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    Reserving my spot!

    I'm Rachel, this will be my 4th baby in five years so I guess I'm starting to know the drill! Due 9/10/11 and hoping to go on my due date so my baby can have that cool birthday, lol! But I generally go about 5-6 days over, so I doubt it.

    Pre-preg weight: 145

    Current Symptoms as of 4w4d: BFP , bloated, gassy, moody, acne, low milk supply (the 15 month old has been nursing like crazy for the last few days), forgetful.

    Thinking Pink!!

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    Hi! I am Pat. I am 38 and so is DH, Sky. We have a little guy named Tyr (4y). This is my second pregnancy. We have been ttc since April 10 and I was diagnosed with pcos in October and put on Metformin. The second cycle after starting met we were fortunate to get our BFP on New Year's Eve

    My edd is Sept 6/7 based on my ovulation date.

    I have been a part of P.org since 2006 while pregnant with ds.

    HH9M everyone!!
    Pat(ricia) and Sky~Aug 28, 1993

    Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
    (6wk 5d) Jan 21, 2011

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    Default Baby #2 on board!

    Took a pregnancy test at 10 days past ovulation on new years day. Got a very faint positive! Secretly hoping for a little girl but of course I'll be elated with a boy as well. My son is 2 1/2 and I can't wait for him to be a big brother!

    I have vowed to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy in case it is my last. I already woke up this morning feeling achey all over. My immune system gets all out of wack when I'm pregnant Guess I'll just keep taking my prenatals and stay away from sickies!

    I'll be 25 in march and love being a stay at home mommy to my son and a part time student.

    Still really early in this pregnancy so I'm hoping for the best. Haven't made an appointment to see a doctor yet because I haven't even missed my period yet. Got my BFP though so I'm staying positive!

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    Reserving my Spot!
    I am new to all of this so please have patience with me with acronyms.

    This is my first experience with being pregnant! I am 28 DH is 31

    Took a test yesterday and got my BFP!
    DH and I we're just seeing how things went, not tracking ovulation or anything. Third cycle after stopping the pill.

    So I'm guessing I'm around 4 weeks and EDD Sept 10ish.

    First appt is Feb 7

    no symptoms yet, except insomnia (but that could be from the excitement). Discomfort doing the deed, and higher heart rate and breathlessness I am experiencing.

    Weight Gain since BFP:
    I am worried about weight gain since I already am overweight, so this will be helpful to keep in check.

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    m/c @ 6 weeks 2 days

    HH9M to all the Sept mommies to be.
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    Default EDD 9/10/11

    My name is JaNelle, I am 26. I have a 5.5 year old son, and am expecting my next baby 9/10/11. I am hoping for a girl!!!

    BFP 1/3/11.

    I think I conceived on my birthday and it was also a full moon AND the lunar eclipse!! Lucky baby Complete surprise too.

    Nausea, headaches, extreme fatigue and moodiness, and glowing already

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    Emily's September 2011 Space

    After 2 m/c and a year TTC, in lucky cycle #11, I got this!
    13DPO (the day AF was due)

    EDD by LMP- 9/4
    (9/8 by O date)

    hcg went from 628 to 4,465 in a few days.

    u/s 6w4d- We have a heartbeat! (116)

    9w1d- u/s showed everything was still on track, with baby measuring at 8w4d.

    13w2d- I passed out at work, but got to hear the hb for the first time that day! (155)

    13w4d- Lightheadedness, dizziness, and nausea back with a vengeance. I thought 2nd trimester was supposed to be better! Today Big Sister got to help find the baby's hb with the doppler at the OB's office.

    13w6d- Movement! Feeling pops and flutters down low and in the center.

    16w1d- feeling a little bit more movement, but still not consistent

    17w3d- Definitely movement!

    19w1d- Anatomy scan! Everything measuring on track with our little one. So neat to see the heart pumping, and to be able to see the four chambers. Found out my placenta is anterior.

    20w1d- DH can finally feel movement! This little one is so active!

    22w- Big Sister felt baby move!

    25w3d- Got my first unsolicited belly rub from a patient. I think that means I'm officially showing.

    27w3d- Spotting. Put my feet up and drank some water, and it stopped. Hoping baby stays put for a while longer!

    Belly pics:

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    DH Will, Me, Raiden(3) & Gabe(1) Christmas 2010

    BFP 1/5/2011
    EDD 9/13/2011

    DOC APPT's
    1st Appt with new midwife: 1/25/2011 (7 weeks): 109lbs, blood work.
    2nd Appt: Ultrasound! 1/31/2011 (8 weeks): baby is measuring on time at 8 weeks, 160bpm heart rate, 1.66cm big.
    3rd Appt: Regular check up/pap. February 22nd (11 weeks): 110lbs, pap done. Got to hear baby's heart beat. It was a nice, quick, appt.
    4th Appt: 4/D Ultrasound! March 19th (14 weeks): IT'S A...BOY!!! Baby measured over a week ahead, putting me at an EDD of 9/6! HB 150.
    5th Appt: 3/22/2011 (15 weeks): 115 lbs, Logan's HB is good, and I got an RX for a UTI
    6th Appt: Anatomy ultrasound! 4/19/2011 (19 weeks): 117 lbs, Logan is 10oz, measuring on time. 151 hb.
    7th Appt: Regular check up. 5/17/2011 (23 weeks): 124 lbs. Logan kept kicking the doppler. HB 150's
    8th Appt: Regular check up. 6/14/2011 (27 weeks): 127 lbs. Logan is head down. Took glucose test. (passed) On 2 week appt's now.
    9th Appt: Regular check up. 7/5/2011 (30 weeks): 132 lbs. HB 135. Belly measuring 32 weeks.
    10th Appt: Regular check up. 7/19/2011 (32 weeks): 131 lbs. HB 140. Belly measuring 34 weeks.
    11th Appt: Regular check up. 8/2/2011 (34 weeks): 132 lbs. HB was low at first. Did NST. Was sent to L&D for more NST, his heart rate apparently came back up and they sent me home. Worried the crap out of me!
    12th Appt: 8/15/2011 (36 weeks): 133 lbs. HB in 140's. 70% effaced, 1cm dilated. On weekly appt's now! yay!
    13th Appt: 8/22/2011 (37 weeks): 134 lbs. HB in 130's. 60% effaced?? 2cm dilated. Still high up. Group B test. Drew blood for iron. Tested for amniotic fluid leakage, negative.
    14th Appt: 8/30/2011 (38 weeks): 133 lbs. HB in 140's. 75% effaced. 2cm dilated. Still high up. Group B test negative. Iron is low, have to start taking iron pills again, yuck! Belly measures 39 weeks. Midwife is scheduling induction, waiting to hear what day it will be on.
    15th Appt: 9/6/2011 (39 weeks):

    8 weeks

    14 weeks

    14 weeks

    My name is Melissa, aka Mely, I've been married for 5 years to my DH, Will, we have two boys, and have been trying for our third for over a year! and just finally got a BFP! We're so happy.

    4 weeks8 weeks
    12 weeks16 weeks
    20 weeks24 weeks28 weeks32 weeks
    36 weeks
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    Early m/c.
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    I got my BFP on New Years Day and my EDD is September 11th. This is my first pregnancy and I'll be turning 28 in a few days.

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