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Thread: ****STICKY**** November 2009 Spaces!!

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    Tiffanys November Space
    To start with my name is Tiffany (22), I am married to Cory (29). We where married on 8/31/06.
    We had our son Sawyer on 1/19/08. After only 7 hours of labor.
    I am also step mom to Ethan who is 11.

    Our November Baby
    I got my first BFP on 3/6/09 (3 days before my birthday
    We are due 11/16/09!

    I'll get some pics up soon

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    M/c 4/11
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    No photos yet, but our first ultrasound suggested the baby is most likely a boy and my due date is October 27th. I've never given birth less than six days after my due date, so I am still expecting a November baby!
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    Ramona Ann 2/06-10/07 - Our Angel In Heaven
    Twin angels 12/04

    I found them in Aisle Ten! Larry, 7, John 3, Ben, 1 (old photo!)

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    I'm Sarah (22) and married Chris (23), my childhood sweetheart, on December 18, 2004. Juliet was our first little surprise and she was born 4 days after our first anniversary on December 22, 2005. DH works in the IT industry and is in school for business (he recently switched his major from computer science... sucks since he was almost done) and I am a SAHM also in school (I will graduate June 2009) for Russian studies. I was toying with several ideas for career directions after I graduate, but since our second surprise was discovered, I am more seriously considering the translation industry for now. I am hoping for a waterbirth in a local birthing center.

    Guess the sex of our baby!

    BFP - March 30, 2009

    (blurry because my iphone doesn't do well with closeups...)

    Meeting The Midwives - April 2, 2009

    First Ultrasound - April 3, 2009 (finding my due date) HB 146; 7 wks 2 days
    *picture coming soon*

    First Appointment - April 14, 2009
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    I'm reserving my space.

    My name is Christi (23), DH is Jeremy (23) we were married in November of 2008. This is our first lo.

    EDD November 24... two days before thanksgiving


    8 wks 6 days
    8 wks 6 days

    9 wks 6 days.

    14 wks 2 days
    14 wks 6 days

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    christi 26
    DH Jeremy 26
    Married-November 8, 2008
    DS Gavin- november 13, 2009

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    Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    hi my name is shannon. i have been married to my amazing husband john since 2004, we had our first child march 1st 2007, his name is also john but we call him jj he is truley a blessing. we have had 2 losses and we are absolutely thrilled to be pregnant with our second baby.

    Photobucket Photobucket

    Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    this is our bfp on 3/17/09!
    bfp 3/17/09

    Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    yes i slacked a bit due to m/s and exhaustion, but 10 weeks is better than never to start!!
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    Jan's November Space

    My name is Jan ( 27 ), I am married to Greg ( 28 ).

    We were married on 1/8/05.

    Our first pregnancy ended in a m/c at 11 weeks in June of 2008.

    We received our next BFP March 18, 2009

    Our EDD is 11/27/09

    Heard the heartbeat 5/15/09 (160 bpm)

    Heard the heartbeat 6/12/09 (156 bpm)

    U/S 6/23/09
    It's a Boy!
    HB was 154 bpm
    He's measuring a smidge ahead of schedule 4 days further along than we thought (now 18w1d)
    New EDD 11/23/09

    Heard the heartbeat 7/9/09 (148 bpm)

    DH felt LO move! 7/31/09

    Heard the heartbeat 8/10/09 (150 bpm)

    My 28th birthday 8/14/09

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    25 weeks
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    I am a little late posting on this thread.
    My name is Wendi and married to my DH Kevin June 23, 2007.
    In 2003, I had a Molar Pregnancy and a m/c in Dec 2008.
    March 13 (Friday 13) I got my BFP! Scared and happy!!!

    Due November 22, 2009 (probably closer to Halloween)

    Couldn't stand the pressure and stress of waiting until 10-12 weeks for my first dr appt, I called saying I was cramping (I was, it was just gas) and got in at 5w4d. Because of my past pregnancies, they gave me an ultrasound to make sure everything looked like it was going okay.
    They found 2 sacs! No heartbeats yet, but it was still way too early. Mean dr said not to get excited b/c 1 normally goes away.
    About 4 weeks later, had another appt...2 sacs, 2 heartbeats! Yay!!!
    Here I am months later,
    Mono/di identical twin boys!!!
    Both are measuring about a week and 1/2 ahead of me. Their fluid levels are excellent and doctors are extremely happy!
    Baby B was measuring a little bigger than Baby A and taking some of his space, but Baby A learned how to kickbox and pushed B to his side. Now they are awesome! Because of that, I have to see my doc and the high risk doc. I get u/s every 2 weeks which is great! I love to see them!!
    Anyways. That is the story of us!
    Oh, their names are Matthew Winfield and Joshua Leon.

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    Ok, I am a little late in creating this, but honestly I just came across this. So... my name is D'Ahn (pronounced De-on), I am 30 years old and live in North East Texas. I married the love of my life Chris on October 2nd, 2004. We found out on March 29th that we are expecting our first. Which ended up being the day before my grandfather died. I did get to tell him I was pregnant before he pasted away. I am due November 29th. Below are the pics I have so far, ultrasound pics, nursery as of today, and a belly pic or 2. I have really enjoyed seeing all your spaces and I hope you enjoy mine too.

    Just me and my new niece at my cousins wedding in March (I think this was the weekend we made Margeaux )

    Me & Chris on our wedding day

    8 weeks, my little bean

    16 week belly pic & ultrasound around the same time

    22 weeks, at my level 2 ultrasound

    Belly Pics from Today (9/15/09) I don't have the cute round belly like everyone else

    Margeaux's Room so far:

    Her Bedding

    Her coming home out fit- yes my husband is a HUGE LSU!!

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