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    Bri's March Space!

    My name is Brianne, I'm 27 years old today (yep, 4th of July is my actual birthday!) I live in Pennsylvania with my husband Matt, two dogs, and a cat. I'm a high school history teacher. Matt and I have always wanted to adopt a child and since I was a kid that's what I envisioned for my family. We were very much committed to the lengthy process, but the recession changed our plans. We began to seriously discuss having a baby early this year. Once Matt got home from 4 months of Army training in Oklahoma I stopped BC and we started TTC. I tracked my BBT and ended up having fairly regular cycles (a first for me, thanks BC!). After a late period last week I took a test on Thursday and it was positive! I was shocked that it actually worked! We're a bit overwhelmed b/c we assumed this would be a longer process, but its very exciting.

    Pics of us:

    Pics of our furry kids:

    Tucker (boxer) and Haley (pit bull)

    Jazzy (Persian)

    Due Date:
    March 7th, 2011

    OB/GYM appointments:
    Thursday 7/22/10 @ 8:30am

    Everything looks good according to my doc. I didn't really need an ultrasound, but he let me get one anyway!

    Thursday 8/19/10 @ 8:30am

    Quick appointment today. The doppler picked up the heartbeat so no need for an ultrasound. Next up is to schedule my early Down Syndrome screening.


    Monday 8/30/10

    NT scan went well today! Got some great pics and so far. The doctor said my EDD based on the size of the baby is now 3/1/11.

    Sharing the News:
    Since we're VERY early on we have only told our immediate family and a handful of my close friends. We debated whether or not to say anything this soon, but decided that we wanted the support. I think my younger sister is the most excited of everyone!

    YIKES! Pics are huge. Will try to make them smaller next time.
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    Just got my BFP (July 4), so I thought I'd come claim my space!

    I'm a momma to 2 little people already - Stella (2.5) and Sebastien (18 months). I'm a doula and a childbirth educator, so babies and birth are a big part of my life. I'm a 'natural momma', and I homebirth, breastfeed, attachment parent and cook vegetarian and vegan for myself and my kiddos. I'm married to Mark who is a pastry chef, so food is a huge part of our lives.

    Anyway, I'm happy to be here!

    Due Date: March 13, 2011
    Married to Mark 05.25.07
    DD Stella Gabrielle - 12.31.07
    DS Sebastien David - 01.06.09
    DD Selene 'Lilu' Katherine Alice 03.16.11

    Homebirthing, breastfeeding, attachment parenting momma

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    Hi there, everyone! A little self-introduction to claim my space for March 2011: I'm a 27-year-old homemaker from the SF Bay Area. My husband and I have been married for four years now, and decided to start trying for our first baby in February. My mother's earlier dire warnings about using birth control turned out to be well-founded when we got pregnant that month, but sadly we miscarried at eleven weeks. After my d&c at the end of April we waited for a normal cycle to start trying again, and sure enough, the very next egg was just as lucky as that first one! So here I am, crossing my fingers that this little one will be ours to keep.

    Our estimated due date is March 8th, 2011.

    My BPF:

    On July 7th, I had my first bleed, pretty scary, and so on the 8th I got squeezed in for my first prenatal visit and ultrasound. We could see a gestational sac, but nothing else, which wasn't surprising because by my lmp I was only at five weeks.

    I had my betas checked - 7,000 on the 8th and 12,000 on the 10th, indicating things were still progressing. I also had a second ultrasound on the 12th, and we saw the gestational sac had grown, with a small yolk inside. Dr. M had me make an appointment for the next week, when we would hopefully see a heartbeat and be able to relax.

    On July 19th, we had a heartbeat! Nice and strong, measuring small for my estimated seven weeks but everything was present and accounted for. The embryo wasn't exactly showing off for the photographer - he/she is the blob with the two x's on the right of the gestational sac.

    Of course, with my pregnancy luck, we couldn't relax for long. On July 22nd I had another bleed, this time much heavier, longer, and with some heart-wrenching clots. The next morning I went in for my fourth ultrasound, and was amazed and thrilled to see the embryo still there, heart beating away. This time, Dr. M found the source of my bleeding, a large subchorionic hematoma up behind the gestational sac.

    August 3rd I went in again to check up on the embryo and the hematoma. While the "lake of blood", as Dr. M colorfully described it, was still present, it seems to not be affecting the embryo. This time, he/she decided to pose for the camera, and I could see the bulbous head, tiny little limb buds, and he/she even squirmed away from the probe once! Here's that ultrasound, at lmp nine weeks:

    We finally had a routine prenatal visit on August 17th. No sign of a hematoma on the ultrasound, and I hadn't had any bleeding since the 12th, so things were feeling good. We got our referral to get an NT ultrasound on September 3rd, more because we wanted a long detailed look at the fetus.

    On the day, our little one started out very active, rolling around and waving at the camera. Halfway through, he/she rolled over and went straight to sleep and would not budge however much we shook my tummy about. These photos are from 13 weeks.

    At 19 weeks I started to feel movement. Not a single flutter or tickle, but the occasional hard press. I figure he's stretching his arms and legs, just pushing me around from the inside.

    At 20 weeks we had our anatomy survey, and confirmed that it's a boy! I was hoping for a girl, but had been slipping and constantly referring to him as a "he" for a couple of months, so I'm used to the idea of having a little boy already. It practically wouldn't be a normal doctor's visit for me if they hadn't found something out of the ordinary. He's got unusually large kidneys, which 95% of the time the fetus "grows into". If he doesn't then it's a simple surgical fix after he's born, so I'm not worrying. Mainly it means that I get to go in for yet another ultrasound in four weeks to check up on his kidneys.

    These are some of our 20 week photos:

    On November 23rd we went back for our follow-up appointment to check on baby's kidneys. His left kidney looked fine, but his right kidney was still enlarged. This time, his left lateral ventricle also was enlarged. We met with a genetic counselor, who was overall uninformed but concluded we were at low risk for chromosomal abnormalities. We also had a fetal echocardiogram and found his heart and circulatory system were in perfect order. So after this appointment we were left with worries of isolated ventriculomegaly, a recommendation to get a fetal MRI, and another follow-up appointment for December 22nd.

    We got a few more keepsake pictures from that ultrasound, but discovered that ultrasound portraits creep us out way too much, looking a bit too much like a ghost, zombie, or Terminator with his face half melted off.

    At our December follow-up we got great news. It turns out the ventriculomegaly was just an anomaly that resolved itself and Little Man's ventricles were measuring nicely in spec. I was very glad that I postponed any discussion of a fetal MRI until after our next follow-up. His kidneys were still enlarged, but only barely. Everything else looked just fine, although we were told the kid has a big head...

    Our December 22 ultrasound photos:

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    Our baby boy is due March 14th, Pi Day!

    Lilypie Maternity tickers

    m/c 11 weeks 4/22/2010

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    Lost at 9 wks.
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    DH: Dan Married 6/26/04
    DS#1: Nate 5/26/06
    DS#2: Luke 9/27/07
    DS#3: Mark 2/29/12 -Leap Day!
    Baby #4 due - December 12, 2013!

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    Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    Me and BF TTC #1 since Dec 2006
    Bfp - Nov 5th 2007
    Missed m/c - Dec 21st 2007 @ 8wks
    D+C - Dec 28th 2007
    First af - 6th Feb 2008
    Blood work and u/s normal Nov 2008
    HSG 22 Jan 08 normal, tubes clear!
    SA 12 Feb 09 - good motility, good count, poss not so good morphology?
    1st round Clomid 15 Feb 09
    BFP 9th March 2009!!
    DS born 18 Nov 2009
    After not ttc but not preventing, BFP 5 July 2010!
    #2 EDD 14 March 2011!!





    7 July 2010 - Emergency doctor appointment as slight spotting when wipe, most likely implantation bleeding.
    16 July 2010 - Doctor appointment to request early reassurance u/s.
    19 July 2010 - First u/s - early reassurance scan! Only a gestational sac seen, tech said not to freak out as im only measuring at 5 weeks 1 day and its perfectly normal not to see anything at this stage. I had me at 5 weeks 5 days, so suspect late implatation. Re scan in 10 days, what a horrible wait!!!
    29 July 2010 - Rescan. We have a heartbeat!!! Baby and yolk sac seen, all looks great! Measuring at 7 weeks 3 days (2 ahead of what i had originally thought) - 10.6mm. I also have a 16mm luteal cyst on my left ovary.
    27 Aug 2010 -First midwife appointment. Routine booking in, form filling!!
    1 Sept 2010 - 12 week dating and NT scan! Everything looking fantastic! Baby kept still for NT measurement which was 1.3mm and then woke up! Baby measuring 5.67cm, 12 weeks 2 days. Placenta posterior!
    27 Sept 2010 -Private 16 week gender scan! YAY ITS ANOTHER BOY!!!! Baby looking good, hb 151bpm.
    28 Sept 2010 -16 week hospital antenatal appointment. Bp/urine normal, heard hb.
    1 Nov 2010 -21 week anomaly scan.

    7 Sept 2010 -Ordered my hire doppler!
    9 Sept 2010 -Yay!! Found heartbeat on doppler, found it quite easily too!! (13w 3d)
    30 Sept 2010 -Felt first braxton hicks, very faint when bending over to change DS nappy!
    2 Oct 2010 -First colostrum! Its all happening so early this time!!!
    4 Oct 2010 -10.55pm just felt a first definate kick! (17w)
    23 Oct 2010 -Felt baby kick when put hand on belly! (19w 5d)
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    Me: Tina(30)
    Hubby: Emil (38 )
    Petbaby: Hans the cat

    We've been TTC #1 little over a year, and finally on July 1st got our first BFP. Very excited but also scared something might go wrong.
    So far we only told my mom and one of my friends. Waiting for the end of August to share the news with rest of family/friends.

    Photobucket Photobucket

    March 10,2011

    July 20, 2010 - First appointment
    August 6, 2010-U/S
    August 18, 2010-Dr appointment
    September 15,2010-Monthly appointment-heard the heartbeat
    October 13,2010-Monthly appointment
    October22,2010-20week U/S(baby had legs crossed the whole time, gender unknown)
    November10,2010-Monthly appointment

     Pregnancy Ticker

     BabyFruit Ticker

     BabyFetus Ticker


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    Very early chemical

    Thankfully and happily
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    claiming my space.

    I'll make it all purdy soon, but here's my BFP's for now
    9 & 10 DPO

    11 DPO

    8 weeks 11 weeks
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    Cautiously reserving my space!!!
     BabyFruit Ticker
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    Due Date 17/03/2011

    I took 5 internet cheapie tests that all looked like this --->Photobucket

    Then I took a clueblue test at the same time as the last cheapie and got this, needless to say no more internet cheapies for me.

    1st scan 12/08/10 - 9 weeksPhotobucket

    2nd scan 13/09/10 - 13wks 5 daysPhotobucket
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