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    Just got my BFP this morning! Will post a picture later!

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    I am so excited that i can finally make a space here. I am Michelle and my husband is Mark. We have been TTC for 2 and a half years. We conceived in January of 2008, but sadly it wasn't meant to be and my angel went to heaven at 7 weeks.
    So I am very excited to be expecting again, and feeling very blessed.

    This is Mark and I at our wedding on May 6, 2006

    First test Tuesday January 27th. 16dpo................ 2nd Test - January 29th 18dpo


    January 28th - Positive Blood Test = 117
    January 30th - Positive Blood Test = 282
    February 6 - Ultrasound (5wks 5dys) - went well, saw yolk sac.
    March 2nd - Ultrasound (9wks 1dy) - Saw Heartbeat171 bpm
    March 17th - Ultrasound (11wks 2 dys)
    April 14th - 1st OB appointment - didn't get to hear heartbeat, but everything is good....
    May 7th - 18 week scan and gender scan....so excited...ITS A GIRL!!!!!
    May 12 - 2nd OB appt. Last appt with OB at fertility clinic - Heartbeat 166bpm, baby girl doing great
    June 4 - 1st Appt with new OB - everythings good....
    July 3 - OB Appt - Everythings Good....
    July 24 - Next OB Appt.
    July 18 - 3D ultrasound


    1st u/s - Feb 6 - 5weeks 4 days

    2nd u/s - March 2nd - 9 weeks 1 day

    11 weeks 2 days

    18 weeks 4 days

    Belly Pics

    Gifts and Purchases

    Our first gift

    Our Stroller and Car seat from MIL&FIL

    Weight Gain

    8 weeks: +3lbs
    10weeks: + 3.5lbs (total +6.5lbs)
    11 weeks: - .5lbs (total +6lbs)
    12 weeks: - 1lbs (total +5lbs)
    13 weeks: + 2lbs (total +7lbs)
    14 weeks: +1.5 (total 8.5lbs)
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    Michelle 35 & Mark 33
    Mommy to:
    little Peanut, became an angel 2/19/2008
    Sofija, our beautiful miracle 9/21/2009
    Love bug EDD, Oct 10, 2011

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    early miscarriage 2/2/09.
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    I am Stephanie and DH is Mike. Im a SAHM to my 1 year old Mikey. We are very excited to be expecting number two! I am due October 15th.

    Married October 28, 2006

    DS - Mikey, born January 9, 2008. 8lbs 1oz, 20.5 inches

    Due Date: October 15th

    2nd appointment: March 18th (9weeks 6days). Couldnt hear the hb with the doppler so we got an ultrasound! HR 176 BPM and we saw a beautiful wiggling baby! Measuring 6 days ahead at 10 weeks 5 days with EDD October 10th. So my original EDD of October 13th was probably correct! Oh, and I lost 1lb! Yay!

    February 2nd - Beta - 65, Progesterone - 29
    February 4th - Beta-166, Progesterone - 32
    February 11th - Beta - 4230. Progesterone - 12, started on 200mg of Prometrium
    February 18th - Beta - 22,947, Progesterone - 26

    1st ultrasound February 18th- measuring 5weeks6days, 116bpm

    BFP on January 30 at 10 DPO

    The Winning Chart

    Make a pregnancy tickerMake a pregnancy ticker
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    Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    Boyd Andrew and Angel Lynn with there mommy born April 27th
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    Smile I am reserving my place :)

    After 4 years, Clomid, 2 IUI's, 3 cancelled IVF cycles, 2 BFN FETs and 8 months of acupuncture/Chinese herbs, I am FINALLY pregnant..... NATURALLY!!!

    Got my BFP on January 20th and my EDD is October 6th!


    Jan 21st - 13 DPO - 80
    Jan 24th - 16 DPO - 198
    Jan 27th - 19 DPO - 1594
    Feb 2nd - 25DPO - 14241

    Feb 2nd - bleeding, ER visit, a script for progesterone and 5 days ordered bedrest, had scan and saw sac and fetal pole (5w4d)
    Feb 4th - a case of 5th's Disease discovered at the school where I work, got bloodtest for the antibodies (a 6 day turnaround for the results as the test is done in South Africa) - off work for a week
    Feb 8th - follow-up scan 6w3d - saw heartbeat (109bpm!)
    Feb 15th - went back to school although test results still not back... Found out 2 more cases in school - sent home again
    Feb 17th - Found out lab in South Africa ran out of reagent to do the test and it will take 6 more days! Went in for another 5th's bloodtest and it was sent to another lab in London - supposed to be a 2 day turnaround for results....
    Feb 17th - First antenatal appmt - Gave LOTS of blood for a myriad of tests, got weighed and tested for sugar and protein in urine - discussed birth options, choice of OB's (my husband's company only covers certain dr's and hospitals) and got tons of written info.
    Feb 19th - still no test results....
    Feb 21st - Dr. called lab in London and they promised to do it first thing on Monday - 2 day turnaround - YEAH, RIGHT!!!
    Feb 23rd - still off work and waiting for results.....
    Feb 24th - FINALLY got results - I'm immune - both short and long-term! no more 5th's tests! yeah!
    Mar 11th - 11 week scan - baby measured 6 days smaller but he/she was moving around like crazy and the heartbeat was 171bpm! Was asked to return in 2 weeks for another scan and to do NT measurements.
    Mar 24th - appointment with hospital doctor to register as 'high risk', only because of my age - 39, saw baby again, heartbeat was 171bpm
    Mar 25th - NT scan - this time everything was 'perfect'! all measurements were in the normal range and initial Down's risk was 1 in 1297, mostly based on my age again! Due date adjusted to October 6th.

    Mar 31st - met with dr. to discuss results of triple test - all is great - very low risk of down's (1 in 1040, mostly based on age) and trisomies.
    Apr 15th - first appointment with OB - all went well and baby is growing on target
    April to the end of Aug - LOTS of appointments! Decided not to find out the sex....
    July 8th - DH came home and announced he wanted to know the sex so we looked at the last scan report.... We were THRILLED to find out we're having a GIRL!!!!!!
    July 10th - We FINALLY decided to call our daughter.... Lexie Grace H**** Now she has an identity!
    July 29th - 30 week scan - all looks great!

    And baby bump at 32 weeks 2 days....

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    Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    My name is Tammy and I have been married to my DH Tom for 5 years. We had been TTC since March 2005. We got a BFP in September 2008 but in November 2008 our baby grew wings and went to heaven. We are feeling so blessed to be holding our baby boy in our arms!

    Here's a pic from 1/25/2009

    Here's a pic from 1/26/2009

    Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net


    Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    1/30/09 HcG blood draw 552
    2/1/09 HcG blood draw 1292
    2/13/09 First Ultrasound-6 weeks-saw a heartbeat 128 bpm
    3/16/09 First Appointment with OB Dr.-10 weeks-heartbeat 162 bpm
    4/9/09 Second Appointment with OB Dr.-14 weeks-heartbeat 142 bpm
    5/14/09 Third Appointment with OB Dr. and Ultrasound-19 weeks-heartbeat 135 bpm-IT'S A BOY!-Ethan Bradley
    6/16-18/09 Attended Childbirth Education Class with DH
    6/18/09 Fourth Appointment with OB Dr.-24 weeks-heartbeat 137 bpm-gestational diabetes test-levels within normal range! Anemic-began taking iron supplements
    6/25/09 Attended Breastfeeding Class
    7/3/09 Made Baby Registry with DH
    7/16/09 Fifth Appointment with OB Dr.-28 weeks-heartbeat 138 bpm
    8/6/09 Sixth Appointment with OB Dr.-31 weeks
    8/22/09 Baby Shower with family and friends
    8/24/09 Seventh Appointment with OB Dr.-33 weeks-concerned about the swelling in my legs and feet
    8/26/09 Fitted for support stockings and prenatal cradle
    9/8/09 Baby Shower with staff at work
    9/10/09 Eighth Appointment with OB Dr.-36 weeks-Strep B test-negative
    9/11/09 Non Stress Test, baby is fine and no signs of contractions, being treated for urinary tract infection and bacterial infection
    9/16/09 Baby Shower with management team at work
    9/24/09 Ninth Appointment with OB Dr.-38 weeks
    10/1/09 Tenth Appointment with OB Dr.-39 weeks-dilated to 4 cm.
    10/5/09 Eleventh Appointment with OB Dr.-39 weeks-Non Stress Test, baby is fine, small contractions, still dilated to 4 cm.

    Birth Story

    Ethan Bradley
    Born 10-7-2009, 3:17 am
    8 lbs. 5.8 oz. 19 inches long

    On Tuesday night at 10:30 pm I went to the bathroom and when I sat down I felt a little gush. It was clear but it wasn’t as much as I had expected so I called L & D and told them that I think my water broke but it wasn’t much. The nurse told me to lay down for 10-15 minutes and call back to let them know if it was leaking. I called Tom and told him to come home from work since he had an hour drive. I called L & D back and told them that I had no leaking. They asked if I was having contractions and I said that I didn’t think so because the pain was only in my lower back. I reminded them that I had been dilated to 4 cm for the past 6 days. At 11:20 pm DH got home and we both took showers. The pain in my lower back continued to get much worse and I was very uncomfortable by the time I got out of the shower. Tom thought that we better go to the hospital and I kept telling him that they didn’t want me to come if I wasn’t having contractions. I called L & D again and told them that I have tried heat, ice, moving positions, taking a shower, and nothing has helped my lower back pain. They suggested that I try a warm bath because I still didn’t feel like I was having contractions. I told them that I was coming in and that I at least wanted to be put on a monitor to see if I was having contractions. They said that if I feel that I needed to come in then I should. We packed the car and left our house around 1:00 am. The 1 hour ride to the hospital was very uncomfortable. I was in so much pain that no matter how I sat in the car the pain just seemed to get worse. When we got to the hospital at 1:55 am I was taken to L & D in a wheel chair, taken to a room, and changed into a gown. The nurse checked me and I was dilated to 7 cm and my contractions were 2 minutes apart on the monitor! The nurse asked if I wanted anything for pain and I said that I wasn’t planning on it but something may help. They put a dose of pain medication in my IV. I breathed through contractions for about a half hour. The nurse said that it would be time to push soon. Then the nurse called the doctor in and he waited for a bit and then had to leave and deliver another baby. He returned and I began to push. My blood pressure was high so they used a catheter to get a urine sample. The baby’s head started to crown and the dr. decided that I needed an episiotomy so he made a medium cut. I pushed for about 45 minutes total and finally Ethan Bradley had arrived at 3:17 am! The dr. put him on my chest and Tom cut the umbilical cord. Ethan cried on and off for the first few hours. He has great lungs! After 4 ½ years of heartache we finally have our little boy! He is a blessing from God and the answer to our prayers! There was protein in my urine so I was treated for pre eclampsia with a medication in my IV for the first 12 hours following delivery. Ethan and I are doing well and DH and I cherish every moment that we have to spend with him!

    Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    7/3/09 26 Week Belly Pic

    7/11/09 27 Week Belly Pic

    9/17/09 37 Week Belly Pic

    10/8/09 Ethan 1 Day Old

    Nursery Pics

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    Default My space

    Hi there! My name is Lauren (27) and DH is Jeremy (29). We got our BFP on January 30, 2009 at 12 DPO.

    Here we are:

    And here are the test pics:

    12 DPO - the day I got my BFP

    20 DPO

    12-20 DPO

    (I only took this many tests because I had the cheap ones and they were going to expire in 6 months, so obviously I'd never have another chance to use them )

    Baby bump @ 40 Weeks (186 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 39 Weeks (185 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 38 Weeks (184 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 37 Weeks (183 lbs - boo):

    Baby bump @ 36 Weeks (180 lbs):

    Bonus 36 Week pic of bare belly (don't mind the stupid expression on my face):

    Baby bump @ 34 Weeks (176.5 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 32 Weeks (176 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 31 Weeks (176 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 30 Weeks (174 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 27/almost 28 weeks (168/169):

    Baby bump @ 26 Weeks (166 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 24 Weeks (166 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 22 Weeks (164 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 19 Weeks (163 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 18 Weeks (162 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 17 Weeks (159 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 15 Weeks (158 lbs):

    Baby bump @ 10 Weeks (152 lbs):

    Baby bump @8 Weeks (I'm puffy! 153 lbs):

    Baby non-bump @ 6 Weeks (152 lbs):

    Baby non-bump @ 4 Weeks (151.5 lbs):

    Sonogram pics:

    Body and head:



    Head and arm:

    My first doctors appointment was on February 20, 2009. Nothing overly exciting to report about it... I got my blood work done, went over the basics with the doctor, and got a run down of how the rest of my appointments would go.

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    Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    I really need to figure out how to post pictures

    I got my BFP on Feb 1. Picture to follow.
    Dr. Appt to confirm pregnacy on: Feb 3, 09. 4 weeks along Result: HCG Level : 379
    Folow-up for an OB referal: Feb 10, 2009 and the official Due Date is: October 13
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