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    Default Lyla Klaire

    Lyla Klaire
    7lb 3oz, 18 1/2 inches long
    October 6, 2010 @ 7:02am

    Me, before all the monitors
    We got up at a little after 4am to get to the hospital by 5. Once we got to the hospital I was immediately put in a recovery room and hooked up to monitors. It indicated I was actually having some pretty strong contractions already, some of which I didn't even feel. After they had me all set up on the monitors, they hooked up my IV in my hand. A few minutes later the other nurse was checking something else and discovered that my IV was leaking so she messed with it for a while to get it to stop. I have to say that after that, my IV was even more uncomfortable.

    They left DH and I alone in the room for a few minutes before the nurse came back to shave me. I was glad it was an electric rather than a razor blade since I break out in a bad and bumpy rash when I use razors on that area. That nurse left again and in another few minutes the OR tech came in. She was not at all friendly and was obviously there just to get her job done, but she did try so you have to appreciate that. She checked to make sure I was shaved and started gathering stuff together and then left.

    After that people started coming in one at a time and explaining different parts of the process to me. A nurse came in and told me who all was going to be there and what their role would be. She also gave me a brief overview of the whole process. A little later my OB came in to check on my and gave me another overview of the whole thing and explained a little more about the actual surgery part. The anesthesiologist was next and she explained the entire process in vivid detail about how the anesthesia part would work. She explained how I would feel, how long it would take, etc. Once she left I started to feel a little panicky. Suddenly the fear set in and I really didn't want to go through with it. I knew that I didn't have a choice and that this was really happening and I needed to come to terms with it. So a laid back on the bed and took some deep breaths and gave myself a pep talk.

    A little more than 5 minutes before 7am a group of nurses came in with a wheelchair and wheeled me out. DH was given his scrubs to put on and told to remain where he was until they came and got him. I cannot describe what I was feeling as I was wheeled away from DH.

    In the O.R. they had me sit down on this very narrow table where the anesthesiologist first gave me a numbing shot, then she explained everything to me as she put in the epidural needle followed by the epidural catheter. I felt the sting of the numbing needle, but didn't feel much of the rest of the process. My legs and feet started to tingle immediately. They laid me down on the operating table and put my catheter in (which I didn't feel at all, thank God). Someone laid a really warm blanket on top of me, but I hadn't even realized I was cold. Suddenly all these people were there and this curtain thing was being hooked up right in front of me. I heard someone tell someone else to go get the husband, and I knew it was happening.

    DH came in and sat down by my head and grabbed my hand. I could feel people touching me on the other side of the curtain thing and knew they were getting ready to get the baby out. I kept waiting for some sort of sensation that I was being cut into, or some tugging or pulling feelings, but before I knew it, I heard a baby crying. Everyone started to talk excitedly and making comments about how cute she was and how clean she was. My little girl was finally here.

    Internally I was completely freaking out. I could hear her, but I couldn't see her at all and I desperately wanted to see her and hold her! I have never felt such a desperate feeling in my life. They called DH over to the baby and he jumped up and practically ran over there. I heard them announce her weight and length. Then someone told DH to walk around and show her to me. When he did, he was initially still about 3 feet away from me.
    I could see her and she was unbelievably beautiful. It did not feel real at all that this was MY baby. DH came in close and put her right by my face and I kissed by baby girl. I will never forget how warm and soft she was. The told DH to bring the baby with him and follow them to the nursery, so DH left me there and went with Lyla to the nursery where he stayed the whole time.

    In the meantime, they were stitching me up. It didn't take long at all and I felt non of it. Once they were done, I was wheeled back to the same recovery room I had been in. I was desperate for my baby and kept asking the nurses when I could have her. They told me that I would be in recovery for 2 hours before I would be taken to a regular room where I would be reunited with my daughter. It was complete torture. About an hour later, DH came in for a few minutes to show me pictures of Lyla he had already taken and told me all about her. He said they were waiting for her temperature to come up to 98 degrees, and then they were going to bathe her. He said that they had to wait until I was in a regular room before they could bring her to me. The nurse then stepped in and said that I would be moved shortly since I was already regaining feeling in my legs, so I would get moved early.
    DH got all excited and went off to go get pictures of them washing Lyla.

    I got moved a little later, but they didn't bring me my baby as I expected them to. I was left there pretty much by myself, except for a nurse who came in and checked my vitals every few minutes. I was really starting to get the feeling back in my legs and abdomen area and it hurt A LOT. It felt like I was on fire and I was cramping so very bad too. About an hour and a half after I got moved into the room, they finally came in to hook up my morphine to my IV. It was about that time when DH came in with Lyla. Before they even finished hooking up the morphine, most of the pain was gone once I had my baby girl in my arms.
    She was born with 2 little bitty skin colored skin tags on her left ear and as a precaution, the pediatrician did an ultrasound to check her kidneys (ears and kidneys develop at the same time). The kidneys are fine.

    The whole cesarean was really not as bad as I expected it to be, but that could just be the meds. I lost my morphine drip about halfway through day 1 when I used my hands to push against the bed to reposition myself and did something to the IV and caused blood to start pouring out of my hand. After that they had me on hydrocodone pills. I was up and walking around by that first evening (though I was not standing straight up). I am still sore a week later and have some stabbing pains if I don’t take the serious pain meds. I don’t like how they make me feel all loopy and sleepy though.

    Overall, I am extremely glad that we didn’t have any visitors that first day. With my next kid, I think we may just ask everyone to wait until we get home to visit.

    Here's Lyla at 1 week old - on my EDD of 10/13/10
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    I am going to "start" my story.....may have to save and update when I can...

    Delaney Elizabeth Dorine Hood
    9lbs, 8oz

    It all started on Friday when I believe I lost my plug, my DR. did a stretch and sweep and we were hopeful for the weekend. I had some more plug Sat a.m. and Sat eve and more on Sunday. Was hoping for a 10/10/10 baby but nope.....baby had a mind of it's own.

    Went to bed around 12:30 am.....didn't sleep very well at all. Woke up at 5:30 to pee and there was my bloody show....I noticed i was have some contractions so came out on the recliner to track 'em....about 6:00 told DH that this was it and we'd be having a baby today!!!! My contractions were about 5-7 min. apart, didn't hurt but with my history of delivery I called the dr. to see what to do.

    She advised me to go ahead and get ready and head to the hospital. As if I waited til' her office opened and then had to go anyways, the traffic into Seattle at that time would be terrible. So I showered, called my mom to come over and we left the house about 8.....stopped at Jack'n'the'Box for some breakfast. Got to the hospital around 9.

    Triage checked me and I was 5-6 cm, 70% effaced....said I should walk around, get my contractions closer together....after an hour I was now a 6-7cm. So I opted to go ahead and get the epi knowing after my water got broke I'd be in pure h*ll. @ about 12:30 they came in to do my epi and the first guy didn't find the right spot and I was feeling shooting pains down my leg......I swear I was going to pass out, I was dripping in sweat and miserable....finally another doctor did it and all was well. Well, then my BP dropped down to 80/40....turns out I was highly dehydrated......

    The kids had made it to the hospital.....even Ryan!!! I was so happy to have them all there. We decided to let them go ahead and get something to eat quick and we'd break my water after that. I didn't realize they were WALKING to the place and they took FOREVER.

    So finally, about 2:30 she broke my water. (I didn't have much fluid at all either....I was really suprised.....it didn't even seem like she broke it) When she checked me I was 8-9cm and the baby was right there.....baby was face up so she wanted me to lay flat and let nature take its course to turn the baby......

    Well, my body knows what its doing and sure enough I could feel the baby move down and turn....my epi was starting to wear off and I knew it was time to deliver. I would say I probably pushed for about 10 minutes. DH said I had to work at it this time more than I did with Miranda. I think I was just getting antsy and wanted her out.

    It all seems surreal when she came out....like dejavu....they announced it was a girl!!! I really wasn't surprised....heck, I make beautiful girls so why not another.

    This is when things got nuts.....all the kids came in......then there was an issue with my insurance and my tubal so I had to call them on the phone....Delaney had low blood sugar so they had to give her a 2oz bottle of formula....I only got to breastfeed for 10 minutes and then they took me to my tubal at 5:00pm. I came back all groggy and just out of it. All the kids had left

    I really am kinda sad about how after delivery went but I guess I'm home now and all is well. This is the hardest recovery I've had....it hasn't been hard but the first few days I couldn't do anything myself....the pain in my belly button area was so sore and my back hurt from the epi.

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    Default Isabelle Grace's Birth story

    Isabelle Grace’s Birth Story

    My due date was Oct. 19 or 22 depending on my midwife or the u/s date and I had been planning for an early arrival my whole pregnancy because my mom had early arrivals with all 4 of her pregnancies. I had told several people during my pregnancy that I would love for the baby to come on 10-10-10 because it would be a cool date for a birthday and it is also my mom’s birthday, but of course I figured the odds of actually getting that date were pretty low. I had my 38 week appointment on Thursday and confirmed with my midwife that the baby was in a good position for pushing her out (I was paranoid that she might have moved into a weird angle or something because I couldn’t tell at all what parts I felt when I poked around at my belly) Friday at work, I told the girl who I was training to cover for my during my maternity leave that I would probably see her Monday because I didn’t feel like I was going into labor any time soon. Saturday, we went to our weekly potluck lunch we have with friends. I was feeling great and enjoying my pregnant belly. My friends commented that I looked like I had dropped which I couldn’t tell if I had or not. DH and I both took a nap for about 3 hours Saturday afternoon during which I had one or two menstral cramp type feelings, but didn’t think anything of that since it had happened before. Also was not having any BH that day which I had off and on from 18 weeks pregnant. Saturday night we went shopping to look for curtains-didn’t find any we liked but got some baby items with a gift card we had. We planned to go out on Sunday to another store for curtains. We both stayed up until 2:30 a.m. watching a movie. When I went to bed I said, “well, I guess I’m not getting 10-10-10 after all, but I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow so I guess that‘s ok. Come on Isabelle, you need to come tonight for 10-10-10!”

    I went to bed and DH was doing some stuff around the house. I had just dozed off when I had a really strong menstral cramp type pain around 3 am that woke me back up. Dozed off again and another one hit me and woke me. They kept happening every 15-20 minutes, waking me up. I didn’t really think I was in labor, but was a little concerned that if I was, I was going into it with no sleep since I had stayed up watching the movie. I kept trying to doze in between the cramps, but then I started having really bad gas cramps and having to go to the bathroom especially when the menstral cramp feelings hit, so I spent a lot of time in the bathroom and was having a lot of soft BMs. Still didn’t have any bloody show and the cramp feelings just didn’t seem strong enough to be contractions to me (although obviously they were!) I kept getting up and down and at some point, I decided to go lie on the guest bed so DH could get some sleep since he had finally come in to bed. There was a pile of washed baby clothes on the bed and I spent a while folding them, putting them away and making trips to the bathroom. I kept thinking that I should be having a nesting urge and want to do more stuff around the house if I was in labor, but all I wanted to do was get the bed cleared so I could get some sleep so I would have enough energy. I finally got the bed cleaned off and DH came out and asked me what I was doing. He told me to just stay in our bed and not worry about disturbing him. It must have been 6:00 am or so by now. I went back to bed, but only stayed a few minutes because the contractions were now too strong for me to lie through- I felt like I needed to be up and moving around when I had them, plus I still felt like I had to have a BM every time although I think I was pretty cleaned out by this point. I got up again and went on the computer to read about false labor- I was still in denial that I was in real labor because I thought there was no way I would have actually gone into labor on the date I wanted. Started timing my contractions and they ranged from 3-6 minutes a part and were 50-60 seconds long. After about 4-5 of these, I went in and told DH he should probably pack his hospital bag just in case it was real labor. I still hadn’t called my parents-they live around 3 hours away and were planning to come for the birth. It was now around 7:30 a.m. and I decided I would shower before I called since showering would make the contractions stop if it was false labor. They were now very strong menstral cramp type pains and I would say “oh crap, crap, crap, that hurts!” and kneel on the floor when they hit. I took a shower and yelled to DH when I had them-they were between 3-5 minutes apart the whole time. As soon as I got out of the shower, I called my mom and said “I think I might be in labor, I’m not sure if it is false labor, but I’ve been having these cramps since 3 am and a lot of BMs, but I haven’t had any bloody show. I’ll call you back in a bit to let you know if they continue and if we are going to the hospital.” My mom told me later that she immediately was concerned about them getting here in time since she was sure it was real labor. She repeated what I said to my dad and he said he was going to sleep another half hour then get ready. About 5 minutes later he got up and said “I think I’ll start getting ready now, just in case!”

    DH and I both kept getting ready-DH hadn’t packed at all. I had packed everything I could in advance, but I had a list of last minute things to pack and things to do-I went into my work email and turned on my auto reply, emailed my work replacement to let her know I was going to the hospital, got our snacks for the hospital together and a bunch of other things. Contractions were pretty steady at 4 minutes apart and I had to drop to the floor and rock and say my “oh crap” routine with each one. I didn’t feel like answering any questions from DH during them and didn’t want him to touch me either which I had thought I would like being massaged during contractions but that wasn’t the case. I started feeling really nauseous during the contractions and I finally threw up during one of them-DH held my while I threw up and that I didn’t mind. At that point I decided that this had to be real labor and I got a little scared that maybe I was having a super easy labor and had just hit transition or something. I told DH that we REALLY needed to leave for the hospital – I think this was around 9 or 9:30 am. I called back my mom and told her the update and that we were going in to the hospital. I tried to eat some cheerios after this so I wouldn’t have an empty stomach and would have energy later. We still didn’t end up leaving for the hospital until around 10:15 or 10:25 am-my mom called my cell as we were pulling out of the drive way and said they had just left. We said we were just leaving too-we had about a 25 minute drive to the hospital. My contractions continued around 4 minutes apart the whole drive-I was really glad it was a Sunday because there has been a lot of construction in our area and on work days it can take almost an hour to get to the hospital. I was worried about having contractions while sitting in the car, but they really didn’t feel much worse than when I was kneeling. I drank some juice in the car to get my energy up and because I was pretty thirsty. When we got to the hospital parking lot, we paid to park and DH was trying to ask the attendant about if we would have to pay for multiple days for an over night stay. I was having a contraction and I smacked him and yelled “Just park, you can find out later, it doesn’t matter!” We parked and walked in around 11:00 am-I wanted to drink another juice before we went to L&D but I asked at the front lobby if there was a restroom I could use and was told I shouldn’t use it in case they needed a urine sample. The attendant walked me straight up to L&D and into the ward so I didn’t get a chance to drink more juice before I was in their clutches . DH had to wait outside L&D until they decided if they would admit me. They hooked me up to the belt monitor and took my blood pressure. I was planning to be seen by the midwives on call and hopefully use the birthing tub, but unfortunately, my blood pressure was high and I was dumping protein into my urine (after having no issues with this the WHOLE pregnancy). Also the rooms with the tub hookup were all full. They hooked me up to an IV with some meds to bring it down but ultimately I ended up having to go to the OB side of the hospital since it didn’t come down. I was checked for the first time in my pregnancy and told I was 5-6 centimeters dilated. I said “YESSS, I didn’t come in too soon!” I was really happy about that since I had planned to labor at home as long as possible. They had me answer all the questions for the admitting paper work and then kept me in that room for about 20 minutes while they monitored me. I started getting really uncomfortable on my back and sat up after a while. That made one of the nurses come back in since it messed up their monitoring. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom and she said they needed me to lie down. I was like “so should I just pee on the table here?” and she said “no, just let us get a good reading during a contraction to make sure the baby is ok then I will let you go.” I was like “baby is fine, its just your monitors”, but I laid down through another contraction so they could get the reading they needed, then she let me go. I didn’t actually have to pee and I didn’t try too hard to have a BM since I figured at that point there was nothing left and I might be actually feeling an urge to push and didn’t want to make my cervix swell. I sat on the toilet for around 4 contractions or so just so I could labor in that position without them bugging me. While I was in there I saw I had started having bloody show. I could hear DH talking to a nurse outside the door, they had let him in since I was going to be admitted.-I was hoping I could wait until the nurse left to come out of the bathroom and sneak a juice from him since he had our snacks, but she didn’t leave and I finally had to come out. They told me they were taking me over to the OB side since my pressure hadn’t come back down and I would have to use the belt monitor. I wasn’t too happy about that, but I didn’t argue at that point because I was still able to deal with the contractions while on my back so I figured I wouldn’t make an issue of it unless it became too hard to handle them lying down. They put me in a wheel chair and took me to the delivery room. I told them I didn’t want a male dr. to deliver me, I wanted a female dr. or a midwife under a doctor’s supervision. I think this caused some issues for them since most or all of the OBs on call were male, but they found someone because all of the people who worked on me were female. When I got there, I stayed sitting on the bed for around 3-4 contractions. The nurse, Taylor, was very patient with me. Some other nurses or residents came in and she said something like “She doesn’t want a lot of interventions, but we need to get her lying down and on the monitor or she’s going to have every doctor in the place in here thinking something is wrong.” So I lay down and let them put the monitor on. Taylor offered to break my water and I told her “no, I’ve heard that makes your contractions harder”. She told me if she did she could put on an internal monitor on the baby so I could get up and move around in labor like I wanted. I was like, “no, I don’t want internal monitoring; I will deal with the contractions on my back”. Someone also offered me an epidural and I said No! and one of the other nurses/residents said “she is doing a natural birth and she is handling the contractions just fine”. After that no one offered me anything else. I continued to labor on my back and would squeeze DH’s hand during the contractions. It felt like the contractions were further apart than they had been at home, but when I asked, I was told they were coming 2 minutes apart. They still were about the same strength as when I was having them at 4 minutes apart and they felt like menstrual cramps from hell but they were not at all bad enough that I would have wanted an epidural, I had no problem taking the pain. The nurse left the room a couple of times and I made DH sneak me juice to drink when she did since they weren’t letting me have anything but ice chips. That was some good juice! I kept feeling like I had to have a BM and I asked the nurse to check me again because I wanted to know how close I was. She said that I wasn’t ready to push quite yet and checking would just cause unnecessary discomfort. I labored for what I remember as 1 or 2 more contractions but may have been longer since my sense of time was totally messed up at this point, then I told her that I felt like I had to push because I really wanted her to check how close I was. I didn’t feel like the urge was uncontrollable and I didn’t ever hit transition, at least not as its described in what you read. I just wanted to be close to the end. She checked and told me I was complete with a bit of a lip that she thought she could push out of the way so she had me push with the next contraction. I did not like pushing, a lot of women said it felt better to push than not to push or it was a relief after contractions-to me it was a lot harder work than I had anticipated and I actually preferred the passiveness of just letting the pain of contractions roll over me to the effort of pushing. I started pushing around 12:15 p.m. and my parents were still not at the hospital-they had called again a while earlier and were about 30 minutes away when they called. At some point while I was pushing, my mom came into the room and rushed over to me. She was like “your almost done, honey, you’re doing great!” and looked like she was more frazzled than I was! I said “this is HARD!” and she was like “I know, it IS hard!” She was also stressing because there was a miscommunication about how many people were in the room with me and they had not let my dad in and he had the camera to take pictures. She kept trying to go find someone to call down and get him in and Taylor kept telling her, “Grandma, your daughter needs you to hold her legs and help her NOW!” Someone did get the message down there because my dad came into the room a few minutes later. Taylor told me that I was doing 1 good push and 2 bad pushes with each contraction so I stepped it up and pushed super hard with each push which felt awful-it was like having the biggest bowel movement of my life-I don’t think painful is quite the word, it was more like the awful feeling when you throw up or have diarrhea cramps- a really strong, yucky expulsion feeling. With one big push I felt liquid and thought my water had broken, but apparently it was just me peeing myself Then with another big push, I felt more water and that time it was my water breaking-I think it was very close to the push when she came out. I couldn’t feel how close she was to being born but they must have told me as she started to come out because I was pushing with my eyes closed, but I opened them as she came out and saw her come out and the dr. catching her and lifting her up-she was bloody and slimy and pink. She was born at 1:00 pm on 10-10-10, around 2 hours after I arrived at the hospital and weighed 5lbs 11 0z and was 19 1/2 inches long. My mom said “Oh honey she’s beautiful!” They didn’t put her on my chest right away which I was disappointed about. I saw my husband cut the cord and they took her to the side and started cleaning her up. I didn’t hear her cry right away and I kept asking if she was ok and why I didn’t hear her crying. My mom kept reassuring me that she was fine. The dr. and nurses were massaging my belly to get me to deliver the placenta. I kept asking why I couldn’t hold her and have her breastfeed to help deliver it. It felt like they were massaging me forever-they did finally let me hold the baby for a few minutes then I handed her to my husband. At some point I pushed out the placenta and they checked me for tearing. I had 3rd degree tearing and had torn my sphincter. I told them to please give me a shot to numb the area before they started stitching me up. There were 3 women working on my to repair me and it felt like all six of their hands plus a truck were being shoved up both openings-the feeling was the same as when the baby was crowning which was awful-the numbing didn’t do anything and I made more noise during this than during all of labor and delivery. They kept offering me an epidural which I still kept refusing, I told them to ignore all the noises I was making and just keep working because I was fine. They were triggering my push muscles whenever the tried to stitch me so after a while they gave me something, Demerol I think, to make my muscles relax-they said it would make me sleepy. NOT! Whatever they were doing was painful enough that all that the drug did was make me kind of stupid (er ) Finally after around an hour of trying unsuccessfully to sew me, they said that they HAD to take me to OR and either give me an epidural or general anesthesia to do the repairs properly. I was kind of stupid from the demerol and at first told them to give me anesthesia because I didn’t want an epidural (can you tell I REALLY didn’t want the epidural ), but they told me parents that it would be a lot better and I would recover faster if I had the epidural. When my parents tried to reason with me, it did sink in that the epidural was the lesser of the two evils, so I finally agreed to it. Before they took me to OR they also told me they had to take the baby to the nursery while I was in OR. I said I wanted DH to stay with her in the nursery the whole time and they told me he couldn’t go in the nursery with her because it was against hospital policy. I was like “I don’t care, that doesn’t make any sense, it’s a stupid policy” I told him to at least stand outside the glass and watch her the whole time and I repeated that I didn’t want her to get any formula or pacifiers. And I found out afterward that it wasn’t actually the policy and they DID let both my mom and my DH wait in the nursery the whole time so I don’t know why the nurse who said that thought that they couldn’t? After that, it was off to OR for the epidural- I remember thinking while they gave it to me that at least I didn’t have to worry about holding absolutely still during contractions so they probably wouldn’t miss! Once I had the epidural, the demoral worked and I was out like a light for whatever they did in OR. When I woke up, they told me they had successfully fixed me up and my DH would be able to come in the room shortly. He came in and told me he had been with the baby in the nursery which I was happy about. Once the epidural wore off, they took me to my room and I waited for them to bring the baby to me. There was a delay in communication and it took about a half hour for them to bring her-I finally got her around 6 pm My mom told me later that at around 5:30 pm the nurse in the nursery had told her it was policy to give infants formula after 4 hours and since it had been 4 ½ already they wanted to feed her. My mom told her I was already back in my room and could they please wait a little longer. My husband had gone back to the nursery and confirmed that he had just come from my room and I was in fact in there. Since Isabelle wasn’t showing any signs of distress they agreed to wait. So when they finally brought her to me, I was able to breastfeed her and she latched on right away and nursed great which was the absolute BEST feeling in the whole world! I was feeling pretty sore as the epidural wore off, but when she nursed I got a hormone high that took away all the pain while she was nursing. We were in the hospital until 9 pm Tuesday night-we were supposed to be discharged around noon but the dr. on call apparently couldn’t find time to put in my discharge in the computer? So that was frustrating, but the nurses were all super nice and helpful and overall I didn’t mind being in the hospital as much as I thought I would-I actually was kind of glad to have the help and advice from the nurses during that initial period.

    Now that we are home, Isabelle is doing great. Breastfeeding has continued to go very smoothly which I am thrilled about and I am feeling much less sore as each day goes by. While I didn’t get to do as natural a birth as I had wanted, I feel like the interventions did not interfere with my bonding or establishing a good breastfeeding relationship and I am proud of myself for being able to labor and deliver without any pain meds even though I didn’t get to deliver with the midwives.

    Pics of Isabelle:

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    Natalie Hazel S
    7lb .6oz
    21.5in (hospital) or 20.5in(pedia)
    Oct 23. 2010 4.22am

    It all started the after my Thursday appt. I went in and was 1-2 cm and 70% effaced. She stripped my membranes and was a little crampy but pretty much stopped once I got home. I was kinda disappointed Friday morning because I had like zero contractions Thursday night. I was still getting lots of plug/blood mixture since the stripping so I figured it would happen sometime over the weekend.

    Friday I went on with my day, but I just felt weird physically. We went for a walk at the mall, and then I walked to pick up my dd from school. This was the day dh pissed me off, so I was glad he wasnt at the house at night. He was doing a side job for a friend. When he got home it was around 8pm. By that time I did notice that contractions were there but maybe like every 30-40 minutes since around 7ish. We put the kids to be and around 9 I noticed they were like every 15 minutes and they def. were more noticable. I was still mad at dh and just not feeling good, so around 10:15pm I decided to go to bed. Then at 10:30 I was trying to time them. They were about 10 minutes at that time, so I decided I should call my sister. She is a birth giving pro, so I figured she would know if this was for real. Through my contraxtions and over an hour of talking to her she def. could tell it was for real, because they were more painful that I kept saying ouch, ouch, oh ouch.. lol I told dh he should call his parents and tell them to keep the phone by their ear just incase but dh mom said she would just come now.

    So at 11:15pm I was trying to decide if I should call in or not since they told me to call when they get down to every 5 minutes. I decided that I would take a shower, and see what happens. Well I took a shower and had about 3-4 cxt. I got out and noticed I wasnt in there for long maybe like 15 minutes. So I stood there and watched the clock. There were about 2/3 min, then there was one that was 6 min. So I decided to call. They said to go to L&D. So we headed out. My sister called me on my cell with my bff on the line too, and I told her to time them. The ride took about 40 minutes and they were staying in between 2 and 3 minutes apart.

    We got to the hospital at 12:30pm. I checked in, and they came in and checked me. They said I was a 3 and 80% effaced. I was bummed out.. They said they might send me home, and I was like um I dont think so because I was def. in pain!! So I said I was going to walk for an hour and they would check me again. After I started walking was when extreme pain hit. I noticed that every round we took I would have a cxt. so it was basically every minute I would have one. They hurt so bad I would have to kneel on the ground, and just do my little random outburst of cusswords/mixed with my own madeup language.. Homemade hippno talkin! (Yes labor hurts that bad you will say just about anything)

    Around 2:40 ish they came and got me to get checked again. I was a 6. They said oh yeah your in labor!! No kidding!! So thats when things started to get fast.. A bunch of people came in and brought stuff. They drew my blood and I mentioned to them I was GBS positive. They asked if I wanted an epideral because this was prime oppurtunity. I couldnt decide! But 2 cxt later I said please. They told me it would take a little bit because they had to wait for my labs to get back before I could have the epideral, so she started the antibiotic IV and and regular one. So from about 3-345am, I lost control. The pain was so extreme, I could not lay down, I had to sit up through every contraction and cuss/pant through everyone. I kept telling the nurse I was going to die!!! Finally around 3:45am, the epi guy came in and started his work. I had two cxt during the process and freaked out because they wouldnt let me move and I had to hold my stomach, it was the only way I could get through it so instead I bit my pillow and grabbed my nurses scrubs and sqeeezed so hard..

    They should rename epideral to something like the only shot youll ever love!.. Once he got it working, I felt something that didnt feel right down south. I think it was a little bit of water breaking or the baby head moving but it hurt. I laid back, and then my water really broke. They called the ob resident in to check me and I was a 9cm, station 2? They said my ob was almost to the hospital. I could feel the cxt but it was not in my stomach anymore, it was the pressure that they talk about and it did hurt. Im thankful that I couldnt feel everything or I would still of been in my little zone of cusswords and whatnots..

    Finally my ob arrived and they told me what to do. My ob was so extremely nice. He just talked to me in this really soft tone, and was very encouraging. lol.. I started to push but the cxt def. slowed down. Through the pushing I could feel pain along with like stretching. They said I was a really good pusher and probably after about 10 mins, they gave me a very tiny bit of pitocin to pick the cxt up again. They told dh to come look and he saw her head. He had a huge smile and was like, that is cool! Than I did another 10 mins, but I felt like I couldnt push as hard because the top part of my goods just felt like they were going to rip. I told them that and they cut me. The next push and Natalie was freeee at 4:22am!!! They laid her on me, and I just saw dark brown hair and she was trying to cry but I could tell she was gargling. I told them nurse she cant breathe.. My dh cut the cord and they took her over and suctioned her. They had to stitch me up and deliver the placenta.. That felt very weird also. My ob and nurse made me feel so great afterwards. They told me that I did a great job and I should be very proud of myself..

    After, I got to hold her! It was awesome! About a month ago, dh was looking through the baby book and saw Natalie. He said it and I said oh I love it. But I said well lets keep it on our list and see what she looks like.. After seeing her she def. looks like a Natalie more than a Tiffany, plus the resident was Russian! Natalie sounds Russianish a little..
    Dh and I were so tired that when the nurse took her to do all the stuff and give her a bath we both feel asleep. At 7am, they came in and took me to my room which was on a different floor. I told dh to go home, and sleep and come back with the kids. At 9:30 they came in and took Natalie again and I took a nap, ate, and took a shower. Recovery from a vaginal birth is awesome compared to a c/s.. I can get up and down with no problems, move faster, bend over and pretty much do all the regular things but without as much force.. No lifting of course but way way better.. I def. think that going to through labor as hard and fast as I did that labor hurts 10 times worse than a recovery from a c/s, but when involving the tramatics/anxieties/healing pains with a c/s I would do a VBAC again.

    The first night was okay at home. She is a great sleeper and eater, but doesnt like to be in the PnP. She will figit and figit until I pick her up and then Bam she zonked out. I think she is going to be like Greg and need to sleep next to me. Im going to try to get it under control before it gets out of control, but for the time being and until Im healed I probably will co-sleep.. Nursing is going great and I already got my milk supply so it has been easier since we came home.. Ds and DD are doing good. Dd is all over her, and can annoy me a bit and ds doesnt even act like shes here..

    Oh and I think Daddy Greg was a little tramatized by the whole birth experience.. He was oh so super quiet during labor (which Im thankful for) but almost way to quiet.. I think he was scared!! LOL! Im really glad he didnt touch me during contractions too. It probably would of been bad for him.. hehe Oh and my dumb butt left my camera card in our computer, so we have like 10 pictures that I cant get off my camera or are deleted now. I was so upset but nothing I can do about it now. Im going to try to find my cord to see if that will download them off but if not Ill just have to try to keep it in my memories..

    Other than that Im def. 100% happy I got my VBAC.. Something Ive wondered about and wanted since I had my first c/s. I def. would incourage more women to think about it and try to give more strengh to..
    Mom of 3 beautiful babes!
    1 mth 6mth, 11mth

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    Odin Emmett (Polish Last Name Here)
    October 18th, 2010 2:15pm
    9lbs 2oz
    Labor was 40(ish) hours

    Thought I might be going into labor before the weekend started. Some random contractions here and there but more because I was so focused on getting everything in order. Drinks chilled in the fridge for MW and assistant, olive oil and cookie sheet upstairs in birth area, ect. That was Friday night Oct. 15, also went to go see a movie by myself that night. Had some reg. contractions throughout the movie but didn’t really pay attention to them.
    40 week belly, during labor

    Saturday I went to a baby consignment event and got a ton of great things for only $30. Again, really needed to get out of the house by myself and get a few last minute things. Was having contractions all day here and there. Some of the consistent ones were 10-15min apart but again I didn’t really think much of it. Met DH and DS on my way home to get some last minute things at Costco and Lowes and ate Hawaiian BBQ for lunch, yum! We didn’t get home until about 3pm but I was still able to get in a nice 2 hour nap. After naps felt like DH and I needed to do something special with Ryland so we took him to see a movie (something with owls). We never let him watch TV or anything so he was beyond thrilled. Contractions were about 10 min. apart during the movie but I was still thinking nothing of it. Too bad popcorn and apple juice was my dinner that night since I was still full from lunch…lol. We went to bed about 10pm and I just could not settle down, contractions kept coming. I let DH pass out and tried to use my hypnobabies tracks to fall asleep. After about 2 tracks I realized it wasn’t going to happen. Got up and swept the downstairs as well as scrubbed out the kitchen sink, thank you OCD! Still couldn’t sleep and I knew contractions were coming closer so I started timing them for real about midnight. They went were a lot closer than I gave them credit for at about 5 min. apart. That’s when I knew this might be for real. By 4am I woke up DH to let him know that this was probably going to be it. Normally he gets up for work at that time so he got a full night sleep, gosh I wish I had been able to also. By 4am contractions were 2-3min. apart so we waited 30min and then called the MW. I felt so bad calling early like that but this was like the first time I’d been in labor so I didn’t know how fast/slow things would go and 2-3min apart lasting 1min each seemed like more than adequate. I knew they would have a 1-1.5 hour drive to get here so I didn’t want to chance it. MW’s arrived by 6pm and there was no denying that I was in active labor. Should point out that my MW was still out of town so we had her back up whom I ended up loving even more! We have a lot in common and even homeschool(ed) our child(ren) using the same type of curriculum. The MW in training that I usually see was there as well, a familiar face.
    I had made it clear that I didn’t want to be checked (didn’t want to be disappointed by lack of progress like DS1’s birth) so I don’t really have too many times and cm dilated to go on. I asked them to take notes in case I wanted to know later so that’s all I have to go on. I labored upstairs in our large walk-in bathroom and master bedroom. In the beginning I liked being on all 4’s using the birth ball for support. I was totally able to relax through things using all my hypnobabies techniques. Also moved around to sit on the birth ball with my head on the bathroom vanity, another nice position at times. I pretty much did most of the laboring Saturday morning/afternoon alone while relaxing into various positions. I will say that it was active labor the entire time MW’s were there and I had to vocalize through it using deep O tones. DH took care of Ryland downstairs while making sure all the ladies upstairs had everything needed and the MW’s monitored and hung out in the den right outside our master bedroom. Sometime around 4pm I decided that I wanted MW’s to check me but not tell me the progress. I was getting kind of tired at this point and I think that I just wanted the option of knowing that something was happening even though I didn’t really want numbers. They did their check and then told me that they were going to go out and explore town for an hour while I relaxed. That didn’t discourage me but it did signal to me that I had some time to go and that I need to pace myself. (Turns out I was a 5! Already 1-2cm more than I’d ever gone before!)I relaxed in the shower for a while and continued with my birth ball positions. When they got back MW gave me some homeopathic stuff that picked up strength of the contractions. I got in the bath for a while and that felt really nice. This continued on for hours. I worked that birth ball really hard I think because I have something similar to rug burn on my chin and left cheek, ouch!

    Wally put Ryland to bed around 8pm and I was getting pretty burnt out. I asked to be checked again. Things had been so active in labor and intense during this whole time that I figured stuff must be happening. The MW was great at describing how things felt without telling me a #. (I was a 6 with bulging bag at this point) After phone conferencing with my reg. MW she made the suggestion that she could break my water if I wanted to see if things progressed more. LO was still really high and that bag of water was keeping him from putting too much pressure on my cervix. I was getting so tired at this point and it was nearing 24 hours of labor, and eternity since I slept last. We weighed our options for about 3 hours and decided to have her break the bag. Nice clear liquid, man it was a little painful though, and contractions went from intense to very very intense and longer. It was at this point that it was getting harder for me stay balanced through them and exhaustion was taking its toll. More hours went on and I wanted another check because I really could take it much more. I also told her to tell me the number and all. I was a 7 and the baby had engaged and was descending (can’t remember station) but more progress in those few hours than a good portion of the day. Encouraging so I struggled through a few more hours determined to do it. I hit a wall about some point and nothing worked, ball, bath, moving, lying, ect. We all had sat for an hour or so in some random position while taking turns putting massive pressure on my lower back, the only things that made the end of each contraction bearable. Everyone was exhausted. I finally had enough and at 3pm, after much thought and heartache, I made the choice to transfer to a VBAC friendly hospital 30min. away. I knew that I wanted to have a natural birth so bad, but there is a time a place for everything, and this was the time for some rest if I was going to get my VBAC and I knew an epidural would help with that.

    We got to the hospital by 4am and it took 1.5 flipping hours to get that epidural. They had to run a blood panel that I didn’t have since I hadn’t seem an OB and required I have a bag of fluid before getting the epi. I was ok playing by the rules for that as long as I got that rest. The bag of fluid was evil and made the contractions 1000 xs stronger and longer while I waited for my blood panel. Seriously, I think they wanted to muzzle me because I was so darn loud and vocal, beyond the point of being able to manage my own pain. I felt out of control. Turns out baby had turned posterior at some point during labor so things kicked up a notch on the pain scale. Nurse also noticed some merconium in the fluid I had, something that had not been present when my water was broken. Once I got the epidural it was like night and day. I passed out a few minutes later and got about 4 hours sleep despite being poked around at by the nurses. Wally and our MW got some much needed sleep as well. The MW student was such a blessing and stayed at our house with Ryland so we didn’t have to wake him or find someone to care for him. During sleep baby descended and I went from a 7 to a loose 9. By 10am I was complete and got a coached lesson in pushing from the MW and nurse. That 1st hour was just a practice to see what would happen. The 3 hours following were in earnest. I got on hands and knees for 1 hour but my back hurt so bad that I could bear it. The last 2 hours I was in some odd side position that had me on 1 leg and 1 foot for better traction. The back labor was so painful and intense that this was the only was bearable position. At the very end I ended up on my back somehow even though all I could think about was getting on my hands and knees. I kept my eyes closed for most of the pushing as it helped me focus more. Wally and the MW’s were right there alongside me holding parts of me and helping find where to push. I had the epidural turned off during all the pushing but it took a while for things to be not so numb. My husband was the best because he supported my head and one leg and used all this strength to push right along with me. I don’t even know how to express how much that helped me feel powerful; I knew he would stand in my shoes if he could have at that moment and take all the pain and exhaustion away.

    The last 30 min. were probably the most intense though my memory of them is foggy since I was so inside myself with eyes closed. The doctor did a scan and discovered baby was posterior. There was some internal maneuvering around even though baby was turning nicely on his own. I was given a numbing agent on my lady parts and heard talk of cutting though I’m pretty sure I growled out ‘let me rip’. Baby crowned for a long time. Contractions were very close but they were patterned one big one small and I pushed mainly on the big ones while resting on the small ones. I remember commenting, “this is the worst poop ever”…lol. Nice. Then, finally his head was out and soon panic hit the room. I remember opening my eyes for a second to see why everyone was so crazy and realized my room of 5 people had turned into a room of 30 some people so I closed my eyes again and retreated back in. After the head the rest of the body seems like it was stuck and wouldn’t deliver. The doctor must have thought that the cord was holding him back (looped around his shoulders but not tight) and tried to get it over his head with no luck. So he cut it. It took 4 more minutes for the Odin’s shoulders to come out and then the rest of his body. The doctor was pulling. Seemed like 4 nurses pushing and pounding on my stomach and pelvis, someone was even on the bed pushing on me. Two people on either side were ripping my legs apart in what felt like the splits. People were yelling at me to push, and I was pushing with everything I had, but there wasn’t a contraction and it was like pushing with no force. Once that contraction hit though he was out despite all the crazy stuff they were doing to me. For some reason they slid him on my chest for a split second, just long enough for me to feel his warmth. And then they took him away without a cry and without life in him. I remember that I kept talking to him even though I could barely see what was going on with the crowd of doctors and nurses around him. He had a heart beat but wasn’t breathing and had been delivered 4 minutes after his cord was cut. They had a bag they were using to get him to breathe and kept shoving tubes down his throat to suck out merconium that wasn’t there. He was just laying there and not moving. His apagars during the time in my room were 2, then 4, and finally 6 before they took him off to the NICU. I got to hear 2 tiny cries and touch his head as they took him away.

    1-2 hours old

    I didn’t even know they delivered my placenta and the doctor was very gentle stitching up my 2nd degree tear. Hurt worse when they pushed on and massaged my uterus. Gauze was missing from the clean up count so I had to have an x-ray right after to make sure it wasn’t left inside me. Ack, luckily all clear though they never did find that gauze pad. I thought that I would feel amazing and high after having my VBAC, but honestly I felt really numb after and couldn’t processes any emotion. I was so drained. I had 2 visits from the head of the NICU while still in my labor room and getting cleaned up. The first visit was to let me know about the concern over lack of oxygen for so long and worry of infection, his temp was currently 104. The second visit was to encourage me to let them transfer him to the Intensive Care Nursery at a medical center over 2 hours away for immediate treatment. Wally had gone to get Ryland at this point so I signed the release on my own and filled him in over the phone.

    The nurse wheeled me to my post-par. Room, which was going to be shared with another mommy just coming from her c/s. I wasn’t thrilled about sharing a room. The nurse had to use a catheter on me since my bladder was preventing my uterus from going down and seriously took out more pee than I think your body should ever hold. A few minutes later I had people come in to have me sign papers for Odin’s transfer by helicopter. I was then taken to the NICU to have Odin baptized before his flight and see him up close for the 1st time. Poor guy was hooked up to all sorts of stuff and all I could do was hold his little hand. UCSF team came very soon after (they had to get him hooked up to his treatment with the 1st 6 hours of life) had me sign more papers, put him in a travel incubator thing, and off they went. Wally and Ryland got there just as they were loading up so Ryland got to see the baby for 2 min. and Wally got to say good-bye. It was heartbreaking. We went back to my room to find that they had changed my room to a private room. The nurse had found me a pump and stocked my room with loads of juice, snacks, and extra pillows. Wally and Ryland went home later that night to sleep and I finally got some much needed rest. I was so thankful for that private room because the hormones hit finally and I lost it listening to other babies crying down the hall. I can’t imagine how it would have felt rooming in with another mommy and her baby. I just remember feeling that is was so unfair and that I was the only new mom there without a baby. I got discharged at 2pm the next day, even though they suggested I stay another day, and we drove the 2+ hours to be with Odin that evening.

    Last week I spent a lot of time 2nd guessing my choice for a VBAC. Would all this have been prevented if I had just had another c/s? Had wanting this so bad been totally selfish and actually ended up hurting the baby? This week I’ve come to terms a little better since things have calmed down. I am happy that I got my VBAC. My body knew what to do and did it. I gave birth to a 9lb baby on my own and proved all the doctors who told me I was too small for anything over 5-6lbs wrong! I’m still really scared of getting pregnant again though and beyond scared of birth itself (vag. Or c/s) at this point it time. We really wanted to plan for baby #2 and #3 close together but I may need a lot more time to heal before we go there. Wally is a mess too. Not only from all the emotional stuff we have just been through, and the fear of giving birth to another baby, but also the financial impact of this whole ordeal has his on edge. The cost alone of all the NICU stay’s, and life flight, will probably be more than our house is worth even after insurance picks up their end. And the $4500 home birth we payed for out of pocket won’t be reimbursed now. I think he has the weight of the world on his shoulders right now and I feel for him.


    Last week we stayed the entire time in the NICU with Odin. It was a hard week and took a toll on my body. He had various treatments including a cooling blanket (body kept at 93 degrees for 3 days), several days of morphine, MRI's, and antibodics. there was a lot of worry over his brain and such. We were able to come home Sunday night almost a week after his birth. His health looks great so far, just some nerve damage on his right side arm, and we will be following up with doctors to make sure all stays well as he grows.
    Coming home-best day ever1
    ~Joy~ DS1-8/5/05, DS2-10/18/10 (VBAC#1), DS3- 4/11/12 (VBAC#2!)

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    Default Lucas Daniel's Birth Story

    Lucas Daniel
    10/27/10 10:01 am
    6 lbs 1 oz, 19 1/2 inches

    I will start this on Mon 10/25. I woke up at 4:30 am w/ contractions which were about 10-15 min apart. I couldn't sleep and was sure this was it, so I got into the shower at 6:15 am. Well, during my shower the contractions disappeared. So I wasn't in labor after all and went to work that day and felt fine the rest of the day.

    On Tues 10/26 I had my 39 week appt. My doc checked me and said I was between 1 and 2 cm, and about 80% effaced. She asked if I wanted her to strip my membranes, and I said sure, since I was so ready to have my baby already. I didn't get past 39 wks w/ my DD, so I was surprised I was still pg at this point. So she stripped my membranes, which really hurt, and she commented that she could feel baby boy as he was really low. She said if I wanted she would induce me on Thurs, since that was the day she was on call at the hospital. (There are 6 docs at my practice, so the one that delivers you is just whoever happens to be on call that day, and you see all of them while you are pg.) I didn't really want to be induced. I still felt good, baby was doing great, and I was terrified of all the negative side effects that could happen w/ induction. So she told me to call her if I changed my mind, and I went off to work. I had maybe a few more BH contractions than usual, but other than that not much effect from having my membranes stripped.

    On Wed 10/27 I was 39 weeks and 3 days. I woke up at 3:30 am to go to the bathroom, and this is when I lost my mucus plug. I was very happy about that, but was having no contactions or anything, so I went back to bed. I woke up again at 4:30 am, this time feeling a contraction. I started timing them and they were very sporadic, but between 10 and 15 min apart. Keep in mind that this exact same thing happened at pretty much the exact same time 2 days ago, so I wasn't convinced that I was really in labor yet. Well, these contractions got intense and very painful pretty quickly. They were still very sporadic though. They would be 10 min apart, then 6 min apart, then 13 min apart, then 9 min. But I called the answering service at my OB at 6:15 am, because I was in a lot of pain. I had never felt contractions this painful w/ my DD except after they broke her water right before they gave me the epidural. So I was a little scared that my water had broken and that I just didn't notice it. But I had no fluid leaking at all and I was pretty sure I would notice at least a little something if my water had broken. I also had no bloody show. This was my biggest sign that I was in labor w/ DD, so I really expected that this time as well. Anyways, the on-call OB called me back about 6:30 am. I described how painful my contractions were. He asked how far apart they were and I when I told him, he said that they weren't regular enough, to wait until they were 5 min apart to go to L&D since I had no fluid leaking or bloody show. In the back of my head I knew better, but he was the doc, so I listened to him.

    I decided at that point to get in the shower. This is what stopped my contractions the other day, so I figured if it was false labor that would stop them, and if not at least I would feel better taking a shower. I told DH to call my mom to get my DD though, since I knew I couldn't drive her to the sitter like this, and she said she would be there around 8:00 am. I stopped timing them in the shower, but I had to get my DH to come in w/ me to help me finish b/c I was having a lot of contractions by then and again they were pretty painful. Finally I got really dizzy and knew I had to get out of the shower. I barely made it to my bed, where I had a few more contractions. I just didn't want to move around at that point b/c it hurt too bad. I knew I had to get to the hospital ASAP, it just seemed to take forever at that point b/c I was stopping to breathe/yell through contractions every few min. I finally managed to get some clothes on w/ DH's help, and my mom had picked up Lily and taken her to the sitter. As soon as I could make it to the car, which was a slow process, we left to go to the hospital. Luckily it is only a 10 min drive from my house. I called my boss on my way to the hospital to tell her I wasn't coming in to work b/c I was definitely in labor!

    When we got to the hospital it was 8:50 am. There wasn't anyone at the front entrance, so DH went and got me a wheelchair and we went directly up to L&D. I told the lady at the desk there that I was having a lot of painful contractions. She wanted to send me back down to registration! I said please, was there any way my DH could do that b/c I was in a lot of pain! She said okay, and they put me in a triage room. It had to be at least 9:00 am by the time I got there, and it was another 10 min or so before anyone came in to look at me. I labored through at least 3 or 4 more contractions while I was waiting, and all I could think of was getting an epidural and fast! I was never in this much pain w/ my DD's labor. The nurse came in and told me to undress and put a gown on and she would check me to make sure I was going to stay. She did comment during my contractions that she was pretty sure I would stay by the sound of it! Well, she checked me and said, um yeah, you're 8 cm, you're definitely staying! She also asked if my water had broken. I said no, but she kept saying she couldn't feel my bag of waters, although said it might just be b/c baby was so low and blocking it. At this point about 3 more people rushed in to get me transfered to an actual labor, delivery, and recovery room.

    This freaked me out a bit. I knew the minute that she said 8 cm that I wouldn't have time for an epidural, even though I asked and they said they would try to hurry one through for me. I just couldn't believe that I went from feeling nothing to 8 cm so quickly. No wonder I had been in so much pain at home! I was happy to see though that 2 of my nurses were the same nurses that helped me when I had DD. And the on-call doc at that point was my favorite, even though it took them awhile to locate him! (He also happens to be the father of the same doc that told me NOT to come in at 6:30!) The other nurses asked my head nurse if she was ready to catch this baby if she had to! They kept asking if I felt like I had to push, but I told them I wasn't sure, since I couldn't feel it w/ my DD and didn't know what that felt like. I had just a few more contractions and was feeling a lot of pressure during them, so I told them that. The nurse checked and said I was pretty much complete, w/ just a little bit of a lip, and they finally found the doc then and set up everything so I could push. I'm not sure exactly what time all this was happening now, it was all happening so fast. So they set up the bed so I could push, and told me to push during the next contraction. I will say, I tried, but like I said, couldn't feel anything w/ my DD, so I had no idea what I was doing. They told me to hold my breath and bear down, but the contractions were so painful that I just wanted to breathe through them. Pushing hurt and I didn't like it! I asked if there was any other pain medicine they could give me, but they said nothing that would help at this point. I knew I was on my own! After pushing through that 1st contraction (well, trying to push, I definitely wasn't doing it right) the doc did something, and my water finally broke, at 9:57 am. I think that surprised him, since he was also commenting that he couldn't feel my bag of waters and they kept asking if I was sure my water hadn't broken. There just wasn't a lot of it apparently. This is also when I told him that natural child birth wasn't my idea and I was blaming his son who told me not to come in yet for this! That made him laugh!

    Well, I felt another contraction coming on, so I told them that. I started to push, but only really half-heartedly b/c all I wanted to do was breathe through it and have the pain go away! I had my eyes closed. Well, my head L&D nurse said "Open your eyes and look at me! You need to hold your breath and push to get this baby out!" This got my attention. I held my breath and pushed as hard as I could, and out came his head! I know now the meaning of the ring of fire!!! I was screaming I'm sure, and wondering why the rest of him wasn't just sliding out. Then it occurred to me that I had to push the rest of him out. So I pushed again as hard as I could, and he was born at 10:01 am! My DH said the doc wasn't prepared for him to come out that fast, and had turned around for a second and almost didn't catch him! Well, I was in so much pain and shock still that I wasn't super concerned about my baby yet. I know that sounds bad, but that burning feeling just wouldn't go away yet, and I was still screaming and telling my nurse that it hurt! Then the doc needed to deliver the placenta, and I just wanted it out as soon as possible. I asked if there was anything I needed to do and he said no, but I think I kept trying to push it out anyways. Well it did come out a minute or 2 later, and I finally felt much better and at that point tried to figure out what was going on w/ my baby boy.

    The doc said I had some minor tearing and needed 3 stitches. The nurses asked if I wanted some pain medicine at this point, and I said "YES!" So they gave me some Stadol, which miraculously kicked in pretty quickly, and the doc numbed me so he could stitch me up. During this, I told DH to get the camera and take pictures of our boy, b/c everything happened so quickly that we didn't even think of it earlier. He wasn't crying a lot, so I asked if everything was okay, and they said yes. His apgars were 8 and 9, and I was very surprised to hear them say he was only 6 lbs 1 oz! I had expected him to weigh at least a little more than my DD who was 6 lbs 4oz, seeing as how I had carried him a few days longer than her.

    After they cleaned him up I was able to bf him. He latched right on and nursed for about 20 min or so. Then they took him to the baby nursery to get a bath and finish all his measurements, etc. They also wanted to monitor his body temp for a bit, since my DD had problems w/ hers, but luckily he was able to maintain his body temp just fine! This was around 11:00 am, and I finally got a chance to call my family and tell them the news, who were extremely surprised to hear that I had already had the baby! Well, DH and I talked for awhile about all the names we were considering that we liked, and we both agreed on Lucas, so I was happy he finally had a name! And we gave him my DH's name Daniel as a middle name, since we weren't going to name him a 3rd like my husband really wanted. The nurses helped me get up and go to the bathroom at this point, and I have to admit that the recovery was much quicker and I felt much better afterwards without the epidural. I just don't think I would chose to do that naturally again!

    And so far everything has been going wonderfully! Luke is such a calm and easy-going baby, soooo much different from my DD. He does like to be held all the time and nursed frequently, but I am just enjoying it this time b/c I know that this doesn't last long, and most likely I won't have any more babies. The hardest part has been trying to change his diapers, it's a lot different w/ a boy! I've already been peed on more times than I can count. LOL, but I'm getting better. And it's easier now that his cord has fallen off and his circumcision is healing. He was slightly jaundiced in the hospital, but we took him to the ped yesterday who said that his bilirubin levels look good now, and he must be a good nurser b/c he has been great at gaining weight! Of course here's a few pics of my sweetie.

    With Mommy

    Our family (not a great pic, but oh well)

    My sweetheart:

    In his going home/Halloween outfit:

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    Hey ladies

    I actually have a few seconds so hopefully I can finish this up quickly!!

    Simon Alexander born October 9th at 233pm. Weighing 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long.

    Was induced Friday October 8th d/t high blood pressure. Had the catheter dilation the Wednesday which got me to 2 cm. Started the pitocin drip at 1pm. Waited and waited and waited. I started having tightenings after a couple of hours but nothing painful. Being induced sucked because I had to be on the monitor pretty much constantly and couldnt get up except to pee.

    OB came at around 5pm, I was about 3 cm so she broke my water to get things "moving". Move they did not. I started finally having "painful" contractions around 10pm. My contractions were still off, lasting only 30 seconds but often only 1 min apart. They started getting pretty painful but what was worse was the back labour I was having as DS was faceup. I broke down and got the epidural around midnight due to the back pain. The contractions although painful were bareable but the back labour was not. I was still maybe only 4 cm at this time. The nurse was telling me I had a lazy uterus.

    The epidural unfortunately did not help the back labour (although my legs were very numb and I could not really feel the contractions anymore). My labour progressed slowly all night. By 7am I was about 7cm. At this point I started getting very bad pains in my right hip that were pretty much constant. The nurse topped up my epidural a couple of times with a anesthetic which did nothing but make my legs more numb and cause me to puke everywhere. I was waiting for them to say a csection at this point as the labour had gone on so long and my DS was starting to show signs of distress. I could only lie on my back because any other position caused his heart rate to drop in the 90s. The OB came and attached the internal monitoring to him as we kept losing his heart rate due to his position.

    I stayed at 9cm from 11am to around 2pm at which time I finally fully dilated. The OB reached inside me and turned DS facedown. That was a weird sensation. The OB told me it was time to start pushing and that it would probably be hard and I might need forceps I was very swollen from the long labour. She left and the nurse and my DH coached me.

    Apparently I am good at pushing because after a couple of pushes the nurse told me to stop and had to call the OB. Of course she was in another labour so now I had to fight the urge to push and wait. They called a Peditrician and the NICU team as well since my DS continued to have some distress with contractions.

    The OB finally got there and I pushed him out in like 3 contractions to everyone's surprise. I did end up with an internal tear (on my own) and an episitomy due to swelling.

    Simon Alexander was born at 233pm and cried right away! I was soooooo happy as I was worried about his distress. He got to stay with us and his apgars were 9 and 9. His poor little left arm was limp when he was born due to brachial plexus (birth injury do to stretching of the nerves). We are not sure if the injury was due to being turned over inside me or if that "hip pain" was his shoulder stuck there. Either way he's much better now with almost no long term effects. He has a little less strength in that side but can move it fine. We are going to physio with him for it.

    The OB had to manually take my placenta out as I stopped contracting after he was born. They were worried about me bleeding afterwards but I ended up being fine.

    Not my ideal birth but I'm just happy he is healthy and that it was vaginal. If we ever have anymore children I WILL NOT be induced. I dont think my body was ready for it and that is why it took so long.

    Here's my little man!!!

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    Default Landon's Birth Story

    This is my birth story....from what I remember. I need to check details with DH, my mom, & sister who were there with me & probably remember things better than I do!!!

    Landon Michael was born on Friday, 10/29/10 at 347 pm (40 weeks 4 days gestation) via a drug free VBAC!

    Wednesday I was in for my 40 week appt where I was 2 cm dilated & 80% effaced (up from 1 cm & 50% previously - which I was at since 32 weeks) My MidWife "lifted" cervix to irritate it while she checked me.
    On Thursday, 10/28 at 4 am I noticed that my contractions were more uncomfortable than usual and reached into my back. When I would get them, I would practice my hypnobirthing breathing, even though it wasn't really necessary at that point, but it was good practice & it did help the discomfort . It was the pain that I would get in my back that was most uncomfortable. Sometimes they would be 10 min apart, but they were very irregular so I continued about my day as usual. I was able sleep that night, but every time I woke up, I did notice that I was having a contraction. I told myself that if the contractions continued, even irregularly, I would call my MidWife Friday morning to see if I could be checked at the office, just in case this continued over the weekend, to save myself a trip to L&D.
    I woke up around 6 am Friday morning and the contractions were every 10 minutes, regularly. I was suppose to work at 8 am & knew that whether this was the real deal or not, I wasn't going to be able work because I was needing to breathe through the contractions more. I called work to tell them I wouldn't be coming in. I drove in to the clinic, hoping to be seen shortly after they opened at 8:00. DH dropped DD off at daycare & had to be to work at 8:30. It maybe wasn't the smartest move to drive myself in...the contractions were more like 8 min apart & breathing through them on my drive in (about 30 minutes). As I arrived at 8:00, I called the clinic to tell them the situation & see if I could be checked. They said usually they recommend waiting til ctx are 5 min apart, which I knew, but my back was so uncomfortable, I just needed to know if I was making any progress or not. All I could think about was getting in the tub in L&D!!
    So I went in, she checked me around 9am & I was 3-4cm dilated & 100% effaced! My MW recommended not going to L&D yet as I would "lose control" over the whole process (have to stay in bed, etc) & recommended I go home. I knew I wasn't going to drive another 30 minutes home! So I went to Starbucks, got a 1/2 caff mocha & breakfast sandwich and went back to my car. I updated DH, called my mom who had just over a 1 hr drive to get to me, also called my brother & daycare provider to make arrangements for DD. A friend who lived near the hospital offered that I could labor at her house for a while if I wanted to. I was going to take her up on the offer until I noticed that my contractions were about 4 minutes apart around 10:30. So I headed back to the clinic & my MW checked me again. I was now 5-6 cm dilated, so she said to head over to L&D!
    Last belly picture...checking into L&D & trying to smile through a contraction

    It was around noon when I got to my L&D room. First thing they did was start my IV & draw some blood...after four tries!
    Listening to my hypnobirthing tracks

    Since I was having a VBAC, I had to be monitored continuously, but thankfully they have portable monitors that are able to go in the tub too! So I hopped in the tub. I listened to my hypnobirthing CD's & just relaxed in the tub. The tub felt really good. If it weren't for my back, I really wasn't having that much discomfort, I didn't feel much in my stomach. I have a chronic area in my lower back that bothers me, which is right where I was feeling everything.
    Enjoying the tub..

    I sat in there til around 2pm, and then my MW said lets check me. I only progressed to 7cm in those 2 hours in the tub, so she broke my water. From there things totally intensified & I feel like I lost control. We didn't get my hypnobirthing CD moved from the bathroom to the birthing room, and my contractions intensified immensely after my water was broke. It wasn't long....30 minutes maybe and I was complete & ready to start pushing. This went nothing like I had anticipated from my hypnobirthing training...no gentle breathing the baby down, etc. I was out of control screaming & pushing and really wishing I had opted for an epidural!!!!! My throat was sore the next day!
    Total, I think the MW said I pushed for about an hour & 15 minutes or so? They ended up placing an internal monitor on baby to better track his heart rate. They also brought a large mirror for me so I could see baby's head, hoping it would motivate me, but when I looked & could barely see the head, it actually frustrated me more. Things were so intense, all I could think was I need this baby OUT! Towards the end, I knew something wasn't quite right because the midwife was telling me to try to relax when I was pushing (how do you do that??) because baby wasn't liking it the way I was doing it. Then she said she needed to do an episiotomy to help baby get out. Obviously, not something I wanted, but I know she only does them if absolutely necessary. Then I heard her saying "If baby's not out in 2 more contractions, we need to call the NICU". After DD spending so much time in the NICU, I did NOT want that. DH was telling me not to worry. The NICU comment made me push with all my might, and baby was born. With the mirror there, I could see the cord was around his neck, which explains everything. He cried very quickly, thankfully. His apgars were 8 &9. They put baby on my chest immediately & he nursed for about the 1st hour!! In the mean time, DH was telling me that baby's HR got down to the 50's & that's when the NICU comment came. The placenta was delivered, cord cut, etc. Then the perinatologist came in to stitch me up because I had a 3rd degree tear. He said he numbed me up....but I still felt a lot....not fun!
    Just born...

    Everyone was guessing weights for our baby, no one guessed higher than 8 lbs 5 oz although many of us though before he was born that he'd probably be over 9 lbs. But he was 9 lbs 2 oz...just distributed well among his 21 inches of length I guess that he didn't look so chubby to us
    It took us a while to decide for sure on his name, but finalized it by the time I moved to my postpartum room around 6 pm.
    It's crazy to think that from the time I went to & L&D to his birth was less than 4 hours!!
    Landon lost a bit more weight than usual while in the hospital & his bilirubin level was a bit high, so we had to follow up on both of those within the next few days from going home. Both are fine now Things are going well at home. I've been very determined to get the breast feeding thing to work this time, and other than a lot of discomfort to start off, things are getting better & so far so good!!! I'm super excited for that!
    DD all in all is doing well with her little brother. She was sick the weekend when he came home, so she spent some extra time at Grandma's (and why you see her holding him while wearing a mask). She is happy to help me out most of the time. But, the three of us haven't been home alone yet, which I'm quite nervous for!! The time will come this week though!
    My recovery is going well now. I do have to say though, I think I bounced back from my C-section quicker than I did this time. It must be due to the tearing & stitches that I have...and maybe partly due to the fact that last time I wasn't recovering with a newborn & preschooler at home with me! I'm slowly feeling more comfortable though, which I'm happy for.
    Oh, and as far as his kidneys, the pediatrician said that usually the issue resolves itself by the time they're 1 month old. At that time they will do an ultrasound of his kidneys to check them out. In the mean time, he is definitely peeing adequately - all over the place as little boys tend to do!!! (Big difference from changing girl diapers!)

    I brought him in for his follow up pedi appt yesterday (1 1/2 weeks after birth). Everything went great & the pedi was very pleased with his weight....up to 9 lbs 10 oz and 22 inches long
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    ~Dawn, Mommy to a Preemie girl, born at 26 weeks, 5 days! And a Full term boy at 40 weeks 4 days!

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    Aiden Alexander’s Birth Story

    8lb, 7.9oz
    20 1/4" long
    14 1/2" head

    When I still had no signs of labor at my 41 week OB appointment, I scheduled an induction for 41 weeks, 3 days (Monday, November 1st). I arrived to the hospital at 3:30pm that day (still no signs of labor). The OB started me on cervidil at 8pm. At 10pm I started having contractions anywhere from 10-15 minutes apart. Throughout the night I walked and moved around and got contractions to be longer and closer together. At 4am they started me on pitocin. At 8am the OB broke my water. Contractions really took off from there (a minute long, 2-3 minutes apart). Since I was on pit, I had to be monitored off and on but was able to move around the room within reason. At noon on Tuesday, November 2nd I was checked to be 4cm. At that point contractions were very intense. I had been doing great until then dealing with the contractions, but that became very tough when they turned to 1 ½ minutes long (sometimes longer) with only seconds from the end of one to the start of the next. The next two hours were really rough on me as the contractions became even worse. The nurses insisted that I had to be monitored more often, so I wasn’t able to move around. DH later told me that the contractions monitor kept reading my contractions as so strong that they often went off their chart. At 2pm I asked to be checked. No progress had been made. I asked for the epidural because DH and I felt that the pit contractions were too rough for me to relax enough to let them work well. The epidural went great, but I absolutely hated it with a passion. While I welcomed the relief, I hated the loss of control over the bottom half of my body. An hour after the epi, Aiden’s heart rate dropped very low (down to the 50s at one point) for 3 minutes. It was awful. After that the pit was stopped. I still hadn’t made any progress. The pit resumed later on when the OB approved it. By 8pm that night I was told that I was having great looking contractions, but I still hadn’t progressed past 4cm and that Aiden’s head was at -1. DH and I discussed having a c-section at the OBs suggestion. By then, I wanted the whole fiasco over with. I was miserable and it appeared that Aiden was just not going to come at all. When I still hadn’t made any progress at 10pm, I was wheeled into the OR. Aiden was born at 10:23pm with scores of 8 and 9. He was 20 ¼” inches long, 8lb 7.9oz, and had a 14 ½” head. The OB said after the c/s that he didn’t think that Aiden could have ever been born naturally. I think if I had progressed, Aiden could have been born naturally but with injury to the both of us. Aiden as it was had bruises and broken blood vessels from the labor. I hate that I didn’t get the natural birth I wanted, but I am so grateful to finally have Aiden in my arms! He is absolutely perfect in every way. Once I was able to be united with him, he immediately breastfed well. A week later he is back up to birth weight and is a dream baby. I thank God every day for my healthy son.

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    I haven't done a birth story yet but someone needs to put me on the arrivals board anyway.

    Lexie Marie was born at 3:29 p.m. on 10/12/10 6 lbs. 14 oz. 19 1/2"
    Jen & Dean: 11/27/04
    M/C - 10/20/2005 and 11/22/2009
    Lindy : 11/8/06
    Lexie : 10/12/10
    Hallie: 3/6/12

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