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    10 Weeks

    20 weeks

    25 weeks
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    ~Ruth, married to the Love of my life 6/01
    Mommy to six precious kids
    Steven 5/02 Abigail 8/03 Elisabeth 6/05 Benjamin 2/08 Levi 10/09 Caleb 4/11
    And one Angel Baby, Jonathan 12/06

    "Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it:" ~Psalm 127:1

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    My name is Sarah. Jeremy and I have been married for 4 years. Owen is 5 and was quite the surprise somewhat early in our relationship. We got pregnant with Grey right after we got married.
    We didn't know if we were going to have any more kids when surprise! After realizing I was a week late, I got a positive HPT on Aug 2, 2010.
    Owen was born naturally at a birhing center with an OB at 39w2d. Grey was born at home with a midwife at 40w3d.
    We're planning another homebirth this time around with another fantastic midwife.

    Belly Pics:

    40 week belly 2nd pregnancy:

    My husband with newborn Grey:
    One of me with newborn Owen:
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    My name is Diana and this is baby #2 for me. Total suprise! I'm due April 9th but have to have a c-section due to issues from a spinal fusion so we're just waiting to get the date to go in! Chris and I have been married for 4 years. We have a son, Riley, who is 3 and he has a daughter from a previous, Abby, 6 years who we have half the time. Our critters are Cassie(dog), Chase (cat) and Izzy (cat). Looking forward to adding this little bundle to our small and full house!
    My husband and I

    Belly Pics!

    8 Weeks

    12 Weeks

    16 Weeks

    20 Weeks

    24 weeks

    28 Weeks

    32 Weeks

    36 Weeks
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    # 3 is on the way!!

    My name is Dana, Dh is David and I'm almost 33. We're expecting our 3rd and final little bean on April 27, 2010! We have two little guys, Liam who is 4 and Gavin who will be 2 in January. A little girl would be a nice surprise but a 3rd little guy would complete our family perfectly.

    Major Dates

    July 21, 2010 - LMP
    Aug 18, 2010 - First + BFP!
    October 12, 2010 - IPS u/s
    December 1, 2010 - next u/s

    Weight Gain

    Starting weight -124lbs
    Weight at 8w - 128lbs
    Weight at 15w - 132lbs
    Weight at 22w - 139lbs

    Belly pics

    Other Favorite Pics

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    Default Baby #5 on the way

    Hello! My name is Kate. I live in Northern Utah. I know I am very late joining this group but I just found out about pregnancy.org from my sister. I am due on April 6th with my 5th child (6th pregnancy- miscarried #5 named Jordan at 13 weeks). I have a 10 year old boy named Payton, an 8 year old girl named Elaina, a 6 year old boy named Jared and a 3 year old boy named Luke. This baby is a GIRL! I am so excited that my daughter is finally going to have a sister! I am attempting a VBAC this time after #3 and 4 were delivered by c-section. We have decided that we will be naming our little girl Alexandria Fern. Her middle name is after my grandma since my due date is also her 90th birthday. I got to tell her a couple of weeks ago that was our plan and she was elated! I hope to be able to meet some friends on here and am excited to hear how delivery goes for everyone
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