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    Talking **Our July Sunbeam's Spaces**

    July Sunbeam's Baby Spaces!

    Sunbeam Moms: Please Reserve Your Spaces Now

    A place for all of our Sunbeam's moms to share:
    Pregnancy Photos/Info
    Baby's Birth Story
    Photos and Stats as Our Baby's Grow

    A few rules to keep in mind:
    Please turn off your siggy. You are welcome to add any tickers to your space you'd like though!
    NO comments!
    Only one space per member. When you want to add something, please edit your original space by clicking the "Edit" button at the bottom of the post.
    Finally, safety first! When posting pictures or other information, please make sure it doesn't include anything like last names, addresses, etc that could make it easy for someone to discover your real-life location or other details.

    Our Pregnancy Spaces: *** JULY 2011 Spaces ***

    **Our Sunbeam Arrivals**
    You can jump to each baby's space by clicking on the mom's screen name

    *June 22nd*
    Sawyer Dean (lisadisa) - 8 lbs 5.5 oz, 20" - 37w3d

    *June 23rd*
    Brayden (belzy) - 5 lbs 13 oz, 19.5" - 37w5d
    Lucas (nagemf) - 6 lbs 9 oz, 19.5" - 38w0d

    *June 24th*
    Natalie Anne (mommys) - 7 lbs 13 oz, 18" - 37w3d
    Aubree Olivia (MrsHooah2U) - 8lbs 3 oz, 20" - 38w4d

    *June 27th*
    Alexander Michael (mrsjohnson310) - 6 lbs 11 oz, 18.8" - 39w0d

    *June 28th*
    Sadie Vivian (joyfulmom) - 6 lbs 13 oz, 19" - 39w3d

    *June 29th*
    Greyson Sebastian (Audgee) - 8 lbs 3 oz - 37w5d

    *June 30th*
    Rachel Lydia (runningmom) - 9 lbs 5 oz, 21.5" - 39w5d

    *July 2nd*
    Simon Emmett (Mujul79) - 8 lbs 3 oz - 39w5d

    *July 7th*
    Ava Kennedy (mommaof2boys) - 7 lbs 6 oz, 19.5" - 38w2d

    *July 9th*
    Hunter Jack (KiriSimon) - 7 lbs 2 oz, 20.75" - 37w5d

    *July 10th*
    Gracie (angielily) - 6 lbs 7 oz, 20.5" - 38w0d

    *July 11th*
    Ava Amelia (robyn.pregnant) - 5 lbs 3 oz - 37w4d
    Easton James (isuche02) - 7 lbs 7 oz - 36w3d
    Ashton Todd (isuche02) - 7 lbs 0 oz - 36w3d

    *July 14th*
    Gordon Seymour (mgowdy) - 8 lbs, 21" - 40w3d

    *July 16th*
    Olivia Evelyn Teodora (grovey2) - 9 lbs 10 oz, 20" - 38w1d

    *July 18th*
    Roman Alexander (SaraMeow) - 9 lbs 2 oz, 21" - 39w6d

    *July 20th*
    Dane Nicholas (akpufa) - 7 lbs 14 oz, 20.5" - 40w3d

    *July 21st*
    Collin Reid (hollybell79) - 8 lbs 1 oz, 20" - 39w3d

    *July 23th*
    Leo Mitchell (Radavia) - 6 lbs 9 oz, 19.5" - 39w6d or 41w3d (?)

    *July 26th*
    Sidney Dawn (Rebgrace) - 9lbs 3 oz, 20" - 41w2d

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    Aubree's Space
    Eviction Date: June 26th 2011!
    Born: June 24th 2011 @ 10:31 pm (38w4d)
    Weight: 8 pounds 3 ounces
    Length: 20 inches long
    Little sister to Jacob James (10/09); our R/R baby, originally due July 4th.

    Birth Story:
    Aubree's birth starts Friday, the 24th at midnight. I was woken up in the middle of the night with contractions, as I was laying in bed trying to fight them off, I felt a little 'rush' of fluids and instantly jumped up to the bathroom. My underwear were wet, but nothing crazy (dollar sized spot). So I went downstairs and decided I would just try to deal with the contractions. So after sitting downstairs trying to just labor through for about an hour, I just couldn't take the pain anymore and figured Dh and I needed to make "a plan" as to what we're doing. So finally I went up stairs and woke up DH telling him I wasn't feeling well and I wasn't sure if this was it; I told him that I was going to go take a shower and we could kind of go from there. So after my shower I felt a little better and decided to try to lay down. At that point, DH was awake so he came downstairs to clean up a little since my parents were coming into town that day. (back story: once we got my induction date, the 26th, my parents decided they would come out and watch Jacob for us. The original plan was for them to be here Saturday night. Well, my dad being my dad, got too antsy and they changed plans, left Illinois early and the new ETA was Friday morning between 4-6 am.) So once DH went downstairs to clean, I laid down in bed and tossed and turned for about another hour or so. After not getting anywhere sleep wise I came back downstairs to watch tv to try to take my mind off the pain. I called L*D and got their opinion on it, as too if I should come in. They told me that since my contractions were like 4-7 minutes apart, that I wasn't really in "real" labor and I should probably just stay home.. since my parents weren't in town yet, it was just not 'convenient' to go in until they got here, so we just decided to wait it out. About the time my parents got here, they contractions let up to about 10 minutes apart and then sort of tapered off. We chatted and hung out and DH went in for work that morning. I had an appointment at NST that day so we decided we'd just go into that appointment and they could determine if I was in active labor or not. So I laid on the couch until 9 am and labored on and off. Once we decided it was time to go, off we went.

    At about 9 am, we get to the hospital, get up to NST. At that point I was joking with the NST ladies that I was in labor.. so she goes "why are over here, just go to L*D"-- so to L*D we went. Once we get in there it's my doctor in that day. So they get me all hooked up in triage and I'm contracting every 3-4 minutes and I was dilated to a 5 . They did a swab and confirmed that it was amniotic fluid that I was leaking. I was feeling SO sick at that point, all I wanted was some zofran. So they take all my vitals, my BP is up (duh) and my HB was up a little too. So finally my doctor comes over and he's like well, so much for waiting till Sunday huh? so they took me over to be admitted. So they got me in a room by about 11 am? or so and then tried to start an IV. HAHA! Jokes.. jokes jokes jokes. It took two pokes and a good blown vein before they finally got it (my arm looks like a battle field.). I was still contracting pretty bad and still feeling like crap. So finally they got me some zofran which REALLY helped through the contractions. We had the epidural god come over and visit me and he got me all hooked up. As soon as I had my epidural I was happpppppppy lady! Once I had my epidural they gave me some pitocin to try to get my contractions moving closer together so we could progress. So we hung out, napped and just did nothing.

    They checked me at 4 ish and I had progressed to 8! . They thought they felt a second bag so they kept talking about the "gush" I felt being a forebag, so they talked about breaking my second bag. I believe about 5pm or so, the doctor came in and broke that second bag. We noticed some meconium in my fluid and that sparked a little red flag, but my doctor said that it didn't seem like a lot so it wasn't anything to be super worried about. At that point everyone kept talking about how well I was doing and how quickly it was going and that I should be able to deliver by 7 pm, which is when MY doctor went home for the night. It was a race to the finish So since I was 8, we just let me labor. Well 7 pm came and went and no baby Doctor went home and life got sad. The doctor who was on call that night was the same @sshole that delivered Jacob and I REFUSED to be delivered by him, I wanted to enjoy my experience. At that point my epidural started to wear off and I was getting super uncomfortable. We had the anesthesiologist come back and adjust my epidural and that helped A TON. About 9 pm I started getting the shakes really bad. They took my temperature and noticed that I was 100.4, people started getting nervous. They determined that I had Chorioamnionitis (infection of my membranes/uterus) and that things were getting critical to get her out. My temp kept fluctuating and they discussed with us the risks with Aubree and what they would have to do with her. They decided that she and I would need to be on antibiotics for 48 hours after she was born(mine got started before she was born) to help prevent infection. Had her cultures come back negative she would have had to stick around for up to 14 days. So finally at 10pm, I had enough antibiotics that they let me push (that and I kept saying "I NEED TO PUSH...now..."). So we started pushing and they kept stretching my umm.. 'opening'.. while I was pushing. Oh man it hurt, but man, was I clueless about pain at that point haha! Finally after 25 minutes she finally dropped into my canal and man that was THE MOST painful thing I've ever dealt with. I didn't stop pushing, I wasn't pushing with contractions I just kept on going. FINALLY her head popped out and what a total relief! Then they delivered her body and that was it! At first she wasn't breathing how they would have preferred as she was a little clogged up. So they took her over, gave her lots of tubal suction and finally cleaned out her lungs. By the time she delivered my fever was 101.7, hers was 100.7 Once they got her all cleaned out I was allowed to hold her for a few minutes. They had to take her over to the nursery (a "make shift" nicu, since our hospital doesn't have an actual nursery) and get her antibiotics started. They finally got me over to our mom baby room, brought Aubree too us and we got to snuggle

    All in all, she did really well with her antibiotics. She got a bout of diarrhea from them so since her cultures were coming back negative there was no reason to keep pushing the antibiotics so they let her not have her last dose! So far the runs have slowed and hopefully within the next few days her poor tum tum will be back to normal! She's adjusting well and big brother Jacob is in love, as are the rest of us..

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
    Check ups:
    Hospital discharge: weight = 8 pounds 1 ounce, 20 inches long
    2-5 Day: 8 pounds 1 ounce, 20 inches long. Jaundice level= 5
    2 week: 8 pounds ounces, 19.5 inches long
    2 months:

    7/1= One week old!
    7/8= Two weeks old! Starting to stay up longer! Lost her cord right before her 2 week appointment!
    7/22= four weeks old! Where is time going!
    8/23= 2 months old! Smiles everywhere! My happy girl

    Mom Updates:
    LilySlim Weight loss tickers
    LilySlim Weight loss tickers
    Delivery weight: 197.0 pounds
    6/28- 17 pounds gone! Yahoo! 180.0 lbs -- Love losing baby weight --
    6/29- 20 pounds gone! Yay!! 177.0 lbs
    6/30- 23 pounds gone! hooray! 174.0 ( I could so handle this!! 3 a day yay!)
    7/1- 24 pounds gone! 173.0
    7/2- 26 pounds gone! Yippee! 171.0
    7/3- 26.5 pounds gone! Yes!! 170.5 (uh, oh, are we slowing down! NOOOO!!)
    7/10-27 pounds gone/170.0 lbs- Day before Nov'09 BB weight loss challenge on FB.

    Photos & Notes:
    7/1= One week old! Wow, this is already FLYING by.. I'm having a hard time already with the fact that this is my last baby As much as I have realized that I truly don't enjoy being pregnant, I absolutely LOVE being a mom and being a mom of 2 is so much more enjoyable than being a mom of 1 (not that I don't absolutely love my son!). As much as I feel complete as our family, I don't like the fact that we're done. It's for the better and I need to keep that in mind. I'm feeling "okay", over doing it and I know that, but it's so much harder to slow down with a toddler. Aubree is doing really well, she's eating well and sleeping well. She eats about 9/10pm, then we all go to bed.. eats about 1/2 am and USUALLY falls right back asleep.. then again about 6/7 am and we get up and start our day! So I can't complain too much..

    7/8= 2 weeks old! I'm feeling great, slightly itchy but that would be the joys of stitches! Aubree is doing well, had her 2 week well baby and that went well! Jacob was SO upset watching her get her heal prick done he was screaming at the lab tech "no/ow" and he was NOT happy his little sister was being poked and was crying. He's still in love fingers crossed it stays that way! She is so much more alert and stays awake for an hour+ at a time. She wakes in the morning and stays up for usually an hour or two, then sleeps most of the afternoon and will have another awake spell in the evening before bed and then do good and sleep at night, except for bottles. She's drinking about 2 ounces per feeding and eats every 2-4 hours. At her two week well baby, she was only 19.5 inches long, so the nurse was sure that they measured her wrong at birth and she was probably only 19-19.5 inches, not 20.

    7/22= FOUR weeks old! My goodness! Little Miss is a whole 9.5 pounds according to my home scale! Grow baby grow! That's a POUND in two weeks (at her 2 week well baby she was 8.6 pounds)! Why can't I be losing weight like that still haha! She's becoming even more alert and staying awake for hours on end. Our fussy moments are still happening and we're still having troubles pooping. She's on a 'gentle' formula, but I'm worried it's just stopping her up worse.. We might be on the hunt.. again, for another formula. Ugh Jacob is still doing well with her and she's starting to fit right in We might start doing her big girl crib soon since she typically only wakes once a night; I'm ready for my room back.. We'll see!

    8/23/11= 2 months old! TEARS! My baby isn't so tiny anymore, before I know it she'll be celebrating her first birthday! My big chunk girl is probably nearing 11 pounds right now, although we won't find out until her 2 month well baby... at 3 months of age! Thanks military! She's growing and filling out nicely. We'll be uping her to size 2 dipes with our next shipment cuz her little thighs are getting too chunky! She's smiling ALL THE TIME. It's wonderful. To go from a screaming baby to a happy baby in a matter of days (thank you acid reflux medicine!) has been amazing. She's suh a happy girl now and only cries when she's hungry or tired. We're working on transitioning Jacob into his room again (rather than my floor) and I think this weekend we might give her a try in her big girl crib! She's getting up once or twice a night, usually not more, but often throws us a loop. She's eating 4 oz like a champ, takes her medicine like a big girl and over all is a happy, healthy, fat babe!

    Aubree had a professional photo shoot done, here are some of my favorites- she was 1 week old!:

    Another photo shoot of Aubree!! She was 2 weeks old!

    Aubree on 4th of July- 1w3d

    Aubree Vs. Jacob- 7 weeks old

    My Pregnancy space!
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    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

    Natalie was born June 24th, 2011 - 9:59am
    at 37weeks 3days
    Waterbirth at birth center.
    Weight: 7lb 13oz
    Height: 18"
    Head: 34cm

    Day 4:

    My Pregnancy Space

    On June 23rd, I was feeling really crampy. I commented on the pelvic pressure both at dinner and while cleaning up. Natalie had been sitting really low so the pressure was not unexpected. At 7pm, while sitting on the couch, I felt the pressure again and it occurred to me that it was coming in waves rather than constant. I told Dave that I might be starting labor but that I wasn’t sure since it felt nothing like the first contractions with #1. We jumped into gear though and got everything ready to go, including calling my mom to come watch Andrea.

    Around 9pm, we called the midwife and told her that I was having 45 second contractions every 8 minutes or so. She (and my doula) told me to take a shower and try and take a nap. Of course, neither Dave nor I could sleep so we lay in bed talking. Contractions continued but were irregular. At times they were only a few minutes apart, sometimes 10 minutes. After hours of laying still, we decided to get up and be productive. Unfortunately getting out of bed made me start shivering uncontrollably so we made a decision that we were ready to go. My doula, Lucy, was driving back as quick as possible from her family vacation and said she would hopefully get there in time. The midwife okayed us to come in. The drive up was painful, but we made it just fine. At the birth center, they seemed relieved that I was not further along in labor. Another woman was laboring in the 2nd room. After basic heartrate check, etc, we walked around the birth center. I climbed the stairs many times in hopes of quickening the pace of my labor. Unfortunately, my efforts seemed to have an opposite affect and my contractions started to become less intense and less often. The more frustrated I got and the harder I tried, the worse it became. When Lucy arrived, she tried to talk me into resting, it was another hour or so before I listened and my contractions had died off completely by then. I asked the midwife for a cervical check (the only one I ever had). I was a very soft and good 4cm. They left us alone in the beautiful birthing room and Dave and I took a nap. This was around 5am.

    I woke up at 6:30 with some contractions and immediately jumped up and starting pacing again. They died off pretty quickly. I cried in frustration and cried even harder as I heard the baby next door being born. I went back to sleep, this time really feeling defeated and exhausted.

    I woke up at 8:30am to a nice strong contraction and felt a pop. There was no liquid at this point so I stayed still for 2 more contractions. I didn’t want to move and make the contractions go away ago. Ha, that wasn’t going to happen! I stood up and experienced the liquid running down my legs. I went for the midwife and she kind of smiled and asked if my waters had broke. Someone went to find Lucy for me. Everything started very quickly at this point and I look forward to editing this info later after I’ve talked to Lucy about what she remembers. I was cleaned up a little and led back to the bed. The contractions were extremely intense and took all my concentration. They had to re-run the bath water to warm it up for me and it felt like it took forever. I was so thankful to climb in the tub. Unfortunately, I tried my hands and knees but my feet went to sleep in one or two contractions. I moved to sitting with DH behind me. I didn’t really like the position, but my contractions were building with so much intensity that I was never able to move again. I cherished the minute or two breaks that I did get between contractions and hated when one contractions would just run straight into the next. I started having trouble with breathing, was getting weak in limbs from too much oxygen. At some point (not really very long), they became so intense that I started to panic and said as much to Lucy and my midwife, Constance. I was practically pulling Dave into the tub with me as some really tough contractions hit. They were trying to help me refocus and calm a little, but it was already too late and I was pushing. 2-3 pushes and little Natalie was born! She was born facing to the right (instead of normal left, I believe). Constance put her directly onto my chest. Natalie cried. She was purple but crying with healthy lungs. She was coated in vernix and had a head full of dark hair. I commented on how small she was, they all commented on how big she was. Her birth time was 9:59am! (4cm to birth in 1.5 hours!)

    They clamped the cord and cut after a while. They wanted to get us out of the water because I had too much bleeding and Natalie also pooped in the water. I delivered the placenta just outside the tub. We were taken to the bed and cleaned up. Natalie weighed in at 7lb 13oz (nice size for 37W3D) and her length was 18”. Short and round, she was born with plenty of meat on her bones. I breastfed Natalie without and trouble before we did anything else. I needed a decent amount of stitches. Some 1st and 2nd degree. We all stayed on the bed together tending to both my stitches and Natalie.

    They showed me my placenta had Velamentous insertion (occurs in 1% of singleton pregnancies). The midwife says it was probably good that Natalie came early since the danger from this insertion increases as the baby gets bigger.

    Overall, this birth was a lot harder than I expected. The fast intense labor at the end was much harder to deal with than I would have anticipated. Plus, I was emotionally exhausted from the earlier stalled labor.

    We left the birth center just a little over 3 hours after birth. Natalie has been nursing well.

    June 27 - milk just starting to come in

    June 28 - 1st appt
    Weight: 7lb 3oz
    Height: 18.25"
    Head: 34.2cm

    June 30 - weight check
    Weight: 7lb 8oz

    July 2 - cord falls off

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    Brayden's Space
    Born June 23, 2011 9:22am (37w5d)
    Weight: 5lb 13oz
    Length: 19.5"

    Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie First Birthday tickers

    I wasnt feeling good wednesday night (June 22) so i decided to take a shower, i got out of the shower just after 10pm and was getting a drink in the kitchen when my water broke, i called the hospital i was delivering at and they told me i had to come in to be checked because my water broke but that if i wasnt far enough along they would send me home, i didnt want to drive 2 hours and be sent home so i got them to agree to let me go to the hospital in town to see how far along i was, I wasnt feeling any contractions at this point so we head to the hospital in town, the dr checks me and told me i was only 1cm, he calls the hospital in the city and is waiting on hold for almost an hour trying to get ahold of someone to see if we should stay in town for a bit or head to the hospital, while he is on hold my contractions start every 2 minutes apart......we were getting frustrated at the wait and decided to just leave and head for the city.....we get to the hospital just before 2am and they check me again and im only 2cm now.....they decide to let me stay because my water broke and i was from out of town but i have to stay in the triage room......at this point my contractions seemed to slow down to 3-4 min apart and im thinking my labor has stalled......about an hour of them being 3-4 min apart the contractions start coming every min. The triage room is starting to get really busy with new admits so the nurse keeps saying she will check me but never has a minute .....the pain at this point is horrible and i cant get an epidural until she checks me, finally another nurse comes to help and checks me, i was 7cm by this point. She goes to get a room ready for me and comes back maybe 20 minutes later.....as im walking to the room i tell her that im feeling alot of pressure ( i tell her i think i need to use the washroom) She tells me i cant use the washroom and checks me as soon as we get in the room, im 9cm at this point. We wait for what seems like forever to get my drugs.....he ends up giving me a combination of a epi and spinal because the epi wouldnt have enough time to take effect.....i got my drugs just after 9am and the nurse has me push at 9:10.....i push once and she tells me to stop and pages the dr to come.....i start to push again at 9:15am and at 9:22am Brayden was born. I didnt know this at the time but every contraction i had Braydens heart rate would drop really low so i had to have a episiotomy so the dr could use the vaccum to get him out quickly......I was so shocked when they put him on my belly, I had no clue at all that i was even close to having him out.....the drugs didnt have enough time to work and i could feel EVERYTHING but they did manage to take a little bit of the edge off each contraction........all in all the labor wasnt bad at all, i had imagined it way worse then it was......i ended up being 11 hours of labour with only maybe 8 hours of painful contractions and really only 2 hours of unbearable pain......and only 6 minutes of pushing! Things are going really good with us, part of me still cant believe he is here and another part of me cant imagine how we had a life without him in it. Its crazy how your life can change so quickly!
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    Ava Kennedy's Space
    EDD July 19, 2011
    Born: Thursday, July 7, 2011 (38 weeks 2 days) 10:53 a.m.
    Weight/Height: 7 lbs 6 oz. 19.5 inches long
    Little sister to Mason 13, Will 6 & Sawyer 2.5

    Birth Story:
    On Wednesday, July 6th, at my 38 week 1 day appt. My OB stripped my membranes. I left the office with an induction date of July 12th if nothing happen over the weekend. My parents were down & my moma went to then appt. with me. Afterwards, we did a little shopping & ate some lunch at Zaxby’s. We got home & I wasn’t having any contractions. DH was out in the field & awaiting a phone call to say things were progressing. Around 5 p.m. I drank approx. 3 oz. of castor oil in hopes to get the ball rolling. I took a nap & got up around 7:30. Once up I decided to try walking around the neighborhood to see if I could move things along. My mom, me & the boys (Will & Sawyer) took off walking. Within 5 minutes I started cramping & within 10 minutes I started having contractions that were stopping me in my tracks. Once back home though they subsided. Around 10 p.m. my mom & I wanted some Krispy Kreme donuts & was gonna order a pizza. After we left, my mom asked “how are the contractions coming along” to which I replied “they’re not” within 3 minutes or so they started in full force every 1-3 minutes. This lasted from about 10:14 p.m. until I arrived at the hospital at 1 a.m. After getting back to the house with food in tow, I decided to take a shower & get my bags ready to go. I called DH to give him a heads up with what was going on & to keep phone near as I would call once I found out if the hospital would admit me or not. After getting the kids to bed my mom & I headed for the hospital. Once getting there we had to wait in the waiting room for an available bed. That took about 30 minutes or so. They took me back & checked me I was 3 cm & was told I would be admitted. I called DH around 2:40 a.m. to let him know to make his way to the hospital. They finally let my mom back there with me. Around 4:30 I was checked dilated to 5 cm & finally moved to a L&D room on the 4th floor. DH arrived at hospital around 5 a.m. At 5:50 a.m. I got my epidural which worked wonderfully. Was checked again at 6:20 still at 5 cm. At 9:30 I was dilated to 6 but was kinda stalled out so doctor broke my water. I was 90% effaced & at -2 stage. At 10 a.m. the eppy started wearing off & I was in A LOT of pain. I started pushing around 10:40 & at 10:53 a.m. AVA KENNEDY graced us with her presence. Weighing in at 7lbs 6oz. 19 ½ inches long. SORRY for the large pics but photobucket quit working on me so copied from FB Thanks for taking the time to read my birth story

    Discharge date from hospital: Friday, July 8 at approx. 1:15 p.m.
    weight: 7 lbs 1 oz.
    She passed her hearing test

    4 day ck up: Monday, July 11 - weight: 6 lbs 15 oz. 21 3/4 inches long so they think she was measured wrong at the hospital at birth

    1 week old -Thursday, July 14 & sleeping through the night only waking once to eat She's a very happy content baby. Hates getting her diaper changed & clothes changed.

    First Bath -- Monday, July 11-4 days old hated it at first but after a few minutes she loved it & was just laid back chillaxin

    Cord falls off - Monday, July 18 - 11 days old

    Milestones for Mommy
    Weight when I found out I was preggo: 135 lbs.
    Weight at delivery: 163 lbs.
    Weight gained: 28 lbs.
    1 week after giving birth: lost 21 lbs weighed in at 142 lbs.
    Today I weighed in at 140 lbs. Lost 23 lbs so far
    Goal weight is 125-128 lbs. so only 12-15 lbs to go

    Pics Pics Pics

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    OUR Boy's space. (LOL he needs a name still)
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    Sidney's Space!

    July 26 2011, 9lbs 3oz 20"
    Birth story:
    I was really hoping and expecting that I would go into labour on my own this time, because my induction with dd was not what I was hoping for. So of course, I was over a week late and my OB scheduled an induction for tuesday (the 26th)
    We arrived at the hospital at 9:30 am for my appt. I guess there have been a lot of women having babies lately, because we had to wait an hour for a clean bed in triage. The Dr wanted to monitor me and the baby for awhile to make sure we were healthy, so DH and I watched movies while we sat around. Around 11, they finally checked me. I was 2cm and 80% effaced, so the Dr said that they would break my water and see if that got things moving. We needed to wait for a delivery room, so DH and I went and got some lunch. After lunch, we of course spent more time sitting around. They finally broke my water around 2pm, and somehow I had progressed another cm since they checked me that morning!
    Around 3pm, I wasn't having any real contractions and was still 3cm. So they started me on the low dose of pitocin to see if that got things moving. At 4pm, I was having some cramping, but nothing major. My nurses went on break, the OB came in to see me and we talked for a bit. Back story- With dd, I had some major complications. 2 postpartum hemorrhages and retained placenta that took 9 months after her birth to resolve. The OB was concerned that I was at higher risk of happening again, so she wanted to manually scrape my uterus after the placenta was delivered to make sure it was all out. She said that I would need an epidural because it would hurt. A lot. Of course I agreed to that (9 months of pp bleeding is not something I wanted to do again!!), and they called the anesthesiologist at around 4:20. While we were talking, the contractions were really starting to get a LOT more intense. By the time they arrived to do the epidural, I was in a lot of pain!!
    The anesthesiologist told me it would take around 20 min for the epidural to kick in. They got it in around 4:45, and I could hardly sit still because the contractions were INSANE. They were coming right on top of each other with no breaks in between. I was begging the nurse who was covering for mine to make the epidural work!! She decided to check me, and when she checked, she got a weird look on her face and paged the dr. I asked where I was, and she said 9 3/4
    I had the urge to push, but the nurse wanted the OB to arrive first. As soon as she ran into the room, I yelled "Someone tell me I can push!!!" It felt like forever, but it was really only a couple of minutes. I pushed for 15 minutes, and Sidney Dawn Wynne was born at 5:26pm. 9lbs, 3oz and 20 inches.
    On my chart, the nurses had written that when they left for break at 4, I wasn't in active labour yet. They had it down as starting at 4:20, when I was just starting to breathe through them!!
    My labour with dd was also induced, and took 14 hours, including 2 of pushing. That was at the highest dose of pitocin.
    This one was an hour!! If it would have gone that fast and I went naturally, I would never have made it to the hospital on time.
    After she was delivered, the OB did scrape me out. Let me tell you, that is horrible. Probably worth it if I avoided the hemorrhages and everything else, but still horrible. I don't actually think the epidural ever kicked in, because I could get up and walk to the bathroom 30 min after they finished stitching me up. I had 2nd degree tearing, but that's not as bad as the first time either.
    Even though it was really intense, I feel pretty good. I think having things happen that fast means I didn't get as sore and tired. Sidney is an extremely enthusiastic bf-er... I am in quite a bit of pain from that, and I think my nipples are the sorest place on my body right now! I am pumping and supplementing with formula to give them a break until we see an LC tomorrow and get her latch fixed.
    I am a little overwhelmed at taking care of 2 kids right now. Sidney's first night was not very restful, so I hope that changes quickly and she starts sleeping in her bassinet (instead of on me!) for more than 30 min at a time. Luckily DH is taking a month vacation, so he is here too. Sidney is incredibly strong for a newborn... I will have to get a pic of her doing a half pushup. Its unreal!!
    And now... The pictures!!
    Last belly pic...41 weeks
    DH, me and Sidney!
    That is one big, pissed off baby
    She likes to be swaddled REALLY tight
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    Lucas James
    6/23/11 born at 38w 0d
    6 lbs 9 ozs
    19.5 inches

    His birth story:
    I woke up Thurs morning at 1 am feeling a sudden gush of liquid. Of course my first thought was that I just peed on myself. I got up and ran to bathroom leaking the whole way. I went pee and cleaned up the drips on the floor. Dh was at work and I was too tired to change the sheets on the bed and they weren't too wet, so I just threw some towels down under and on top of the sheet and laid back down. As I lay there I started to wonder if it was maybe my water since it didn't smell like pee at all. I waited another 5 min and figured if I leaked when I stood up that it must be my water. So I waited and gushed more every time I moved. I got up and finished packing my bag and toiletries. My mom was staying with us for a couple of days to help out around the house while I was on bedrest. So I went and woke her up to tell her what was going on and that she needed to listen for Logan to wake up (he climbs in bed with us every night around 3 am and I knew he'd freak if no one was in there). I came downstairs and let mil know that she'd need to drive me to dh's work or the hospital. I called l&d and they said to come in and be checked. I called dh at work (and freaked out the poor guy who answered the phone). He said he'd meet us at the hospital. Mil drove me and I was having mild contractions about every 3 min. My pants were soaked by this time. Went and got checked and it was definitely my water and I was at 2 cm and 50% effaced. Got settled in a room around 2:15. My contractions were pretty regular but not very strong so we started pit about 3:30 am to get stuff going. I got an epi around 6 am and I was at 3 cms and still 50% effaced. It went on all day with me slowwwly dilating, I think I was at 5 around noon and 75% effaced. Finally around 4:15 pm I started feeling lots of pressure and pain from the pressure. I was at 9 with a lip and fully effaced. It hurt terribly but the epi didn't help with pressure pain, only contraction pain so there wasn't much I could do. Finally after an excruciating 45 min the Dr decided to see if I could push through the lip that was still left on my cervix. I pushed for 20 min and out he flew, much to their surprise (the dr thought his shoulder might be stuck). I held him right away and we rubbed off the vernix and junk. Dh cut his cord. It took another 10 min or so to deliver the placenta. He weighed 6 lbs 9 oz and is 19.5 inches long.

    6/23/11: 6 lbs 9 ozs 19.5 inches
    6/25/11 discharge from hospital: 6 lbs 5 ozs
    6/28/11 checkup: 6 lbs 8 oz
    7/8/11 checkup: 7 lbs 9 ozs 20.5 inches
    8/23/11 2 mnths: 11 lbs 13 oz 23.5 inches
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    Hunter's Space!

    On Tuesday (7/5) I went in for my standard 37 week check-up. Up until this point, everything had been totally normal with the pregnancy. When I go in, they check my BP as usual. It was high, so she checked my other arm. Still high. I waited a bit then the doc ordered an NST. Hunter was doing fine and there were no proteins in my urine, so the doc told me to take it easy and to come back on Thursday.

    On Wednesday the anticipation of learning about my BP drove me crazy. I went to 3 different pharmacy type places to see what it was myself (like CVS, etc). All 3 of them, the BP machine was out of order. Odd, right?

    I come back Thursday and my BP is even higher. They send me straight back for another NST and Hunter is still doing just fine. They check my BP during the NST and it's not going down. The doc checks my cervix and I'm 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Since my BP is not going down and I'm 37w3d at this point, she decides to go ahead and induce me before me or the baby start to get sick.

    After a mini "omg this is it" freak out with DH, off to the hospital we went. We got to the hospital at about noon that Thursday. We were sent to a sort of "waiting" room that is almost exactly like a postpartum room except on a different floor. They hook me up to all of the monitors and check my BP. It's normal...of course. They start the Cervidil around 2:30 and tell me they will leave it in for 12 hours. The goal is to get to 3 cm before moving to L&D, if I'm not there after 12 hours then they will put another one in. So, DH and I get into waiting mode. After we settle in, he runs out again to get some real food and a stack of DVD's to watch. By 10 pm, the contractions were very regular. They got me a birthing ball to use that helped with the pain, but keeping the monitors in place was VERY annoying. Hunter kept moving, I kept moving, and it seemed like every 10 minutes they were in to adjust his monitor because his HB kept falling off the screen.

    At 2:30 am (12 hours after they put the Cervidil in) they checked me. I was just barely at 3 and about 60% effaced. Since it was the middle of the night and my contractions were regular, the Dr on call made the decision to not put a new one in, but let me contract on my own for a few hours. They checked me again at 5am and I was 3.5, time to move to L&D and start the Pitocin. They told me it would be a half hour to get a room. An hour came and went and no room. They said it would be another half hour again. Then it was shift change. Then it was a delay in finding a wheelchair. We actually had the head of the hospital come down and apologize for all of the delays. I was very annoyed at the time. My contractions had died off, so I knew that the longer I spent waiting around the longer the process was going to be. I had already been at the hospital for 21 hours at this point.

    Around 9:30 am, we moved to L&D. I get the monitors all back on me again and they start the Pitocin. By 4ish, I had dilated to about 5 and they broke my water. The contractions almost immediately got much stronger. By 5, I was ready for the epidural. I hung around at 5 cm for a couple more hours. I started to get a terrible pain in my right hip. It was like my leg had fallen asleep and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I asked the nurse to help keep me moving from side to side every 15 or so minutes. It really helped with the pain and also help speed up me dilating. By 10:30, I felt everything in my butt. I had hit 7 and was 95% effaced. They told me they would check back in 2 hours because they didn't want to check me too often. At 12:30 they checked again and I was at 9.5. The nurse called the doc and said it was getting close. They again wanted to wait another hour before checking again. I had started to run a mild fever and was on the borderline of what they would call dangerous (apparently they get worried at 100.4 and I was at 100.3). They kept checking my temp and had me sit straight up for awhile. At this point, I had gotten my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wind. At 1:30, they told me I was at 10 and could start pushing.

    DH was amazing. He kept counting and would change up the tempo of his counting to help keep me focused. The TV had on "cash cab", so between contractions we could answer the trivia questions. It seems silly, but it helped keep me awake. After about 6 contractions, the baby was crowning. They called the doctor in and told me to hold off pushing until he got there. It was surprisingly hard *not* to push during the contractions. The doc and a flood of nurses all came in. Next thing I know the doc is telling me to go ahead and push. 2 more pushes and he's out at 2:25am.

    Hunter had inhaled some fluid on his way out, so the nurse asked me not to try to feed him for about a half hour. It was difficult because the entire time we held him, he just kept making a sucking noise/face. Finally, she said I could and he latched on like a pro.

    My fever never hit 100.4 and he was born without a fever, so we didn't have any worries there. We moved up into our postpartum room around 5 am. Luckily, since having him, my BP hasn't been off at all.

    His *FIRST* picture, haha. The nurse told DH to "pose" for a picture while he cut the umbilical cord.

    Mommy and baby

    Little Hunter!
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    Ava's Space

    On July 10, I went for a picnic with my husband. We had a nice lunch and I munched on pineapple trying to induce myself I was really tired, so we took a nap. Once, woke up I decided to read my book for a while. I got up, so I could get comfortable. When I stood up my water broke and it started gushing down my leg. I was so freaked out and started saying, “Ohmigod, I THINK MY WATER BROKE!”. My husband’s mouth fell open and everyone started staring at me like I was a freak! I was so in shock I couldn’t help, but be a little loud I was only 37 weeks and 2 days, so I kept thinking that I had peed myself! My husband was laughing at me thinking I was crazy. I even went to the washroom in the park to see! I soon realized after the water kept coming and coming that it was not pee! I drove home with our picnic blanket under me!

    When we got home my husband called the hospital and they said I should come in. We got to the hospital at 5:30 pm. I was a little worried because I wasn’t having contractions. I only started to have contractions at the hospital and they were not regular. The doctor checked me and I was 4cm dilated. I opted for an epidural. The epidural was not fun. It took two anesthesiologists over 45 mins to get it in properly. Apparently, I have a boney back. My husband said it looked unbelievably painful because they kept pricking me etc. When I turned around the bed was stained with lots of blood

    After, the epidural my contractions stopped and I wasn’t progressing. To make matters worse the monitor would not pick up any contractions, so the nurses and staff had to rely on me to tell them how fast they were etc.

    They checked me again after a while and I was still 4cm. So, the doctor decided to give me meds to speed up the progress. To make a long story short around 5:30am the doctor checked me and I was fully dilated. She decided to wait till the baby moved down the canal some more, so I wouldn’t have to push like crazy. It didn’t really make a difference because when things got started I still had to push forever. I really felt like I wasn’t going to able to do it at one point. The doctor had to help the baby come out because her heart rate was slowing down. They used a small cup suction on her head.

    At 6:42 am on July 11, Ava was born! She weighed 5.8 pounds.

    Property of celebbabylaundry.com

    July 25 - She gained back all the weight she lost after birth and is up one ounce - 5pounds 14 ounces
    August 7 - The doctor said she is doing amazing and is advanced for her age I am proud mama! She gained 1 pound 3 ounces and grew one inch in two weeks. So, she is 7 pounds 2 ounces now. She can lift her head and move it side to side when on her belly. The doctor let her go for a second as she almost rolled away! lol. He was surprised she could do that!
    Sept 12 - She Weighs 9 pounds 4 ounces and is about 21 inces

    1 month 1 week - Ava can hold her head up by herself. She also turned over when on belly.

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