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    Baby girl's space!

    Emily Louise

    Born friday 24th june at 3.26pm

    7lb 10oz and 21.5 inches

    Birth Story:
    Finally, we have our named our new little girl.....introducing Emily Louise! (her middle name is the same as my SIL's whose birthday she shares )

    She is going really well so far and we are sort of, slowly, settling into life as 5 hahaha! Big sis Lily has been great, really really proud and excited about her new little sis and is constantly asking if she can hold/cuddle her. It is very cute how proud and happy she looks when she's holding her little sis and Emily seems to really enjoy her Lily cuddles too. Transition with Josie has been a bit harder....the poor little chicken is rather confused about it all I think and has been not her normal self. I think it's been a lot for her to take on and she's a bit of a mummy's girl and has really noticed me being more preoccupied with the baby. I'm trying to make more time to hang with her just the two of us while DH is off work as it makes me sad to think that she's feeling a bit displaced. She's been acting up too, which is not normally like her, but i'm really hoping that it's just a phase and she'll settle down soon as she gets used to it all. After a rough few nights in the hospital when Miss Emily would not sleep in the crib and had to be held/cuddled constantly to sleep, she has finally come good and has been napping in her cot and slept in her bed all night last night...hooray! She's a bit jaundice I think, so I'm guessing that's making her extra sleepy so hopefully when she goes back to "normal" her sleeping habits stick!

    And here are a few snaps from the last 6 days....(sorry there's lots but DH has been pretty snap happy!)

    Here's me in labour exactly 1 hour before she was born and about 20 mins before I got in the birthing pool (yes I know I look too smiley to be in labour, but DH was being like the bloody papparazzi snapping pics left right and centre and snapped this one in between a contraction!)

    Me and Emily in the birthing pool - about 30 seconds after she was born (looking like a little purple alien!)

    About 20 mins after she was born (the hospital I go to does min 1hr skin to skin contact and first BFing straight after birth)

    All 5 of us

    Cuddles with my Dad (3 hours old)

    Cuddles with big sis Lily (look how proud she is!)

    Hanging out with big sis Josie

    Sleeping beauty (5 days old)

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    Default Sawyer's Space

    Due: July 10th
    BD: June 22nd, 4:35am
    8lbs 5.5oz, 20in

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    *Leo's Space*
    Due 7/13-7/24

    Last Monday I had my 40 week appointment, where the OB I saw that day explained that even though he told me he changed my due date to the 24th, he didn't actually change it in my chart. So according to the office, I'd been due the 13th all along. Then he told me that he "felt" like I was due around the 24th, even though he couldn't change my due date now. I also got the feeling that he and the other OB in the office don't communicate as well as they should, since I kept getting two different answers from them. The doctor I saw on Monday wanted me to come back on Thursday for an NST, and said we'd start talking induction depending on how that turned out.

    Thursday I went to the office for the NST, which they said he did perfectly on. They let me leave after making an appointment for Monday, but while DH and I were getting lunch they called and asked me to come back so the doctor could check my cervix. When I went back, it was OB#2 who then decided he wanted to send me over to the hospital for a biophysical profile. I went, got hooked up for another NST, and had an ultrasound done. The tech said that he didn't move much, but just enough, and that my fluid levels were pretty low at 5.2. He asked if I had been leaking any fluid at all, which I hadn't. They called OB #1 with the results, and he wanted me to go back to the hospital the next day to do it all over again.

    So Friday afternoon I went back, and this time my fluid levels were at 4.9. The tech said it could be bad positioning, but also that the baby wasn't moving that much again. They gave the info to the OB on call at the hospital, who said to go home for the weekend and take it easy, then to come back in on Monday morning. So I went home, and we went to the movies. When I got home, I had a message from the L&D department asking me to come back in the morning, that the OB there had changed his mind and wanted another ultrasound right away.

    Saturday morning, I went and got the ultrasound. 30 minutes later, the OB (who wasn't mine, and who I'd never met before) came into the triage room and told me that I had pretty much no fluid left in there with the baby, and that I was getting a c-section ASAP. 30 minutes after he dropped that bomb on me, Leo was born. After they took him to the nursery, the doctor and nurses were discussing how there was NO amniotic fluid left. He said that there wasn't even enough to fill a 20cc syringe, that we had someone watching out over our baby, and that had we waited until Monday we probably would have lost him.

    So even though I wound up with an emergency c-section that I was terrified of and that I had never planned on having, I'm glad he didn't wait. Leo is perfect and healthy, and any pain I feel now is definitely worth it.
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    PhotobucketAlexander's SpacePhotobucket

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

    Due Date: August 2, 2011
    Birthday: August 12, 2011 at 7:31 a.m.
    Weight: 9 lbs. 6 oz.

    My Pregnancy Space

    My Birth Lodge

    Alexander James' Birth Story:
    After over a week of prodromal labor with contractions starting and stopping, I would say early labor officially started on the 10th. I woke up feeling off around 4:30 a.m. and I couldn't go back to sleep, I was also having major chills. Contractions started around 8 a.m. and were regular but weren't too terribly uncomfortable. I had an appointment at 12 p.m. that day and when I got there, they were super busy! There were some children in the lobby area just being kids, I have three of my own so noise is nothing new to me, but they were really aggitating me. The contractions were starting to get a bit uncomfy and I was so-very emotional that I went into the classroom (where they teach birthing classes) and cried a little. My midwives both noticed that I seemed off and came to check on me-- they are too sweet! The difference in OB and MWifery care is amazing! One of my MWs said it isn't a job for them but a lifestyle. They are so intuned to their mamas and they really are "mother hens" (as one of them refers to herself)-- you know that they genuinely care about you no matter how many times they've done this. I just felt like poop. I was eight days overdue, I'd had diarhea and felt nauseated for a few days now, and I was just DONE. I was ready for this to be over! I was called back from my appointment and they discovered my BP was pretty high. She figured it was from labor starting so we didn't think much of it. My cervix was still high but soft and squishy and she felt for sure I'd be back that night to have my baby (she also thought I was open but couldn't tell for sure b/c I was still too high)..... but Alex had other plans, lol. I was pretty sure given his position that this was going to be a looong early labor so my MW sent me home with a natural induction kit that included Caulophyllum and Cimicifuga for the first day, cotton root for the second day, and if both of those failed, castor oil for the third day-- I did not want to get to the third day! So, I started my natural induction that day and for awhile, the C and C was working quite well but after my shower, the contractions totally died off. They picked back up the next morning (the 11th) and continued through the day but I knew they weren't even remotely turning into active labor, they were actually weaker than they had been the day before. I was exhausted at this point and I was stressed. I knew I'd have to transfer care if he wasn't here by 42 weeks, I was starting to doubt I could go into labor on my own (having had one augmented pit. birth and another induced, I didn't know when I would have gone into labor or how things would have played out if my labors had been natural). To top all that off, my BP was steadily rising and my family was really freaking out as they know nothing about a natural birth and were convinced something was wrong-- they were doing an excellent job of convincing me of the same at that time. Needless to say, I called my MW again and told her of my worries. She decided to have me come in that day to be checked and see what position the baby was in and possibly do a membrane sweep but it would have to be later that night as they were currently about to birth a baby, she reassured me that all was ok over the phone though. That sounded wonderful to me! Here's where things start getting exciting... at 9 p.m. I went in and my BP was high, she did agree it was time to get things moving as naturally as possible b/c even though I wasn't spilling protein, they were not comfortable with my BP being as high as it was anymore (I was never told how high it got at this point and I didn't ask, I knew I was stressing enough as it was but it was high enough that they had to call their physician and get an approval to have me deliver at the center). They checked my cervix and I was at 4 cm, so I had definately been in early labor, and almost totally effaced. They did a membrane sweep and got two good sweeps around. Baby was in a good position, his head just needed to come down a little more. I went home in much better spirits! All those contractions were definately doing something and I knew he would be here soon! I was able to go right to sleep that night. I think I was asleep by 10:15 p.m. I slept well but it was restless, crazy that I could have a good, restless night's sleep but that's how it was. Around four, in a half-asleep daze, I realized I was contracting pretty good and that they were pretty regular and close together. Around 5 a.m. I was jolted awake by a good contraction and then another, my forebag of waters broke with the second and I hopped out of bed and grabbed myself to make sure, lol. I went to the bathroom and my underware were wet and had a bit of diluted pink blood mixed into them as well. I knew by the second bloody show (I should mention that I had my first show on the 10th) that active labor was starting. About five minutes after the contraction that got me out of bed, another good contraction. I decided to take some time to time them but realized quickly that things were going very fast. I got on the phone with my MW and she said she had to shower and then she would be there but for me to stay out the shower b/c it could make things go faster. I called my doula who said she also had to shower but while I was on the phone with her, I had a contraction and she said she was coming now and that I needed to go ahead and call my MW back and tell her I needed to come now. At this point, my contractions were at every 4 mins. By the time I got DH up and we were in the car leaving, they were at every 3 mins. Let me tell you, being in full-blown active labor in a moving vehicle is NO joy ride! I'm sure I looked quite the piece going down the interstate with a huge belly all but screaming and gripping the handle bar and center console with a death grip. We walked into the birthing center with contractions every 2 mins. apart. One of my MWs was setting the birthing tub up for me. By this time I was moaning and groaning and just on the edge of losing it from the pain. My husband was amazing! The only thing I could do to get through the contractions was lean on him while swaying and hum through them. I was doing pretty good staying in control at this point and I think my down-fall was getting into the tub. I got in and for about one minute, it felt better but things drastically picked up. My MIL came in soon after I got into the tub and by the time my doula got there, I was bawling. She tried her hardest to help me stay in control and I'd do ok as the contraction started but when it peaked, I'd cry out and feel nauseated. The baby's head was just so far down, I was feeling sooo much pressure that I couldn't get comfortable. I finally found a position in the tub that I was comfortable with-- on my knees with my bottom off the bottom of the tub, and leaning over the edge but unfortunately, it wasn't going to work b/c the water wasn't deep enough to keep the baby under water during birth. So, I decided to get out between contractions, which didn't allow much time to get out b/c the contractions were on top of each other at this point. For the life of me, I dunno how I got out that tub b/c it hurt to move. I felt my hips just spreading and a shift in the tub was hard to do let alone put my leg over it and get out and walk. But I did it. Gravity took over then and I said the baby was coming now, he was coming now, and I needed to push. I started spouting off things I needed without doing any of them for long-- I needed to stand. I needed to sqaut. I squatted at the bed for about four contractions but got too tired so I decided I needed to lay down, AFTER deciding I couldn't do this and I needed to be taken to a hospital (I was quickly told I was doing this and there was no going back now). They told me there was no time to move to the bed but it was too late, I was crawling onto the bed while screaming that he was coming and I needed the bed, that I was too tired to push him out squatting. This whole time, my back is killing me and I just wanted relief, even if it meant dying-- I was not being very rational during this time. I remember just intense pressure and screaming that he was coming and my MW looking down and saying, "You're right, his head is crowning, he's coming, push this baby out!" I couldn't push. My body was doing it for me anyway but I had to give some good pushes to get him out faster (again, I needed relief) so I pushed and screamed through it and I had his head out in two, maybe three pushes-- my main bag of waters spewed everywhere with the delivery of his head (it also had meconium in it). The relief I got after I delivered his head was wondeful, lol! I remember saying, "Oh that feels better. Thank God I'm not having twins!" When they told me I was going to have to push again to get his shoulders out, I thought, oh no! But it was easier to get them out then it was his head, I had them out in two pushes. He still didn't come though. I was told to push again and he'd be here, so I did and out into the world came my little Alexander! All 9 lbs. 6 oz. and 22"s of him! I thanked God over and over again for helping me get my baby here safely and I just held him close and started to nurse him. All the pain I was in not a minute before was forgotten. He took his time chosing his birthday but when he decided to come, he came fast and furiously-- it was only two hours from the time my forebag broke and active labor had started until he was born at 7:31 a.m.

    Birth: 9 lbs. 6 oz. 22"s
    1 day old: 9 lbs.
    1 week old: 9 lbs. 8 oz.
    2 weeks old: 10 lbs. 12 oz. 22"s
    2 months old:

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