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    I belong to the January 2009 Snow Peas board and now will have a sizzling hot summer baby. Hot and Cold, Night and Day, I can already see two very different personalities.

    EDD: 8.12.2010
    DS Calvin 010309 and DS Hugo 080610

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    I guess I'd better claim my spot!

    Me and my Jay. Together since November 2007.

    8 week ultrasound!

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    1/25 First midwife appt. Everything on track! Baby heartrate 175. Here's baby's first pic!
    2/24 Heard the heartbeat for a quick minute! Everything sounds normal!
    3/23 "BIG" Ultrasound today! Baby is 7 oz. and measuring right on track! Fingers and toes are all accounted for! Yes! Still keeping that gender a surprise!

    4/19 Heard the heartbeat loud and clear today. Weight is normal, belly measurement is normal, and cervix is closed and narrow. 19 more weeks to go!
    5/21 14 weeks to go! Measuring "big" but nothing to worry about it. Everything seems to still be on track! Need to take the jelly bean test before I go back in June!
    5/24 SIL, Jenna, brought us in for some 3D ultrasounds! So cool!

    6/7 Met with our Pediatrician! She is great and I am glad that we see eye-to-eye on a lot of important things! Check that off the to-do list!
    6/17 Another check-up and this time my mom got to come! Heartbeat sounds good as usual and I am still measuring on track...not too big and not too small!
    7/2 On a 2-week schedule now for visits. Joan showed me how to feel what body parts are what. Pretty cool. Head is down and in the "ready" position!
    7/19 Things are still good. Baby was kicking Joan as she tried to listen to the heartbeat.
    8/2 Here we go with weekly visits in the birth month! OK...so maybe Baby V will be coming in September, but still excited to make it to August! 70% effaced! Sounds good!
    8/9 Quick appointment! No new progress "down there". Baby will probably keep cooking until that due date! Officially full-term today at 37 weeks! Heartrate was normal at 120...boy??? GBS negative!
    8/16 38 week appt and by-passed getting checked. Haven't had any contractions and baby still seems high. Dr. Jackie agreed and said that my labor may, statistically speaking, be like my mother's...overdue, but less than 12 hours. I'll take it
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    Tasia and David 10.18.2008

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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    Reserving my space. Will update soon.

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    Guess I better grab my spot! I need to figure out how exactly to pimp this thing out.. hmm... off work tomorrow.. will post new pics!

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    My spot!

    Jan. 15th about 10 weeks - Saw our little peanut and heard the heartbeat! Picture below.
    Feb. 19th - 15wks and 3 days. Doctor found the heartbeat right away!
    Mar. 12th - IT'S A BOY!!!!
    April 9th - Heartbeat sounded good and strong! Pretty routine appt, which of course is good.

    First sonogram:
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    Baby Due August 24th!!

    8 DPO:

    12 DPO:

    Thinking Pink!(Told to think pink at 15 weeks!):
    Name if it's a girl: Sarah Elizabeth
    Name if it's a boy: James Aaron

    Nursery Design if it's a girl:

    Dr Appointments:
    Ultrasound Scheduled for April 5th at 3:30!
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    My name is Tabitha I am a FTM. I married my wonderful husband Carl May 30, 2009. He's 28 and I'm 26. We weren't expecting to start a family so soon after getting married but we welcome it just the same. We are both Super excited to be parents. I work in an Assisted Living home in East Texas, way too many hours for way too little pay. Hobbies include reading, writing poetry, sewing, and playing with my cat.

    Arthor- Christine Feehan, Steven King, Dean Koontz, and C L Wilson
    Music- any thing that sounds good
    Tv Shows- CSI NCIS SVU, House, Bones, and Wife Swap

    BFT- 11/21/09

    Conformation- 11/22/09

    Fuzzi Bunz at Nurtured Family

    12-1-09 Everything was wonderful got to see a healthy bean forming right there in my belly Length-3.19cm HB- 167 Gest- 11w 0d

    1-2-10 Another good appt. got to hear the HB again a little lower this time 157 but All good in the belly hood. Scheduled Gender scan for 3-2-10!!

    2-11-10 Scary news today took the AFP test last dr.s appt. it came back with markers for Downs will see specialist in Dallas soon

    2-15-10 Specialist appt. today Doc. said I have less than 1% chance of LO having downs Happy dance for that. Got to see the U/s got me a good looking kid cookin in there. HB- 160 Length- 5+ inches Gest- 17 wks Doc said it looks like a little boy! Doc wants us back on the 3-8-10 heart was still to small to see all 4 chambers. Gonna do an Echo and a second lvl 2 U/s

    3-2-10 Everything went great! Didn't really need to do a gender scan seeing as the specialist already told us we are having a boy but my OB let us do one just for fun! I did manage to gain some weight this time around +5 lbs. So doc didn't jump me this time! Got to have the whole U/s put on dvd which is awsomeness in its self. Couldn't have asked for a better Visit.

    3-8-10 All in all a wonderful appt. the cardiologist said his little heart looks perfect!Jayden is measuring almost right on schedule he's showing just a few days ahead and weighting 13oz. I shouldn't have to go back to the geneticist any more but my OB may send me back Late during my pregnancy just to do a follow up with the cardio.

    3-30-10 An uneventful appointement Baby's hb 148 bmp. Belly measuring 24 wks.

    4-27-10 A fairly good apt. Lost 4 lbs. Dr. not happy. Jaydens heart beat 157. Passed one hr. glucose. Moved to every 2 wk.s for apts. Dr. said due to soft markers from AFP test will move up to one a wks. apt.s at 32 wks. Will have a weight check on Jayden at next apt. due to my weight loss.

    5-11-10 Weight was up 5 lbs which made Dr. Happy Jayden's Hb was in the 150's he weighted in at 2.14 lbs. Will start one a wk appts. after the 25th.

    5-25-10 a nice and boring appt. was down another 2 lbs. can't seem to keep weight on for some reason. Belly measured right at 31 wks. Jayden's hb was in the 140's. Next u/s on 6/3/10.

    6-3-10 Good visit. Back up 2 lbs. Jaydens hab was in the 140's. all measurements are right on track @ 32 wks.

    6-11-10 very uneventful didn't gain but didn't loose any weight. My bp and urin were fine. Jaydens hb was 142. My AFL was well within normal levels. So far so good. Little man is head down still. They put me on Reglan for my cronic acid reflux which was causing me to . We will get another weight on Jayden on 6/18

    6-18-10 ** coming soon **

    1/2/10- +1 total gain
    3/2/10- +5 = 6 lbs total gain
    3/30/10 +3= 9 lbs total gain
    4/27/10 -4 = 5 lbs. total gain
    5/11/10 +6 = 11 lbs. total gain
    5/25/10 -2 = 9 lbs. total gain
    6/3/10 +2 lbs = 11 lbs. total gain
    6/11/10 -0 lbs = 11 lbs. total gain

    Tp Squares-
    Relience (brand Used at wrk)- 15 squares

    DR.s Office
    3/30/10 - 24 wks
    5/25/10 - 31 wks

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    baby development

    Tabitha & Carl May 30, 2009

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