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    Shyanna's Space

    Due Date
    My Last few cycles have been so out of whack it isn't funny! My LMP was May 28th, 2010. According to that my EDD is March 4th, 2011. Cant wait to find out what the doctor says.

    July 4th, 2010 @5:03pm

    About Me
    Coming Soon!

    Pics of Us
    Shelby (My Fiance) and Myself
    My Oldest Two Xavier 7 & Alyssa 4
    The soon to be Big Sister Mackenzie(Bug) 2

    We also have two furbabies Odie (Oatmeal) and Cleo I'll post pics of them soon.

    Belly Pics

    Monday July 12th, 2010 at 12:00pm
    6weeks 3 days along baby is measuring at 5 weeks 5 days

    6 Week 3 Day Ultrasound July 12, 2010 @ 1pm

    July 4th, 2010 ~ BFP
    July 12, 2010 ~ 1st Appt. and 1st Ultrasound

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    Canada, eh!

    Default Kat's Space

    Cautiously reserving my space. Will add more later!
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    Brittany's Space

    Due Date
    EDD is March 5, 2011

    About Me
    My name is Brittany I'm a 27 yo sahm of 2 + this baby . I've been married since 2007 to my wonderful husband. Together we have a 3 yo DS (January 2007) and a 1yo DD (July 2009). This will be baby #3. I love to spend time with my husband, kids, family and friends. My hobbies are scrapbooking, reading, sewing, photography. My newest hobby is working out and getting back into shape. I absolutely love to swim and go to the beach.

    July 26th Interview Appt w nurse
    July 29th 1st prenatal appt measuring 8w4d...everything looks great and is right on track.
    September 2nd 2nd prenatal appt HB measuring around 150 bpm, everything else looks great. Given some new vitamins to try bc of my persistent nausea
    September 23rd Unscheduled appt due to high stress levels at home, pain, small amount of blood, and decreased mvmt. Found hb 135 baby seems fine, given antibiotics for a UTI. Must keep next wk's scheduled appt
    September 30th Scheduled appt, found hb easily, baby kicking a lot and moving to avoid doppler. Hb 160bpm. Baby seems to be doing great. Got Rx for "big u/s" and for a follow up urinalysis to make sure UTI is gone.

    July 29th Baby measuring 8w4d everything looks great. Strong hb keeping EDD of 3/5/2011

    July 2nd, 2010 ~ BFP
    July 6th, 2010 ~ Bloodwork confirmed BFP
    August 28th, 2010 ~ 13 weeks officially out of 1st trimester, hoping for nausea to end

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    A Little Bit about Us

    I'm Barb, wife to Adam ( married 9-10-04 ) and mama to Zack (Born Oct, 2006) and Dylan (Born January, 2009)
    We live in Las Vegas NV, but are originally from Chicago IL, we moved to Vegas a year ago. DH was offered a job that we couldnt pass up. and after a year we feel it was the best choice we have ever made!
    I am super excited to be having our 3rd as we always planned on 3 kiddos .



    August 9th @ 9am

    ***** Updating this Space*****
    Masyn Roystan was born at 36wks2days on February 27th
    6lbs2oz and 17inches long
    I had a very tough pregnancy with him I was hospitalized at 12wks for 2 days with a severe illness, and I have not been the same since.
    He is a Happy and Healthy Baby Boy. I am grateful that he did not suffer any after effects from all the treatment I received so early on.
    I actually went into Labor with him, my water broke, I had back labor all day ( even though at the time I had no idea thats what it was) he was born via C-Section a few min before midnight screaming. that was all the relief in the world to hear coming from your baby when they are born almost a month early!
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    Wife to Adam (7yrs)
    Mommy To Zack (5), Dylan (2) & Masyn born Feb2011


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    Elizabeth's space - wohooooo!

    In April 2009 my husband and I - then just engaged - had a lovely little boy called Roman

    He is absolutely the light of our lives

    Here's Alex (DH) and I on our wedding day, flying a kite at the beach

    Although I had an IUD fitted it appears someone, somewhere had a bigger plan for us - and a couple of weeks after getting back from honeymoon, here we are!

    Belly pics

    7 weeks
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    Lizi & Alex,
    DS - Roman Alexander William
    Expecting number two, March 2011

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    Blinkie Graphics Generator at TextSpace.net

    Blinkie Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    [My name is Jodi, I'm 27 I'll be 28 Feb 12. This is my first Pregnancy and this came as a big suprise to me. I was married before and almost for 5 years, nothing happened,I went on Clomid for almost 6 months my second year of marrige and never happened and now I can count that as a blessing. . So as I took it I was infertile I told my Boyfriend this but he kept saying he knew I could get pregnant. and he was right I found out July 9, 2010. I wasn't for the first time thinking about having a baby, We started to date Sept 9,2009 and have been together since. I love him so much someday I hope to be his wife. He has two amazing kids who I love as my own. So those two would of been our only children, but things changed and Sure enough we are pregnant. I'm Due March 11,2011. We found out we are having a little girl her Name is going to be Riley or maybe Rylee still thinking of how to spell her name.


    Photobucket(14 WEEKS)

    PhotobucketPhotobucket (24 WEEKS 5 DAYS)
    Photobucket (30 WEEKS)
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    Reserving my space, will be back to update!
    Meghan (33) & Darren (34)
    Married November 30 2007
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    Here are my BFPs. And I'm actually thinking of taking another this week, so maybe I'll update with a third

    12DPO 6-13-10

    13DPO 6-14-10

    6-19-10 Still pregnant! Woo!

    My husband and I have been married for 2 years on November 29, 2010. We couldn't celebrate our first anniversary because I wasn't ready to leave Cam over night; I guess this anniversary is going to be out, too, lol
    Our son Camden was born 6 weeks early on April 23, 2009 (DD June 3, 2009) after I had some spotting and preterm labor at 29 weeks. The labor ended up in a 3 weeks hospital stay. They let me go when I was 32 weeks, since the baby would be big enough to not-be-born on the way to the hospital. He waited two more weeks and then my water broke spontaneously at home (9pm) and less than 2 hours later (10:48pm) we welcomed a sweet 4lb9oz little boy.
    NICU stay was 12 days, because he had a hard time nippling/feeding. No other complications, so once he "got" it he came home at 4lbs3oz. And it doing amazing now!

    Cam was a complete surprised, but baby #2 was planned, just a month or so early

    Here's Camden at a couple months old going on a shopping trip.

    DueDate: March 25th tentatively (until I go to the doctor) Doc is going with March 27th, but that's close enough that while I'll tell people the 27th, I'm going to stick with the 25th for my tickers

    Belly: 7 weeks (starting point)......12 weeks.....................13 weeks................15 weeks

    20weeks (halfway!)........................24 weeks!...............29wks!.................33 weeks

    August 3rd - HB!

    10weeks 4days!

    18wk5days (19weeks)
    It's a girl!

    Next appt:
    all done with MFM!!!
    Reg OB: 2-14
    Internals start 2-28

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    Smile Jen's Space


    Fur baby: 11 year old sweet lab

    Due Date: 3-20-11

    We've been married almost 2 years, TTC for a little over a year.
    Two m/c 6/09 & 3/10
    We feel really good about this pregnancy!
    Stick baby stick!

    July 9th!!

    Blood work: 7/9
    Blood work: 7/12
    Put on Progesterone: 7/12
    Blood work: 7/19
    First U/S: 7/30
    First Appt. 8/9

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    Our RAINBOW baby is due on 3/16/11
    ~ Jen ~

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    Taryn's Space!

    Date of Ovulation 7/7?
    Implantation bleeding evening of the 16th-19th
    Tested positive evening of the 21st
    Baby #2 EDD March 29th


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