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    Default Lynns space.

    Hi everyone.
    I dont know where to begin in introducing myself.

    I am 20yrs old, engaged to the love of my life, and we are expecting twins on June 11. I have sooooo many health problems that its a little scary to be going through a pregnancy. I am already on bedrest which sux cause i am always on the go and hardley ever slow down.

    I dont know how to post pics otherwise i would.

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    I'm kind of behind on the whole spaces thing!

    My name is Elizabeth. My husband and I have been married since August, 2005. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and somehow made my way all the way up to Northern Canada with stops in Ohio, Tennessee, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Montana.

    Trevor and I met at Bible College in MooseJaw, Saskatchewan. Our son Aidan was born on new year's eve 2006. He's my buddy!

    We've been TTC for a year or so. My mom had complications after her first child and couldn't conceive for another 14 years. The doctors told her she wouldn't have anymore children, so they started adopting my sister and found out they were pregnant with my brother shortly after. So, my bro and sis are five months apart, and I'm 18 months after my brother! Yikes! So, when I had trouble conceiving, I was nervous that I was taking the same route as my mom.

    So, we were really excited to find out in October that we were expecting. I had a hard time believing it. I had to take three pregnancy tests, and would have taken more if my husband didn't think I was losing my mind!

    Had some bleeding at about eight weeks, but everything has looked good since then.

    Due June 25th!


    My husband and me

    Minutes after Aidan's birth

    Big Brother





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