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    Smile *** JULY 2011 Spaces ***

    Welcome to the July 2011 Spaces!

    Please reserve your spot here AFTER you get your BFP.

    This is a place for sharing:
    -Something brief about yourself
    -Information about your past/upcoming appointments
    -Pictures, pictures, and more pictures (BFP, belly pics, ultrasounds, nursery, etc.)
    -Anything else pregnancy-related you want to share with your fellow board members

    Before posting, please read below!

    This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please start a new thread for comments (or you can start a new thread specifically for spaces comments if you wish)

    Once you reserve your "space", please do not create a new post to add additional info. Please edit your original "space" each time you post something new. Simply find your original post and click on the "edit" botton in the bottom right corner of the post.

    Due to the number of pictures that will be posted, we ask that you please turn off your signature on this thread. You can do this by un-checking the "show your signature" button before you submit your message.

    And remember....

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    Lost at 6 weeks
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    Please remove
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    DH and I Christmas 2009

    DH and I on our wedding day; May 15th, 2010

    BFP!!! October 25th!!! 9dpo

    EDD: July 9th!!!

    October 25th - blood work. hcg = 21 Progesterone = 27 (9dpo)
    October 27th - hcg = 98 (11dpo)
    November 5th - hcg = 3,999!!! (20dpo - 4w6d) U/S saw at least one gestational sac, still no yolk sac visible. Small hemorrhagic cyst on left ovary.
    Follow up on November 12th. at 10am (5w6d) - hcg = 22,000 - We have a heartbeat, 80bpm yay!!! Baby measuring exactly 5w6d!!! Everything looks good so far.
    Patient Education - November 18th 10am - Talked about horrible all day & night morning sickness. Prescribed Bendectin to help.
    U/S November 19th (6w6d) - No betas drawn. Heartbeat 135bpm and measuring 7w1d!!
    November 22nd (7w2d) - OB exam, everything good.
    December 13th - OB exam #2 10 week apt. Going to hear our baby's heartbeat on the dopplar!!!
    18 weeks 1 day
    20weeks 4days

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    Our sweet angel is now watching from above...we shall meet again some day.
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    I'm Pamela, a home daycare provider,Dh: Tanner, he's active duty Army. We got pregnant with DS, Jacob, when DH got back from his deployment back in February 2009. We got pregnant with Baby#2 on his Rest and Relaxation (R/R) break during THIS deployment in October both our babies will have a fun "deployment" story haha! We have been blessed with easy fertility and hopefully God will now bless me with an easy pregnancy (or at least easier than DS's!). Dh and I have been married since August 2007 and have quite the "history". We are both super excited for baby#2 and can't quite decide if we'll be done after this one! Just in case, I'm making sure I document anything!

    Since I never got the chance to do this with DS I wanted to do it now So anyway, excuse my smudges but there are two tests starting on Sunday 10/24 until Friday 10/29 (I skipped Thursday, whooops!)

    "Check Up" ultrasound: November 2nd= Due to my early spotting with this pregnancy I'm going in for an ultrasound just to ensure everything is where it should be First HCG draw: Nov.1 was at 2,002 great number Hopefully we'll be able to see something in the uterus. Update: We did see something in uterus! We saw one sac with a nice yolk sac! There might be two sacs, Dr. just couldn't tell. So I have a follow up on Tuesday the 9th to confirm or deny twins...
    First Appointment: November 9th @ 2PM= First OB appointment/Health physical: The health woman decided that because of my past history she felt it best that I see an actual Doctor rather than my most favorite MW! So I have my first appointment set with a doctor and they will review my cardiac history and decide if I'm okay to see a midwife.. oh I hope so!!
    Ultrasound:2nd Ultrasound shows sac with "fuzz" in it.. still no HB. I have myself at 5w5d DR has me at 6w5d so they are saying there should be a heartbeat. Follow up next Wednesday
    Emergency Ultrasound: Woke up 11/13 with bright red blood, went to ER. HCG draw= 53,000! And, we have a heartbeat!! YAY!! Still to follow up on wednesday (pictures maybe!??)
    Follow up ultrasound: 11/17Today I SAW the HB YAY! I did get a picture of our bean, although it's not wonderful-- the machines in the office aren't so great.
    First 'real' appointment: December 15 @ 3:20= Great appointment. We saw baby, HB was 154. My BP is a little high, 118/84-- and they are putting me high risk I'm not super happy about that. My next appointment will be for 4 weeks out and we've got all kinds of fun stuff at that point and I will also get the go-ahead for my next ultrasound- gender! yay!
    January 4th: Emergency walk-inI woke up the morning of the 4th bleeding pretty bad from down yonder. Naturally had me come in and did an ultrasound. On that ultrasound, we saw that my placenta is starting to tear away from my uterus. It's small so that's good. This is usually something that happens later in the 2nd trimester or 3rd. We're hoping that it will heal itself but we'll see what happens at my next appointment; it's just NEVER easy.. BP was: 134/89 and my HB was high also: 124 BPM. Babies HB was about 165 BPM!
    Next Appointment: January 12th @ 2:00 pm= Nothing fun here. Doctor didn't seem too concerned with the whole tear thing but ordered a bunch of stuff to get more details on it. BP was 130/76 baby had a nice strong heart rate although I wasn't given a number
    Ultrasound: Januray 31st @ 1:45 pm: Well, as figured I got to "hear" nothing, but I got to SEE the baby. Based off what I saw between the legs, my vote goes to GIRL but we'll find out in two weeks for sure, so they weren't telling me anything. My gut still says boy so we'll see... Baby was measuring 17w6d and 8 ounces! We saw the baby moving everywhere and opening and closing its mouth Very cute! I will get the results about the tear on the 7th, but I did notice the pocket of blood is still there, so we'll see what the doctor says! HB was 158 BPM
    Next Appointment: February 7th @ 2:20 pm Regular OB: Today was good and boring! My BP was GREAT at 130/73 - Doctor said it was great but because of my history he wanted to put me on the two week plan after my next appointment. My HB was 93 so that's good too! All in all, not bad! Proteins came back at 103 so that's a nice baseline number. My weight is at 160.0lbs. (thanks superbowl!) So far, half way in, I have a gain of about 4 pounds. Not too shabby considering I had not one day of actual vomiting. Doctor said the radiologist isn't concerned about the pocket of blood. It's contained, and we're green light from here on out. I have my 20 weeks scan next week and they'll rescan it then also. But at this point, everything seems to be going "good". I'm trying not to get cocky about it because I'm so afraid it's going to just take a turn for the worse like it did with DS. I will say this: I am happy about the doctor being proactive with my blood pressures and even though they "look" good (best two I've had since we started this pregnancy) he still doesn't want to give me the golden seal of "normal" quite yet. So that's good; makes me feel as though I'm in better hands this time than with DS.
    Next Ultrasound: 2/15/11: Gender scan!!! This was a great ultrasound. Baby looked well, measured well ( I don't remember everything..) but it is officially a girl 100% Let the pink begin!
    Next Appointment: March 4th @ 3:20 Regular OBUpdate: So I went to the appointment, i'm up 4 pounds from my last appointment, 4 week ago Doctor didn't care, but I wasn't thrilled.. I talked to him about what my cardio said and he said no problem. He'd put the referral in so I could see the specialist. Basically what will happen is I will have a consult with them, ultrasound and what not and they will decide what they think is best. My OB feels that since I'm not crazy highrisk or anything they'll let me continue my pre-natal care where I've been going () and they will just suggest more appointments, more ultrasounds, more blood work, NST stuff- basically everything I did with DS anyway. My blood pressure today was only 125/68 THAT IS WONDERFUL. OB said that this is what's supposed to happen your BP's are supposed to "drop" in the second trimester now the trick will be keeping them there. BUT, with DS we NEVER had a drop, EVER. So that's a great sign so far. He doesn't feel that I'm quite out of the woods yet because of my history, but he's positive that it might not end up being AS serious as DS's pregnancy was. He didn't put me to the 2 weeks yet because he wanted me to get in with the FMS first before I came back to see him. At my next appointment with the OB i'll be about 26.5 weeks and we will discuss what they FMS said and at that point we'll go over when to schedule my GD test. Oh joy. So anyway, all in all, things looked nice!
    FMS ultrasound: March 21st @ 1 pm Got to see little miss! Even got some lovely 3d images! She was measuring in the 30th% for weight/height. Fluids and everything looked good, from what I remember
    OB Appointment: April 6th @ 1:20 pm BP: 118/81,my HB 121, Her HB was 158 and I'm measuring 27 weeks exactly weight +8 pounds since last appointment SAME thing happened with DS about this time, except he was 11 pounds in 4 weeks... I didn't want to follow this pattern. Other than that everything looked good and I go back in 3 weeks.
    FMS appointment: April 5th @ 1 pm FMS DR says no reason in her eyes to see them, as long as my regular OB keeps a close eye on me... arrrrg.
    Next OB Appointment: April 27th @ 8:00 amI went in for a 30 week OB appointment and I had to see a different doctor than I normally do and he's acting like I'm peachy keen. They've been watching me "high risk" and keeping an eye on my BP's b/c of Jacob's crazy pregnancy and today'...s reading was one of the highest I've had since I've been pregnant and the doctor goes "Oh your blood pressure looks great.." UM what!? So he puts my next appointment out for 4 weeks. By this point with Jacob I was being seen every two and by 34 weeks with him I was going 3x's A WEEK to be seen (36 I was in the hospital and 37 I had a baby!). One minute I'm dying according to them and now the next minute I'm totally healthy. I just feel like NO ONE there is on the same page. I've gained nearly 25 pounds already (20 of it all in the last 8 weeks) and I'm measuring SMALL and the guy wasn't even slightly worried as to where this "weight" could be going (hellllllllllllllo water weight gain!--- SAME EXACT THING that happened with Jacob..) I'm just so frustrated. I've been asking to see a midwife this entire pregnancy but my doctor has been saying that he's not thrilled where my BP's sit so he'd feel more comfortable keeping me high risk and letting me be seen by a doctor... well then why in the world are you acting like this is all fine!?! I'm just annoyed. I feel like I'm being 'brushed off'. I have a growth scan ultrasound on Monday and I will be calling the doctor Tuesday for the results, rather than waiting, and at that point I will discuss with him my concerns about being brushed off. My BP: 130/90, HB: 144.. DD HB: 156, measuring 29 weeks. Consider me beyond pissed. I'm so sick of this sh**.
    Next ultrasound: May 2nd @ 2:45 pm: growth scan
    Next OB appointment: May 25th @ 5:40 PM Oh this appointment sucked. I got a BP reading of 140/105. SOO, per Doc's orders, I'm starting with NST 2x's a week. Loverly, let the fun begin!
    NST: May 27th @ 9 am Ultrasound went well, fluids are good. BP's seem 'okay' when lying down..
    NST: May 30th @ 9 am Urine came back at 114, not too bad! Bp's still look okay. Blood work came back good..
    NST: June 3rd @ 9 am OB following Nst was okay, fluids still good, 14's. OB checked okay, got all my paperwork for registration. Doctor checked me and I'm dilated to 2! THIS IS GREAT-- I know this doesn't mean anything, but since with DS I have NO dilation on my own this is HUGGGGGE for me, progress, progress, progress!!!
    NST: June 7th @ 9 am BOO. urine came back at 270! BAD BAD BAD. BP's are still 'okay' so no one is freaking out yet. I got all my registration paperwork done. I am now on strict orders that if I have ANY symptoms of pre-e to come right back to L&D to get checked.. we'll see what Friday brings..
    NST: June 10th @9 am NST nurses keep talking "hospital bed rest" due to my proteins. Ultrasound looked good, fluids at 14. Bp's fall into normal ranges while I"m resting, so I'm sent home
    NST: June 14th @10 am Urine came back at 187, BP's did not drop though Blood work came back anemic no fun!
    Next OB appointment: June 14th @ 11:20 am: 37 weeks! Still 2 cm dilated no progress there.. DR won't induce yet, not "sick" enough yet. Lots of cramping after getting checked, nothing regular. BP's in OB were 150/102 and 150/92. Not good. At this point, doctor still isn't worried. Set induction date so as long as I can keep baby cooking that long that's where we're set!
    NST: June 17th @ 9 am
    NST: June 21st @ 9 am
    Next OB appointment: June 22nd @ 6:40 pm: 38 weeks
    NST: June 24th @ 9 am
    INDUCTION: June 26th!!!!!!!!
    NST: June 28th @ 9 am
    Next OB appointment : June 30th @ 6:40 pm: 39 weeks--- setting induction date!

    1st Trimester!
    Week 3: Exciting week! BFP on Friday 10/22- Some bleeding and spotting, nothing near as much as DS. Through the week my lines got darker and darker! Feeling pretty good!
    Week 4: Good-bye bladder, I'll miss you!! Peeing is now an hourly process (I don't remember this happening so soon last time). The sick feeling is also coming on stronger. I suppose I should say: Welcome to pregnancy! First HCG blood draw (4w4d): 2,002
    (SN: Starting week 3, I seem to feel crummy at night, headaches pretty much nightly SO did not miss this part of pregnancy.. I'm trying to avoid any sort of medicine and just keep up the water in take.)
    Week 5: Ugh, helllllo feeling like crap in the morning! I have yet to vomit, but I would say this is the closest I've gotten! Bah. First emotional melt down last night (poor DH haha) can't quite blame that one on pregnancy.
    Week 6: Interesting week so far.. We have a HB this week! More bleeding, but I have started to feel 'okay', did I skip M/S!? I got to see the HB today (11/17) on ultrasound! Best ever!
    Week 7: Off to a great start, feel down the stairs this morning Ugh. No bleeding or anything so I'm not super worried..
    Week 8: Ugh, feeling like crap again this week. My girls are "filling" same thing happened with DS they became realllllly FULL before they grew out. Ugh. My nips are PAINFUL to touch now
    Week 9: Baby is actually considered a 'fetus' now! According to my ticker, we have fingers AND toes now, hopefully all 10 of each
    Week 10: Double digits! Still feeling pretty icky 24/7 and peeing ALLLLL the time. Bump is starting to look more like a bump and less like an extra cheese burger!
    Week 11:Got to see my BABY today. No more "bean" talk. Great day This week we will be going to visit family in IL for the holidays
    Week 12:Still super tired, not as sick feeling-- only when I'm super hungry! Usually eating makes everything better!
    2nd Trimester!
    Week 13:Found out my placenta is starting to tear away Hang in there BABY! Oh and I'd swear I saw baby boy bits on the ultrasound
    Week 14:It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a... it's a.. BABY KICK
    Week 15: All in all I'm just starting to feel good, more movement.
    Week 16:
    Week 17: Baby's HB is in the 160's this week, less and less "flutters" and more and more POW kicks!
    Week 18: only two more weeks until we find out for sure but based on yesterday's ultrasound I now change my vote to girl
    Week 19: (my computer was MIA this week )
    Week 20: It's official, IT'S A GIRL!! I KNEW I saw lines haha!
    Week 21: Little miss is getting more and more active! I can feel EVERYTHING now. She has patterns of when she wakes and sleeps and so far, she hasn't woken me too much during the night
    Week 22: First BH like feelings.. hmm.. Waiting on daddy!
    Week 23: Viability! Welcome home DADDY!!!!
    Week 24: hello heart burn..
    Week 25: Got some 3d pics of little miss
    Week 26: SO MUCH MOVEMENT...
    Week 27: Good bye second tri-mester! Hello swelling!
    3rd Trimester!!!!
    Week 28: vacation..
    Week 29: Over-time, extra kids.. sleep deprived, exhaustion setting in..
    Week 30:More weight gain, MORE frustration with the OB.. Is this over yet?!
    Week 31:
    Week 32:
    Week 33:
    Week 34: Glucose FINALLY done.. Starting NST due to LOVELY 140/105 BP
    Week 35: Dilated.. ME?!?! NO WAY 2 cm!!
    Week 36: Urine goes from 114-270.. freaking pre-e..
    Week 37: No baby! Longest I've ever been pregnant..
    Week 38: June 26th, induction: 38w6d!
    Week 39: For sure induction..
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    Pamela ♥ Tanner
    Jacob James:10/17/09 @ 5:58 am/ 5.13 lbs 19"(37w2d)
    Aubree Olivia: 6/24/11@ 10:31 pm/ 8.3 lbs 19" (38w4d)

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    Had an amazing time getting to know you ladies - I will you all the best with your pregnancies and in life!!
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    DH Kris
    born at 26 weeks
    DS Jacob Nov 10/04
    DD Sarah Nov 10/04
    DD Lily Hope Oct 26/11
    6 M/C's

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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    free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

    DH, Dave, and I have been married since 2001 - that will be 10 years the month this baby is due. Our first child, Andrea, was a surprise. She is such a blessing. For 3 years, Dave insisted that he was done having kids. Magically, just before Andrea's third birthday, he changed his mind and we made arrangements to start trying for number 2! It was 7 cycles before we saw that precious BFP in June 2011. Unfortunately, I miscarried that baby. After 1 A/F, we started trying again with an immediate BFP!
    EDD: July 12th, 2011

    pregnancy calendar

     BabyFruit Ticker

    BFP: Halloween!

    First ultrasound: December 1st - Everything went great. Heartrate was 171.

    First appointment: December 6th, 2pm
    - went great, just basics

    ER Visit: December 17th
    After a morning of cleaning and cooking, I was resting on the bed and could feel wet discharge. At first, I thought I was imaginging it, but it continued so I got up to go to the bathroom. My undwear and pants were soaked with fresh blood. I cried and cried. After a while I noticed some decent menstral-type cramping. DH took DD away for me and I decided to go to the ER. I had always said that that the ER is kind of waste of time/money. They can tell you how baby is doing but that is pretty much the limit and the $2000 it cost us with last m/c was still fresh in my mind. BUT, my deductible was already covered so I figured I could afford the 20% coinsurance this time to have the peace of mind of knowing how the baby was. After the recent miscarriage in August, I really believed this was another one. After hours of laying alone in the hospital, the doctor finally wheeled in the portable u/s! The first thing he said as he started was "and there is the fetal pole". I was kind of in shock. I wanted to start balling but held back for the poor male doctor's sake. Everything looked okay on the small u/s but they sent me for a big one. The ultrasound tech confirmed the baby was looking great and measuring wonderfully. Heartrate was 171bpm. Baby was dancing and wiggling around like crazy. There were no obvious reasons for the bleeding on the u/s (hardly ever is, right?) I was discharged pretty quickly after that. I'm really thankful I went to the ER. I honestly would have spent the weekend believing it was another m/c.

    14 Weeks: January 11, 2011
    I'm still spotting, although it has decreased slightly. Morning sickness is much better than it was. It peaked during the two weeks leading up to Christmas and has slowly been getting better since, although I'm still dehydrated and still have a love/hate relationship with food. Sigh.

    Appointment: January 12th, 1pm:
    Appointment went well. Heartrate was in 150's. We talked a lot about bleeding/spotting, with no real conclusion. There is a real feeling that all will be well though. I got scolded for not calling sooner about my m/s. It didn't help that I spent this morning in tears so was exhausted when I got to the appointment and said so. I feel better but still not well. They have given me one week to feel better and call if I'm not. She sent in referral for big u/s and will wait to schedule next appt until after ultrasound

    15 weeks:
    Spotting slowed down last week, but it really seems to be drawing to a close now, looks more like tinged CM vs actual spotting!

    17 weeks:
    Absolutely no sign of anymore spotting. Finally, m/s is under control as well! I just barely started drinking water again. This is going to be a good week. Oh, and best of all, I can now feel baby kicking!

    35 weeks:
    Can't believe it is finally here. Natalie is head down and ready to go. 2 more weeks and I'm clear for a Birth Center delivery, any time after that is great!

    Next appointment: GBS swab on June 15th
    then March 1st - MW appt

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    Angel baby
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    TTC#5 since May 2006
    5/04/2007(ectopic lost left tube)
    M/C - 30/10/2008
    M/C - 1/04/2009
    M/C - 11/2010

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    DH & I have been married since Oct. 2007 but have been together since January 2004.
    We are a military family & live 7 hours from friends & family. We have 3 boys & are now pregnant with our first little girl, due July 19th

    Photobucket Photobucket
    Mason 13, Will 5 & Sawyer 2

    Took on November 19th, 2010
    First appt. to confirm pregnancy was Monday, November 22
    Had my first OB appt. with ultrasound today. Shows I'm 8 weeks pregnant & EDD is July 19th just as I had predicted. Baby's HB was strong at 164 bpm. Everything looks good & on track


    had an OB appt. on January 3rd with u/s. Everything looked great & LO was moving all over the place. The u/s techs spent nearly 15 minutes with me taking pics of my baby. Even got some 4D pics....so excited

    January 31st was my gender ultrasound & we're having a GIRL & are super excited! Everything looked good. Gained 2 pounds which is great Baby's heartrate was 140 BPM. Next appt. is at 18 weeks & I'll get yet another ultrasound...whoop whoop!

    WEEK 12 -

    WEEK 16-

    WEEK 18 -

    WEEK 20 -

    WEEK 24 -

    WEEK 28 -

    WEEK 30 -

    WEEK 32 -

    WEEK 34 - Blood pressure 110/68, Kennedy's heart rate 143 bpm, belly measures 34 weeks, talked with OB about stripping my membranes at 38 weeks & he finally agreed to doing that but not any sooner.

    WEEK 35 -
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