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    charlotte rosemary was october 7th at 7.12pm
    Cat & Phil 3/7/07
    Ethan 6/4/08
    Charlotte 10/7/10

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    Well last Thursday I went to my Dr.'s appt. there had been talks for weeks about induction and the week before i was told if my blood pressure was up at the next appt I would immediately be induced. Well it was, after hovering at 140/90 for 8 weeks it went up to 160/100 so my Dr. sent us straight to the hospital for blood tests and a NST. DH and I immediately realized we were having our baby that night and felt sooo unprepared haha.

    So we go and we have to wait for the ob on call as it was a busy night but I had an IV put in and knew we were staying. We were sharing a room with another couple who was waiting as well and it turns out that DH went to school with both of them. The Dr. shows up and goes to see the other couple first because they were there before us and I heard the other girl get checked and have her cervidil put in. I remember being terrified after hearing that LOL. Then she came over and checked me and i was 75% and 1 cm dialated. She decides to put in the cervidil which was fun times but not as bad as I thought it would be.

    The plan was to have the cervidil in for 12 hours and then start the pitocin so DS was sent home because he couldn't stay the night. when he left i was feeling a little crampy but nothing huge. this was about 11pm. i got into a room with the same girl I was sharing with before. I was super tired, but found i couldn't sleep due to the cramping. I wasn't in huge pain, but it was bad enough I couldn't relax. by 3am I began buzzing the nurse. I told her it was getting worse and she offered to bring me hot blankets. I took them, but was buzzing her every 15-20 minutes or so asking for more. They helped a little bit, enough for me to deal with it. After awhile I buzzed the nurse again. By this point they were probably getting sick of me haha. I told her that i felt sick and she kind of brushed me off and told me it was the cervidil working, not contractions and that labour would be much worse. i felt like i was being a baby so i stuck with it awhile longer and i puked twice in the bathroom. i buzzed her again just to tell her that lol. I asked about removing the cervidil and she told me i would have to have the cervidil taken out and possibly reinserted if it didnt work. i didn't really want to deal with that so i said i would wait longer. soon i had to start breathing through the pain and I asked my room mate if she was feeling the same thing because i kept hearing her toss and turn. She wasn't feeling a thing!

    finally around 6am i didn't care anymore i just wanted it out and to sleep. i got in a wheelchair and was pushed down to a delivery room although i didn't relize it at the time. I remember shivering so bad as i was trying to get onto the bed. i was checked there and told i was 3cm so the nurse called DH and told him i was in labour. she offered some morphine which i immediatly took DIDN'T WORK!!!! it just made me loopy i still felt the pain. DH shows up and I told him to get me a pan NOW as I am about to puke again.i am lying there mumbling at him when my water breaks. he runs and gets a nurse who checks again 5cm. almost right away the pain gets worse and doubles i can't take it anymore. It felt like spasming in my stomach as if I had a charlie horse there. I remember talking to the nurse about an epidural and her saying something about 45 minutes and me going I WANT IT NOW!!!!! and she told me no and i wanted to stab her lol. then later she said something about gas and i said GIVE IT TO ME!!! and again she said no. because i was dopey i am not sure how the conversation went down but i was irritated that she was talking about it and not giving it to me lol. I saw someone come in and start setting up a table with tools and thought "oh thank goodness, the epidural person is here!" i felt so relieved only to find out in my delusional state it was a nurse prepping for the birth, not an anesthesiologist.

    suddenly i felt pressure like i had to poo and i had watched/read enough to know he was coming. they checked again and said i was fully dialated and i cleary remember saying out loud "oh ****!!!" LOL the contractions hurt so bad, and it was so weird that pushing felt good and made them go away. One of the nurses kept trying to get me to push on my back. She was trying to explain a position I should be in and holding my legs and such but I wasn't having any of that and I wasn't paying any attention to her. I think this irritated her and it just made Lucas' heart rate drop because I wasn't pushing properly. The Dr. had me lay on my side to push and started talking about a vaccuum/forceps because his heart rate dropped to the 40's but a contraction quickly came. i remember they were preparing to get a vaccuum ready and i screamed "ANOTHER ONE IS COMING!!" and they ran to me and i pushed as hard as i could because i didn't want a vaccuum. I felt slight burning when his little head came out but nothing too bad and he was seriously out in like 5 pushes at 7:40am. I am soooo glad that i decided to get that cervidil out and not take it anymore as they didn't plan to take it out until 9am and dh would have most likely not made it to the delivery if i had waited. Anyways they said he was so little at 5.6 because of my blood pressure. his cord is so tiny too but he is so precious
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