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Thread: ~Firecracker Siblings~ TOC***TTC***PREGNANT

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    Default ~Firecracker Siblings~ TOC***TTC***PREGNANT

    ~Thread 2~

    Thread 1 started: 2-29-08
    Replies: 741
    Views: 34,325

    We need a place to obsess! Please post here if you are thinking of conceiving, trying to conceive, or if you are pregnant! We want you to tell us about your appointments, vents, and to share in your joys. Please post pics of anything and everything...

    babyblues341 ~ Amanda ~ ?
    jessica_dillard1 ~ Jessica ~ ?
    canonesay ~ Di ~ Spring 2010
    ErinM ~ Erin ~ Fall 2010
    lulutheleo ~ Christa ~ December 2012
    AkMomma07 ~ Shauna
    jd6405 ~ Jess

    misswhoa ~ Chantel
    springsensation ~ Curli
    mommawannabe ~ Shirley
    mum#2 ~ Jami (Meagan)
    brandnewmommy ~ Crystal

    LittleMama07 ~ Heather ~ due April 24th
    eFab ~ Elise ~ due April 27th with a GIRL!

    amanduh ~ Amanda ~ due May 9th with a GIRL!
    MsJill ~ Jill ~ due May 22nd with a BOY!
    nagemf ~ Megan ~ due July 7th
    Mustanglisa ~ Lisa ~ due August 14th

    New Siblings
    Seg519 ~ Sarah ~ Ethan
    DOB: 10/1/08

    kareninnh ~ Karen ~ Peyton
    DOB: 10/31/08

    pammypoohbear ~ Pamela ~ Jammeson Drew
    DOB: 11/11/08

    Mommas159 ~ Jennifer ~ Makenna
    DOB: 12/9/08

    lcmancini ~ Lisa ~ Kilynn Cooper
    DOB: 1/22/09

    sandraleigh ~ Sandra ~ Eli Jeremy
    DOB: 2/9/09

    ashamom27 ~ Asha ~ Sebastian
    DOB: 2/14/09

    sorkat ~ Kathy ~ Knuton Riley
    DOB: 2/16/09

    baby4me0707 ~ Corri ~ Cameran Nicole
    DOB: 3/9/09

    irisheren ~ Eren ~ Brooke Allison
    DOB: 3/27/09

    SunflowerRN ~ Stephanie ~ Noah Alexander
    DOB: 4/1/09

    anns_angels ~ Andrea ~ Tylor Henry Kenneth & Alexandrea Kaylynn
    DOB: 4/6/09

    InAWhileCrocodile ~ Lindsey ~ Olive James
    DOB: 4/8/09

    .:Kelley:. ~ Kelley ~ Alyssa Paige
    DOB: 4/14/09

    *JuLiE* ~ Julie ~ Noah Jack
    DOB: 4/14/09

    rikkiac ~ Ericka ~ Adam Michael
    DOB: 4/25/09

    sarahsunshine ~ Sarah ~ Ivy Rayne
    DOB: 5/3/09

    jennger ~ Jenn ~ Karson
    DOB: 5/7/09

    suprena ~ Suprena ~ Lillian Renee
    DOB: 5/8/09

    alishah323 ~ Alisha ~ Matthew Neal
    DOB: 6/1/09

    LittleMama07 ~ Heather ~ Addison Leigh-Ann
    DOB: 6/3/09

    climbingmama ~ Jaime ~ Nora Kai & Lillian Joelle
    DOB: 6/12/09

    PRYNCESS30 ~ Tiffani ~ Preston Serge & Truman Hubert
    DOB: 6/16/09

    JJO_Mommy712 ~ Beverly ~ Derek Bennett
    DOB: 7/5/09

    morrisbuddy ~ Amanda~ Tiernan Jackson
    DOB: 8/11/09

    jess1178 ~ Jess ~ Alexa Josefina
    DOB: 9/8/09

    cmljll ~ Connie ~ Gabriel Francis
    DOB: 12/11/09

    laytony19 ~Tamara ~ Jack
    DOB: 12/15/09

    EL2 ~ El ~ Alexander John

    madisonsmom07 ~ Lisa ~
    Jaymeson Drew
    DOB: 5/27/10

    LindseyS ~ Lindsey ~ Sullivan Theodore

    DOB: 6/11/10

    kvo ~ Kristen ~
    DOB: 6/24/10

    AliD ~ Ali ~Megan Elizabeth
    DOB: 6/28/10

    sarahsunshine ~ Sarah ~ Leo Spencer
    DOB: 9/2/10

    alishah323 ~ Alisha ~ David Charles
    DOB: 9/22/10

    CaBlondie918 ~ Alexandria ~ Brooke Malin
    DOB: 11/17/10

    revchick ~ Camille ~ Jackson Koppenol
    DOB: 12/15/10

    GonnaBaMomN07 ~ Jen ~ Kianna Marie
    DOB: 12/28/10

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    WOW! I can't believe how many of us have had another little one!! Congrats to you all!
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    Now it's time for some belly pics!!!
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    Well, its sort of hit me that DH and I have decided to TTC (or more JLIH) next month...and next month is next week!!! Its sort of scary and exciting all at the same time. We got pg so quickly with Alexa, I just don't know if we'd be as lucky again. We're okay with it taking a few months or so, but I just don't want to have a really difficult time with it. Ah, I've just been thinking about it a lot...we're not telling anyone IRL that we are trying or anything so you guys will have to listen to me ramble .

    AF should show up anytime in the next week or so -- I'm on cd 28 right now but my last cycle was 34d. I guess after that we'll officially be trying for #2. Wow!

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    GL Kristen! Yeah, exciting and scary all at the same time!
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    YAY Kristen!!! KUP!!!
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    Kristen - It is all so exciting! GL
    In memory of Reed Aslan
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    Kristen, it is so exciting! I can't wait until you get your BFP. Listen, when you do, I'm going to send you my blue Target maternity tank (the one you said you liked) and its gray floral sibling, since I won't be using my mat clothes again. I'm eager to send my items off to a happy home!
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    Yay Kristen! Good luck!!
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    That's great Kristen! So exciting! Can't wait to hear you got your BFP!

    I had two appointments today, Ultrasound this morning (baby is looking good, really low, the tech had to move babe up a bit to measure some things - which would explain the constant pressure right there!), and then a quick check in with the clinic there on all the bloodwork they took. Everything looks fine there, I guess there was one test that was positive at one point and can be an indicator of heart problems for babe, but this test it was negative so we like that. Then talked to a nutritionist for a bit, she did say I should eat more fish (we currently eat it like once or twice a month and should about twice a week), but that's about it.

    Reed Aslan

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