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    Smile ***September 2011 Spaces***

    **September 2011 Spaces**

    Welcome to September 2011 and Congratulations to you all!

    Please reserve your spot here AFTER you get your BFP.

    Spaces are reserved for sharing...
    1. Something brief about yourself
    2. Info about your appointments
    3. Pics of your BFP, your growing belly, ultrasounds, nursery shots, etc.
    4. Additional pregnancy tickers
    5. Anything else you want to share related to your pregnancy (please keep as brief as possible).

    Please read the following before posting!

    * This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

    * Once you reserve your "space," edit it each time you post something new. Please DO NOT create a new post for each new picture/piece of info you are posting. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of your post.

    * Because this is already a picture-heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by un-checking the "Show your signature" button before your click "submit" to post your message.

    * Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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    I'm so excited to get the first spot!!!!

    EDD 8/30, but I ALWAYS go over, so I'm guessing first week of September (hence me being here and not in Aug) My first was 04/14/04, my second was 01/09/09... I've been lucky enough to have easy to remember dates, who knows, perhaps I will end up with 09/10/11

    I had two cycles with mid cycle bleeding. With this last round (light bleeding CD14,15,16) I started taking OPKs on CD16. I got an "almost" positive on CD18 (afternoon), followed by a negative in the evening on CD18. I considered CD19 as 0dpo.

    I started having common for me PMS symptoms on CD25 (I think) and thought for sure that AF was gonna show. Those symptoms quickly morphed on me and became REAL prego symptoms. Here's a link to my symptom chart.

    Countdown to Pregnancy - My Early Pregnancy Symptoms

    1st prenatal/confirmation: 01/04/11
    Beta draw #1 1/4/11 was 34,185
    Beta draw #2 1/6/11 was 55,065
    1/13/11-U/S showed a 7 week 2 days baby with a heart beat of 150!!! U/S also showed a "mass" on the left side, doctor is uncertain as to what it is and is unwilling to rule out ectopic/uterine pregnancy combo. Doc suggested another u/s in Feb.
    1/24/11-OB Intake U/S scheduled for 2/1/11 was rescheduled due to my having stomach flu.
    2/4/11- U/S showed a healthy 10 week fetus and NO MASS was detected! no pics, though.
    2/10/11-we moved! 6 hours away this means, another OB intake appointment must be done.
    2/18/11- OB intake.. again. New doc. (well, old doc for me, but it's been over a year since I've been there). Went well. I'm now 12 weeks and +2 lbs from pre pregnancy after losing 8 with the stomach flu (that landed me at -3).
    3/7/11- First appointment with my actual dr. Same dr that delivered Daniel. Up to +6 lbs from pre-pregnancy (making me 139). Heard the heartbeat on the doppler and scheduled my next appointments.
    3/10/11- Trip to ER due to non-stop heart palpitations that were interrupting breathing causing me to get lightheaded and tingly. 3 hour wait in waiting room with mom resulted in normal EKG because they had stopped by then.
    3/11/11- Picked up 24 hour holter monitor to wear at home to catch heart palpitations.
    3/12/11- Went to return holter monitor and it was discovered that the device malfunctioned. Was told to return on 3/14/11 for another try at the 24 hour monitor.
    3/14/11- Wore the 2nd holter for 24 hours. Had some palpitations to report. Turned it in on 3/15 and the computer showed that the data was collected and transferred correctly. I did see a couple of "red spikes" in the graphs that I hope is the palpitations and holds value towards figuring out why I'm having these. After turning the holter monitor, I went home and had another rough day of palpitations. They were almost as bad at the ones on 3/10, but through rest they were not worthy of heading in to the ER again. I found that for every 5 minutes of activity, I'd be stuck on the couch for 30 minutes (at least) laying down. Can't wait on the results of the holter.
    4/4/11- 19 week appointment. My holter monitor was normal. My doc's not concerned. I'm now at 144 lbs (+11 from pre-preg), and heart rate was 150.
    4/12/11- 20 week anatomy scan went well, we are choosing not to find out the gender and the tech honored that desire and didn't even look for herself. HB was a little over 150 and it was confirmed that I have an anterior placenta.
    5/2/11- 23 week appointment and GD blood test--Everything looked great. HR was still a little above 150. I've gained more weight and doc has encouraged me to keep an eye on it (now at 152). I passed the GTT.
    5/12/11- found a black growth in pubic hair last night, saw doc about it. Diagnosed as a Pyogenic Granuloma (a skin growth full of blood vessels) and treatment options were discussed. I will likely have it removed due to it's annoying location.
    5/31/11- 27 week appt. BP good, urine clean, HR great, weight at 155 making it +22lbs from pre-pregnancy. Belly measured 28-29 weeks.
    6/8/11- nurses visit for Rhogam shot.
    6/13/11- call in appointment for bacterial vaginosis. Weight 158 bringing me to +25lbs from pre-pregnancy.
    6/30/11- 31 week appt. and possible removal of Granuloma. --Granuloma was not removed because it was not there anymore . Weight 159 (+26lbs from pre-pregnancy). Heart rate good, baby's moving great. BP, Pulse, Temp and Urine normal.
    7/1 & 7/5- after DTD the night before, I have lost a couple of small pieces (if not all) of my mucous plug. I lost them early with each of my other two kids and knowing they can regenerate I am not calling my doc unless I start noticing contractions or blood.
    7/22/11- 34 week appt. with GBS screen. Check up went good. I've been having increased BH's and some coming with vaginal pressure, so we did a check today. My cervix is anterior and high, but about 75% long and the outside opening is wide and loose. I am about a fingertip dilated and baby is resting comfortable in front of my cervix. My doc is certain that as soon as it's go time, it will go fast. I am at 161lbs (+28lbs from pre-pregnancy). BP & Urine both good. Baby's HR is perfect and we should have the results of the GBS test next Tuesday. ALL of the rest of my appointments are scheduled (5 total) and I see my doc 3 times of those. 1 more two week appointment, then on to weekly's!
    8/1/11- impromptu appt for progress check due to contractions growing in intensity. 35 weeks 6 days and I was 1cm. This is all I remember.
    8/5/11- 36 week appt. Went well. I felt too weak to pay attention to my weight, but I think it was about 162? My bp and urine were good. The doc noted that my urine was the most hydrated she'd seen all day. Baby sounded great and we didn't do an internal cause I felt too tired to take off my pants.
    8/12/11- 37 week appt. No internal check. Weight 162, so +29lbs from pre-pregnancy. Baby sounded good quick u/s verified that baby is head down.
    8/12/11- brief trip to L&D to check for amnio fluid leak. Negative on amnio fluid test, and no cervical check, but a few good contractions showing on monitor.
    8/13/11- contractions went away during sleep. Had a couple of minor ones once moving around in the am. DH and I had a "quicky" and about 30 minutes later I started having frequent contractions with pressure of baby pushing down. I went for a brisk walk and got them more frequently and intense. But they were irregular and I pulled my hip out, so I stopped... and so did the contractions.
    8/18/11- 38 week appt. 2cm everything else looked good.
    8/26/11- 39 week appt. 3cm 50% effaced, membrane sweep. Blood tinged mucous started right away and then labor.
    8/29/11 Baby Evelyn born!!! 4:28pm 7lbs 0oz, 19.5 inches long. Her head was perfectly round cause she was born so quickly and it was 13.5in in diameter. After 3 days of prodromal labor, active labor was a little over 1 hour.
    9/2/11- 40 week appt. This became Evie's check up since my doc is now her doc. She was 2oz shy of birth weight and looked good color wise (she was jaundiced before we left the hospital).


    11dpo (roughly) FMU 12/18

    13dpo (roughly) 2MU 12/20

    Belly Pics (click on "view all images")

    20 week ultrasound

    4 days old

    3 weeks old with big brothers
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    BFP 12/18/10 at 10dpo... First cycle TTC #2!!!!!

    Jan. 26th: First appointment with midwife, got to hear the heartbeat! In the 160's, same as DD at this gestational age (9 weeks). Great appointment!

    March 9th: Second prenatal appointment. Good, strong heartbeat. MW had to chase baby around to get it! Baby was very active and kept kicking the doppler. Everything is looking good- got to schedule the big ultrasound!

    March 18th: Closing on new house moving! We must be crazy to do this with a two-year-old and while I'm pregnant and really sick!!!

    April 6th: Big ultrasound! It's a boy! Everything looking good

    April 12th: First meeting with doula

    April 13th: Third prenatal appointment. Everything is good- measuring right on schedule. Baby didn't want to stay still to have his heart rate checked!

    May 18th: Fourth prenatal appointment. Everything is good... just a quick appointment. Blood pressure was 98/60! Changed my due date back to August 31st (it had gotten moved up by the ultrasound). Midwife agreed to keep the later date to give baby as much time as possible to come on his own.

    May 21st: Ultrasound with FIL while visiting family. Got to see baby yawning, sucking his thumb, waving, etc. Got a much better look at him than we did at my anatomy scan, but no pictures.

    June 8th: Fifth prenatal appointment. Blood pressure 112/62, belly measuring right on, only gained one pound since the last appointment- yay! Baby's heart rate in the 140's. Took the 1 hour glucose test and failed .

    June 14th: 3 hour glucose test... passed!!!

    June 30th: Prenatal appointment- everything looking good Lost 1/2 lb!

    July 14th: Trip to L&D due to decreased fetal movement. Turned out just to be a little dehydration.

    July 16th: Baby shower!

    July 21st: Prenatal appointment- the usual- everything fine.

    August 4th: Prenatal appointment- everything good! Baby is back to being head down after some acrobatics over the weekend.

    August 8th: Last prenatal appointment with doula.

    August 11th: Weight the same as last week, blood pressure good, heartbeat good, baby's head is nice and low! Having a few contractions here and there, but don't think anything is imminent.

    August 19th: Everything as usual, except midwife freaked me out by estimating the weight of the baby. Trying not to think about that. He doesn't feel enormous to me, and weight/belly measurement is still fine, plus I have plenty of fluid, so I'm thinking she may have been a little generous with her estimate.

    August 25th: Prenatal appointment scheduled

    August 31st: Due date!

    September 1st: Prenatal appointment. Blood pressure, weight, heart rate, etc. all good. Totally discouraged by cervical check- completely closed!!!

    September 6th: 40 weeks, 6 days- Welcome to the world, William Ronan! Actually went into labor on my own! Successful VBAC!!!

    Dating Ultrasound 1/27, 9 weeks 1 day according to O date, 9 weeks 4 days according to ultrasound. Saw heartbeat, 160bpm. Baby was moving like crazy!

    Anatomy scan... couldn't get a good pic because his hand was in front of his face!
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    My last appt was on V-day. Everything was good. HB was 166.
    Next appt, March 21. Will be able to do multiple marker screening if we choose to do it.

    Here's a pic at 7 wk 6 days.
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    My angel is gone too soon. January 28, 2011
    9w2d, measured 7 weeks, no heartbeat.
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    BFP on 12/19 @ 9dpo, confirmed with a digi 12/20! We are thrilled everything has been healthy and normal so far!

    EDD: September 2nd, 2011!


    1st ob: 1/21 @ 2:30, quick dating u/s, saw a strong little hb at 175!!

    2nd ob: 2/18, up 3 lbs (ugh), hb at 174

    3rd appoint: 1st Midwife appt!! 3/15 at 12:30 - can't wait!!!


    coming soon!
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    Erin's Space

    My name is Erin, I am 30. I have been married to my hubby, Tyler (35), since July 19, 2003 (almost 8 years). We were blessed with a little girl, Hayleigh, on June 6, 2009. I am a petroleum geologist and my hubby is a SAHD (for the time being)!

    Despite the stomach flu and a horrible cold, we are expecting a surprise on September 5, 2011.

    I have no symptoms thus far and thus I am hoping this pregnancy will be as easy as my last.
    09/01/2011 (6 weeks) - tummy upset has started and I am definately tired - I didn't have any of this with Hayleigh . I also have some cramping
    03/02/2011 (9 weeks) - Exhaustion and tummy ache starting to ease up. They have been replaced by crankiness
    17/03/2011 (15 weeks) - felt LO move
    16/05/2011 (24 weeks) - Viable!!!
    06/06/2011 - Hayleigh's 2nd birthday and 3rd tri begins
    14/06/2011 - Some spotting and increase in BH; Lost mucus plug on 15/06/2011. Cervix is still high and closed

    5 weeks: 140 pounds
    6.5 weeks: 141 pounds
    7 weeks 4 days: 141 pounds
    8 weeks 3 days: 139 pounds
    9 weeks 1 day: 139 pounds
    11 weeks: 141 pounds
    12 weeks: 139 pounds
    13 weeks, 2 days: 135 pounds
    16 weeks: 141 pounds
    17 Weeks, 2 days: 141 pounds
    19 Weeks, 4 days: 143 pounds
    21 Weeks, 1 day: 141 pounds
    22 Weeks, 2 days: 143 pounds
    23 week, 2 days: 146 pounds
    27 weeks: 148 pounds
    29 weeks, 3 days: 154 pounds
    31 weeks, 4 days: 156 pounds
    34 weeks: 158 pounds
    35, 3 days: 159 pounds

    Initial appointment: December 28, 2010 - Got my EDD
    Surprise appt: Went to see doc due to bad cramping - turns out it is gas and constipation cramping. Did get to hear the HB (at only 10 weeks) of 162
    First prenatal: February 22, 2011 - weight 63 kg; HB 156
    Second prenatal: March 22, 2011 - HB 166, no weight gain (63.7 kg); got the go ahead for travelling
    Big ultrasound: April 7, 2011 - Baby is very healthy and measured right on with my due date; Suspecting girl; HB of 150
    Third prenatal: April 19, 2011 - Baby HB 160, very active; prescribed laxatives for constipation and had the STD swab (better late then never)
    Fourth Prenatal: May 18th - everything good; given the go ahead for vacation
    Fifth Prenatal: June 15th - Regular visit but folow up to previous days hospital visit for bleeding. Taken off work for the rest of the week to see what happens
    Follow up appointment for bleeding: June 22nd: diagnosis was partial placental abruption and there is no risk to me or baby
    First OB Visit: July 7th - weight and BP good, cervical check revealed a polyp, doctor signed cord blood donation form. appointments every 2 weeks
    July 27 - Weight,, BP looked good. Doc did U/S and saw that baby is measuring at 31 weeks. Scheduled another u/s next week to see if anything has changed
    Aug 4 -

    Belly Pictures:
    (6 weeks)
    (12 weeks)
    (18 weeks)
    (24 weeks)
    (30 weeks)
    34 Weeks

    My Cabbage Test:

    Nursery Pictures:

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    BFP 11dpo 2nd cycle TTC
    EDD sep-8 (DH and my 5th year anniversary )

    First OB appt on Jan 24th(will be 8 weeks)

    5w2d=had bright red spotting that started in evening and lasted through night and tapered off the next day. 5w4d(monday) went to the OB to have blood drawn and a repeat on 5w6d.

    hcg 37912
    progesterone 13.4


    hcg 43466

    with those numbers being so high they decided to do an u/s heard the heart beat on 6w1d heart rate was 119

    sorry, i forgot about my space for awhile.
    4-27. we found out our LO will be a girl!!!!heart rate was 146 weight measured 1lb3oz

    everything looked good. only gained 1 lb since last month and the doc was really happy about that. LO heart rate was 146. next month is the sugar glucose test

    GD drink today, will know results tomorrow. up 8lbs this month. my bp was excellent and baby sounded great. doc said she "sounds like a boy" LOL

    failed the one hour test. passed the 3hr. When theytold me i failed the one hour they also told me my platelets were low. normal range low is 140 and mine was 137. they want to do a redraw a month from now

    7-6checkup 31w
    lost a half a pound! i thought i was going to get yelled at for weight gain. by feel dr thought LO is still head up, but not sure. heart sounded good.
    platelet redraw results came back at 139. still low/normal. so far so good, but they will continue to keep an eye on that until D day

    8-17 36w6d
    apt went well. i was just there on 8-12 with no progress and today i am 2cm and 50%effaced. heart sounded great. i was up 2 lbs, but she didn't say anything about it so i guess it's fine. i got a dr note so i can wear gym shoes to work because of the swelling. though i'm gonna try to get away with my adidas sandals cuz i can barely get gym shoes on and they will make me hot and they will recheck my platelets next week

    no symptoms yet really, fatigue at times, Dh says mood swings(forget him!) and my belly has been a little queezy!

    Jan 5(4w6d)....breast tenderness really started for me today!

    To Come

    I had HIP(pregnancy induced hypertension) with my last and was on bedrest the last 3weeks up to delivery of my DD, sooo just hoping this doesn't happen again or that it doesn't devolep to pre e(why they put me on bedrest, they were afraid the HIP would develop to pre e)

    I also had horrible M/S from weeks 7-20. i lost 15lbs before i started gaining back because hardly anything stayed down

    my DD1, Jocelyn Renee

    my business
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    My name is Mari, I am 30. I have a 2.5year old son, and am expecting my next baby 9/05/11. We are team green

    BFP 12/23/10

    I have GDM with this pregnancy again, I had it with DS. With DS I lost 25lbs. while pg. I feel it was a combo of eating better and exercising more. So far this pregnancy I have lost 15lbs. My OBGYN isn't concerned, but my GDM nurse would like to see me gain 1 lbs a week. My next appointment/ US is June 16.

    What my DS thinks I am having...DH and I ask our DS what we are having, just to see what he would say. First, it was a brother-sister and now it's a Puppy. He also thinks that he is pregnant and is also having a puppy. He will lift up his shirt and show me his puppy belly.
    I asked him again last night just to see what he would say.. He said a sister and he is still having a puppy.
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    My name is Shyla. I am 32 as well as my dp. This will be my second pregnancy. First one ended in early m/c. This was our first month not really trying to concieve but not really preventing either...so this is quite a surpirise for both of us.

    My edd is Sept 2/2011

    I am roughly 5 weeks according to my lmp.

    I just signed up to this forum as I know very little when it comes to being pregnant and having babies. I am very excited but scared to death

    Congrats to all the bfp's. I will post my bfp soon.

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