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    My name is Sarah and I am 28, DH is Saul and he is 31. We have two little boys, Aiden is 5 and Colin just turned 3. I am currently a SAHM and DH is a welder on Oil rigs all over the midwest. We have been trying for #3 since October and I had gotten pregnant our first cycle but had a m/c in early November.

    My boys at Christmas

    EDD: September 20th 2011

    First Midwives appointment 04/11 at 1:30pm- had a blood draw and the HB was 154

    4/19 at 2:15pm- BP 94/60 had a PAP, HB was 154 again

    First U/S!!!!!!! May 3rd @ 10:30 IT'S A BOY! Everything measured perfect!

    5/17 at 10:45am- BP 96/62 He was being a PITA about getting a HB so we called it at 140 Sat and chatted with my MW for a while, it was a great, relaxing appointment!

    6/15 @ 11:30 AM- BP 98/64 HB was 149, measuring about 3 weeks ahead but no worries. My weight is good and I've now gained about 5 lbs from my prepregnancy weight. I start having appointments every 2 weeks now and my next appointment will be the GTT and my Rhogam shot!

    6/30 @ 9:00 AM- BP 106/62 HB was 138, Measured right at 30 weeks (I'm 28 weeks). Everything looks great. I weigh 217, gained 2 lbs from my last appt. Midwife said she thinks she feels his head down in my pelvis by feeling from the outside so that's awesome! I deff thought he was flipping around the last few days because of all the crazy movement and I suddenly have AWFUL heartburn! I did my GTT and will get the results in the next couple days. I also got My Rhogam shot in the butt, it actually didn't really hurt, but my butt is sore now
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    My name is Mandi and I'm a stay at home mom (very part time taking online classes too) to my 3 (going on 4!) kids. Our oldest daughter is 6 (will be 7 when baby comes), our second daughter is 4 (will be 5 when the baby comes), and our son just turned 1 in December (so he'll be 20-21 months old). DH was done, I wasn't sure but we weren't really preventing since I was still breastfeeding and hadn't had my period back yet. The weekend of New Years I started feeling really 'off' but kind of blew it off. Finally on Friday the 7th I spur of the moment decided to take a test I had on hand, I actually walked away and almost forgot about it but went to check it about 5 minutes later, totally expecting a BFN because I had convinced myself I was silly for even testing since I probably hadn't even ovulated and you can't get pregnant without an egg! To my shock there were two lines! I normally don't swear but two not so great words came out of my mouth I was in shock, but the shock quickly turned to excitement and happiness
    I had some spotting on Sunday (the 9th) and still have a tiny bit today (the 10th, my birthday!) but I took some more tests today and the test line is darker than the control so I'm optimistic.
    January 10- Beta- 209
    January 12- Beta 499!
    January 25- Ulrasound scheduled
    February 8- first midwife appointment
    No idea on due date, my best guess is Sept 13-18? I set my ticker to the 17th for now so I don't lose a week if I'm on the later side of that. My LMP was in April 2009

    First three tests are from today (1/10), bottom two are from the past two days
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    DD1- July 2004
    DD2- April 2006
    DS1- December 2009
    DS2- August 2011

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    Talking Reserved Spot

    So I want to reserve my spot!!

    About me: My name is Nicole I am 26 and will be 27 when he/she shows up. My husband is amazing, he is 27 and super excited. We have been married for 2 and half years, together for 5. This is our first and we couldn't be more excited and nervous!

    Doctor stuff: Have an appt for 8 weeks to have a doppler done. I can't wait other then that I have to trust the home pregnancy tests.

    Tested 12/29 and got a negative result (was 2 days before AF) then got home from vacation and AF still hadn't showed and I felt like it was about to any day (cramping, bloating..etc...) Got a very strong BFP on the test on 1/5/10... Ran to the store and bought a different brand and got strong BFP on those too Had to do 3 tests to be sure.

    EDD: Nurse on the phone things it is around Sept. 10, 2011, but will find out more details in a couple weeks when we get to have our doc appt.

    I'll post more as I start showing. Right now the jeans are a feeling a little snug in the waist but nothing to bad.

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    Reserving my space!

    About me: Im 31, will be 32, I have a son who is 2.5 and am a custodial stepmom to my DH's 17 year old daughter (her Mom isnt involved). I am a pediatrician and my DH is a SAHD who also runs an internet business (just started...how convenient he chose baby furniture! LOL)

    EDD 9/17/11

    Had BFP 1/6/11 (had a BFN 12/28 (annual OB appt) and 12/30 at home). LMP was Nov 30th, I think.

    HCG 1/11/11: 1339, progesterone was low a t 6.3

    1st OB appt: 1/18/11. U/S showed 6 weeks 3 days, couldnt get a definite heartbeat, decided to do serial HCGs and come back in 2 weeks for a repeat ultrasound. Also started on Endometrin due to the low progesterone.

    HCG 1/18/11: 24,516

    HCG 1/20/11: 39,011

    Repeat ultrasound scheduled for 2/3/11 - showed 7 weeks, but with a good heartbeat!

    Ultrasound 2/17: Showed 9 weeks 5 days, good heartbeat! EDD changed to 9/17/11

    Nurse visit 2/24: Just general intake questions but I got to hear the heartbeat again (167!)

    OB appointment: 3/10/11 for nuchal translucency screen and OB check.

    OB appointment in April: nothing exciting except heartbeat

    Anatomy ultrasound and OB appointment: 5/4/11 Everything looking good. She's a girl! her name will be Cassandra Rose. Brayden now proclaims that he has a pink baby named Cassandra in HIS belly, too! I can feel her kicking on the outside now.

    Oh wow just realized I havent updated this in awhile.

    At my 24 week OB appointment, I was informed that she was moving 3 hours away at the end of July (about 33 weeks). So, I had to scramble to find another provider to give me a shot at a VBAC.

    I ended up going with a hospital based CNM group, starting at 28 weeks.

    At 31 weeks, the glucoses I was monitoring went out of range, so I got labelled GDM (again) and sent to see a perinatologist and nutritionist.

    At 32 weeks, she was measuring 4 lb 11 oz +/- 3/4 of a lb. So, I go serious about the diet.

    Things went well.

    Saw the backup OB at 34 weeks and got the talk about "dont go past 39 weeks, induction, ERCS, blah blah blah"

    35 week appointment with perinatologist, he was happy with my numbers, she was measured to be 6 lb 2 oz, +/- 1 lb, still a girl, and I was discharged from his care in terms of GDM

    35 week appointment with the midwives - met the head midwife, Kathleen, who was incredibly nice but definitely no-nonsense.

    36 weeks - last weekend of work (baby rounds). Now having symptoms of pubic symphysis dysfunction, it HURTS to turn over in bed, walk, etc. Meeting with a new chiropractor at 36+2. We're ROT/ROP ish and I hurt. Hopefully she can help!

    Belly pics:

    18 weeks:

    21 weeks:

    25 weeks:

    31 weeks

    34 weeks:

    Ultrasound pics:
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    Digital confirmation @ 11dpo

    I'm Erin,Dh is Andy. I'm a Mommy to 3 beautiful children and this will be #4!!! Brayden is 8, Kellan is 5 and Isabelle AKA Izzy is 2. I am a Registered Nurse working for a major Insurance comp and I work from home and DH is an Insurance agent. He is in the process of switching to a new company so I am praying that this is a good move! I had very easy pregnancies with all my kids, but recently suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks in November. I am cautiously excited about this pregnancy, I will feel alot more comfortable once I have an ultrasound confirming a healthy baby!

    Week 3~ So Wow what a week! I got a teeny tiny bfp @ 9 dpo or 3 wk 1 day! I had some nausea which lead to me testing, but that has since resolved. I am feeling some lower abdominal fullness and I am peeing more frequently, also my BBs are tender and I have had some minor cramps. The biggest symtom this week is fatigue, I'm really tired already!
    Week 4~ This week I have increased fatigue and sore bbs. I have also noticed lower abdominal pressure, cramps and low back discomfort and increased cm. Overall, I am feeling great!
    Week 5~FATIGUE!!!! I am SO tired it is unreal. My bbs are becoming increasingly tender and they seem to be growing some. I am also noticed an increase in cm...alot!
    Week 6~ I am still very tired, very very tired! I have been having on and off cramping... and I am gassy. I am weepy at times and snappy at others! My bbs are still sore and swollen and my abdomin is starting to swell alittle too. Very minor nausea.
    Week 7~ Ugh what a week! This week I really started to expirence morning sickness! Thankfully I never vomited, but my stomach was not happy. My energy level is still down and my bbs are still tender. I developed a cold this week too, which I am sure hasn't helped anything.
    Week 8~ Hunger, sore bbs, abdominal pressure and swelling. By the evening my jeans are getting tight!!!! I have been having some acne too.
    Week 9~ Other then a head cold I'm doing pretty good! Still tired, but that seems to be improving some too.
    Week 10~ I have continued to have this head congestion. I know that some women experience this during pregnancy, but I am tired of it! My belly is growing, but I can still fit in my jean, but I don't think for much longer!
    * 10 weeks 5 days- cabbage test = purple = GIRL!!!!! I guess we will see if its correct in a couple months!
    Week 11~ I am actually feeling pretty good this week! My congestion is improved and I'm not as tired! I do still have a lot of CM and my bbs are still very tender.
    Week 12~ I have been feeling really good! I am still in shock that I am having twins, but that soon will calm down too. I have been feeling small flutters every few days, I can't wait until they become more regular. My BBs are still sensitive and I noticed my aerolas are becoming larger and darker.
    Week 13~ Feeling well and my sinuses seem to be better.
    Week 14~ Feeling great! Some fatigue again this week, but overall I feel good!
    Week 15~ Still feeling good! My nips are still so sensitive and my belly is growing. Its funny though, in the AM its not too big, but after a meal.. WOWZA! I can still wear my jeans, but I am using the rubberband trick. I don't think that is going to work much longer! Its starting to get a little harder to get up from the couch too.
    Week 16~ In maternity clothes. I can no longer wear my jeans at all!
    Week 17~ Daily movement, definately feeling Baby B on my left and someone is kicking my bladder/cervix too, but not sure who! I definately had a growth spurt this week and its definately noticable that I am pregnant now.
    Week 18~ Growing growing growing... starting to get more difficult to bend and get up off the couch! I felt both babies from the outside this week and saw lefty on the outside too!
    Week 19~ Feelin good had my antamony scan and both babies are looking great 11 oz each. They are both still girls.
    Week 20~ The movements are getting so strong! Andy and Brayden have both felt the babies kick its so amazing! I am starting to get some hip pains and I think I am slowing down some too.
    Week 21~
    Week 22~
    Week 23~ Growing growing growing! My belly is definately frowing and the girls are getting stronger! They kick so hard at times it takes my breath! They are also moving up and making it actually harder to breath @ times, but at least they are doing well! My uterus is measuring 34 wks!
    Week 24~

    1/21/2011~ pregnancy confirmation test...its POSITIVE!!!!
    2/1/2011~ nurse and OB appt 8:15
    2/15/2011~ BP check- ok- 130/72~ continue to monitor
    3/14/2011~ NT scan 8:00 am- OH MY LANDS!! TWINS!!!! Went and had my NT scan done. For the 1st 15 mins the scan was going great! Baby was moving around, but the tech really wanted the baby to flip, so she finally asked me to go pee in hope to get the baby to move. When I came back in and I was laying back down I told her how happy I was that the baby was healthy and also that there was only 1...at the very moment she was putting the probe back on my belly and there were 2 sacs and 2 babies! I yelled NOOOO! LOL ....You have got to be kidding me! I was beyond shocked at that point, I was kinda giddy! TWINS! HR's 155 and 164... baby A has an anterior placenta and baby B has a posterior placenta. They are in separate sacs and have separate placentas called didi twins. She sd that this is the healthiest type of twin pregnancy! Baby A is measuring 13wk 1 day and B is 12wks 6 days, so almost a week ahead! They both looked great and were wiggling around for us! I am excited and terrified at the same time! LOL
    3/29/2011~ 14 wks~ OB appt 3:45/4:30 pm
    4/19/2011~ 17 wks~ OB appt 3:45~ all checked out well up 8 lbs. Uterus is measuring 26 wks!
    5/03/2011~ 19wk 1 day~anatomy US 3:00pm~ both are still girls weighing 11oz each and healthy!
    5/17/2011~ 21 wks~ OB appt 4:00 pm
    5/31/2011~ 23 wks~U/S to check their growth and baby B's (righty) heart- just need better pictures.
    *Appt update: So it went very well. I had my US 1st and the babies are measuring within 4% of each other, they each basically weigh 1.6lbs. They are both heads UP which is why I am having a harder time getting up off the couch and keep feeling lots of kicks in my bladder! They are both still girls and are looking perfect!
    Then I had my OB appt. My cervix is still long and closed, my uterus/fundal ht is now at 34 weeks. Baby A heartrate was 159 and B's is 150. I have gained 25 lbs so far but he isnt concerned. I will be going in for appts every 2 wks at this point and 4 wks for growth scans.

    Make a pregnancy ticker
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    Erin, Mommy to 5 beautiful children and 1 Angel above!
    Brayden 9
    Kellan 6
    Isabelle 3
    Leah and Jocelyn- newborn twinkies!!!
    11*17*10 7 weeks

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    mc 1/21
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    Libby's Space
    EDD September 22, 2011
    C-Section scheduled September 15, 2011

    My name is Libby (30) and I am expecting baby #2. Dh (Mark) and I have a wonderful little girl named Delaney who was born 12-28-08. I stay at home with her full time. We are SO excited to be having another baby girl, Kelsey Ashton!!!!

    Belly Pictures

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    ABOUT ME: Hi Im Renea married to Paul. I have 4 kids. 2 sons Daequar 15 and Erik 13, 2 daughters Rain 8 and Jordan 5. I got my tubes tied the day I had Jordan because I knew I was divorcing my husband. In 2009 I married Paul on August 6 then got my tubes untied on the 13th. I got pregnant easily but keeping them was hard. I suffered 4 losses. My midwife referred me to a RE and I was told I had to wait until January to start treatment. Well Paul had other plans for us. I Ovulated on Dec 23 and when me and Paul bd he would normally pull out if Im in my fertile period this time he didnt. He told me Merry Christmas instead. I thought it was really cute. Welllllllllllllllllllll 8 days later I got my BFP. Thanks hunny for the christmas present. Due Sept 15. My guess is Girl.

    PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Last test before sonogram

    12dpo 60


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    Reserving my spot!!!

    BFP on 1/29/11 EDD 9/25/11
    IBCLC Intern, Almost there!!!!
    Wyatt Rett 2-27-09
    Reagan Jean 9-15-11

    Moderator of Everything Breastfeeding!
    Co-Moderator of September 09

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