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    Pink Flash Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

    Due - May 18, 2009

    Pink Flash Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

    Photobucket Image Hosting

    Photobucket Image Hosting

    Photobucket Image Hosting

    Pink Flash Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

    Glitter Words
    [Glitterfy.com - *Glitter Words*]

    7 Weeks

    18 Weeks

    Pink Flash Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

    First OB - 9/5/2009
    9 Week OB Appt. - 10/16/2008
    13 Week OB Appt. - 11/14/2008
    1st 17P Shot - 16 weeks - 12/4/2008
    2nd 17P Shot - 12/12/08
    Big U/S and 18 OBweek Appt - IT'S A GIRL - 12/18/2008
    3rd 17P Shot - 12/19/08
    4th 17P Shot - 12/26/08
    5th 17P Shot - 1/02/09
    6th 17P Shot - 1/09/09
    7th 17P Shot - 1/16/09
    23 Week OB Appt. - 1/21/09

    Pink Flash Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

    Photobucket Image Hosting Photobucket Image Hosting
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    Lisa's Space

    The Family

    Positive Pregnancy Test on September 2, 2008
    EDD May 13th

    We have a heartbeat! September 29 (7w, 5d)

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    DD Gracie 9/06
    DD Hannah 5/09
    DD Sophie 4/11

    DSC_7692 by laberglund, on Flickr

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    BFP - 8/28/08

    EDD - 5/1/08

    pics to come soon
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    Proud Mommy
    Brooke - 10/02/2007
    Expecting #2 - 05/01/2009


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    Reserving My Space
    [B]Jenn 26: UMI TO JALILAH july 2006, JABRIL november 2007, JAMEELA december 2009, JAZEERA april 2011, JADA april 2012]

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    prego barb



    I am Barb....mom to Jacob (may 06) and married to Matt. We live on long island in NY.

    I tested 10 dpo and had a very very faint line
    then again 11 dpo and had a faint line
    then again 13 dpo and had a pretty noticable line...

    going to call the doc on monday to schedule an appt!

    I think my due date will be may 13-may 15

    Monday Sept 15th: Saw the nurse practitioner at my OBs office today. She confirmed the pregnancy and did an ultrasound. We saw the sack but it wwas still to early to see/hear the heartbeat...we have another U/S schedule next monday!!!

    Monday Sept 23rd: Saw the doc...he did an US....saw the heartbeat... and said mt due date is probably a little later than the 13th....all is well come back in 3 weeks

    Monday Oct 13th: Saw the doc again....another US....all is well....EDD moved to May 16th based on size...discussed morning sickness which has been brutal lately...I have been puking a ton.....working on keeping fluids down.....nuchal fold testing on Nov 3

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    D/FW *co-host of Feb 08*


    Moved my space to April #57 (due 4/26)


    Hopping between boards!
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    Jamie's Space

    My name is Jamie. I've been married to Jeff since July 9, 2005. We are both 23. We have one daughter named Mackenzie who was born on May 25, 2007.

    We had all intentions of waiting until next year to start trying to have another baby. We weren't doing any kind of preventing either. Well we went to Myrtle Beach the first week of August for our vacation and came back with a surprise I took the pg test on labor day after AF was a week late. Got a BFP right away and dark as can be! We are very excited and very surprised about this new baby!! Our EDD is May 1.

    Our daughter Mackenzie-15 months old..gonna be a Big Sister!!!!

    September 18-everything went well due date May 1.

    October 1- With a rented Doppler!

    October 15- heard heartbeat, everything great

    November 12- Checked Heartbeat, strong 161 bpm. Everything great! Scheduled Big U/S for Dec 10th!!

    November 14- Unexpected appointment. Had some spotting. Did U/S found out we are having a GIRL!!!!!! Everything looks perfect!!

    December 10- Everything is perfect..she is 100% a girl, found placenta is very close to uterine wall. Dr is going to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get too close.

    January 8- Placenta has moved! Thank goodness, Brynna's left kidney is slightly dilated. Dr is keepin an eye on it.

    February 4- Another U/S and 28 week Appt!

    Ultrasound Pics

    Introducing Miss Brynna Paige!

    Belly Pics

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    Default Baby Kneipp May 09'!!

    This is our first!!!!

    BFP 8-30-08
    EDD 5-10-08

    First OB 10-6-08
    Went great! We saw everything!
    Nov. 5th- hb 160 everything wonderful-gained 1lb.
    Nov. 19th-emergency visit from cramping, hb 160, baby growing great-braxton hicks-gained 2 lbs.
    Next Appt: Dec. 3rd with midwife- went great, got to see the LO again, but it wouldn't open its legs! Gained 2 lbs.
    BIG Ultrasound with specialist Dec. 16th-found out its a GIRL!!! and I have placenta previa Going back Jan. 19th to recheck.
    Jan. 2nd Appt. with Midwife....
    Jan. 19th Appt. with specialist to check on placenta previa...

    A little about us.....

    Chris and I met while I was in school at UD. When I finished my undergrad I moved in with him. 3 months later we moved in with his mother to care for her because she could no longer do it herself. I ended up quitting my job to stay home all day with her, and take her to her appts. every week (she had terminal brain cancer). Unfortunately, after a long, hard battle, she passed away last July 22, 07. After surviving that stress for 2 years and the heartbreak of her passing, we decided we were definitely in it for the long haul. After 4 1/2 years together, we got engaged last year 9-15-07. Just 3 weeks before our wedding, we found out I was preggo! Both of us are so excited to be expanding our family, and feel very fortunate to have had it happen so easy We were married the 20th in the best wedding we could have asked for.

    Ultrasound Pics

    Belly Pics
    16w 18w

    Gracie, we can't wait to meet you!!
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    DH Chris
    DD1 Gracie
    DD2 Emily
    Twin B

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    I can't believe after 10 months of trying, and one round of fertility drugs, and endless fertility testing, I get to reserve my own space!!!

    BFP on digital on 12DPO 9/7/08

    I'm a sucker for pregnancy tickers:

    Fuzzi Bunz at Nurtured Family
    Beta #1-HCG 60
    Beta #2-HCG 167!!!

    First ultrasound-7 weeks-September 30th

    Second US-measuring 8W1D, HB 167 BPM!

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