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Thread: ****STICKY**** November 2009 Spaces!!

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    Hi I'm Allie 35 yrs old. Expecting baby #2 EDD November 9th. I have 2 1/2 yr old named Matthew. I am going to add my pic of the test in a few once I resize it on photobucket.

    Make a pregnancy ticker
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    This is my first taken on Saturday, Feb 28

    This one was taken Sunday, March 8

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    DS-Jack 10/29/09

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    Nov 17 edc, but induced at 39 weeks.

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    I'll claim my space too.

    I am Carole, I live in Montreal. French is my first language. I have been married for 7 years now. I got married when I was 6 months pregnant with my first!

    My daughter Kelly-Anne was born in October 2001, my son Raphael was born in December 2003, and my baby Nicolas was born in September 2007. This one is a complete surprise, and I am due either on November 8th or November 11th, depending if I go from LMP, or O date.

    I'll add pics as soon as I figure out how to do it!

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    My Hubby, Aaron and I on our wedding day September 9th, 2006

    After a year and a half of TTC with endo and partially blocked tubes, we were strategizing how to pay for IVF. Much to my surprise...

    We're due November 9th!

    March 5th: First Beta 555
    March 9th: Second Beta over 2000
    March 13th: U/S showed our little bean in the right place, but measuring small.
    March 20th: U/S measured bean between 6w5d and 7w even, right where it should be
    April 1st: Perfect U/S, got to see bean's heartbeat! From now on, it's a normal pregnancy, and I get to go back to my family doctor.

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    This is my first pregnancy. EDD: Nov 10, 2009.

    Pregnancy Tests

    03/04/2009 12 DPO:

    03/05/2009 13 DPO:

    03/11/2009 19 DPO:

    Belly Pics

    03/09/2009 Week 4:

    03/16/2009 Week 6:

    03/23/2009 Week 7:

    04/14/2009 Week 10:

    04/18/2009 Week 10 and 4 days:

    04/28/2009 Week 12:

    05/06/2009 Week 13:

    05/09/2009 Later in Week 13:

    05/19/2009 Week 15:

    05/25/2009 Week 16:

    06/02/2009 Week 17:

    06/02/2009 Week 17 - Shirt down:

    06/07/2009 Later in Week 17 - I popped a lot!

    06/10/2009 Week 18 - Did I shrink?

    06/19/2009 Week 19:

    06/27/2009 Week 20:

    07/01/2009 Week 21:

    07/07/2009 Week 22:

    07/14/2009 Week 23:

    07/18/2009 Week 24 (almost):

    07/29/2009 Week 25:

    08/05/2009 Week 26:

    08/16/2009 Week 27:

    08/25/2009 Week 28:

    08/22/2009 Week 29:

    09/27/2009 Week 33:

    10/03/2009 Week 34:

    10/20/2009 Week 37:

    10/27/2009 Week 38:

    Ultrasound Photos

    03/24/2009 Week 7:

    07/14/2009 - Anatomy Scan - Week 23:

    Ultrasound Videos
    03/24/2009 Week 6 and 4 days - Ultrasound Video:

    04/21/2009 Week 10 and 6 days - Ultrasound Video:

    05/19/2009 Week 15 - Ultrasound Video - Part I:

    Week 15 Ultrasound Video - Part II

    Week 19 Ultrasound Video


    03/24/2009 - 7 Week Visit
    04/21/2009 - 11 Week Visit
    05/19/2009 - 15 Week Visit
    06/16/2009 - 19 Week Visit
    07/14/2009 - 23 Week Visit - Anatomy Scan
    07/23/2009 - 24 Week Visit
    08/18/2009 - 28 Week Visit
    09/01/2009 - 30 Week Visit
    09/15/2009 - 32 Week Visit
    09/29/2009 - 34 Week Visit
    10/13/2009 - 36 Week Visit - 70% Effaced. No Dilation. Swelling. Starting to drop. Waddling due to pain.
    10/19/2009 - 37 Week Visit - 70% Effaced. 1cm Dilated. Swelling. More waddling.
    10/27/2009 - 38 Week Visit - Cancelled. Midwife called out sick.
    10/28/2009 - 38 Week Visit - 75% Effaced. 2cm Dilated.
    11/03/2009 - 39 Week Visit - 80% Effaced. 3cm
    11/04/2009 - 39 Weeks 1 Day - Parker Sabrina Was Born!
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    Shane & Kristie - 12/2008
    -Parker - 11/2009
    -Maxwell - 06/2012

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    Ashley's Space

    3 taken on March 5th
    (bottom test was taken first)

    On March 6th I took another digital and got the same results (sorry no pictures)
    Told DH on March 6th (since he is in the military and had duty the day I found out). I bought him a gift bag with some baby stuff with all four test wrapped in the bottom of the bag.

    His birthday is March 10, so I surprised him with a early birthday present

    No pictures taken yet!

    Estimated due date.
    Nov. 6th 2009 (my dads birthday)

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    Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    Me and BF TTC #1 since Dec 2006
    Bfp - Nov 5th 2007
    Missed m/c - Dec 21st 2007 @ 8wks
    D+C - Dec 28th 2007
    First af - 6th Feb 2008
    Blood work and u/s normal Nov 2008
    HSG 22 Jan 08 normal, tubes clear!
    SA 12 Feb 09 - good motility, good count, poss not so good morphology?
    1st round Clomid 15 Feb 09
    BFP 9th March 2009!!
    EDD 18th Nov 2009!

    MY BFP's:






    18 March 2009, 2.40pm - 1st midwife appointment, booking in.

    04 April 2009, 1pm - 1st u/s (private) as brown spotting that morning. All looks great, baby measuring 13mm - 7w 4d, hearbeat 145bpm.

    21 April 2009, 12.45pm - Private u/s, baby measuring 3.02cm (9w 6d), heartbeat 168bpm, saw baby wiggling, kicking legs and waving arms!!

    06 May 2009, 11am - 12 week NHS u/s, routine blood tests, nuchal translucency testing. Baby measuring 5.3cm, NT measurment 1.9mm, placenta lying anterior. Didnt get to hear hb this time but baby was wiggling round lots!! Saw all different views of body parts, all looked great!

    2nd June 2009, 10.00am - Routine hospital antenatal appointment, urine clear, bp 120/70 (normal), HR in the 150's! Yay!

    3rd June 2009, 10.15am - Private u/s as probably not having a 3D scan. Baby head down, unable to measure as akward position!! Sent for 15min walk, baby still not moved! HR 142bpm, saw clolour flow of unbilical cord, saw mini braxton hicks of uterus, Abdominal circumference - 10.85cm (16w 5d) Biparetial Diameter - 3.49cm (16w 5d) Head curcumference - 13.01cm (16w 5d) Femur length - 1.93cm (15w 5d). Lady switched to 3d/4d for pics!

    9th July 2009, 3.00pm - 21 week NHS anomaly scan. Everything looks normal, yaayyy! Baby head down still, hiding face for pics! AC - 17.2cm, BPD - 5.0cm, HC - 18.9cm, FL - 3.5cm. Placenta anterior. Weight estimate 446g.

    14th July 2009, 2.10pm - 22 week midwife antenatal appointment. Bp normal, urine normal. Fundal height 23cm - great! Heard hb with doppler which baby kicked twice lol!

    12th August 2009, 2pm - 26 week midwife appointment. All routine, BP normal, urine normal, heard hb, fundal height 27cm.

    25th August 2009, 2pm - 28 week midwife appointment. All routine, BP normal, urine normal, heard hb, fundal height 29cm, baby in breech position with back laying to my right side!

    26th August 2009, 5am - Had to go to delivery suite at hospital as up early hours of morning with upper abdominal cramps. No obvious cause, baby fine, hb good and no contractions detected on monitoring! Phew!

    29th August 2009, 2.50pm - 3d/4d ultrasound. Baby was head down (in the same position at my 16 and 21 week scans) with its head buried real deep into my pelvis/right hip area, its face/nose buried in the placenta and its hands covering the face!!!!! So unable to get any good pics or dvd, need to ring to reschedule. Growth good, AC - 25.02cm, BPD - 7.54cm, HC - 27.16cm, FL - 5.62cm. Weight estimate 3lb 1oz.

    8th Sept 2009, 2.30pm - 30 week midwife appointment. All routine, fundal height 30cm, baby head down, heard hb!

    9th Sept 2009, 7.10pm - 3d/4d Re-scan. Naughty baby was in the exact same position, head very down (even with my painfully full baldder!) and this time the face was even more covered with hands!!! The cute bit was it was holding its foot up to its face and would not let go!

    22nd Sept 2009, 2.30pm - 32 week midwife appointment. All routine, fundal height 31cm, baby head down, bum to left side, heard hb!

    6 Oct 2009, 2.30pm - 34 week midwife appointment. All routine, same as above!

    20 Oct 2009, 2.30pm - 36 week midwife appointment. All routine, baby's head is 3/5 palpable!

    28 Oct 2009, 11.40pm approx - Emergency trip to L&D as bleeding. Baby moving fine, hb fine, CTG picked up ild contractions. Internal - nearly fully effaced (cervix measured 0.5cm), 2cm dilated. More bleeing on internal exam Dr expected me to be in labour by morning so admitted me for overnight stay, said if bleeding didnt stop, they would induce. A very sleepless night later, no more bleeding and no contractions so sent home at 3pm the following day!

    31 Oct 2009, 11.30am approx - Another trip to L&D as abdo pain. Baby monitored fine, cervix as above, no cause for pain found.

    31 Oct 2009, 10.15pm approx- Back down to L&D as abdo pain worse. Baby monitored normal again, internal exam the same. BP raised slightly. Admitted for overniht stay on painkillers, the longest night every!! Didnt sleep, had bath at 5.30am trying to ease pain. By 7am pain nearly gone, morning checks ok so sent home.

    2 Nov 2009, 11.45am - Private scan to check everything out. Baby looking good, measuring slightly behind but nothing to be concerned about, weight 6lbs 6oz. No obvious reason for pain or bleeding!

    3 Nov 2009, 2.40pm - 38 week midwife appointment. All routine, bp up slightly still but still whats classed as normal.

    12 Nov 2009, 1pm -39 week midwife appointment (home visit). Head 1/5 palpable, had membrane sweep, cervix 2-3cm dilated and fully effaced, midwife says she thinks labour will be within the next 48hours!!!

    09 April 2009 - Ordered a doppler!! Cant wait til it arrives!!
    23 May 2009 - Definately heard baby's heartbeat on the doppler today - 152bpm!
    30 May 2009 - HR 164bpm.
    01 June 2009 - NT scan/blood results are in risk of downs is 1:2800!
    15 June 2009 - Possibly felt very first movement, one small 'flick'.
    21 June 2009 - 3 more possibly movements felt.
    28 June 2009 - The most prominent 'flick' felt today as yet! 98% sure its baby! Yippeee!!
    02 July 2009 - More frequent baby movements in evening when sitting quietly, can say for definate now!!
    04 July 2009 - Felt baby kick when putting hand on belly!
    30 July 2009 - Bf finally got to feel the baby moving!
    17 Aug 2009 - Think i felt baby hiccuping for the first time!
    19 Aug 2009 - Possible first braxton hicks, tightening of belly felt!
    23 Aug 2009 - Bf saw belly moving from baby!!!
    24 Aug 2009 - Sister got to feel baby move!
    12 Sept 2009 - Yay! Baby shower! All went lovely, im very knackered now! Got some lovely presents from friends, including a high chair and baby walker!
    26 Sept 2009 - Mum got to feel baby hiccuping!
    7 Oct 2009 - Started antenatal classes.
    25 Oct 2009 - Swelling of ankles, yay its all happening now lol!
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    Hi there! My name is Brooke and this is my second pregnancy. I've been married to my best friend for 5 years (next month!) and we have a beautiful daughter named Loralei, born 11/19/2006.

    EDD 11/7/2009

    My 30th birthday was this Saturday, and I tested this Monday, so Happy Birthday to me!


    4/30/09 - 14 weeks

    5/28 - 17.5 weeks

    5/29 - 17.5 weeks
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    DH and I have been married 3 1/2 years. It took 29 cycles to get our BFP. I have endo. We went through 5 rounds of clomid, 3 IUI's with injectables and a round of IVF.

    12 week U/S

    19 Week U/S

    EDD 11/18
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