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    About Our Family

    We are a busy family with four children, ages 8, 6, 4, and a baby at home. We are building an awesome Amway business and my husband is working on his PhD in biblical studies and I am preparing to go to medical school. This is our last baby due to trying to balance it all out and we are just thrilled! I conceived while nursing and am still nursing while pregnant and hoping to stay in shape and have our healthiest most peaceful pregnancy ever!

    When we found out

    I have to admit, we were not surprised. We were 9 days past ovulation..not our earliest bfp but not our latest. (I've tested clearly positive anywhere from 7 dpo to 11 dpo). Confirmed by a family doctor at 12 dpo. Symptoms included breast tenderness, tired, nausea, dizziness, and being a little more sensitive than normal. Here's a picture of our last hpts ever taken!


    Growing Belly, Family, and Baby!

    5 Weeks

    Health Goals!
    Prepregnancy: 118 lbs
    Goal: Return to 118 lbs (5th pregnancy and time doing this..hope to do it one final time!!)
    Me (30)
    DH (33)
    DD (8 )
    DD (7)
    DS (5)
    DD (1)

    pregnancy calendar

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    Default Anne's space!

    I didn't do this with my DS, but decided I wanted to now!

    About us

    I am Anne, and my husband is Jack. We have been together 10 years, and married almost 8. We have a dog, Max, and our son, Jack (actually John, the 5th!). Jack (son) will be 2 in December 2011.

    I am a work at home momma, running a little tie dye business out of our kitchen. I love that I can be creative and people pay me to do it! My husband is a software engineer by trade and training, but is a program manager now with his company. He is working on his PhD in computer something and cyber security.

    This pregnancy
    I am surprised, not shocked about this pregnancy. Cautiously optimistic, we'll say. Until I see the baby, hear his or her heartbeat, and everything like that, I am just going to go with the flow.

    We got pregnant on our first not preventing month, so that's a good thing!

    I'll be adding more later, right now, I hear Jack playing in his crib.

    4/6/11-confirmed the pregnancy, saw baby's heartbeat-112 bpm. Measured 6w2d. Due date 11/28/11.

    4/28/11-Weight-not going to mention, but its 2 lbs lighter than I was before pregnancy. BP was 128/74, good for a doctor's office. Dr. feels confident that things will be good. Have to do my bloodwork and do a 24 hour urine catch/pre-e bloodwork to establish a baseline.

    First trimester
    Week 4-Wow! Can't believe I am pregnant!
    Week 5-took two more tests...just to be sure! Nice blue lines!
    Week 6-starting to feel a bit more fatigued and sore bbs. No real sickness yet, just can't stand the thought of eating poultry.
    Week 7-Nothing really remarkable-tiredness, sore bbs, nausea here and there.
    Week 8-See week 7.
    Week 9-A bit more tiredness
    Week 10-Holy moly tiredness, good amount of nausea...moodiness...gah!
    Week 11-
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    Hi am Hannah 23 and I have been with my wonderful Fiance Jonny 27 for 3 years.
    We are pregnant with our second child.
    Unfortunately we lost our child to miscarriage in June 2010. Hoping for a little girl but as long as our baby is healthy we are happy

    First Little Angel
    BFP 10th June 2010, MC 16th June 2010 @ 4wk1d

    Our 2nd Miracle
    Slight BFP 17th March 2011
    ClearBlue Digi BFP 22nd March 2011
    See below

    Pregnancy Confirmed: 22nd March 2011

    Awaiting date for scan etc, shall update soon
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    Talking Naya177

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    Never done this before so I figure I might give it a try this time.

    I am Amber 29 with 3 kids. Zach 9 ( 4-24-01) Danielle 6 (6-28-04) and Joshua ( 7-9-07). My boyfriend also has 3 kids Shailin 10 Tyler 8 and Gianna 6 months. I got my totally unexspected ( condoms and BC) BFP on March 11. Due date November 14 2011.

    First ultrasound 4-7
    First ob Appt. 4-18
    Amber Mommy to
    Zachary Kenneth 4-24-01
    Danielle Patrica 6-28-04
    Joshua Blake-Lee 7-9-07
    Landon William-Edward 11-10-11

    Soon to be step mom to
    Shailin Joy 12-19-00
    Christian Tyler 4-19-02
    Gianna Kathleen 10-12-10

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    I'm Rae, 37. The first time my DD lead me to this site over 5 years ago and I had been very surprised by the great group of Mum's I met on her birth group, many of us are still in touch routinely. Will edit and post more about us later!

    Due date: November 1st

    Ultrasound: April 6th 10wks 2 days, heartbeat 171bmp, wriggling around showing off for Mum

    May 24, 2011 - Dr's appointment, doppler 154bpm

    19 wks belly shot

    Ultrasound June 20, 2011 20wks 6days

    22 wks bellyshot -July 2

    July 8, 2011 - Dr`s appt. Heartbeat doppler 158 bpm, all from u/s looked good measuring fine but gender 'could not be determined'. Trace sugars in UT but blood fine 6.5, arrange GD test soon.

    July 28, 2011 - High reading results from Gestational Diabeties test taken yesterday, schedule fasting GD test soon.

    Aug 8, 2011 - Dr's appt. Heartbeat doppler 142 bpm, with baby wriggling and shifting all about. Trace sugars in UT but blood fine, no protein. Dr is happy with my weight. Says fasting GD test tomorrow as results from the first GD test were 9.5 (10 = GD). Not looking 4ward 2it.

    Aug 10, 2011 - GD test was tough, long, time-consuming and challenging with the fasting and 3x needles - but I got the all-clear report today, hurray!

    28 wks bellyshot -Aug 13

    August 28 3D Ultrasound - It's a Boy! Heartbeat 158bmp

    Sept 12 -Dr's appointment Doppler HB138, good BP, clear UT, weight fine.

    33 wks bellyshot - Sept 13

    35 weeks bellyshot - Sept 27

    Sept 29 - Dr's: doppler HB140, good BP, clear UT, gained 2.5 lbs in 2.5 weeks, tested for GBS.

    Oct 6 - weekly Drs now: doppler HB156, good BP, clear UT, weight up 1.5 lbs, GBS test was +

    Oct 13 - doppler HB138, good BP, UT trace sugar & trace protein, weight no increase.
    37 wks +2days bellyshot - Oct 13

    Oct 20 - doppler HB154, good BP, UT trace sugar, weight no increase. Cervix high & closed!

    Oct 23 Bellyshots! 38 wks 5 days

    Oct 27 - doppler HB156, BP good, UT trace, weight +1#, no CVX check, baby down a smidge.

    Nov 1 - 40 weeks appt, doppler HB148, UT trace sugar, weight same, no CVX check

    Fave fun Link - The 9 Month Miracle: http://www.umm.edu/pregnancy/000088.htm
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    Always Remembering Fraser & Payton
     Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
    Sending healing thoughts to Wyatt, get well soon brave little man!!

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    Hi! I am Julie (29), married to my dh Nathan (29). We have been married for 6 years, together for 8. I have been pregnant 6 times, and we have two living children. I have experienced 3 m/c (Jan '06, June '06, Oct '10). We have one daughter, Olivia, 4 years old (born 7/7/07), and one son, Noah, 2yrs old (born 04/14/09). We are expecting our third child this November! I am a SAHM now, but a Social Worker by trade. Dh and I own two business'. We frame houses, and design and manufacture architectual mouldings. I am not really sure how to upload pictures on here...
    Married to Nathan since July 2, 2005
    3 m/c (Jan '06, June '06, Oct '10)
    Olivia Colleen~July 07, 2007
    Noah Jack~April 14, 2009
    Logan Isaiah~November 22, 2011
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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    I'm late adding myself, as Trystan was due in December! But seeing as he's officially a November Sweet Potato, here's my space!

    Hello there! My name is Krystal, I am 29 years old and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I have been married for 5 years this December (our anniversary is the day after my EDD!). I have two beautiful stepsons (they live in Idaho with their mom, though), a nine year old DS, a six year old DS, a two year old DD... and #4 is due December 1!

    -Had first dr. appt 4/29... all was well!

    -First U/S was 5/3... right on with my EDD, baby's HR was 166!

    -OB appt 5/27, HR was 158... everything looks good!

    -Had an elective U/S 6/3 and found out we are having another BOY!!

    -OB appt on 6/9 was an emergency as I was prescribed some medication that was causing bleeding and cramping... everything turned out OK though, thank God!

    -OB appt 6/24... everything is good, just some backache, HR is 153!

    -Anatomy U/S was on July 8, he looks perfect, HR was 148!!!

    -OB appt 7/25... everything looks good, up 12 lbs now (uuggghh!!)

    -OB appt 8/23... all is well with baby, she can't get him to sit still to hear his HB because mommy drank Starbucks before her appt lol! Up 13 lbs...

    -OB appt 9/12... HR is great, measuring a week ahead, up 16 lbs!

    -OB appt 9/27... everything is normal and on track, up 20 lbs (shamefully lol)

    -3D U/S 10/4... baby is about 4 lbs, he's absolutely beautiful, chubby cheeks, lots of hair, HR is 138

    -OB appt 10/11... measuring a week and a half ahead, up 25 lbs, baby looks good!

    -OB appt 10/25... still measuring ahead, now by two weeks, up 28 lbs, HR is 145, she wants me to come in for an U/S to measure how big baby is

    -OB U/S 10/26... baby is measuring almost two weeks bigger than where he should be, they're now setting the due date around 11/22, estimated weight is 6 lbs 8 oz already, head is 9cm around!

    -OB appt 11/8... baby is measuring 41 weeks now and I'm dilated 3CM! OB ordered an U/S with a peri to get another guestimate on his weight and size... peri appt scheduled for Monday 11/14 as well as OB appt right after.

    -OB appt 11/14... had an U/S with the perinatologist, baby is still measuring large and estimated weight is 7 lbs 12 oz! Tested negative for GBS, Dr. says she doesn't want baby to go past 39 weeks due to his size, so she'll most likely induce the 25th or the 26th of this month... I'm 4CM dilated!

    -OB appt 11/22... during my cervical check I was dilated 6CM so the OB sent me straight over to the hospital to have him!!!

    Trystan Magnus Petersen, born November 22, 2011 @ 4:53PM, weight 9lbs 1oz, length 19in, apgars 8 and 9!!!
    Krystal & Donovan - 12/2/06
    Reagan - 10/2/02
    Maximus - 3/10/05
    Liberty - 12/11/08
    Trystan- 11/22/11
    My angel in Heaven 1/7/13

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