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    Robyn's Space

    Hi, my name is Robyn and I'm 26 years old. My fiance, Daniel and I have been inseparable since meeting. We have been dating for 8 years. We plan on marry when the baby is about 1 year old, so next summer. This pregnancy was a surprise. I wasn't planning on having children till thirty. . I was a little shocked at first, but I am super excited now!!! My only children right now are four cats.

    I have a university degree in Political Science and History. I am a partner in a family owned business. Luckily, my job is home based, so I can relax a little more.

    WEEK 4: Started to feel different. Felt a little dizzy and had cramping in my stomach. My breasts were also tender and I felt like they were growing. These signs convinced me to take a test. I took a digital test.... didn't think of taking a picture. When the test came up positive I was shocked, but not at the same time. I went out and bought two pregnancy books, so I could learn everything.
    WEEK 5: So far, I am feeling good... besides the new unwanted fat around my hips. Felt extremely tired at the end of week.
    WEEK 6: Breasts still sensitive. Feeling somewhat nauseous. Stomach feels very sensitive. End of week was very sick. Feeling lethargic and nauceous
    WEEK 7: Went to NYC on the weekend. Woke up Sunday at 7 am puking and going to the washroom uncontrollably. Rushed to the airport to go home, but had to wait 5 hours. Rushed to the hospital when I got home. I had gastro and was given medication and fluids to rehydrate me. They said the baby should be okay
    WEEK 8: Feeling SUPER Tired. Someone stole my computer out of my luggage on the way back from nyc, so I lost all my notes for school. Exam is this week Feeling pretty hopeless. Breasts still tender. I feel like I am looking more pregnant.
    WEEK 9: Feeling so tired. Christmas was so hard because I could barely keep my eyes open when visiting family. The last two days I started feeling a little better, but I woke up this morning with a horrible cold. Just my luck
    WEEK 10: I actually have the FLU!!!!
    WEEK 11: Starting to feel better. No more sickness!!! I feel like I have to pee all the time and my back is starting to hurt. I would love a back massage right now
    WEEK 12: Got a pregnancy pillow and it is amazing. I had my first ultrasound this week. It was amazing. I also got the fetal Doppler I ordered in the mail. It took me about 10 minutes to get a good position, but once I did it was amazing to hear my baby's little heart beating I pulled a muscle in my back pulled when I got up midweek! My back is really starting to feel the pressure of a growing stomach and baby.
    WEEK 13: Feeling emotional. I plan to get back to working out. I tried the prenatal yoga video I bought and its great for stretching the sore areas. I am going on a little vacation to Washington DC at the end of this week, so I am especially looking forward to week 14.
    WEEK 14: Went to Washington DC most of the week. Felt totally fat when trying to dress up I look huge! Other than that it was a great vacation. We had a fuji whirlpool tub in our room. My aching joints loved it. I have been feeling little sparks in my stomach for awhile. I keep thinking it is the baby moving! Maybe?
    WEEK 15: I found out I am having a girl this week. I am so excited! I have already starting buying cute girl clothes on ebay. My belly is getting BIGGER. Hubby says people can tell looking at me I have been getting headaches in the nights recently. I assume its the hormones. I never get full anymore either.
    WEEK 16: My emotions are out of whack. I keep thinking of everything I need to do and it is stressing me out. I also feel cranky and fat.
    WEEK 17: Felt Ava moving the first day!!! I am busy painting the the house for Ava
    WEEK 18: What a great week. Celebrated my birthday and Daniel proposed! Pregnancy-wise I am getting more and more uncomfortable as I get bigger. I am finding it harder to move around. My arms have also gained a lot of weight
    WEEK 19: Pregnancy is making me so forgetful! My legs are really feeling the weight gain. CRAMPS
    WEEK 20: Half-way point!!! WooHoo!! I feel the baby kicking, but I feel like she should be doing more and harder. I also feel like I am really low! Looking Forward to my ultrasound appointment Friday.
    WEEK 21: Ava is kicking up a storm. She loves to kick in the nights. I bought her stroller and car seat this week.
    WEEK 22: Ava is starting to kick at all times of the day. One thing that I dislike is her kicking my lower parts. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it will get later on in my pregnancy. I had an amazing prenatal massage this weekend and my back feels new!
    WEEK 23: Finally, decided on a crib / changing table. I had my heart set on a white crib with carved designs in the wood. I couldn't find one anywhere, but online! By chance I came across a store called Baby Depot while driving on the highway (while I was going to another baby store) and they had one! I am having a hard time sleeping at end of the week. The baby loves to sit on my bladder too, so I constantly feel like I have to go when I don't!
    WEEK 24: The bad things about pregnancy are kicking in this week I have a hard time getting comfortable and my legs are started to cramp up!
    WEEK 25: Had a 4d Ultrasound this week and it was amazing. I could actually see Ava kicking me and feel it! Her kicking was really crazy one night this week. She kept hitting my cervix and wouldn't stop.
    WEEK 26: I feel like garbage! I constantly feel nauseous! My legs are cramping and I look like a house.
    WEEK 27: Gastro AGAIN! Went away for a last vacation before Ava is born and got sick My stomach is getting sensitive to certain foods. I am also starting to get very uncomfortable because my uterus is expanding and when I bend down I hit it
    WEEK 28: I'm having trouble sleeping because I get so uncomfortable. I wake up at the crack of dawn to eat and then go back to bed if I'm lucky. My feet and legs are swelling. Needless, to say I have turned into SLOW walker. My nose starting bleeding one night too.
    WEEK 29: My throat has been hurting for a couple of days. I think I have a mild cold I am almost finished Ava's room.
    WEEK 30:
    WEEK 31: Started childbirth classes this week.
    WEEK 32:
    WEEK 33: Sleep is a thing of the past. I barely ever get a good nights rest. I have slept like 5 hours a night
    WEEK 34: My Uterus hurts so much when standing up. I feel like an old women. My feet get tired, so much faster. I had a little breakdown because nothing fit me, so I went out and bought some last min. pregnancy clothes
    WEEK 35 - Think I'm losing pieces of my mucus plug slowly. Lots of Braxton hicks contractions.
    WEEK 36 - It's super hot, so I feel like my legs are really swelling up. I'm getting really sick of people staring at me when I'm out! My hubby laughs cause I get complaining about it.
    WEEK 37

    Baby Countdown

    DUE DATE: July 29

    Dec 6: Family Doctor - Had blood tests will get the results Dec 15.

    Jan 14: Ultrasound with OBGYN - I got to see my baby!!! At first the baby wasn't moving, but then she jiggled my stomach and he threw a fit and started kicking his / her feet everywhere. I started to tear up when the baby was moving. It sucked that sonographer didn't say anything to me, like "your baby looks healthy... etc". She did what she had to do and basically sent me out. I did get a report that I have to give to my doctor next week. It has all the details. The scan said I was 12 weeks 3 days, so pretty close to my estimate. The baby's skull and abdomen appear normal. The stomach, bladder, hands, feet were all visible. The amniotic fluid was normal too

    The fetal heart rate was 157 bpm.

    Jan 21: First appointment with OBGYN - Everything went well. Had blood tests and a pap smear. My doctor told me I have to watch my weight. He was pretty nice and very calm. Asked him questions about what I could not eat and do and he basically said everything is okay in moderation.

    Feb 6: Gender Ultrasound - GIRL!!!

    Feb 18 - Prenatal Exam - Basic appointment. Listened to Ava's heat beat. Doctor didn't say much.

    March 18: Ultrasound - I got the same unfriendly tech as last time. I must admit she was a little nicer this time The tech looked to see if the baby's body parts were forming along with the organs. She had a hard time getting good pics of her heart ventricles because Ava refused to cooperate. The tech had to make me lie on my side for 5 minutes till she moved! Anyway, she finally got the pics she needed and her heart is perfectly fine. Ava is also measuring a week a bigger than she should, so I might give birth earlier. I thought they were going to schedule me for a third trimester scan, but my hospital told me they only do that if the doctor recommends it.

    March 25 - Prenatal Exam
    Doctor asked me how things were going and that's about it

    April 17 - 3d Ultrasound

    April 29 - Prenatal Exam

    May 13 - Prenatal Exam: Did the glucose test today. I did it early on with my general doctor, but they said it should be done again. I really can't stand the orange concoction.

    June 3 - Prenatal Exam

    I'm already starting with a bigger belly. I gained 10 pounds before I got pregnant from a vacation across Europe. So, it will be some time before the bump shows through my fat

    Full Belly
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    With Shirt
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    This is the bedding I bought:
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    Reserving my space...
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    Jules Space
    +beta --11/23/2010
    Due Date--07/29/2011

    Hey there! My DH and I are both 31 and we had been trying since Dec. 2007 when we took our 'last trip as non-parents' to Hawaii -- fast forward Dec 2008, we were told we would never have children and we should adopt. After many tears and phone calls, i FINALLY got a dr to call me back and they said we could have our own kids, but it would be hard. We have MFI (male factor infertility) DH's morphology (shape of the lil' swimmers) is the issue and they can't get in my eggs.... so we tried EVERYTHING before surrendering to IVF.... Summer 2010 we decided to go ahead and jump in with both feet, we had done everything we could....
    September 2010 we did IVF - i had 18 fert. eggs and 9 of them were good enough to transfer or freeze. That cycle ended in a BFN - we were heartbroken and devestated...IVF was not only financially draining, it was emotionally and physcially draining as well.
    We moved onto FET in November and here we are, we transfered 2 babies, but we are pregnant with one lil' bean.
    To say we are over the moon excitied is an understatement....somedays it still doesn't feel real....i can't believe that after 3 years of TTC, 1 failed IVF, many tears and heartbreak...here we are celebrating life and our lil' baby!!

    HPT pics -

    Bedding/Room Theme

    11/23/10 - beta #1 -796
    11/26/10 - beta #2 -2245
    12/1/10 -ultrasound - ONE baby - i cried looking at my lil' bean on the screen...it was so cute! beta #3-13,230
    12/4/10 -ER visit due to bleeding...heard the heartbeat!!
    12/8/10 - follow-up - subchronic bleed, not active. May still bleed/spot until reabsorbed. Baby growing and heartbeat/rate looks GREAT! Also tiny uterine contraction, probably from all the stress/activity from this weekend...ugh.
    12/15/10-follow-up -baby looks great - heart rate of 155!! We got to hear the heart beating....such a cool sound. Bloodclot has gone down, so continue with limited bed rest. Contraction is gone-as the nurse said...my uterus looked very happy today.
    12/22/10 -Baby looks like a baby now. Saw it dancn' around. Placenta is carrying blood through the umbilical cord to baby, got to see the cord, placenta and the blood flowing through it...pretty neat. HR 178, heard the heartbeat again....so amazing. Blood clot is getting smaller.Continue rest.
    12/27/10-1st Obgyn appointment. Heard the baby's heart beat on the dopplar thingy. Overall great apointment. Got some restrictions removed and i can move down to the couch!!
    12/30/10- ultrasound- spoiled by fertility clinic's ultrasound machine and was so disapointed with this ultrasound from the outside and i could barely make out baby...but it did have hiccups..lol HR 170. Clot is smaller and will see DR every 2 weeks.
    1/14/11- Just your normal, run of the mill Dr apt. Nothing exciting. Heard the heartbeat -150's.
    1/27/11 - no ultrasound today, since no spotting for 2wks, believes the clot is gone. Can resume regular activites.
    3/3/11- GENDER ultrasound!! --LOL - or not. Baby hid it's goods, but was looking good. Concerns about my blood pressure still being on the higher end of normal, so blood pressure meds will begin, and next apt 2wks.
    3/17/11 - It's a girl!!!
    4/13/11 - failed my 1hr glucose test...doh
    4/18/11 - failed my 3hr glucose test.... double doh
    5/13/11 - had the most boring Dr. apt ever....everything is going well....FINALLY!!
    5/31/11 - Things are looking good - measuring 33wks - so about 1 1/2 wks ahead
    6/14/11 -

    Belly Pics -

    Counting the Weeks
    11/10/10 - Frozen embyro transfer - we transfered 2 lil' beans.
    11/19ish - began having crazy heartburn and 'man' burps
    11/23 - +beta...OMG-I AM PREGNANT!!!
    5wks: 1 little bean is growing
    6wks: Trip to the ER due to bleeding. Heard the heartbeat for the 1st time.
    7wks: heartburn has been less intense, indigestion if hungry. Waking up at night to potty, otherwise feeling great! Will feel icky if i don't eat every few hours.
    8wks: Feeling great, getting up at 2am and 430am to pee. Feeling less bloated. Harder to fall asleep, but that might be the bedrest starting to kick in. By the end of this week, started feeling a little icky during the afternoon, even when i eat. Ice cream seems to help it.
    9wks: Feeling less bloated. As quickly as morning sickness came, it's gone.....or not....
    10 weeks!!!!: Double digits!!! woot! Feeling way tired and just icky feeling...like bubble gut...i'm not liking the feeling and just feeling worn out and exhausted. Still spotting from clot, now with more activity, spotting a little more -
    11wks- started to feel GREAT in the begining of the week....i no longer have to eat every few hours....still continuing to feel great!
    12wks - Still feeling great and sooo happy to be moving into 2nd trimester...Have had some painful headaches this week, not cool. Bought babies first item for it's room -the lamp.
    13wks - feeling awesome and def. looks like i'm pregnant and not just eating too much. No weight gain yet.....awesome!!
    14wks -okay,from my pics you can't really tell, but when i wear certain things, def. looking pregnant. Feeling great and just want to feel this baby already!!! Round ligiment pain this week and SOOOO hungry....think i might be in for a growth spurt...
    15wks-that flew on by....
    16wks - at about 16.5wks i think i might've felt baby...it was like 2 lil' pokes
    17wks - went ice skating in the car and ended up hitting a curb. Luckly, all we need is a new tire and baby is doing fine. Pretty sure i felt baby at 17.6wks, driving home and def. had some movement going on
    18 wks - we're having a ...... stubborn baby!! Baby was shy and not showing the goods. Will have a sneak peak in 2 weeks. blood pressure still not going down - begin pills.
    19wks - feeling like i'm getting to be as big as a huge house....feeling baby lots more now.
    20wks- HALF WAY!!!!
    21wks - thinking of girl names, man, this is hard.....
    22wks - another growth spurt -strangers have started to ask when i'm due...
    23wks - - got some flower decals for a small area of a wall in the baby's room and hung the vallance.... love it!
    24wks - started to get a cramp at night in my calf....not cool. Realizing that i can't bend over as well as before pregnant and worn out faster.
    25wks - Failed both 1hr&3hr glucose tests, i'm very sad by this and just so worried now, even more so then before about our lil' TreeHugger....
    26wks - met with diabetes speicalist and a nutritionalist to help with meals...this week went by in a blur. DH is feeling TreeHugger from the outside more and more
    27wks - thyroid biopsy this week to rule out cancer - it's been an emotional week, but at least my sugars are doing okay.
    28wks - biopsy comepleted....now we wait. Still feeling good.
    29wks - biopsy bengin..woot! Crib put together, room is coming together nicely.
    30wks - yeah for 30 wks!!
    31wks- flew on by - felt hiccups, TreeHugger seems to get them about every other day.
    32wks -feel like my belly is finally looking all round and cute
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    My name is Holly, and my DH and I are 31. In March we will have been married 10 years. We started dating our senior year of high school, made it through a long distance relationship for 3.5 years, and have been happily married since. I am a post partum/nursery nurse, and I have a sweet 6 year old DD, and a busy 3 year old DS. We are not going to find out the sex of this baby, since this is our last one, and we found out with the first two.

    BFP 11/13
    Due date 07/25/11

    First OB Appt./US 12/20/10 -We have a heart beat of 173! Measuring 9 weeks.
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    : DD 5/25/04, DS 3/7/08, DS#2 7/21/11

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    Name: Shelley
    DH: Ryan
    DS: Arland (3yrs old)

    BFP: Nov 9th, 2010
    EDD: July 17th, 2011

    Our story: I've always dreamed about having a big family, and we've been working hard at it for the last 5 years, but have had more losses than successes (3:1). We're now being seen by a clinic that specializes in recurring miscarriages, and I'm hopeful that this will do the trick. We used Clomid (50mg) to conceive, and did so on our 6th cycle (with my son we used 100mg & conceived on the 5th cycle). Looking forward to our next little miracle!!!

    • Fri Dec 3rd - Ultrasound - We have a heartbeat!!! (150bpm)
    • Fri Dec 17th - Ultrasound - Lots of wiggling, and a h/b of 158bpm!
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    I finally feel comfortable enough to reserve a space. My name is Michele and have been married to my DH David for 11 years. We've had some serious ups and downs, but have always come out on top. Our original goal was to have our first child at 30. Little did we know how challenging this journey would be. We started actively TTC in Nov. 2007. It took a year to get pregnant, which ended up resulting in 3 losses within one years time, for a total of 4 losses (we had an oops pg when we were 20). I had a gamet of testing done only to find out that I'm "normal" and was told to keep trying. Instead of getting mad or upset like I usually did, I decided to relax and not stress about it. We kinda went in to JLIH mode and I gave myself a realistic goal of a pregnancy in Oct. when I started seeing the RE in July. I didn't think I was pg unitl my usual pre-AF spotting started and then abruptly stopped without returning.

    BFP: 10/30/10
    EDD: July 11, 2011

    11/3/10: Conformation pg test at OB's. Scheduled first 2 appts. with OB.
    11/8/10: Review family history. Weight 192lb.
    11/9/10: Spotting in the afternoon, emergency u/s. Saw gestational sac. 5w1d.
    11/15/10: Light bleeding in afternoon, emergency u/s. Saw yolk sac with baby. Saw the heartbeat! 6w0d. Weight 188lb.
    11/18/10: Scheduled appt. with OB. Urine sample taken and culture of cervix done. U/S showed yolk sac with baby and heart still beating! 6w3d. Weight 186lb.
    12/6/10: Small amount of blood seen in the morning, tapered off to brown spotting. Scheduled appt. with OB. Urine sample taken. U/S showed baby measuring 9w1d and a good strong hearbeat! Baby even wiggled a little! I MADE IT PAST 8 WEEKS! Weight 184lb.
    12/28/10: Scheduled appt. with Perinatologist to start genetic screening.

    I don't have any pics yet cuz I can't find my camera charger and the battery is dead.

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    My name is Jennifer (27) my DH is Travis (27), We have been together for 7 years and married for 1.5 years. We recently decided to try for our first baby and were lucky enough to become pregnant our first try! This journey is new and exciting and nothing like i thought it would be so far!! Im entering my second trimester and still waiting to "feel pregnant" Other then lots of bathroom breaks and wanting to spend my days napping away i feel great! We got our BFP November 2 and our expected due date is July 9, 2011


    November 10-Pregnancy confirmed at doctors office
    November 22-Dating u/s done
    December 10-Dr appt (heard heartbeat on doppler!)
    December 20-Follow up u/s (finally got to see and hear heartbeat on u/s 178bpm!)
    March 1- Found out we are having a BOY!

    Belly Pics

    Photobucket 12 weeks
    Photobucket 20 weeks


    11 weeks 2 days
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    --Jennifer and Travis--
    Brayden-June 23, 2011

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    Default Jenny's Space

    My name is Jenny (32) and my husband is Christian (30).

    A little about us...
    DH and I met in college, fell in love, and got then married. After two years of teaching we got pregnant. My first pregnancy went really well. I was able to finish the school year. Our DD was born in 2004. We lost our second pregnancy at 17 weeks. Our third pregnancy was considered high risk. We saw lost of specialist, but nothing was recommended. Our second DD was born at 30 weeks and was in the hospital for five weeks before coming home. The fourth pregnancy ended at 8 weeks. The fifth pregnancy (and we thought our last) was also high risk with lots more specialist. This time they recommended the 17-P shots. I had the shots weekly until I went into labor at 30 weeks again. Our DS was born the next day and was in the hospital for a little over five weeks before he came home with monitors. We moved to a new city when DS was just a year old. We were sure that we were done. After some complications with hormone contraceptives, we decided to make it permanent. The day that my DH had the procedure done, I found out that I was pregnant. Talk about the shock of our lives.

    Estimated due date - July 3rd


    Dec 23 - first appt. with the specialist. This is the first time we have seen this specialist because of moving. He recommended a cerclage. Had second ultrasound done. Everything looked great and they also ruled out major birth defects like downs syndrome.

    Jan 5 - cerclage is placed. It took hours for the spinal to wear off and we almost had to spend the night at the hospital.

    Jan 14 - appt. with regular OB/GYN. Check of the cerclage to make sure everything is ok. Baby sounded great.

    Feb 2 - Next appt. with specialist. Will be checking cerclage and doing ultrasound. the u/s will be to check the cerclage and make sure I am not dilating above the stitch. We are hoping to find out the gender, but since that is not the purpose it is questionable if they will look for us.
    Appointment was canceled because of the weather.
    Feb 3 - Will be going in to regular OB to get my first 17-P shot. If you've never had these, it is a shot in the rear end that hurts for about five days. Then one week after getting it, you go back in for another. You almost always have a sore bottom.
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