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    ~Kristina's Space~

    I'm a 28 year old, married mom of 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. Our 4th is a pleasant surprise and is due around June 6th, 2010, which is the day after my 11 year anniversary of being together with my husband.

    My husband Bruce and I:

    My Kids:

    Christopher aged 9

    Cameron aged 6

    Heather aged 2

    1st BFP test - September 30th, 2009. 17 DPO, Period 3 days late.

    2nd BFP test - October 3rd, 2009. 20 DPO, Period 6 days late.

    BETA NUMBERS, TAKEN @ 7 Weeks, 2 Days:

    Ultrasound done on January 6th, 2010. Heartbeat was measuring at 156 BPM. Results show that my little bug is due June 5th, 2010, which happens to be the day hubby and I will have been together for 11 years. How ironic is that?

    Side profile. You can see an arm, the nose, lips, chest and if you look closely, the heart.

    An arm and part of a hand but I think the baby moved as she took the shot.

    Bringing his/her hand to their mouth. You can see eyes and nose too.


    Taken at 22 weeks:

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    The first BFP that shows up in a picture

    DH and me

    6 weeks, 3mm, hb 119

    6 weeks 5 days, 6.2mm, hb 130

    9 weeks 6 days, 3 cm, hb 180

    13 weeks 2 days, 3.5 inches


    October 16th - first ultrasound, jellybean seen and a heartbeat! About 6 weeks along.
    October 21st - second ultrasound, subchorionic hematoma, jellybean looking good
    November 9th - third ultrasound, blood clot gone, jellybean's a lot bigger!
    November 16th - first regular OB appointment, heard the heartbeat
    December 3rd - found a broken blood vessel on cervix, baby looks great
    January 5th - regular appointment, heard the hb again
    January 13th - the big ultrasound! baby decided to be mysterious and hide its bottom half
    January 27th - it's a girl!!!!
    January 29th - it's a healthy girl!!!!
    Early April - surprise trip to L&D but all is ok
    Early May - EDD changed to June 10th, although it could be anywhere from June 2nd to June10th
    May 29th - Mieka suprisingly decided to come 2 weeks early! 15 hours of labor total, only took an hour and a half to dilate from 4 to 10cm, and after 3 pushes she was out. 5lbs, 18 inches, apgars of 8 and 9.
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    We got our BFP on 9/24!! Expecting our second little bundle of joy on June 6, 2010.

    We have 1 boy born Sept 7, 2007 and one angel baby Nov 06 @ 5.5w.

    First BFP on Sept 24,2009:
    I've taken a few more that progressively got much darker, but weren't photographed.

    Confirmed at the doctor: Oct 7, 2009
    First OB appointment: Nov 4, 2009 - had ultrasound, saw the heart beating!!
    Dec 2, 2009 - had sonogram - heart rate in the 150's! Tests show I'm slightly anemic.
    Jan 7, 2010 - had level 2 ultrasound ---IT'S A BOY!!! Our little guy is growing perfectly!


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    Scan 16/10/09 at approx 6 weeks - we saw a flicker of a heart beginning to beat - wonderful!

    Scan 29/10/09 for dating - 8 weeks 2days and heart beating!

    Scan 01/11/09 (emergency after scare overseas) - h/b 164 bpm, beta over 134,000, and all looking well!

    Scan 24/11/09 at 12 weeks - and making a SCARY FACE! Dad wanted this picture though because he liked looking at the development of the jaw. Lots of movement. Fibroids now total 19 cm (one 11 cm one 8 cm) and currently lying close to cervix. One fibroid is visible here on the right of the fetus (a round, cloudy circle, about the same size as the gestational sac. Fingers crossed that it behaves.

    20 Week Ultrasound 21/01/10 - all looking great - healthy baby lying transverse IT'S A BOY!!!! and big fibroid has shrunk by 2cm. C-section looking inevitable.

    27 Week Ultrasound 13/03/10 - all looking good and healthy. Still a boy! Breach position. No change to fibroids.

    32 Week Ultrasound 15/04/10 - no photos - All good news! Baby still breech, so no longer in more dangerous transverse position. Measuring 53rd percentile for size (estimated to be currently 4lb 12 oz). Fibroids 1cm smaller each and have moved left of centre. Now some chance baby might turn head down and if so, no c-section! Turn baby!

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    DS - June 2010

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    Saving my spot

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    DH and I had two miscarriages before we had our son Nate who turns 4 later this month. Just this past April I had an ectopic pregnancy and a chemical pregnancy in July. So needless to say I'm very nervous! I'm trying to stay positive! Got my BFP yesterday.

    I'm going to call the Dr. next week since that is when I'll be officially late and start getting my levels drawn.

    There isn't a whole lot to my birth story since it was a scheduled c-section, but there was a little drama. Went in the morning of June 4th for a scheduled c-section for 0730. I walked back to the OR at around 0720 and got my spinal. Everything got started and when it was time to get Alex out the Dr. couldn't get a good grip on him. He was apparently in an odd position and she couldn't get him. She called for the vacuum and the Dr. assisting her was pushing with all his might on the top of my uterus. I didn't think I could breathe for a few minutes. The vacuum ended up popping off and not working. The Dr. then cut me just a bit more and Alex came out! I was on pins and needles until I heard that beautiful cry! He was born at 0801 and his weight was 9 pounds 1 oz and was 21 inches long. His apgars were 8 and 9. He did have periodic grunting for about the first 12-16 hours after birth- which as a NICU nurse I had already had a chat with him before he was born that it was the one thing he was NOT allowed to do. He didn't get the memo! We are now home and doing really well. I am so blessed with the birth of my new man!

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    I'm Kristen.

    I'm a 36 year old middle school teacher in Portland, OR. DH and I have a 2 year old DD Zoe Elizabeth.

    My EDD is 6/17

    Belly Pics

    Here I am at the end of my pregnancy with Zoe.

    4 weeks

    6 weeks

    8 weeks

    10 weeks

    14 weeks

    20 weeks

    25 weeks

    OB Visits

    First visit and u/s 11/2/09 7 wks 4 days

    Second visit and NT scan 11/30 11 wks 5 days (measuring one day ahead)
    Third visit 12/28 Lost my bloodwork, had to do 2nd tri triple-screen
    Perinatal Clinic 1/9 1/75 for Downs had u/s and amnio....It's a BOY!
    Amnio Results 1/20 Negative for Downs and all other chromosomal abnormalities
    Fourth visit 1/25
    Fifth visit 2/23
    Sixth visit 3/15 1 hour glucose test
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    DS-Liam June 2010

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    I'm glad I'm here.

    I'll remove my siggy when I have some content.
    William 10/6/2004
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    Thomas 05/05/2008
    John 6/5/2010
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    Saving my spot

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    saving my spot too.

    i did a hpt about 9dpo and left it on the top of the loo (as you do) to go and see to ds. i came back to it a while later, and was sure i had a beautiful evap. then i tested again 7th oct and got a blazing bfp. i only tested because i knew af was due but didn't feel like it was coming. that was my last hpt, and i have been using up the rest of my opks to keep testing!
    i already have 2 beautiful kids, and think that this will be my last.
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