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    U/S February 10, 2010

    Next U/S March
    My horrible 20 week U/S

    Payed for an U/S and am happy I got a good profile picture
    3-31-10 21weeks 3days

    Due August 8, 2010
    pregnancy calendar

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    Watergal's space is reserved.

    I'm a 33 year old who will soon be a single mother by choice.

    This hard won BFP followed 10 months of fertility treatment with 6 unmedicated
    IUI using donor sperm, 2 cancelled cycles due to early ovulation and one cancelled cycle to have an ovarian polyp removed. My 6th cycle resulted in a chemical pregnancy.

    After one month of imposed downtime I started on Clomid in November. On CD 10 I had two beautiful follicles, 21 and 23 mm respectively. I triggered that night and had an IUI on the 12th. I got my first BFP 11 dpIUI.

    confirmatory bloodwork, 27 November 2009
    EDD 5 August 2010

    I should find out tomorrow when my ultrasound will be. 2 follicles equals?

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    BFP on 11/29/09 (11dpiui)

    We've been TTC #1 for almost 3 years. I have diminished ovarian reserve (high FSH). We've tried 5 cycles of Femara (2 with IUI), 1 cycle of Clomid, 2 IVFs (neither made it to transfer), and acupuncture. With the help of Follistim/IUI we finally got a BFP yesterday. First beta is 12/2/09

    I'll add more later when this becomes real to me!

    12/2/09: beta #1 = 82 (hoping for 131 or higher on Fri.)
    12/4/09: beta #2 = 271 (YAY!!!)
    12/22/09: first u/s: hb 131 bpm
    1/5/10: 2nd u/s: hb 173 bpm; CRL 2.27cm
    2/4/10: After missing our ob appt. three times due to bad weather we finally made it! Met our ob and heard the heartbeat again at 13w1d
    3/4/10: 2nd ob appt. scheduled
    3/18/10: level II u/s; baby BOY looks healthy (measuring 5 days ahead)
    4/15/10: gained 10 pounds since I started going to ob; everything is on track
    5/13/10: passed the glucose test; weight gain is 15 pounds
    6/3/10: weight hasn't changed, but baby boy is measuring a few weeks ahead; ob wants an u/s to check fluid and baby's size
    6/16/10: u/s to check fluid and baby's size; all is well, but baby is BIG (estimated 5 pounds)
    7/14/10: another u/s to check baby's size; weight estimated at 7lb 12oz; starting weekly checks and nsts
    7/21/10: nst and cervical check (1cm/70% effaced); trace protein in urine and really swollen ankles/feet, but bp is good

    U/S picture from 3/18/10

    EDD: 8/11/10
    Birthday: 7/25/10

    My little man at 11 weeks:

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    Hi may name is Renea. I'm 32, married to Paul he's 27. I have four kids Daequar 14, son. Erik 11. Rain 6. Jordan, 3 my daugther. I got my tubes tied after I delivered my last child because my husband left me while I was pregnant. I then married Paul on August the 6th this year. A week later I got my tubes untied. My last period was on Oct 26. I was hesitant to put anything on here until I found out that my bean was in the right spot. So I had a sonogram and bean is defiantly in the right spot. Due date August 2. Changed after ultrasound to July 29


    1st at 10dpo 48.5
    2nd at 19dpo 9000


    November 20 Nurse confirmed pregnancy
    November 29 Labor and delivery for pain bean confirmed in right place due date changed to July 29
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    Married 10/13/07, DH Ric
    DS 3/31/08

    August 10, 2010


    Praying this one sticks!!!

    12/17/09: Appointment went well! Ultrasound showed heart-rate at 123. Measured 6w2d.
    1/7/09: Follow up ultrasound scheduled.

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    Sorry - guess it posted twice.
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    not our month...
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    Married 10/16/09 DH-Will
    DD-Tabitha 6, Elaine 3, Aurora 3
    DS-Bailey, 7, Caleb2

    After having an ultrasound it has been changed to August 14th.


    The first appointment was on December 22nd and it went so well!

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    My name is Stephanie and my Hubby is Kyle. We are both 30. We've married July 28, 2007. I now have a beautiful Step-Daughter who is almost 7. We had our son Feb. 25, 2009. Now we are having another!! We wanted to keep the little ones close together.

    1st Appt.~ Dec. 28~ good appt.
    1st U/S~ Dec. 29~ Went great!! got to see our bean and the heartbeat!! YAY!!!
    2nd Appt.~ Jan. 21~ great appt. got to hear the heartbeat!! the doc said everything is wonderful!
    3rd Appt.~ Feb. 18~ great appt. got to hear the heartbeat again.
    4th Appt.~ March 22~ great appt again. got to schedule my u/s.
    2nd U/S~ March 23~ Got to see our beautiful baby!!! Almost 100% sure it's a girl!!!
    5th Appt.~ April 19~ great appt. got to hear the heartbeat again. have only gained 9 1/2 lbs
    6th Appt.~ May 18~ great appt. got to hear the heartbeat again.
    forgot to post a few appts.
    june 28~ great appt. got to hear the heartbeat again. have gained 22 lbs.
    forgot to post a few appts.
    aug 3~ great appt. dialated to 3 cm 70% effaced.
    aug 10~
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    DSD 12-30-02
    DS 2-25-09
    DD 8-12-10

    Kyle & Stephanie ~ 7-28-07

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