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    Miscarriage 4/25/10

    My fourth angel
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    Default Kristina's Space

    My name is Kristina. I'm 27 and I married my wonderful husband Bill on June 27th, 2009. Found out in early April that we are expecting our first. I am very cautious as my sister suffered a miscarriage, so I'm definitely wary of telling anyone. So far I've only told my cousin who is also my best friend. I figured if I miscarried, I'd tell her anyway. So far so good, although my symptoms have been slight, which has me nervous. I had headaches for a few days, but they stopped. Then I went through an aweful stomach bug (believe me this wasn't pregnancy sick) which made me worry. I have slight nausea in the morning, but nothing major. My EDD is December 10, 2010.

    My husband and I are financially independent and do well for ourselves. We own a 4 bedroom house in a Massachusetts city just east of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, so plenty of room for family expansion. We have every reason in the world to feel completely capable of raising intelligent and wonderful children, yet when I first found out, I couldn't help but feel terrified. We just kind of decided two months ago that we were tired of planning everything around work and school (I finished my masters in accounting in December 2008 and now I'm working towards passing the CPA exam). I went off the pill and figured it would be at least a few months before anything happened. Now two months later, here we are. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely excited and just starting to allow myself to feel the excitement (I was cautiously optimistic the last few weeks). I have to imagine that these feelings are normal for a first-time mom.

    I have so many other questions, concerns and thoughts. When should we tell people? That is the big one right now. We are 6 weeks 3 days as of today. I have heard 12 weeks, but I don't know if I can wait that long. I guess we will see. I have my first two doctor appointments scheduled April 30th and May 17th. I will at least try to wait until the April appointment and discuss telling friends and family at that point.

    Another concern I have is work. Clearly I'm a worrier. I have sort of given off this "successful working woman" persona for the last few years. Friends and family consider me very career motivated. Yet now all I can think about is how I want to breast feed and how will I juggle that and work? How will I leave my infant every day to go to work (I don't think I'm willing to)? My current job has more been about learning than earning. I have a feeling I'm going to have to look for something that offers better pay and benefits, even for part-time work. I keep telling myself it will all work out in the end.

    For now I'm just trying to enjoy sleeping and doing as I please. I know in 9 months, all that will change.

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    Saving my spot! Hope I'm doing it right!
    I'll start w pics of my BFP's and I'll add more later. I'm leaving for work in a few mins.

    April 20th
    TTC Blinkies
    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

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    I'm Jennifer (27), getting Married to Michael (30), on May 15th, 2010. We couldn't wait til we were married to try for a child, so we started last month, kind of expecting it to take a few months or so to actually happen. Not the case. I am currently 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant. With an expected due date of Dec. 19th, 2010.

    Since I honestly didn't think that I would get pregnant our first try, I wasn't really keeping track of anything. I was late for my period, but with the stress of putting the final touches on the wedding plans, and exercising more, I figured this was normal, besides, I had all the symptoms of pms; cramps, bloating, sore breasts, etc. Then at 39 days since my last period, we decided to take a test, or 3. We even got another brand, just to be sure. we were shocked and happy. My fiancee hasn't stopped smiling. We are Thrilled.

    I had my first Dr. Apt yesterday, where I met with a nurse who gave us a ton of info on being pregnant, and some prenatals, also some blood work. My first full exam is on May 11th.

    My wedding is just under a month away and I'm hoping I will still fit in my dress! haha.


    6 weeks (I am holding it in cause I'm really bloated lol, so that little pouch isn't a baby, yet. haha just a starting pic) 4/25/2010
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    DH Michael 5/15/2010
    DD Ava Kathryn: 6/11/2011

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    Guess I should jump in and reserve my space ... I'll post pictures in a little while and spruce it up a little later, but for now here is a little information ...

    My name is Amber and I am 30 years old. I have been married to my DH, Ben, since October 8, 2005 but we have been together since March 2003. My husband is a United States Marine and we are currently stationed in Parris Island, SC where he is a Drill Instructor. He works 7 days a week for 16 + hours a day so needless to say he isn't around much . We have two amazing daughters. Brooklyn Daye was born via emergency c-section on April 29, 2007 (on her exact edd) and Mackenzie Maye was born via VBAC on May 21, 2009 (on her orginial edd!! but one week early according to her ultrasound edd). I have my BS in Microbiology and am trying to figure out what I am going to get my Master's in. That is going to have to wait for right now though being that we are now expecting a 3rd!!

    BFP: Home test, 4/24/10
    Hospital test, 4/26/10

    ~ Nurse appointment ~ May 12th
    ~ First doctor's appointment ~ June 9th

    Expecting a girl but praying for a boy!!!

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    Me: Sami I'm 27 yrs old, will be 28 in March 2011.
    DH: Joe 31, will be 32 Sept 15th
    We have been together since I was 16.. so we are going on 11 yrs together and married for 9 yrs

    DD #1: Debbie, born on August 11, 2003.. She is a sensitive red head, with bright blue eyes, a heart of gold, my sweetest little person

    DD #2: Kaytie (Kaydence), born on June 24th, 2005. She is my twin, through and through. Looks - Attitude she is all me.. She is my sassy girl, that does not put up with anyone messing with her big sister, she will stand up for her in a heartbeat. She loves to find new ways to make mama have a heart attack daily :0)

    Cat: Pixen he is my big baby, I'm more worried about him with the baby then I em with the girls...

    Location: Lakewood, CO outside of Denver...

    After 3 week so endless Mexican food the hotter the better.. I got this! on 4/20/2010

    I would not let my hopes get up about having a boy, I wanted a boy so bad but since all we have is girls I had no feeling towards what it would be.. We went in on July 7th, to see if we could see.. and well this is what we found..

    I cried and cried.. I'm so happy to have our boy, but also happy my oldest will not be moving lol (she threatened if it was another girl she was moving to Rapid City, SD)



    Almost 19 weeks

    Thanks for looking
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    Jana's Space


    First IVF Cycle

    3/20/10: Start FSH.
    3/26/10: First follicular scan. 10 follicles present.
    3/28/10: Second follicular scan. 7 follicles present.
    3/30/10: Third follicular scan. 6 follicles present. Take HCG trigger shot.
    4/1/10: Egg retrieval. 4 eggs retrieved.
    4/2/10: Fertility report. 3 eggs fertilized and growing nicely.
    4/4/10: Egg transfer. Transferred all 3 embryos. (2) 8-celled, (1) 7-celled.
    4/11/10: First BFP!
    4/15/10: First beta - 131.
    4/17/10: Second beta - 353.
    4/30/10: First ultrasound. Sac present and heartbeat seen!
    5/14/10: First ObGyn appointment - paperwork.
    5/19/10: ObGyn appointment due to Subchorionic Hemorrhage. Had ultrasound and baby is growing on schedule and has heartbeat of 173bpm.
    6/7/10: ObGyn appointment and NT scan and bloodwork. No visual markers for Downs Syndrome. Heartbeat of 165bpm.
    6/10/10: RE appointment and ultrasound. Heartbeat of 156bpm. Baby is growing great! Released to ObGyn and no more progesterone.
    6/14/10: Received NT blood results and all is NORMAL!!!!
    7/12/10: ObGyn appointment. Heartbeat of 166bpm. Gained 3 pounds in last 5 weeks. Current weight 151.
    8/5/10: Level II Ultrasound! It's a BOY!!! Everything was perfect! He measured about 7 inches (crown to toe, not rump) and weighed approx. 12 ounces. Heartbeat of 154. My current weight 155. I have a low-lying placenta that will be checked in about 8 weeks.

    Baby's 1st Photo

    Pregnancy Tests


    Belly Pictures ~ Bare

    Belly Pictures ~ Covered

    Our "Morphed" Baby

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    Jana & Tom
    Kaleigh Morgan ~ March 2, 1997
    My Angel Baby ~ 16 weeks ~ June 5, 2008
    Rhys Garrett ~ December 23, 2010

    My December Space

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    My Name is Vanessa, I am 27 yrs old (28 on May 19th). I was in the US Air Force for 6 years where I met my husband. We got married in England (where we were stationed) on April 2nd 2004. I married to Daniel (30) and in October 2004 we had a crazy mischievous little monkey-man who we named Logan. This is our 2nd pregnancy; we thought we would wait until June to TTC but alas, this bean had other plans. Needless to say, we are over the moon (in fact DH wants the bean to be here NOW!! BTW we are thinking Pink

    We had our honeymoon in Venezuela (where my family is from)

    First Pregnancy:
    I had a stellar first pregnancy but the birth was another story...It was a military hospital and I had an IV stuck in me as soon as I walked in the door After 30 hours of labor (no meds) I ended up having to get a C-section. This time around I am hoping for a VBAC and even hoping to have a Midwife instead of an OB. It is a very hard process to find Birth Centers here in CT (the closest to me is 1 1/2 hrs away. We'll see how it goes...

    DH and I when we found out we were pg with #1

    21 Weeks Pg with #1

    Ready to Pop!

    My Logan Monster 1 week old

    And here he is last summer

    We got our BFP on April 23rd after I joked that "the girls" were sore an DH said "well, maybe you're pg!"

    My first appt was May 24th: we saw our bean, met the midwives and got to hear the beautiful HB at 147 4 more weeks until the next appt!


    May 24th 2010 EDD was changed to Jan 2nd HB was 147 beautiful BPM

    Belly Pictures:

    6 weeks 2 days showing like I was at 16 weeks with Logan!

    From the front

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    Vanessa And Daniel 2 April 2004
    Logan Gabriel 2 October 2004
    Illyana Karenna 3 January 2011

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    Guess it's time to claim my space

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    My Name is Dennie and I married my husband Josh this year March 14. Our first pregnancy was 11/09, we wanted to try before we got married. We lossed the baby on New Years Eve. We waited and tried to get pregnant the week of our wedding. Well so far so good! I am about 17 weeks today. I'll post more pictures and that kind of stuff later.

    EDD Dec. 1, 2010
    HB 150

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