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    I'm Donna. I'm 42 and this is my first "successful" pregnancy. My DH, Jeff and I have been married since 2003 and we're beyond EXCITED for this journey! We have a dog, Kona, who unfortunately will be moving outdoors (she's not good around kids) in preparation of our family expansion.

    I recently had Gastric Bypass surgery (March 28th), so while this pregnancy is exciting, it is a bit SOON, post surgery--they'll be micro-managing my progression to help make this pregnancy as healthy as possible! I previously had two miscarriages (1993 and 1997) and two ectopic pregnancies (2006 and 2007). My surgeon and OB have categorized me as HIGH-RISK.

    July 29th - BFP on a Digital HPT
    July 29th - blood test confirmation 992 HCG / 26 Progesterone
    July 31st - second blood test 2005 HCG
    August 2nd - first ultrasound - SAC found - confirmation that pregnancy is NOT ectopic!
    August 11th - 6 wk ultrasound - SWEET PEA's heartbeat confirmed!!
    August 24th - 8 wk ultrasound

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    m/c 9/2010 due to blighted ovum
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    I'm Lisa (31) and I have a wonderful husband of 6 years, Evan (32). We have two beautiful daughters, Grace Elizabeth, who we were blessed to get pregnant with very easily, and Hannah Elise, who we battled for through 16 months of infertility. This time around, we were very lucky again, and got pregnant right away.
    I found out I was pregnant this time while away on vacation visiting my parents. DH was back home, so I sent him an email with a picture of the pregnancy test, and then called him to have him open the email while we were on the phone together.

    At 8 weeks, we were able to have an early dating ultrasound, which showed our little bean measuring right on, with a HB of 164. We were thrilled!

    At 20 weeks, we had our "big" ultrasound, and learned I am carrying another very healthy little girl. (Which I've suspected from the beginning).

    This pregnancy has so far been uneventful...the usual 1st trimester morning sickness, and second trimester heartburn being my only complaints. Hoping for an uneventful rest of the pregnancy as well!

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    DD Gracie 9/06
    DD Hannah 5/09
    DD Sophie 4/11

    DSC_7692 by laberglund, on Flickr

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    deleted--Blighted ovum--5 weeks 3 days, found out at 10 weeks 3 days
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    Sharon's Space

    I'm Sharon, 30 years old and married to Matt, 28 years old. I love telling our story! We were married on July 23, 2005 and 6 months after we got married, Matt was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He had a 22 cm tumor in his chest cavity (in between his lung, arteries, coming up OUT of his chest, and pushing down on his stomach). The doctors told us at the time that we needed to save sperm because he would be infertile from the specific chemotherapy they were putting him on. We couldn't afford to do that because it was thousands of dollars so we decided to trust God that if we were to have children, we'd have them.....naturally or adopted. So, Matt went through treatment and was officially declared in remission on October 23, 2006. Fast forward to December 2007, and I got a positive pregnancy test! Talk about a complete (but totally wanted) surprise! We were ecstatic! Our daughter, Ariel, was born on August 29, 2008. She is the light of our lives and is really just the coolest kid!! We were planning on trying for #2 in a month but I have been working on Matt to get pregnant sooner. I am beyond thrilled to be expecting our second and due in April!! We also have a furbaby, Shelby, who is 5 years old.

    Family Photo Album


    Positive Tests

    Appointments/special Dates
    August 16, 2010- Dr. Appt and Ultrasound- Pregnancy Confirmed....we have a "blip"!!
    August 31, 2010- Bloodwork and Ultrasound- Heartbeat seen- 125 bpm
    September 13, 2010- Dr. Appt
    October 12, 2010- Dr. Appt and NT scan- HB 155
    November 8 2010- Dr. Appt
    November 23, 2010- IT'S A BOY!!!!!!
    December 28, 2010- Dr. Appt- everything looks good! Glucose test scheduled for next appt
    January 25, 2010- Dr. Appt and Glucose Test- Glucose and Iron levels both look great!
    February 8, 2010- Dr. Appt- everything is good....measuring right on. Dr. labeled me "on cruise control"
    February 22, 2010- Scheduled Dr. appt
    March 8, 2010- Scheduled Dr. Appt

    (4 weeks, 1 day)

    (5 weeks, 2 days)

    (6 weeks, 6 days)

    (12 weeks, 4 days)

    (18 weeks, 4 days)

    Belly Pics

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    Baby Bear's space! EDD April 2nd.

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    Julia's space - will fill in later
    - Julia -
    Married to Joerg 12/11/2002
    Mommy to Emma 01/22/2008 and
    Oskar 04/22/2011

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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    Red face Denise's Space

    Myspace text generator

    Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Third Birthday tickers

    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

    EDC 4/14/2010

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    Staking a space

    EDD 4/24/11

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    I guess I should start a space too.

    I'm Erica, DH is Joe and we have two beautiful, charismatic daughters, Camille( Jan. 2006) and Lily (Dec. 200. I'm a former teacher and child care worker that began staying home once Lily was born. Camille had many health issues her first 2.5 years of life and it ended up that she had an undiagnosed swallow disorder, so she had been aspirating liquids since birth. This aspiration caused damage to the upper lobes of her lungs causing endless sickness and asthma. She is SO much better now. As she grows she has gotten much healthier and her lungs are repairing. Lily is a sweet doll baby, but can have a fierce temper. She is so determined. She's not a big talker yet, but she gets her point across. They and Joe are the joy of my life.

    As for this baby, talk about the surprise of a lifetime. There are still days, I think how can I do this, but I'm a firm believer in God. I know he has a plan and I just need to follow. We're hoping for a boy, but will be equally overjoyed with another girl. I've never had a sister, so watching my girls interact is fascinating and sweet to me. I feel like God gave me what I needed in them.

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    DH- Joe
    DD: C- January 2006
    DD 2: L- December 2008
    DS Connor- March 18, 2011

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