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Thread: **Sticky please*** October 2009 SPACES

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    Pamela's Spot!

    (I'll make this all fancy later, just wanted to make my spot!)

    BFP on Monday, March 2nd. No clue we were pregnant, but those lines are prrrrety dark! These were all taken around noon on March 2nd..so not even FMU..

    These lines would pop before I could even dip the second test...yes I know, I'm obsessed!

    And in case we had any doubt!!

    According to my last period, I'm due October 26th. We'll see what the doctor says since that would put my conception date at Feb 1st..and well..Dh wasn't even home from Iraq till Feb 8th! I'm thinking we caught the eggy right as DH got home..Coooonfusing! I'm guessing I just O'd later than what the websites I researched suggested.

    Our Appointments:
    Emergency Appointment: *had spotting on March 6th. Did blood work and us- Dr. believes I'm earlier along than 6 weeks. More like 4. Considered a threatened miscarriage but Dr. does not think that is the case. Follow up ultrasound and blood work for Thursday 12th.
    1st Appointment: March 11th, just paperwork. Will select first OB appointment at that time! YAY! FINALLY!
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    Pamela ♥ Tanner
    Jacob James:10/17/09 @ 5:58 am/ 5.13 lbs 19"(37w2d)
    Aubree Olivia: 6/24/11@ 10:31 pm/ 8.3 lbs 19" (38w4d)

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    Dena's Spot

    Due: Oct 29. (1 week past my mom's b-day)

    Married to Jason: 6-6-2003

    Tyler was born May 30 (one day after my birthday - due date was actually on my b-day)
    Note that my hubby was born on his mom's birthday.
    We didn't really plan it that way, but hoping that #2 can be another birthday baby.




    Symptoms so far:
    MS is finally gone, really feel like I'm huge, starting to get a small baby bump - at times I look obviously pregnant but sometimes I seem to just look chubby... Hungry all the time

    Total Weight gain:
    6 wk +3 lbs
    10 wk +4.5 lbs
    14 wk +4.5 lbs
    18 wk +8lbs

    3/4 - went reasonably well, bp was good
    3/9 U/S - baby measured at 5w5d, about 6 days behind, hb at 100bpm
    3/23 U/S - baby measuring a little better at 8w2d, only 2 days behind, hr at 170bpm, found reason for bleeding is a subchorionic bleed
    4/1 - bp good, got Rx for Reglan for M/S
    4/17 - n/t scan - doc thinks it's a girl!
    5/19 - appt - no major issues
    5/28 - U/S - everything looks good - Now officially on team blue.
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    My October Space


    Carl Jacob born Oct. 23, 2009, 8lb 11oz, 19 1/2 in.

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    BFP February 20th!

    EDD: October 31st, 2009!!!

    Ultrasound at 12 Weeks 2 days

    28 Weeks

    Baby Bump
    13 weeks 2 days

    15 weeks 4 days

    25 Weeks

    26 Weeks

    March 9th - Dating Ultrasound, saw the tiny heart beating!
    March 18th - 1st prental appointment with GP
    March 26th- 1st Midwife Appointment
    May 20th - Felt baby kicking from the outside!
    June 8th - BIG Ultrasound!! Hoping to find out the gender!
    IT'S A GIRL!!
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    Reserving My Spot!

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    Kristen's Spot!!

    2/21/09: BFP!!!

    3/3/09: Had US because of some spotting, saw the gestational sac which looked normal

    3/9/09: Another US/1st Pre-Natal Appt. Found a heartbeat!!! 123bpm
    This is blurry but you can still see my peanut:

    4/13/09: Ultrasound, NT scan and Pre-Natal.
    Everything looked great! Heartbeast is 155bpm, Fluid for NT Scan was normal. Moved EDD to 10/26.

    Pre-Natal Appt.: Heartbeat in the 140's! Everything looking great. Scheduled the BIG us for 6/15!! I can't wait!

    IT'S A GIRL!!!
    We're SO excited for our little girl!!!! All of her organs and everything looked great. They couldn't get a good view of her spine and they saw that my cervix was slightly short so they scheduled me for another US to check both of those again. Woo-hoo for Team Pink!!

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    Angel #2- October '08

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    Reserving my spot ladies!! BBL when I figure out how to post pictures


    BFP~February 16th
    4 weeks

    6weeks pregnant March 12th~~saw our bean and heard the heartbeat!!

    7 weeks

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    Tara's spot

    due October 22
    will post pics as soon as I can. I have to borrow my MIL's camera

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    hey guys,
    I really wanted to post on here earlier to reserve my spot but still was a little confused on the whole site. so now that i feel a little familiar I would love to reserve a spot.

    due date: Oct 26, 2009

    - Noel

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    ~Michelle's spot~

    Claiming my spot!!

    I'll get more pics up soon....and get it looking cute hopefully!

    Married 6/99 and have been blessed beyond measure with 5 little ones so far!

    Iam predicting a baby boy and DH thinks sa girl! Iam currently trying to talk DH into not finding out the gender. We will see who wins!!

    BFP~ 2/14/09 (My V-day present to DH!)
    EDD~ 10/27/09 (Has changed 3 times already and probably will change agian...)
    HB~ 4/22/09- 13 weeks and heard the heartbeat for a quick moment during OB appt.! LO was moving all over the place and had to be chased down several times to get it. Healthy active baby so far!!!

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    Default Rebecca's Spot

    Rebecca's Space!

    Husband - Joe 30 Married for one year this past March 14th.
    Prego - Rebecca 29
    Son - Marly 11 This guy was a preemie weighing in @ 2 lbs 8 oz. Born @ 29 weeks. In the hospital for 7 weeks.
    You would never know it now he is becoming quite a chunk!

    BPT 1/30/09

    US on 2/11 @ 1st OB Appt. HR 94 bpm. CRL .27mm.

    US on 2/20 @ ER due to bleeding. HR in the 120-130 bpm range.

    US on 2/23 to follow up with DR after ER visit and continued bleeding. CRL 1.34cm.

    US on 2/24 due to heavy, bright red bleeding and severe cramping. HR 162pbm. CRL 1.55cm. Grown since yesterday! There is a large blood clot in my uterus, opposite the placenta not under it! DR told us to go home and pray! Progesterone injections prescribed. Hubby gives them in my backside every night.

    US on 3/10 due to continued bleeding and cramping. (Has not stopped since 2/20, some days light and some heavy.) HR 164 bpm. CRL 2.95 cm. The clot has grown commiserate with the gestational sac.

    DR on 3/31 due to continued bleeding and cramping. We heard the HR @ 158 bpm! No US today.

    US on 4/6 HR 157, CRL 8.5cm. Great pics this time! DR thinks we are moving past some of the bleeding complications but will continue the injections which are makeing me sick.

    4/8/09 THE BLEEDING STOPPED!!!!!

    Next Appt 4/31

    EDD - 10/8/09
    We would like to be surprised on the sex of the baby but if we continue to have numerous ultrasounds then I think we will find out by accident.

    Pics to come...
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