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    Liam Harrison S.
    7/14/2011 (39w,1d)
    10:01 a.m.
    7lbs, 8oz, 19.25", 14.25" head circumference

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    "Mystery Baby's" Space

    Collin's Birth Story:
    Ok, so let me preface my birth story with the fact that with my second child I had contractions that were 10 min apart for about 7 hours, and then they jumped to 3 min apart. I only made it to the hospital 40 minutes before I delivered (I was complete when I got there, and I did not get my needed antibiotics). So I knew that this time, I wanted to get to the hospital in time, and that I would not necessarily progress with contractions that went 10 min apart, 5 min apart, etc.

    On July 20th I woke up with what felt like gas pains. I have had BH with all 3 of my pregnancies starting in the beginning of the second trimester, but they are never painful. A little while after I woke up, I had a painful BH. I had back labor with my previous 2 pregnancies (related to having a really bad back/pelvis, not the baby being in the wrong position) and so this contraction was all in my lower back/pelvis. I tried to take it easy, and throughout the day I had irregular contractions that were still easy to talk/walk through.

    As the day went on, I begin to wonder if I was actually going into labor. The last time, I had these contractions for a little while the day before I went into actual labor, and they went away, so I was not sure if this was it or not. We did not have anybody to come over at that time to watch our kids because my sister had gone out of town for the day and was not back yet (turns out she could not come back until the next day, but I did not know this at the time), so I decided to drive myself to the hospital just to be checked out and see if this was the real thing so that I could call my in laws to come (they live about an hour and a half away) and so that I could get my antibiotics in time. On the way to the hospital I had 2 contractions, but was able to drive no problem.

    When I got to the hospital it was 9pm and I was 3cm, 100% effaced, -2 to -1 station (I had been 1cm, 70%, and -1 at the doctor's office the Friday before), so it was not clear yet if I was in labor yet. My doctor decided to admit me, give me the antibiotics, and monitor me. At first my contractions seemed to space out, but then they picked up again like they had started to at home. At around 11pm, I got my antibiotics, and started to feel stronger more frequent contractions. I wanted to make sure my husband had time to call his parents to come and watch my son and daughter so he could come to the hospital, so I asked my nurse to check me. I was 4cm and the baby had come down more. So at 11:30 I called my husband and told him to call his parents and have them start driving down so that he could come over to the hospital because it seemed that this was the real thing.

    While on the phone with him, my contractions started to get even closer together and were about 4-5 min apart. I had gone without pain meds for the birth of my son and was going to try and do it again. For the next hour I labored with strong back contractions and waited for my husband. At about 12:50 I needed to go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, I had three back to back very painful contractions. I went back to the bed and sat down as I had another one, and my water broke. I immediately knew my husband was going to miss the birth, and I started getting very emotional. It was 12:55 when I called him and spoke to him just long enough to let him know what was going on before I had to hang up. The way I reacted my nurse knew the delivery was going to be quick so she called for help. They got me into the bed and my body immediately started pushing on it's own. There were 4 nurses in the room and the charge nurse said "I guess I get the honors". I could not stop the pushing, but was doing my best to slow it down in hopes my doctor would get there in time. The nurses all had a look on their face that said she was not going to make it in time. Plus you have to remember that I am a post partum/nursery nurse on nights, so these people are my co-workers and know me differently than the average patient, so I could tell they were concerned and felt bad about the situation.

    My doctor walked in at about 1:07 am, did not even have time to put on a gown, just gloves and my son was born at 1:10 am. I immediately said "it's a boy" before anyone else even saw (we did not know the sex). He weighed 8 pounds, 0.6 oz and was 20 in long. My husband walked in at 1:22 am. I was so upset that he missed it. So in two hours I went from 4 cm to birth, and 15 min after my water broke I delivered my son. The only reason my husband missed it was because there had been unforeseen traffic in the middle of the night on the freeway and a trip that normally takes about an hour and 20 min in the day, took my in laws an hour and 45 min at night. We only live 10 min from the hospital, and he said he drove it in 7 min.

    This was such a crazy experience, and although there was nothing I could have done to change it, it makes me sad that this was the last time I will give birth and I had no one with me besides the nurses, and I have no pictures at the actual time of birth.
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    Dane's Space

    *July 20th...7 lbs 14 oz...20.5 inches*


    Your guess:
    Date: July 14th (I'm being optimistic here, lol)
    Time: 8:05 am
    Weight: 7lbs 4 oz
    Length: 20.5"
    Gender (if you don't know): Already know it's a boy

    Date: July 20th
    Time: 2:53 pm
    Weight: 7lbs 14 oz (hey, only 10 oz off, LOL!)
    Length: 20.5" (yay got this one right!)
    Gender (if you don't know): Definitely still a boy

    We got to the hospital about 7:15 am Wednesday morning for our induction. By 8, they had us in a room and got me hooked up to monitors. About 15 minutes later, my doctor popped in surprisingly (his office is across town so I didn't expect to see him until the end) and he said he wanted to break my water before he went back to his office. DH & I were both really surprised since I wasn't even hooked up to an IV yet, let alone progressing yet. He tracked down my L&D nurse (who was amazing BTW) and then checked me (I was a "full" 1 cm) and then tried to break my water. Apparently I have a bag of steel and after about 3 minutes of trying to hook it with the crochet hook thing, he decided to try the metal end of an internal fetal heart rate monitor (or at least I'm 95% sure that is what it was). All I heard was the word "scalpel" and I freaked until I saw what he was using. It took him another minute or two before he was able to get it, but finally it ruptured & the water was clear. My OB took off and my L&D nurse got me hooked up on the IV fluids and asked if I was planning on getting an epidural. I told her absolutely and she said he could probably come in now so she went for him & a half hour later, I was all hooked up and she then started Pitocin. About a half hour later, I noticed a spot in my left hip that wasn't going numb and I was feeling my contractions still in that spot (I was contracting when I got there so they weren't the horrible Pitocin contractions yet), so the nurse had the anesthesiologist come back in (he was awesome) and he got it all fixed for me but it resulted in my right leg completely going DEAD. Like zero feeling. It was quite funny actually. The nurse did another check and I was at 3 cm already so I was pretty stoked that I was making progress already so quickly (this is maybe an hour after the Pitocin was started). So DH & I just sat there talking for the next few hours with lots of discussion about the baby's name; I had decided to give him a few names to choose from and he'd get to pick it once he was born. Anyway, once noon rolled around, the nurse checked me again and I was only 4 cm. I was a little disappointed because the first few had gone quickly and then it had taken this long to make it one more centimeter so I figured I was due for a long wait to get to 10. I was also anxiously watching the baby's heart rate on the monitor because with my previous labor, my DD had decels with my contrax and they'd threatened a c-section if she didn't recover quickly a few times which was scary. But the nurse told me that he was looking great even though the HB was lower (110's-120's) so that helped me worry a little less. By about 1 pm, I was starting to feel this weird area of pain across my hips in the front and I figured my epidural was having issues again so I told my nurse who said she'd like to check me again before calling the anesthesiologist. I figured that was worthless but I was wrong - I was at 7 cm!! So she said had me move positions a little (I needed help with how numb I was) and that fixed the painful spot, and then said she had a feeling we didn't have a lot of time so she was going to start getting the room prepared for the baby. About 45 minutes later, the room was set up and she decided to do another check and as soon as she lifted my sheet, she said "I bet you're complete" because there was quite a bit of blood. She checked and I was in fact fully dilated so she said she was going to call my OB who was at his office 20 minutes away and get him moving. He said he was just finishing up with an appointment and would hit the road, so she said we'd start pushing as soon as he got there. I was still so numb that I couldn't even feel pressure so I was completely okay with that figuring it would give him a chance to drop into the birth canal even further.

    My OB finally arrived about 2:30 and after getting into his baby catching gown (and putting shoe covers on because he had his "good shoes" on, LOL) he had me start pushing. For some reason, be it my rock hard uterus or the baby's position or the fact that I couldn't really adjust my body, pushing was incredibly uncomfortable (actually painful) in my ribs - I honestly thought if I curled any further I might break a rib. After a few contractions/sets of pushing, my doctor said the baby just wasn't moving down very well, mainly because he was twisted around and had his head tilted so he was kind of stuck on my pelvis. Ironically, I had this exact same problem with my DD and it took a lot of pushing in awkward positions to get her unstuck (I actually pulled a muscle severely in my back trying to push her out!). But my OB, who hadn't been present during 90% of the pushing during my labor with DD, said he was just thinking of using the vacuum. I found that terrifying since I don't know much about it other than that it seems like a lot of women tear WAY bad when they are used so with the next contraction I gave it my all, straining my shoulder in the process from pulling so hard on my own legs, but it just wasn't enough and my OB said that he was going to just use the vacuum and get the baby out. They kept losing his HB on the monitor too so I think that was also a factor. So with the next contraction, he hooked the little suction cup on his head and pulled as I pushed and I heard him say "Yup, that's all we needed" - apparently it got his head unhooked and he slid right down and the next contraction, his head was out (which of course is an amazing but really disturbing moment). He got him suctioned out a bit and then with one more contraction, I pushed his shoulders out and the rest of him followed behind! At 2:53, our little boy was officially out (took about 15 minutes of pushing is all). I was blown away at how fast it was there. Both my doctor and the L&D nurse commented on how big he was, but he ended up "only" being 7 lbs 14 oz when they thought he was going to be like 8 1/2 lbs. He is 20.5" long which is 1.5" longer than my DD! His APGARS were 8 & 9 I believe. I asked DH what his name was & he said he clearly looked like a Dane, which I totally agreed with, so that was that.

    He has TONS of thick, dark hair and I've had multiple nurses ask me when they see him initially what ethnicity my DH is to get that hair (obviously if he isn't standing there because my DH is super blonde and white LOL). He has been a very good baby so far though a little overly sleepy and I've had a hard time making sure he eats on the BFing schedule the hospital wants him on, but he is getting a little better as time goes on. He does latch on really well if he is awake and hungry, then eats for a good amount of time so already better than my DD. It is really surreal that we have 2 kids now (especially when my DD came to visit and we had all 4 of us here). Speaking of my DD, she is doing fairly well with him, at least about what I expected. She ignored him at first, but then wanted to hold him (with help of course) and was trying to pet his face LOL. It will take a while for her to learn how to treat him gently! She was mostly disturbed at the fact that when she went to leave with my mom I had to stay here and cried a bit. I feel like I'm "cheating" on her with the new baby, but I know it will feel less like that once we get home and into a routine. I heard it a million times but I really am surprised how my heart just doubled in size when he was born and I already love him so much.

    As far as recovery, it hasn't been bad. I was able to avoid an episiotomy this time (yay!) but did tear a bit upwards although it didn't go to my urethra so it hasn't really bothered me much. I did have issues getting my bladder to empty (again! same problem last time) but finally was able to figure out that muscle again and it has been smooth sailing since. I physically feel a TON better than after my last labor, aside from the cramping that has been pretty awful (especially if I don't get my pain pills on schedule). They were right that those after pains are worse with your 2nd than your 1st, and I hear they only get worse! Anyway, otherwise I am really feeling great and could have honestly gone home the same day I had him if that had been an option. I should get to leave sometime tomorrow though so no biggie. It has actually been nice to spend a little bonding time with Dane before we get home and I have to put so much attention towards my DD.

    7/26 - Had his first pedi appointment (although we had to see a different pedi than our regular one - bummer). The dr said his circ is healing well, he looked a little jaundiced but nothing to worry about, and otherwise looked great! We don't know what his discharge weight was (they didn't do it...oops), but he is already back to birth weight + a little. He was 7lbs 14 3/4 oz (40%) and 20 3/4" (75%) - such a difference from my DD who is barely on the charts being so small!
    8/4 - 2 week appointment went really well. He is up to 8 lbs 12 oz & 21". Go to see our regular pedi and she said he looked perfect plus gave me the okay to let him sleep as long as he wants during night hours!! He had to do his heel blood draw and didn't even cry for a second, just sucked on his pacifier aggressively. I was shocked as my DD screamed bloody murder when they did hers.
    8/20 - 1 month old! He weighs approx. 10 1/4 lbs already (soooo big compared to my DD at this age). He is a great sleeper, normally sleeping from about 11-4:30 or so and then sleeping a lot of day. He is still doing great with BFing & is such a happy, easy baby! He started smiling on 8/18 @ exactly 4 weeks also
    11/15 - almost 4 months old! At 3 months, he was 13 lbs 3 oz (48%) and 25" (84%?) and is still growing like a weed. He is starting to wear 6 month sized clothes which fit great in the arms & legs, but are baggy on his torso. He started laughing right around 3 months and sleeps most nights from 10-5, eats, then sleeps until 8-9. His napping is still all over the place as far as routines go, but it hasn't been a problem so far so we just go with it.
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    Baby TreeHugger's Space --
    Olivia Evelyn Teodora
    July 16, 2011 @ 5:40pm
    9lbs 10oz, 20in

    On Thursday, July 14th, i went in for my weekly NST/biophysical at 38wks Baby continued to measure closer to 40wks, and was estimated to be around 8.5 lbs. My fluid was on the lower side and the Dr was not liking how my feet continued to swell and was now going into my calves, although my BP was fine. So, it was induction time.

    We were orginially schudled for Friday morning, but late Thrs we got a call saying the hosptial was too busy and short staffed.... we did a NST at the Dr office to make sure baby was not stressed and she was doing fine. I was 4cm dialated and i think 70% effaced.... Saturday morning it was.

    We arrived at 530am, got checked in and changed, ready to go. They did not start the meds at this time because they were not sure if they would have the staff available (the nurse was calling nurses in) Then Gretchen, my midwife came in around 725am and broke my water. For having low fluid, i sure felt a lot come out. It was warm and did not hurt at all. I started to have stronger contractions- although nothing too intense. I think they were like 6 mins apart. They gave me about an hour to contract on my own and then started the pitcoicin, they were worried i could labor like this all day, so i said 'cool-let's get this show on the road, i wanna meet my daughter.' Pit contractions were a little stronger and def. more consistant and closer together. After about 1 hour, i asked to be checked cuz i wanted to get the epidural, but didn't want to get it tooo early. I was at a 5/5.5, so i got the epi. It did not hurt and was not NEARLY as horrible as i thought it was going to be. Unfort, after about 30-45mins i started to get intense pain on my right side - in my hip bone and lower gut area.....the epi was not working correctly. They tried giving me more and changing my positions, but it didn't help - i had to get another epidural. The second time around, i was at 7cm and in A LOT of pain....when it would radiate in my hip bone. Apparently, it was Olivia trying to move through the pelvis...
    2nd Epi worked wonders and it was time to get some sleep --hahahahaha.
    No later then like 30 mins did i have the urge to push.... we called the nurse and i was at 9.5cm and i had just a teeny tiny piece of cervix that had to get around the lip of her forhead....they told me to go ahead and give into the urge to push. I did that for awhile and then i was checked one more time and it was time to push for real.

    I was exhausted - we had been up since 4am, with no sleep during the day and now it was time - I think it was about 415pm at this point.... I began pushing and i was soooo tired and just wanted her out. Gretchen got a mirror so i could see the pushes that were working and the ones that weren't.....this helped big time and i was pushing far more efficantly when i could see her head coming closer and closer. I felt A LOT of pressure and that 'ring of fire'. I knew once i got through that 'ring of fire' that her head would be out - so i pushed and i kept going. My DH was a rockstar helping and encouraging me. Gretchen was also a HUGE help and at 540pm, my sweet little angel was born. I had my eyes closed at that last push and Gretchen went 'julie, julie, look, grab your daughter' and i reached down and there she was...

    She was VERY purple and was not breathing. I remember saying 'make her cry, why isn't she breathing, make her cry, make her breathe' While the nurse was rubbing her to get her to breathe, she make two little squeek noises and i felt sooo much better. I kept saying 'OMG, i can't believe she's here, i can't believe she's here.'

    I told DH to stay with Olivia, since they put her on some O2, they stichted me up,
    a light 2nd degree tear, and started to work on my placenta. I could hear and see Olivia breathing and crying so i just watched her. My DH had a very worried look on his face as the Dr's and nurses tried getting my placenta to come.....i just remember seeing a bunch of people and talk of surgery and my DH wanted to come to my side but people were running around and i just told him, stay with the baby. My placenta was NOT coming and it was either try manually or surgery. I remember asking, 'am i going to be okay?' The Dr came in and manually tried to get the placenta and while he was elbow deep, i felt EVERYTHING in my stomach....it HURT SOOOOOOOOO much. I lost A LOT of blood (which is what DH was seeing) They did get the placenta and they had to wait at least 2 hours before they would clear me, incase i had to have surgery. Thankfully, i did not.

    I finally got some skin to skin with Olivia and she ended up turning purple -so they took her away to get oygen and hooked her to a moniter to check her blood levels. She pinked up and hasn't had any issues since then, in regards to her turning purple.

    How she's doing now - she did have some symptoms from my gestational diabetes, and her sugars are very low. I have had to supplement with formula to get her levels to increase and currently, she has had several draws that have been in the 50's and 60's (where we want them) On Sunday she was in the 30's and 40s' and was placed in the nursery care and hooked up to IV's around 3am. She currently is also fighting jaundice and her billiruban just increased again....she's been under the lights for 3 days now. I'm not sure when she'll be released, but i tell ya -- leaving her at the hosptial has been SO VERY HARD..... Luckily my milk seems to be increasing now and i'm able to give the nurses that to give to her. I do nurse her with the SNS tube (she nurses on my breast, and has a tube connected to the formula, so she gets both at the same time) and i enjoy the skin to skin time i have with her.

    8/28/2011- rolled from tummy to back today. What a great bday gift for DH

    Dr. Visits --
    1 month -10lbs 7oz, 21.5inches
    2 month - 12lbs 4oz, 22inches
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    Gordon Seymour
    July 14, 2011 1041am
    8lbs 0oz, 20.75in

    I started my maternity leave on Monday, July 11 and started sleeping late and being up most of the night. I went to my appt. on Tuesday, July 12 and had dilated to 2cm, was 70% effaced, and baby was at 0 station. I already had an appt. scheduled for that Friday, the 15th, so she wanted me to have an NST and ultrasound done on that day as well, if I made it that far, which I said I probably would. Well, on the evening of July 13/morning of July 14 I was up late watching Grey's Anatomy on netflix. At 1230am I felt and heard a pop. Initially I thought wow, that was a really solid kick! But then it dawned on me that it was most likely my water, and then I felt a small trickle, went to the bathroom and saw a small amount of green fluid, so I knew he had passed his meconium. I called the after hours call service and they had the on call midwife call me back. I spoke with the midwife and she told me to come to L&D triage. We got there at about 2am (I took a quick shower first since I had yet to take one that day) and they hooked me up to the monitors. It was so nice to hear his heartbeat. I had just started having contractions about half way to the hospital. And the funny thing is, DH had gone to bed and then got up a half hour before my water broke because he couldn't sleep. After the nurse hooked me up to the monitors, she did a sterile speculum exam to check for amniotic fluid and found none. Then the midwife came to talk to me and she also did an exam for fluid and didn't find evidence of any. She suggested that I simply lost my mucous plug. I informed her I lost my plug 2 weeks prior and I heard and felt my water break, plus I saw the fluid and it was green. I was still only 2cm dilated like I was 2 days prior, so they were considering sending me home, but then they suggested that I walk up and down the halls to see if my cervix changed. I made one pass down the hallway when suddenly my contractions became unbearable and I had a strong urge to evacuate my bowels. I went to the bathroom and was unable to get off the toilet my contractions were so bad. I ended up being holed up in the bathroom for an hour before the nurse came back, and my poor husband got locked out of the triage area trying to find a nurse for me. Once I was out of the bathroom, the nurse checked me again and I was 5cm. They admitted me and moved me to L&D. That was the longest walk of my life.

    I finally manage to make it to my room and get in bed so the nurse can start an IV, but it takes her 5 attempts to get the damn IV in a vein. My contrax were so intense though, I hardly noticed her poking me that many times. I opted to have IV pain meds first for some immediate relief, but before I could get it, I had to sign a butt load of paper work first, which wasn't easy with the contrax I was having. I was breathing so hard I nearly blew the papers off the table! I got the paper work signed and finally got some pain meds. It didn't help much with the pain, but it did knock me out enough to be able to sleep for a while before the pain became to intense again. They came in and checked me around the same time the contrax started to become too much for me to handle and I was 8-9cm. I'm not sure what time this happened, but I think it may have been sometime around 7am. I know that I had gotten to 5cm at around 330am. After they checked me, I asked for the epidural. The nurses adamantly tried to talk me out of it saying I was doing great with my labor, progressing fast, and that the epi would only slow it down. I insisted though, and my husband did as well, and then they finally called the anesthesiologist and I got the epi. Let me tell you, that epi was wonderful. I was finally comfortable and took the opportunity to get some restful sleep before I had to start pushing. At around 9am they checked me again and I was 10cm. They had me do a few pushes to bring the head down before the midwife came in. Because I got the epi so late and it was so effective, I wasn't really feeling anything to know when to push. When I did feel pressure, they had me push. It got a little scary though because Gordon's heart rate slowed down dramatically while I was pushing and after. They suspected the umbilical cord was getting pinched so it was taking him a little time to recover from the pushing. They put the internal monitor on his head so they had a more accurate reading and had me change positions to help. It freaked me out hearing it drop so much, that every time I pushed, I pushed hard to get him out. They gave me an episiotomy because they were afraid I was gonna tear. I was grateful for the epi because I didn't feel anything. In fact, it didn't wear off until about 4 hours after delivery! I ended up pushing for about an hour, hour and a half, and at 1041am, Gordon was apart of our world! He was completely green when he came out, so they cut the cord, and the nurses intubated and suctioned out his airway before he cried to prevent aspiration of the meconium. Once he was cleaned up, they gave him to DH while I got sewed up. My sister made it about 40 mins before he was born which was great.

    So, that's my birth story! Overall, Gordon is a great baby. He is an awesome eater and gained 6.5oz a week after birth! He's not exactly sleeping through the night, but is getting better about sleeping for longer periods of time at night. He has a check up tomorrow so I'm eager to see how much weight he's gained and much length he's gained. I just can't believe that one moment I was pregnant, and then I wasn't. It's weird looking at myself in the mirror now. I am so glad he's hear. Every time I look at him I want to cry cuz I love him so much!
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    Our baby girl's space. She'll have a name soon!

    Sadie Vivian's Birth Story:
    After all that time of trying to not have her, I had to have a c-section. So her birth story is not that involved. We had to be at the hospital at 5 am. We got there and they started an iv, put in a catheter, and prepped me for surgery. This was my first c-section, so I was pretty nervous. Finally at 7:30, it was time. I walked into the operating room and sat on the table. The doctors were already in there talking and counting instruments. We talked a bit as the spinal took effect. I felt like my legs were floating up off the table. Finally, they let my DH come into the room. I could not feel a thing until they started pushing her out. She was born at 7:39. I got to see her and then they cleaned her up. The doctors decided to look around to check out my insides because they are so abnormal. Then they began to close me back up. DH got to carry Sadie to the nursery to be cleaned up and to do all of her other evaluations and things. I was wheeled to recovery and he brought her back in to me. The nurses then took me to my room where I was able to nurse Sadie for the first time. I must say that a c-section is much more painful afterward than a vaginal birth.
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    Roman's space
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    Alexander's Space

    Alexander was due on July 4th, 2011.

    I had been very lucky throughout my pregnancy with no pain and minimal discomfort and had enjoyed my last day of work on June 24th. I woke up the morning of June 26th with mild cramps, but no thoughts that it could mean our precious boy would soon be joining the world.

    I quickly found myself spending the day cleaning, organizing, and shopping through sporadic bursts of discomfort and by 6pm it was necessary to get up and walk around through each contraction which were now coming anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes apart. At this point, I was still going through my day like normal – cooking supper, hosting book club, and seeing Troy leave to play hockey. It wasn’t until 11pm - with Troy home and playing video games – that I finally realized it could be the real deal and we began timing the contractions to find they were averaging about 1 minute in length every 7 minutes or so.

    At midnight we went to the hospital where we were told that the baby could very well be coming tonight, but that I was not far enough along to be certain and I was sent home. At 4am when we headed back to the hospital contractions were now about 3 ½ minutes apart and although we were admitted, we were warned it could still be another 6 hours or more before we saw any significant change. By this time, the pain was very intense but Troy was extremely supportive and we managed to get through without any medication.

    Surprisingly, at 6:30am the nurses informed us that the baby was very low and that we were now getting close to the end, and it was at 7:15am that we were joined by the doctor to start the final stretch before meeting our little bundle of joy.

    Alexander Michael was born at 8:34am on June 27th, 2011. He was 39 weeks to the day, and 6lbs 11oz, 18.8inches. Apgar scores were 9 and 9.

    Height and Weight:
    Birth: 6lbs 11 oz, 18.8in
    Discharge: 6lbs 2oz, 18.8in
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    Easton and Ashton's Space

    Birth Story:
    On Monday July 4th, I was 35 weeks, 3 days. I went to L&D at my local hospital for my NST at 9am. I was having regular contractions 5 min apart for approx 1 min in length. They were strong enough I could feel them but not strong enough to take my breath away. After my NST was finished, they decided to keep me and monitor me for another hour with an IV. I was also to be checked before and after the additional monitoring. Well, with the IV my contractions slowed and became irregular. Before and after checks were the same at closed to maybe a fingertip. I was released to go home.

    On Thursday July 7th, I was 35 weeks, 6 days. I went to the local hospital for an u/s, NST and OB appt starting at 1pm. I was starting not feel well at work that morning. I picked up lunch on the way to the u/s but just couldn't get it down. The u/s was miserable. I couldn't breath laying flat on my back and if I tried to roll to my side my hips/pelvis area would hurt very badly but I toughed it out. The u/s showed baby A was measuring 37 weeks, 4 days and 7lb 3 oz. Baby B was measuring 36 weeks, 6 days and 6 lbs 10 oz. After the u/s and while at the NST, several people made comments about how I did no look well. I was thinking it might be the on start of labor as I felt the same way the day I went into labor with Izzie. However, I was 1 day shy of my goal of 36 weeks - which is what I had to hit to be able to deliver at my local hospital. During the NST, I was contracting regularly again. Dr decided to check me after NST but I was still closedto maybe a fingertip. She did set a c-sec date of July 15th, when I would be 37 weeks (she was leaving fo a week long vacation the day after). She said she had talked to the university dr's and they said it would be safe for her to deliver my twins at any point now. However, after talking to me about how I was feeling and discussing her work schedule (she was scheduled off for a three day weekend and the other dr in the clinic would be on call) she decided she would just deliver the babies tonight at the end of her shift. However, it dawned on her I was 7 hours short of being 36 weeks, so she would have to ship me to the university hospital. She told me if I was still having contractions and still feeling bad at midnight to come in to L&D and she would deliver the twins then. I went home and the contractions were pretty miserable. I took two baths in the whirl pool bath tub in my room to relax and try to get them to start. I told myself if I could sleep through the contractions, I would not go in. So I took some tylenol and got in the bath. I seemed to be able to relax and get some sleep. My dr called me twice from her personal cell phone to see how I was doing. She was just as excited if not more to deliver the twins. She had never delivered twins at this local hospital because they always had to be shipped to te university hospital for one reason or another. On Friday she had the nurses call me and check on me. The contractions were still coming just not as strong and more random. Something else strange began to happen that weekend as well. My blood sugar levels were really low regardless of what I ate. They got so low I ended up cutting back on my medicine until I wasn't taking it anymore. It seems as if overnight my gestational diabetes had disappeared.

    I made it all the way through the weekend so I decided to go to work on Monday morning (July 11th) to finish up some stuff before I went on maternity leave. I knew I was still having contractions and I knew I had an NST today at 3pm, so I decided to pack my bag that morning and put it in the car before I left for work. I wanted to make sure I had a camera on hand just in case. I also did not eat lunch, as you cannot eat for so many hours before surgery. I wanted to be ready if she decided to deliver them. I just had a feeling the dr would take them at the end of her shift. Well, the NST showed regular contractions again and it showed a couple of spots where Eastons heart rate was slowing. When I was checked I was a full 1cm dialated. When we talked about the low blood sugar levels, she told me it was a sign the placenta(s) are in the process of dying. She said with the u/s results from last week and the information she had this week, she thought it was better to just deliver them.

    The nurses rolled me down to L&D from the clinic. I called my husband and told him what was going on along with my mom. I asked her to pick up DD and keep her until we knew a time or it got closer (I didn't think DD could sit still that long). This is when things started to go not as smoothly as desired. The surgical nurses came in to get me around 5 something. You could tell they weren't exactly thrilled to be stuck over at work. They were trying to cover up how they really felt but you knew what they were thinking. I got the spinal and although it did not hurt very much, it took him forever to get it in right. It wasn't a smooth process. While in there is was kind of choas. For some reason they couldn't use the big surgical room so they were trying to retro fit the small one. They could not figure out how to get both baby beds to work in the room, so they took one of them out and put them in another room. Then they decided they needed them both in the same room and brought the bed back. They then worked to retro fit it. I in the mean time was just kind of watching all the chaos. When the dr came in and started to get ready to cut she asked if I could feel this (knife in my belly), well down low I could not, up high I could. So they tilted me backwards to get the medicine higher up. Eventually I could not feel the tip of the knife but I knew I could still feel more than I could when I had my csec with DD. During the csec, I started having lots of pain, I asked for more medicine, he gave me more but not fast enough, I started to feel sick so he gave me something for the nausousness. The babies were born but were taken straight to their beds and I did not get to see them. With DD she held her over the curtain so I could see her before they checked her. I was able to bear the pain while my babies were coming out but afterwards was torture. I kept telling them I could feel too much, I was in pain but it never went away. They were doing a tubal on me and I could barely stay on the table. I was clinching these metal poles on each side of me trying to get through the pain. At the beginning of the tubal they took the babies out of the room and my DH left too. I didn't get to see or hear how the babies were doing. I was never so relieved for anything to be over in all my life.

    There is more but I will have to finish later.....

    The rest of the story......

    After I got out of the OR, I was in recovery for a half hour or so before I finally got rolled into my room. Ashton was in the room but Easton was not. They said both babies initally were OK but Easton started having some breathing problems so they were watching him more closely. My mom, my maternal grandma, my DD and my DH were all in the room. There I finally heard their stats. Easton was born at 6:16pm weighing 7lbs 7oz and was 19.5 inches long. Ashton was born 7lbs 0oz and was also 19.5 inches long. My family tells me you can tell the difference in the boys but I still haven't seen Easton (he is also the one I never saw an u/s scan of his face either. He was always hiding). They also told me both boys had the same blood type, O+ so I needed another Rh shot. It wasn't long before they brought Easton back in the room and said he was fine. They did say it was rare for Baby A to have breathing issues, it is usually baby B. They gave the babies a bath and told me to rest.

    Unfortunately I didn't end up getting much rest that night. They kept checking my urine output and it was low, so they kept giving me IV fluids. I would go through a whole bag in just under an hour. I think I went through 7 bags of IV fluids that night and my urine output never went up high enough. Eventually they ran a blood test and determined I didn't have enough blood. So they started giving me bags of blood too. They had to run another IV for the blood. The nurses came in to start the IV but were having a hard time getting it as I was too swollen (too much fluids not leaving the body) and ended up going through a couple of veins before they got the second one in. The bags of blood took a long time to input, I think it was about 2.5 hours per bag and then it was always followed by a small bag of fluids. I also started a fever sometime through the night so they started me on 3 sets of anitbiotics (given by IV) also. I think each bag takes about 30 min. To get my urine output up they gave me some sort of pill to make me go pee more but it also screwed up my digestive tract and I was full of gas and the runs (sorry if TMI) when I couldn't even get out of bed. I had an IV in each arm going continuously, a cath in to measure output every hour, and I was so sore I could hardly move.

    When the dr came in the second day I hadn't had much sleep at all and was in pain. She felt my stomach and decided my uterus was way high and full of a large blood clot. She decided to do a procedure to remove the blood clot. Basically that was to put her hand up in my uterus and pull it out while I was laying in bed, the only medicine they would give me is morphine, they wouldn't put me out. They warned me over and over it was going to hurt like hell and they weren't joking. Imagine the worst pain you have ever felt in your life and multiply it. She asked me repeatedly not to hit her because she said that would be my first reaction. I gripped hold of the sides of the bed and screamed while she attempted the first time. She didn't even get up into my uterus. The second time they asked me to relax as much as possible and it would go faster. She attempted again and got into my uterus but I couldn't keep my hips on the bed. I was crying/screaming. It felt like she was at my throat. She was crying for me because she felt so bad. She gave up and ordered a surgery for me so they could put me out and they could do a D&C. They surgical nurses came and got me for the D&C (a different set) and we got to be in the good surgical room. They put me right to sleep and I was glad. I didn't feel anything and I got a little bit of sleep. When I got out of surgery, I felt better. I still needed more blood and more antiobiotics so the IV's continued. I think I got 4 bags of blood total. I was still sore and still suffering from digestive tract issues. I was humiliated as I had to use a bed pan several times. After this trip to L&D I have no pride left. I was hoping to get my cath out by the end of the day but when my numbers came back in, no such luck. My output still wasn't high enough.

    That night the nurses did the best they could to let me sleep as much as possible. They would come in and check my urine and change IV's as quietly as possible not to wake me. They did help me to get out of bed twice to go #2 on the actual potty instead of in bed which was nice too. I was hoping everything would be normal by the morning.

    This morning when I awoke I was feeling pretty good but my blood numbers were still low. I needed more blood. I asked to take the cath out and at first they said no. There was a problem getting my new order for blood because when they took my blood sample it came back positive for an anitbody (which is because they gave me that RH shot) so they had to send it out for more testing before they could give me the blood. I asked for a shower, so the nurse helped me arrange a shower with IV's in both hands and a cath. I just had to put on glove and tape them up so they didn't get wet and put the cath bag at the bottom of the outside of the tub. After the shower, the dr decided I could get my cath out as long as the nurses continued to measure my input and output. Which basically meant I just had to pee in a bowl. Things were looking up. I got a shower, got the cath out, got to put on my own clothes, and got to move around a bit before the blood was approved to give to me. I got the blood and the antibiotics this afternoon. One of the IV's started to blow up my hand, so they had to take it out. I am down to one IV in my right hand. I finally could get around enough to spend some time with the boys, which is really nice. My digestive system slowed down this morning and everything looked like it was heading for normal.

    However, after dinner the nurses turned in my urine input and output numbers and they are going the wrong direction. So the cath had to return and I am back in a hospital gown. This made me slightly depressed. Then at 10pm they had to check my blood again and it also was not high enough. At 10:30pm they decided I needed to prep for a CT scan to see where the blood is going, so I started to drink some stuff I needed for the new orders. Then after about 10 minutes of forcing this down, the dr called back and decided not to do the CT scan tonight, she wants me to sleep tonight. So the nurses are on strict orders not to distrub me and to help me sleep as much as possible. I am depressed because I feel like I am going backwards and still no one seems to know what is going on. I am very frustrated at this point. I was supposed to get out of the hospital tomorrow, but who knows what will happen now.

    The End:

    In the morning my numbers still had not changed, I was still in the critical region. They decided to give me more blood. They told me they would retest me at 5pm and decide if I should go home that evening or wait another night. They told me the boys were good and were ready to go home. The ped. said she would contact the insurance company and start working with them to keep the boys in the hospital as long as I was. While waiting for the blood, I got some good news - they told me they would take the cath out and I could take a shower. Thank heavens. The afternoon went really slowly. They did give the boys a bath though and we took some pics of them. They had "thing 1" and "thing 2" outfits on.

    My numbers came back as stable, so the dr asked me what I wanted to do. She said she was comfortable with me leaving or me staying so she wanted to do whatever I felt most comfortable with. I decided I wanted to go home. Check out took a couple of hours but I think we were home around 7:30pm. It was nice to be home.

    That night I woke the boys up every three hrs to eat and change their diaper, otherwise they slept through the night in their crib. I am very happy about that! DD was terrible at night and wasn't expecting much better this time but the boys are great.

    I had some unexpected problems. I was still extremely sore and swollen. I could sleep well, I hurt to much. I could only sleep on my back and I couldn't breath well on my back. The swelling in my feet/legs were so bad I have never seen them this big. The skin is pulled so tight it hurts. I was sleeping with my feet up trying to get the swelling to go down but then I started worrying about the fluid getting up into my lungs/heart. I was worried I might never wake up (a bit extreme I know but it was a fear in the back of my mind). Every time I had difficulty breathing I would freak out a little more. So on Friday I called the dr to tell her about the pressure I felt on my chest and my difficulty breathing. She told me to come in right away and to go to the emergency room. In the ER, they did a bunch of tests, EKG, Xray, CT scan, blood tests, etc. They confirmed nothing was majorily wrong - no fluid bluid up or blood clots near any major organs, so I felt better. A huge weight seemed to be lifted even if I didn't physically feel any better. They said the discomfort was just do to everything I had been through this week and it will just take time to get back to normal.

    It is now day 3 from being out of the hospital. The swelling in my legs/feet is still unreal. They said it will take several weeks to get all this fluid out of my body. My stomach is still sore but just starting to show some improvement. With DD, I felt like I had mostly recovered by the time I left the hospital, with this preg I was not. I am trying to do the recovery at home while taking care of the twins and a toddler. I think it is slowing the recovery process down but I am moving forward.

    I am just very glad it is over and I can't wait to feel/look like myself again.

    I am very lucky though. The boys are great and I love them to death.
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    Hopefully I have enough time to get it all down

    Well, I suppose it starts on Friday, July 8, 2011, with some spotting, which continued through the next day, along with that "crampy" feeling. Ryan & I settled down that night & watched a few movies & went to bed. At around 5:30 I woke up to pee...I was feeling very crampy at this point, but since I had to pee so badly, I attributed the cramps to that fact. I dozed off until 5:40, when I woke up, cramping again. I had a pretty good idea why & at 5:50 when I felt another, I tapped Ryan & told him what was up, then said I'd wake him when it was time to go if he wasn't up yet.
    I piddled around for awhile, washing clothes, bathing, playing on the computer, etc. The contractions were still 10 min apart...then they started getting closer & a little longer. At around 9, I called the hospital to double-check protocol (I thought I was supposed to wait til they were 3 to 5 minutes apart), but the chick said to come in. Or rather, she said something like "Uhh...if yer in labor then you needa get to a hospital. I's 'posed to tell you that." Like I said on my facebook...who am I to argue with such a professional? Anyhoo, I wanted to take a shower, so I woke Ryan & asked him if he could be ready in an hour. He mumbled something that sounded a whole lot like "Yes", but when I got out the shower 30 minutes later, he was still asleep . All I could imagine was having a baby on the kitchen floor while his hungover *** went through his daily routine of 3 cups of coffee, lol. I finally got him up & ready to go. But first...I needed to stop at Target for a nursing bra & a robe. That seemed to amuse everyone, for some reason.
    I got to the hospital at around 11:30 & after I discovered admit was closed on weekends (just my luck) & finally learned from a security guard where to go, I made it up to L & D at around 12ish. I met Beverly, the nurse who would make my life suck for the next few hours & got my nake on. I first learned how I would end up disliking her when she checked my cervix...OH MY GAWD, I have never been violated in such a way. I nearly needed to suck my thumb & hold a teddy bear after...besides, I was only 2.5 cm. Not cool. I tried to tell her the answering service told me to come in (hence, I would gladly go back home & labor some more), but she wasn't interested. I lay there & labored away for 2.5 hours...since they were monitoring me, I couldn't get up & walk around. I felt the contractions getting stronger & closer together, so when home girl Beverly busted up in my crib & told me she didn't think I was in "real labor" I nearly strangled her with my blood pressure cuff. She said they'd monitor me for 30 more minutes & probably send me home.
    Now, here is where I tried, once again (unsuccessfully) to intervene. The same, exact thing happened with Clara. I tried to explain I'd probably need pitocin. I tried to tell that biatch that the Dr had to break my water last time. I tried to tell her that my contractions were very freaking real, but nope. Not listening. Luckily when she violated my girly parts 30 minutes later, I had dilated to a full 3.
    Then I got the good news...Hello, pitocin. I knew we'd meet again.
    Let me back up a bit. I'd never felt very strong contractions before 'cause when I had Clara, I asked for my epidural when they hooked up my pitocin. I heard too many bad things about that stuff. So when I asked for the epi this time & was denied it, I got a little terrified.
    The pit started working immediatly. An hour after I got it, I was officially in pain, but taking it well, save an f-bomb here & there. Once again (especially since I knew the dr would hem-haw around before actually giving it to me) I asked for my epi. NOPE. "Let's get a good pattern going first" she said. Ryan looked at me like "Has this ***** lost her mind??" & I said "Um, it sure looks like a damn pattern to me!!" She laughed me off & left me to wallow in my own private hell. I was starting to panic that I'd feel every part of my tearing vagina & sorry, respect to all of you who braved that, but I'm not into it. Beverly picked this point to tell me I had to lay on my right side & couldn't move from there, lest Gracie's heartbeat dip. Oh, somebody kill me, please! I knew I had to stay calm (I did my best), I knew not to let myself worry (I didn't do so well), I just tried to think about my sweet baby & about how my Mom had my brother & myself all natural-like. I attempted to dust off my memories of her & what she said helped her though it, but it was no use. I never needed her so badly...poor Ryan didn't know what on earth to do, so he just quietly watched the movie on tv & laughed everytime I made a smart-*** comment between contractions, bless his heart. He is so, so strong until he sees someone he loves hurting...then he doesn't know what to do.
    Pretty soon my contrax were coming one after another & the pressure on my perineum was getting strong...I knew I was nearing transitional labor & TOLD Beverly to get my epidural. She checked me & I was at 7 cm. Then she decided to make a little joke that I could wait 30 minutes & have the baby without any drugs. It was then I gritted my teeth & said loudly, "Only if I can have my cat here to help soothe me, otherwise, BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMICALS." She told me good job & called the Dr.
    This part is a blur. I was doing the focal point/ breathing thing, trying to put myself in a better place, etc, but I just wasn't trained at all for that & I didn't know how to make it better. I couldn't string 2 words together during a contraction. About 30 minutes after I asked (and 20 minutes after Beverly rolled the cart with all my meds on it into the room to torture me further) the Dr came in, told Ryan to leave (he nearly ran), took a look at me (I stayed pretty calm through it all, but I believe I was gasping for air at this junction), took a peek at the moniter & said to the nurse "Ooh, this is a bad one." YA THINK?!? Finally, she did the epi, all the while Beverly was breathing with me (why the hell couldn't she show Ryan how to do that 3 hours ago?) & I thought relief was on the way.
    You guessed it...the damn thing didn't take on both sides.
    I didn't care one bit. Cervical check: 9cm.
    The Dr stayed with me awhile to fix everything, which she was able to do without re-doing it & my family came in. Hahaha! Ryan peeked in & when he saw me laying there quietly, you could visably see the color return to his face.
    Fast forward an hour...I started really feeling pressure & saw the contrax on the monitor peaking, so I called Beverly & instead, blessedly, 2 young, sweet nurses came in, ready to assist me. What was even better, my Dr was with them!!! He JUST got back from a trip. And they were going to break my water since that was the only thing preventing me from reaching a full 10cm. Woohoo!
    After he did that, they all sat in my room joking with me for about 15 minutes, then Dr G checked again & told me to push. They called Ryan back in, but he was looking really nervous. I sucked it up & told him to wait outside for us...I promised they'd call him the second Gracie was here & that I could handle it & that I loved him so very much. He was so torn (my aunt said he was sad in the waiting room for leaving me in there), but I knew I could concentrate better without having to worry about him freaking out. I wanted us all to enjoy Grace's birth & if that meant he wait outside, so be it. He left & I started pushing, the whole time cracking up at my Dr's goofiness This time I could actually feel my child come out into the world, not much hurt, just a kind of twisty feeling...it was awesome. When her head emerged, she was covered in blood & had it all in her mouth & stuff. The Dr said I had an abruption, but I don't know how bad. I pushed again & there she was, my beautiful Grace Rose, absolutely perfect & looking just like her goofy Dad. Happy Anniversary to us
    She was 6.7lbs, 20.5in long, born at 7:55 pm on July 10, 2011.
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