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    I'll take the next "space"!

    I'm Jelene. Married to DH for 5 years. We were blessed with our beautiful daughter in April of 2007, and our DS in May of 2009. We are expecting our 3rd in November of 2010.

    3/24/10- BFP
    3/26/10-Doctor says Yep I'm pregnant, and due Nov 23rd.
    4/5/10-1st u/s. I say I am 6 weeks-due Nov 30th., Tech says I am 6 weeks, Doctor says I am 7 weeks.
    4/8/2010- Doctor confirmed over the phone that my due date is now Nov. 30th given the ultrasound results. He said it was a textbook u/s for 6 weeks.
    6/21/2010-(17 weeks)We were told our baby has a 34 in 100 chance of having downs syndrome. We did the sequential screening test. And now we are doing a Level II ultrasound soon where, besides measurements, they look for any indicators. Now we prepare ourselves for the possibility of having a baby with Downs. How to take care of him/her, what medical conditions could we be facing, etc.
    7/6/2010-(19 weeks)- Level II ultrasound shows no indicators of Downs. All our preparing and worrying is now set aside. yes the chance is there, but now is minimal. Doctor said a baby born with any syndrome will show at least 2 indicators on an ultrasound. Especially Downs because of the common physical features. Now we can go on with our pregnancy and relax now.
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    ***I'll take this space***

    I found out I was pregnant at 4w3d,
    first u/s 6w1d no heart beat detected yet, however normal for the type of u/s I had and it was just a quick scan as my progesterone was a little low.

    Can't wait to enjoy the experience of being pregnant, and hopefully ENJOY it, unlike my first where I was always nervous about every ache and pain

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    i should reserve this space im prob the last just slowup date soon
    me-Georgina DH-Mehmet DD-Lorna Grace

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    Love the spaces idea.

    I am Meagan, mother to Brian (July 2003 Ruby Cutie). I got engaged to John on Halloween 2009. Three weeks ago, we found out that my Ortho Evra failed miserably and we were 7wks+ pregnant. Turns out God has a great sense of humor. Our wedding is set for 10/10 and the baby is due 11/11. [No, I don't want to wait for wedding until after baby is born; no, we can't move it up due to both sets of parents living internationally currently and because the reception location said we would forfeit and have to repay our deposit if we moved the date. ]

    This pregnancy has been very different from my last. I'm 31 now; was 24 when I got pregnant with Brian. I had no nausea and no breast changes with him. Just wicked bad sciatica. This time I have been exceptionally nauseated and vomiting. That seems to have finally stopped and now I am just super dizzy. I am also extremely hormonal - crying, grouchy, generally unpleasant. Not to mention already showing at 10 weeks. All of my clothes are uncomfortable and my body hurts. Waah. Having a hard time getting happy about all of this, especially as I face selling my dream wedding dress and being 37 weeks on my wedding day. That said, babies are a blessing and I know it will work out. Just hoping I can get with the program soon.

    I'm really not usually such a downer. I got a lot of support from PG.org when I was pregnant before (and for several years after) and am hoping to find a community here, too, so that we can commiserate on all the pregnancy fun rather than driving our family, friends and coworkers nuts with the constant baby talk. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

    **10-week pic**

    **12-week NT Scan**

    **17-week OB visit**
    OB says baby is growing "perfectly" with a heartbeat in the 160s. Have gained only 2lbs. Big u/s scheduled for June 15!

    **19-week Big U/S**
    It's a boy!
    And we are about a week ahead of schedule!

    **25 weeks**
    DX'd with DVT (blood clot) in leg on 7/20. Put on Lovenox 2x/day for the rest of pregnancy and beyond... Two weeks bed rest.

    **26 weeks**
    OB/Gyn says she will have to induce me at 38 weeks so we're looking at 10/21 or 10/22 for delivery.

    **27 weeks**

    **28 weeks*
    Well, amazingly, bed rest has made me lose weight. Probably because I have no access to salt & vinegar potato chips and chocolate - LOL. Saw doc today and I am now only 4lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight (which means I lost 14 of the 18 I had gained). I'm normally a 14/16 so I had weight to lose. Doc's not worried.

    Still on bed rest for blood clots in leg until at least end of August. My BP was slightly elevated (normal for me is 95/60 and today it was 118/75) and baby's HB was 170 (!) so they put me on a monitor for a while. Baby was still kicking up a storm, though, so they said all is fine.

    My son, 7, has a Big Brother class and hospital tour this weekend. FI is going to drive us all down there and they said I can use a wheelchair so I can still participate in everything with him.

    Happy about the weight and looking forward to the tour this weekend. My son is so cute - keeps saying, "What if I don't learn it all before the baby comes?" Awww...

    **30 Weeks**

    **32 Weeks**
    Went in last Thursday for my 31-week appointment and a consult with a perinatologist. Perinatologist said "Mommy is miserable but, fortunately, baby doesn't seem to notice." She said even though I keep losing weight (now lost all 16 I had gained and about 3 more this week), the baby is growing well. He's 4lbs and looked good on ultrasound. He's breech right now. She wants me to continue on anti-seizure meds, agrees with neurologist that I should start physical therapy for headaches and see if I can get the nausea under control that way (versus Zofran) because perhaps it will help me eat more. They want me to try not to lose more weight this month and will rescan me October 1 to see how baby is doing and whether he is still breech.

    **34 Weeks**
    Still sick as a dog. Almost puked on one of my bridesmaids today. Third week of physical therapy this week and not much improvement. That said, we had a block party today and my fiance pulled a chair out for me in front of the house. I was able to participate for about 45 minutes and it was nice to get out.

    **37 Weeks**
    Got married 10/10/10 and made it through. Then spent last week puking, exhausted and recovering from it all. Now I am just DONE. OB has set induction for 10/22.
    Wedding Gown 37 Weeks Side
    37 Weeks Front 37-week Torpedo!
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    Default Baby #2

    Hi, I'm Stefanie, and I'm from Texas. I have a 13 month old son, and (Surprise to us!) we're expecting baby #2 in November. I'm 9 weeks, 2 days.
    Looking forward to meeting you all!

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    Hi, I'm Jenny (35) married to Michael (43). We have a beautiful little girl, Catie, who will be 2 on July 8th. I'm expecting my second little girl on November 15th.

    My screen name is furbabymama because I had 3 dogs and a cat while my DH had 2 dogs when we met. Therefore, we have a brady bunch of animals.

    I'll have to pizazz this and make it more interesting when I have more time.
    Jenny, Michael, and Catie

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    ***Mandie (27) and Matt (26)***
    3 years of ttc, one m/c, dx of PCOS and MFI lead up to one sticky baby boy!
    The growth of Probie (EDD: 11/27/2010)

    Belly Pics:

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