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    My name is Melissa. My husband and I have been married 6.5 years. We just found out on Wednesday that I am pregnant with our second baby. We have a little girl that was born May 09, so she is eight months old. It took us two years to get pregnant with her and we wanted to have our babies close together, so we are very excited that I didn't have problems getting pregnant this time. I am not sure exactly when I am due because I am still breast feeding my daughter. I do know that it is sometime in the first half of September.

    I lurked on the May 09 sight last year when I was pregnant with my daughter, and decided to join this time.

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    I'll fill this eventually.

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    Can't keep up with this thing.
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    On Thursday January 14, 2010, I was talking to my sister Emily on the phone and she told me she was pregnant! (WOOT! I'm gonna be an aunt TWICE in '10!!! My other sister Jordan is due in May! So happy!)

    We got to talking and Emily asked how I was doing, and I mentioned that it had been 5 weeks since my loss, but that AF hasn't arrived yet. She asked if I had taken anymore hpt's and I said no...
    That day on my lunch I popped into the drug store to pick up a test expecting to see a BFN... but instead I get this:

    Turns out this is a whole new pregnancy and I am pleased to join my sister on the September 2010 board!




    11 weeks 4 days

    19 weeks 2 days


    ~*~*1st Trimester*~*~
    Jan 14 - (4w 4d) BFP
    Jan 18 - (5w 1d) First ultrasound showed a new pregnancy
    Jan 20 - (5w 3d) Beta #1 - 4,457
    Jan 26 - (6w 2d) Beta #2 - 26,000
    Feb 11 - (8w 4d) First appointment with the midwives! Got to say "Hi" to Lisa, my primary!
    March 2 - (11w 2d) 2nd appointment with the midwives!
    March 4 - (11w 4d) 2nd u/s showed a baby and a heartbeat!!!

    ~*~*2nd Trimester*~*~
    April 1 - (15w 4d) 3rd appointment with the midwives!
    April 26 - (19w 1d) 4th appointment with the midwives, got to meet my new secondary, Melinda! Brought my SIL with me so she could hear her first ever fetal heartbeat!
    April 27 - (19w 2d) 3rd & Final u/s. We got to look at our little transformer and see how much he/she has changed. "Megatron" didn't want us to see the goods and kept his/her hands in the way the whole time! Good little baby! We wanted a surprise and that's JUST what we're getting
    May 26 - (23w 3d) We had a great appointment with Melinda, she's wonderful. I was measuring 25 weeks, but that's pretty normal. Heartbeat: 144, Blood Pressure: 112/54.
    June 22- (27w 2d) Great appointment with Lisa. I'm measuring 29 weeks. Heartbeat 140, Blood Pressure: 112/70

    ~*~*3rd Trimester*~*~
    July 6- (29w 2d) Appointment with Lisa. My Mom came, it was great! We talked about who will be at the birth and options for natural pain relief. I thought it was fitting seeing as my Mom will be my #1 support (aside from DH) at the birth. So it's only suiting that she be there when we talk about pain relief and options that I would like to go with. I was measuring one week ahead. I can't remember my BP or the baby's HR, but both were normal and excellent!
    July 27- (32w 2d) Appointment with Lisa. MIL came with me. It was nice for her to be a part of this, it's her frist grandchild. She got to listen to the heartbeat (approx 137). My blood pressure was 120/70 which is high for me! and I'm measuring right on target! DH and I start our Lamaze classes on Tuesday and I'm very excited for those!! I'll post more about them when they happen!
    Lamaze Class #1 - Aug 3 - (33w 2d)
    Lamaze Class #2 - Aug 10 - (34w 2d)
    Aug 12 - (34w 4d)
    Lamaze Class #3 - Aug 17 - (35w 2d)
    Lamaze Class #4 - Aug 24 - (36w 2d)
    Aug 25 - (36w 3d) I have to go for an ultrasound today to see if this baby is breech, I really hope it isn't because that will mean I lose my chance at a homebirth. But if we find out now then at least I'll get to try and turn this baby. All hope is not lost!! Other than that, baby's heart rate 148, my blood pressure 104/60, and I'm measuring right on target!
    Aug 25 - (36w 3d) Ultrasound
    Lamaze Class #5 - Aug 31 - (37w 2d)
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    Andi's September 2010 Space

    I'm Andi (35, 36 on January 29th) and my DH is Neil (35). We have been married since 1998 and had our first daughter via IVF on 7/1/07. We initially chose to do IVF to avoid passing on a craniofacial disorder that I have, but during the process we learned that we also had some significant fertility problems which would have led to us needing IVF anyway.

    The IVF process wasn't easy, and it took 2 full cycles to get pregnant. We initially had two embryos stick, but by 7 weeks it appeared one was a blighted ovum. The rest of the pregnancy with the remaining baby was uneventful and very healthy.

    Our DD Julia was born at 37 weeks after my water broke early. I was planning a natural birth at a birthing center, but after waiting for 3 days for labor to start (and trying every trick in the book) I eventually had to go into the hospital to be induced. Even after 4 hours on pitocin, I was still only 1 cm dilated, so I finally had an epidural so I could rest and have energy for pushing. I needed the rest, but the epi did slow down the pushing, I felt, because I couldn't feel anything while pushing. I pushed for 4 hours, but finally dear Julia was born at 9:45 in the evening on a Sunday (after water broke at 8:30 pm the Thursday before).

    Julia's been wonderful -- as a baby she was a poor sleeper and nursed like mad, but now as a toddler she sleeps well, is so smart and precocious, and is a real entertainer as well. We feel so blessed to have her!

    We had one embryo left from the same IVF cycle that led to Julia, so this past fall we decided it was the right time to try to use it. The frozen embryo transfer cycle was SO much easier and less stressful (physically and emotionally) compared to the fresh cycles. We only did the blood test at the end of the cycle to find out if I was pregnant, and I got my BFP on 1/15/10. So no stick pics to share, sorry! We don't plan to have any more children after this (DH is calling this bean "2 of 2") so I want to enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest.

    I plan to try again to have a natural childbirth, and I am optimistic that it will truly happen this time.

    As soon as I figure out how to post photos, I will!

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    Kristen's Space

    I'll fill this in later, I swear!
    DH Jason
    DD Sarah 3/13/08
    DS Henry 10/11/10

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    Ruth's Space

    First off, I'm so happy to be due in Sept. My name is Ruth (32), I am married to John (34). We have two little girls together. I also have a son from a previous marriage. John has been raising him since he was four years old. Once we were married, we legally changed his last name to ours. John and I have been together almost ten years. We had been TTC for quite a while. It has really been a tough road this time. I plan on enjoying this pregnancy to the fullest. This one will be our last.

    Got a BFP on Jan. 18th 2010
    If I go by my LMP, my due date is Sept. 24th.

    First appt. Feb. 1st. Confirmed pregnancy in the office.

    U/S appt. Feb. 11th Lil. bean looks great! Measuring a few days ahead (8 weeks 1 day) with a heartbeat of 162

    First OB appt. Feb. 15th Appt. went fine. Nothing real exciting happened.

    March 23rd Routine check up. Things seem to be right on track. Baby has a heartbeat of about 160. The nurse found it really quickly, too.

    14 weeks 5 days..... I'm pretty positive I'm feeling little kicks now. I thought maybe a the beginning of 14 weeks, but now I am pretty certain.

    April 20th 17 week appt. The appt. was quick and simple. Baby was kicking at the doppler and has a heartbeat of 150.

    U/S appt. May 11th. Everything went perfectly. We found out we are having a healthy baby boy. At first we weren't going to find out, but even if we decided not to, we would have known. He was flashing the goods on the screen. He kept turning to show us he was clearly a boy more than once.. LOL! Everything looks just fine. He had a heartbeat of 150. I am so excited to have another baby boy. My son will be 14 years old when he finally gets a brother.

    (21 weeks) May 17th 4 week appt. Baby Jonathan seems to be quite happy in there. Everything went fine. He had a heartbeat in the 140's and is measuring two weeks ahead. We discussed what my future plans for birth control would be. I let them know I am very interested in getting my tubes ties. They gave me the information, so I will look over it.

    (25+ weeks) June 17th my appt. went okay. Baby's heartbeat was 150, measuring right on track. I am starting to have a lot more contractions than I am comfortable with. My OB and I are both concerned about preterm labor. She scheduled an u/s to check cervical length and she is going to do a fetal fibronectin test next week. I am excited to get another peek at Jonathan, but a little worried about the results of the u/s. I sure hope everything is closed still. I have to take my glucose test as well. I will most likely just have that done the day of the u/s. I also talked with my OB about donating the cord blood. She said that is possible, so we will set things up for that as well.

    U/S appt. June 22 @ 12:15

    (27 weeks) Next appt. June 25.

    John and I

    The Kids....

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    Reserving my spot, pics to come!!

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    W.'s space

    I don't have any pictures to share yet, but I wanted to get started. I got my BFP on Jan. 3, and I'm due in mid-Sept. This was a complete surprise, after 3.5 years of infertility. My only other pregnancy was an ectopic that ruptured. That pregnancy was conceived with the help of clomid, but this time it just happened. I knew my fertile days, so I can't say it was unplanned, just very unexpected after so long with no pregnancy.

    We have a son whom we brought home as a newborn and adopted in infancy. I am a SAHM and am happily married.

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    Fed 17th 2010- 1st appt! things went GREAT. but i have lost 5lbs
    Feb 24th 2010- 1st ultrasound!! went GREAT measuring 9 wks and 6 days. heartbeat was 158
    March 22nd 2010- 2nd appt!-gained 2.5 lbs. everything souded great. heart rate was 145!!
    April 19th -gained 5lbs Heart rate was 150
    May 17th-Gained some wieght
    June 9th-Gained 9 lbs!!!
    July 12th-




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