw the covers off and bolted upright, as if they?d been waiting for me to walk in the room. I half expected them to be fully clothed with shoes on!! As soon as I said, ?It?s time!? my mom said, ?YAY!!? and jumped out of bed. Piper, who was sleeping on a mattress on the floor, looked up sleepily and said, ?Mommy, what are you doing in here?? and I said, ?I think it?s time to go to the hospital to have your baby brother!? and her face instantly lit up with the biggest smile?it was so sweet! She followed me out to the kitchen and noticed that it was still dark out and said, ?Mama, can I stay up??? Haha! Conor and I threw everything in the car and headed off, with my parents and Piper leaving just a few minutes after us. They dropped Piper off at Patty?s house and met us at the hospital.
    The whole drive to the hospital the contractions were coming fast and strong. I was in so much pain and also complete shock that we were already this far along?the complete opposite of my marathon labor experience with Piper! I already felt an urge to push, which was a little scary but it wasn?t yet the ?I have no choice but to push? feeling.
    We arrived at the hospital just before 7am, only 3 hours after my first contraction. They were now about 4 minutes apart. The check-in process seemed to take an absolute eternity, though I?m sure it was less than 10 minutes. Once I was set up in the bed, they checked me and I was 6-7cm dilated. I was a little disappointed that I wasn?t further along, due to the extreme amount of pain I was in. As I?d done with my first delivery, my plan was to go all natural, without any drugs. Conor and I immediately began my ?survival? mode, where he would fan me and massage my head with ?The Tingler? (this weird copper contraption that massages the scalp and is very relaxing to me) during every contraction. They checked me again around 8am and I was 8cm. I kept feeling the urge to push, but it was too soon. Dr. Anderson arrived then and offered to break my water, which I briefly hesitated about because I was afraid of upping the intensity of the contractions but was also desperate to have it all over with! I decided to have her do it, which immediately caused the WORST and LONGEST contraction ever! It was agony! Fortunately, it did seem to speed things along. Around 9:30 I told the nurse that I absolutely had to push, so she checked me again and said there was just a tiny lip of cervix left but that she was pretty sure I could just push through it on the next contraction. People started rushing in and breaking the bed down to get ready for delivery. I started pushing?which was complete agony, of course?and couldn?t believe it when Jack was born only 10 minutes later! I pushed for close to an hour with Piper! It was a complete shock when I realized that Jack was born at 9:45?only 6 hours after my very first contraction. It was the most beautiful spring day, I felt amazing due to the short labor and very minimal tearing, and my son was absolutely perfect!! It was so cute?the very first thing he did when they placed him on my chest was give the biggest head-to-toe stretch! He started crying right after he was done stretching. ☺ He was 8 lbs, 6 oz and 20 ??. Almost exactly the same weight and height as his sister!
    It was wonderful to have the whole day ahead of us to gaze upon Jack, visit with family, and rehash the morning?s events. Patty picked up Piper from school that afternoon and brought her to the hospital. She was SO excited to see Jack! Her very first question was, ?Mommy, does your bottom hurt?? Haha! I assured her that yes, it did. ☺ She wanted to compare foot sizes with Jack and wanted to know if he had drank any milk from my boobs (exactly how she phrased it). Typical Piper!
    I had been praying the whole pregnancy that this labor and delivery experience would be shorter than Piper?s, which was 21 hours. I got my prayers answered and then some!! After P?s birth, I felt like I?d been hit by a truck and was absolutely delirious with exhaustion. I tore very badly with her, so the recovery was a bit more intense and I was so nervous to leave the hospital?I would?ve been fine if they?d kept us for a week! With Jack, I felt so normal almost immediately afterward and couldn?t WAIT to go home. The tearing was very minimal and only required 1 stitch! Since everyone was healthy, they let us go (at my request) only 27 hours after his birth. Again?so different from Piper?s birth!
    Jack?s birth was an incredible experience and I was grateful to again have been able to go drug-free. He is the absolute SWEETEST little guy and sooo sleepy! He?s now 10 days old and barely stays awake for more than 2-3 hours a day. He only wakes up once a night! Not sure what we did to deserve that! The adjustment from 1 to 2 kids is going well, though it?s no doubt been made easier by the fact that Jack sleeps so much. Despite that, I am having to be very mindful of managing my time?it?s way too easy to get behind! I?ve had very little computer time due to that, which is probably a good thing. ☺ And also why it?s taken me a week and a half to type up his birth story! Breastfeeding was not going well due to a very painful latch, so I am pumping full time. I?m very fortunate to have a great supply this time and Jack eats very well! I ordered his birth announcements this morning, so I'll be sure to scan one and post it whenever they come in. Now.... if you've made it through my little novel, please enjoy a zillion pictures of our littlest love!! (If the pictures are huge, my apologies. I resized them, but photobucket is a little slow on the pick up sometimes....)

    40 Weeks, 1 Day... taken the night before Jack's birth.


    Here I am trying not to die

    Here he is! This is my favorite pic of the day.... love all the smiles!


    Big sister Piper meeting Jack for the first time... priceless!





    This is the main pic I'm using on the birth announcement
    Ali & Conor 8/9/2008
    DD Piper 1/18/2009
    DS Jack 4/18/2012

    Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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