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    Kristen's Space

    I'm Kristen (31) and DH is Donnie (37). We met in May 2005, engaged May 2006, and married June 23, 2007!
    DH is a firefighter and I'm now a SAHM after teaching third grade for 7 years, and I also do photography on the side.

    Privett 2010-72

    In December 2007 we started trying for our first and were blessed just 3 cycles later to be pregnant with our first. Jackson Thomas, who's now 2, is a handful!


    After deciding we were ready again, we were extremely lucky to get pregnant our first month trying. We find out we're pregnant on November 1, 2010, the day the Giants won the World Series!

    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers


    December 8th: Meet midwife in our new town. Everything goes well, she changes my due date from July 12 (what I had calculated) to July 14th (which is my parent's wedding anniversary!). She's very thorough and awesome! They don't have an ultrasound in the office, so I'm scheduled for one the next day.

    December 9th: U/S at clinic. Everything looks great and pregnancy confirmed!

    Scheduled appointment, January 4th
    Scheduled independent gender ultrasound, January 21st, we're very impatient people!
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    I'm Ashley (24) and I've been married to my DH (27) for just over 4 years. Baby #2 is due July 17, 2011! We already have one DD who was born in August 2009 who is the light of our lives and always keeps us on our toes. My DH wanted our kids as close in age as possible, so I quit taking the mini-pill in April of this year when my DD was 8 months old when I also stopped BFing (for other reasons). It took 2 months for AF to return and my cycle was completely messed up for a few months before going back to normal. It took us 6 months to conceive my DD, so we were pleasantly surprised that this baby only took 5 despite my postpartum hormone issues. I guess we are just "average" that way This baby and DD will be 23 months apart and I'm really looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead!

    Here's my BFP from Nov. 8th (13 DPO):

    12/01: First appointment! Had u/s and saw baby's heartbeat (136 BPM) and he/she is measuring 7w2d putting my EDD at July 18th! I've had an "off" feeling since my BFP so I'm thrilled things looked good as I was expecting the worst.
    12/28: 11 week appt, HB was great! Got another us and baby was very wiggly and seemed to be growing well. Bumped due date back to July 17th.
    01/25: 15 week appt, HB was in 150s, OB says uterus growth is right on track
    02/24: BIG U/S! IT'S A BOY! HB was in 140s (higher than my DD, so much for that myth) and he looks perfect.
    03/22: 23 week appt, HB was 154 (still higher than my DD's was), gained 5 lbs since last appt but OB wasn't concerned since I gained similar last pregnancy, measuring 24 weeks.
    04/19: 27 week appt/GD Testing, HB was in 150's, measuring right on for 27 weeks
    05/10: 30 week appt, HB was 163, measuring 30 weeks, passed GD test easily (70) woohoo!
    05/24 32 week appt, HB was in 160's then dropped to 140's (apparently that's a good sign), measuring 33 weeks
    06/07 34 week appt, HB was 153, BP 114/82, measuring 35 weeks
    06/21 36 week appt + GBS test, HB & BP were good (didn't give me #s), measure 37 weeks, 1/2 cm dilated
    06/28 37 week appt, GBS results were negative (yay!), measuring 37 weeks & still 1/2 cm dilated and "tight", BP 112/78(?)
    07/05 38 week appt, measuring 39 weeks, still not a full 1 cm, BP 110/72, baby HB 140s
    07/12 39 week appt, measuring 38 weeks, OB said I'm maybe 1 cm, BP 112/78, baby HB was low (120s) but recovered so I'm supposed to pay extra attention to his movements
    07/19 40 week appt

    4 Weeks: BFP! Shocked, nervous, & excited! 113.5 lbs
    5 Weeks: Still isn't sinking in and feel totally normal, even getting my runs in 114 lbs
    6 Weeks: Cruise, stomach flu, and a head cold 112 lbs
    7 Weeks: M/S starting to come around, food sounds great one minute then horrible the next 114.5 lbs
    8 Weeks: M/S comes and goes, taking B6 to help, exhausted! 113.5 lbs
    9 Weeks: Still really tired, m/s only tolerable if I eat nonstop all day 114 lbs
    10 Weeks: M/S more managable, exhaustion comes and goes, bb's are super achey 114.5 lbs
    11 Weeks: M/S still lingering but getting some energy back, ringing in ears for a few days 114 lbs
    12 Weeks: Starting to slowly feel normal again, getting really "thick" in waist 116 lbs
    13 Weeks: Only occasional m/s now! Still in regular pants but getting tight 116.5 lbs
    14 Weeks: Feeling great! Weight gain is a little crazy but am running again. 118.5 lbs
    15 Weeks: Definite baby movements (just little "bubbles")! 118 lbs
    16 Weeks: More movement, feel great, starting to show a tiny bit, still running! 119 lbs
    17 Weeks: Feeling and seeing movement on outside!! 120 lbs
    18 Weeks: Starving, starving, starving! Pants are getting tight (I see why-->) 123 lbs
    19 Weeks: Heartburn! So excited to find out gender this week! 124 lbs
    20 Weeks: Starting to get the lovely pregnancy insomnia & having difficulty getting comfy in bed 124 lbs
    21 Weeks: Out of town, so no notes
    22 Weeks: Starting to have some round ligament pain when I walk/jog long distances 127 lbs
    23 Weeks: Whoa - another huge weight gain week 130 lbs
    24 Weeks: Still gaining weight fast, cutting most sugar from diet. Muscles supporting belly sore but otherwise feel great 132 lbs
    25 Weeks: Sleeping is getting a little rough 134 lbs
    26 Weeks: Still not sleeping well but feel good otherwise! 135 lbs
    27 Weeks: Uterus is pushing on ribs when I sit down, starting to swell a bit 136.5 lbs
    28 Weeks: Only 12 weeks to go Energy isn't great but not too bad 137.5 lbs
    29 Weeks: Feeling good 138.5 lbs
    30 Weeks: Another big weight gain week, ugh. Ran a 5k on Sat. so I probably overate Sunday to compensate 140.5 lbs
    31 Weeks: Slowing down a bit but just a little more tired at the end of the day ? lbs - OOT
    32 Weeks: Starting to get more BH contrax 143.5 lbs
    33 Weeks: Lots of pressure on cervix, baby's movements sometimes HURT! 144 lbs
    34 Weeks: Holy cow, only six weeks left?! Still no linea negra! Sleeping oddly well suddenly 145 lbs
    35 Weeks: Officially have an outie (never popped 1st time), feel great, baby's head is low 145.5 lbs
    36 Weeks: Low energy but feeling decent considering I have less than a month left! 146 lbs
    37 Weeks: Feel like he's dropped a bit, very low energy, excited to be full-term! 145.5 lbs
    38 Weeks: Horrible heartburn(!), baby hitting nerves in my pelvis (ouch!), feel fairly amazing considering 146.5 lbs
    39 Weeks: Belly is huge, no swelling though(!), feeling about "done" 148.5 lbs
    40 Weeks: Dang it, still pregnant! LOL! Contracting quite a bit but nothing regular 148 lbs

    Here's my space from my first pregnancy: August '09 Spaces

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    Claiming my space... I will be back to add stuff

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    I got my first ever BFP on November 12!
    My husband is in the military & we live in England...when I got the BFP, I was home in the states and I called him right away to wake him up and tell him, "It's a yes!"
    I was 20 dpo when I took the test... my DH & my BFF had to convince me to take the test, but I didn't really think I needed to because I already "knew" based on my charts (and had already contacted a midwife!!) The day I got back from the states, we tried to go to the base for the blood test so we could get that ball rolling, but the clinic was closed!! We're going first thing Monday...this weekend is dragging!

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    Nicole's Space

    Just Us

    Troy and I have been together for 3 years and got married on March 10, 2010 in Jamaica. Even before we were engaged we knew that we had the same aspirations and goals in life, and a big part of that was growing our family and raising children. After the wedding in March, we planned for a big family celebration to be in August with plans to start trying to conceive shortly after. We stopped using birth control in September as planned, and after one full cycle I missed my period only to test and find out that we were indeed expecting!

    And Baby

    We found out that we were expecting on November 4th, 2010 and based on my last cycle start date of September 27th we expect the baby to be due approximately July 5th, 2011. We are really struggling to keep from yelling from the rooftops with excitement, and the reactions from our parents when we announced the pregnancy was equally ecstatic! So far I am feeling excellent, just some mild symptoms such as tiredness, minor cramping, and a stronger sensitivity to smells, and I still can't believe that this is real! (Maybe some morning sickness would make it feel more like reality!? *knock on wood*)
    Troy and Nicole - March 10th, 2010
    Alexander Michael - June 27th, 2011

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    Rebecca's space!
    My family

    I'm Rebecca (30), and DH is Kevin(31). We have a 2 year old daughter named Leah. Kevin and I started dating in November 1998 and got married July 17th 2004, what can I say, we like to take our time!
    Leah was conceived on the first cycle after coming off birth control, and was born Oct 22 2008. She is the light of our lives! I stopped taking bcp again in May 2010, and got a BFP in August. Unfortunately we lost that baby. After one cycle we tried again, and...
    BFP! November 9 2010
    My EDD is July 17th, 2011- Our 7th wedding anniversary!
    u/s at 6 weeks and 8 weeks due to bleeding. I have a subchorionic bleed and have been put on bedrest However, at the 8 week u/s we saw the hb!
    No more spotting since 8.5 weeks, n/t scan scheduled for Jan 11!!
    u/s on Feb 23, Its a GIRL!!DH and I are totally shocked, but very happy
    weight gain:
    12 w 6lbs
    16 w 12lbs
    20 w 20 lbs
    30 w 28 lbs
    34 w 35 lbs
    38 w 40lbs
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    My space. Will come back to update.
    DS Logan
    DS Lucas

    In memory of Reed Aslan

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    EXPECTING #2!!!!

    Due date is Aug 2nd, but c-sect will be scheduled for the week before, so we are looking at a late July baby.

    1/16 Intelligender test says boy....we'll see in a couple of months if it's correct!
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    Saving my space!

    BFP on 23 Nov. Due date July 23rd.

    Live in Texas, but moving to Europe in the new year. Second child. Our daughter is 2 years old. Excited to start this new journey!
    "To achieve the impossible; it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought.” Tom Robbins

    Zoey Lyra- daughter 2 years

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    Jen and Slurpee's space

    I'm Jen, 28, married to DH, 33, for 3 years (together for 10 years). We had a late loss during our first pregnancy and lost our daughter Kylie at 19 weeks. We went on to have our daughter Addison who is now 13 months in October of 2009. SHE. IS. AMAZING! Love her more than anything.

    We decided to try again at her first birthday and low and behold...caught it on the first try!
    Here's the winningest chart:

    Due July 27th, 2011





    1st : November 16 (13DPO) 157 hcg, 27.1 progesterone
    2nd : November 18th (15DPO) 454 hcg, 25.4 (doubling rate of 31.3 hours)
    December 8th, 7 weeks-First appt, u/s was amazing, heartbeat saw and heard 146bpm!
    January 7th, 11 weeks Doppler appt, HB was 161! Lost 4 lbs Weight check in 2 weeks.
    January 19th, 13 weeksNT Scan-HB 159, gained 3 lbs back. Arms and head moving all around, results of scan are all NORMAL!!
    February 7th, 15 weeks-In and out appt. HB was 152.
    February 12th- Private Ultrasound-IT'S A BOY!!!!!!
    March 8th- BIG ULTRASOUND! It's still a BOY!
    April 4th, 24 weeksMeasuring 1 week big, HB 142, all is well
    May 2nd, 28 weeks
    May 16th, 30 weeks
    May 31s, 32 weeks
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    Kylie lost @ 19 weeks, forever in my heart
    Addison's Space/'Slurpee's' space

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