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    Megan's Space

    I'm Megan. DH and I have been married for just over 9 years. We have one son Jason who will be 3 in December. We were on cycle #4 TTC and got our BFP. Here's a pic of my beautiful BFP. I tested again this afternoon and it was even darker I have my confirmation with the DR on Wednesday afternoon - 8/26. I'm hoping she'll order an 8 week u/s.

    Update 8/26: Pregnancy confirmed
    Just got back from the Dr. They confirmed that I am pregnant and scheduled me for an ultrasound on Sept. 17 and my first OB appt on Sept 21. They set my EDD as April 28th. I can't wait to see my little bean. It seems like forever from now!

    Update 9/17: Ultrasound Today!!!!
    Baby is looking good (just one baby ). Heart rate was between 163 and 166 (they let me listen to it 3 times). The baby was sitting pretty low (in my opinion) but measured between 8w1d and 7w5d depending on the angle. I'm not sure she got the best angle since I'm pretty fluffy and as you can see the pics are pretty hazy from the layers of fat. I LOVE hearing my LO's heartbeat - no better sound.

    Update 9/22: Had my first OB appt yesterday
    Everything is good. Had a bunch of bloodwork done and weighed in at the exact same weight I was when I had my first visit with DS....didn't get to hear the heartbeat but had a bunch of questions answered and got some anti-nausea meds. We'll see if they work

    Update 10/20: Had my second OB appt yesterday
    Got to see my little bean on Saturday when I ended up in the ER with some digestive issues. It was great to see but I would have prefered not to - only because going to the ER sucked. Anyway my Dr appt was great. I gained 4 pounds but not according to my scale...I got my flu shot and got to hear the baby's heartbeat (160s again). I go back right before Thanksgiving and then we'll schedule my big U/S.

    Update 11/21: Appt Rescheduled
    I was supposed to have an OB appointment yesterday but one of her other patients went into labor so now I'll be going in on Dec 3rd. I did manage to convince them to schedule my big u/s since it's a referral and they have to call it in. They didn't think I was far enough along for it. So our big u/s is set for December 10th yay!

    Update 12/20: U/S
    Well I'm late updating this but we had an appointment on the 3rd our big u/s on the 10th and everything looks great. Measuring just right for development with all the right parts. Only problem was that we couldn't get a shot of the profile because of the way it was facing and the baby was sitting on it's feet so we couldn't find out the gender or get a clear shot of the feet. We'll be going back for another ultrasound in a week to hopefully find out what we're having and get those last few shots. The appointment went well and Dr. is predicting a girl....she's not all that great of a predictor so we'll have to wait and see. I lost a pound from my previous appointment so she was pretty happy about that.

    Update 12/28: Team Pink!
    We had our followup ultrasound to get the profile, feet and gender pics today and we're having a little girl! I'm SO excited now to prepare for a little girl after having had a little boy. Here are a few pictures.

    Update 1/16: OB Update
    Had an OB appointment yesterday. Baby's heartbeat was in the 130's. I gained a few pounds but nothing too bad. She said I'm still on a good pace to not gain too much **Crossing my fingers** I get to go have my rhogahm shot before my next OB appointment and I'll take my GD 1 hour test then at my next appt on Feb 12.

    Update 2/10: Reschedule
    I ended up having to reschedule my next appointment for Monday the 15th so now I have a whole weekend to "study" for my GD test - LOL I've been having what seems like a TON of BH Contractions lately. I'm really anxious to talk to my DR about them.

    Update 2/24: 31 week appt
    So I had to reschedule my appointment again because one of my Dr's other patients went into labor. So I finally had it on Monday afternoon. I took & PASSED my 1 hour GD test, I gained another 2 pounds (15 total), my BP was good (110/74) and her pulse was right around 138. Only thing is that I'm measuring 2-3 weeks ahead in fundal height so around 35 weeks she's going to order another u/s. I got to schedule the rest of my appointments which really makes me anxious - I can't believe it's coming that soon! I also had to go to the Hospital and get my Rhogham shot (negative bloodtype). I feel like swiss cheese...

    Update 3/24: 35 week appt
    35 week appointment went well...I'm up a few pounds again (grr), my BP was good and her pulse was around 140. I had my step B test - akward and my first internal (1cm dialated already ). I go in for an ultrasound on the 1st to double check how big she is and her position. Dr. rcommended that I stop work on he 9th of April since the following week would have me traveling twice on school busses with big groups of kids (each trip would be atleast an hour away). So I'll be starting maternity leave a little ear. Otherwise nothing too eventful which is the way I like it I go back in on the 8th.

    Update 4/1: Ultrasound (36wk 2d)
    Everything looks great She's running 3 days ahead but that's not anything too bad. She's head down and spine forward. Here's a pick of our ultrasound (bad quality but the scanner wasn't cooperating). Also a few belly pics -one from today and one from 32 weeks and one from 36+3.

    Update 4/7: OB appt (37wk 1d)
    Up only 1 pound for a grand total so far of 21 pounds. Baby is measuring 60th percentile and is head down. Her heartrate was in the 150s and judging but how difficult it was to find her hearbeat she's guessing that she's spine up. Still dialated about a fingertip (1cm ish) and she didn't seem to think anything would be happening this week (which is fine with me ). Bad news was that I was positive for strep b so I'll have to have an IV dose of antibiotics while in labor. My feet were huge today and I need to drink more water...but a good appointment.

    Update 4/15: OB appt (38wk 2d)
    Up about 2 pounds. Baby is still head down and my cervix was 1 cm, high, thick, and posterior. Dr. doesn't think she'll arrive any time soon. Nothing much else to report. Just sit and wait. Oh she did offer to strip my membranes but I'm in no hurry so I opted to not.

    Update 4/25: Abigail arrived on 4/18....birth story
    3:18a.m. – I rolled over for the 4th or 5th time that night and decided to get up to go pee. Sat on the toilet and went but it was “different” instead of normal it felt like a little gush which I shrugged off until I did it again while wiping…not from the right place. I got up turned all the lights on in the bathroom and went back to “check”. There was no mistaking the bloody show when I wiped so here we go! I called for Scott as I sat there and he sprang out of bed. He popped in to check on me and then told me he was going downstairs to clean up since it looks like we’re definitely having people up today. He was wonderful and got the kitchen, den and pretty much everywhere else cleaned up while I showered then he went up to shower (I managed to save him some hot water this time). And now it’s 3:57am and I’m sitting here typing this while it’s fresh and timing my contractions. They’re rather short and feel like “period cramps” so far so we’ll wait a little longer before heading to the hospital (and I fully intend to eat before we go this time).
    My contractions started out as rather mild short ones that were 2ish minutes apart and went to moderate ones that were around 5 minutes apart by 4:10. They stayed pretty mild for a while and by 4:30am they were picking up and we decided to give our neighbor a call. She volunteered to watch Jason for us when it happened…LOVE our neighbors. Holly got here to watch Jason and we were about ready to leave around 5am.
    We checked into the hospital shortly after 5 and they sent us to L&D. They went to check to see if my water had broken and they said it hadn’t which I thought was rather strange since I had felt it come out…when they checked me I was 2-3 and they hooked me up to monitors. It wasn’t until about half an hour later that the nurse said “well we may have to send you home for a few hours”. HUH??? Then another nurse came in and told us we should walk around and try to get things to progress so we don’t have to go home since they haven’t admitted me yet. So off we went for about an hour of walking (6 laps around the floor later) we went back into the room to get checked. I was having contractions that were coming one on top of the other (about every min – 2 min). When they checked I was 3-4cm and 90% effaced so they decided to admit me. They got me hooked up to an IV to get fluids into me so I could get my epidural and they started my antibiotics for strep B. They got all that in by around 9am. A little while later (while still waiting for my epi) a nurse came in to check on me and pulled out a shot of “something to take the edge off” my contractions (The thing that bothered me was that they were going to give it to me without asking/telling me – I’ll definitely be talking to my OB about it when I see her next). The shot made me very light headed and I REALLY didn’t like that feeling. They were prepared to give me another dose before my epidural and I told them I didn’t want it. So they reluctantly didn’t give it to me and then the anesthesiologist came in and gave me my epidural. They checked me again when they put in my catheter and I was 5. That was around 10:15. I laid on my right side for about an hour before asking to be flipped since I was stuck staring at the wall instead of being able to see the monitors, TV, and couch where my mom, sister and Scott were. My contractions were unnoticeable which was nice but once I flipped I could feel them a lot more but that gradually dissipated. My mom and sister went to get lunch around 11:30am and within 5 minutes of them leaving I started to feel “pressure” so we called them back and they got back upstairs as the nurse was checking me. She didn’t tell me what I had dilated to she just looked surprised and said “Yeah, we need to get a hold of Dr. Harvey”. Dr Harvey arrived around 11:45. She started “cleaning things up” as she put it and said she was just using warm water…only I could feel the warm water (guess the epidural wasn’t working quite like it should). Let’s just say the whole pushing experience was SO different with this delivery than with Jason’s. I thought I felt everything with Jason’s and it doesn’t even compare with the burn of delivering Abigail. Essentially my epidural worked for the toughest portion of contractions (about an hour and a half) and then I was back to feeling it all. I pushed for about half an hour and Abigail was born at 12:16p.m. It turns out this delivery was harder than Jason’s because she was turned so that her spine was toward my spine instead of being up which makes it more difficult (and explains why I was having back labor). Dr. Harvey was surprised I was able to push her out and said that most of her deliveries of babies turned that way end up needing vacuum assistance. I am SO glad I didn’t end up needing it. I had some minor tearing (3 stitches) and otherwise I’m doing pretty well (except for some monster hemorrhoids). Abigail weighed in at 8pounds 7ounces and was 19.5 inches long.

    Here she is

    A very happy big brother...

    Update 5/1: Abigail's 2week appt
    Abigail had her 2 week appointment on Thursday. She's up 3 ounces to 8pounds 10 ounces and has grown an inch. Her head is now 14.25". Dr was worried about her color but since she's breastfeeding she said as long as she's eating well and having poops and wets that she's fine. Otherwise she complimented me on having such a beautiful baby and asked if I'd have 5 more...LOL uh NO! Might consider one more but I think we're done. Our next appointment is at 2 months.
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    Kristine's Baby Pugh #2 Space!

    My name is Kristine (22) I'm engaged to the love of my life Mark (39). We have been together almost 5 yrs. We have an adorable 3 yr old name Lucas and two full blown teenagers, Pam (14) and Taylor (12).(Mark's kids from a previous marriage) Now we are expecting baby number 2!

    EDD :April 25th, 2010


    *First one was a Dollar Tree test, then we decided to go and get a good test to make sure that the results were correct!


    Our little family, soon to be + 1!


    Our older kids, Taylor and Pam

    Pregnancy Tickers from WiddlyTinks.com

    --Ultrasound went great! Right on schedule!

    9/28/09 - First prenatal appt.
    10/5/09 - First ultrasound.... will there be one or two swimming in there?
    10/28/09 - Second prenatal appointment
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    Gracia's Space

    Me and my fiance Nate are expecting our 2nd baby on April 12. We have a wonderful 2 year old son Isaiah and we are both super excited for our second addition!

    Isaiah Jacob

    Baby #2 (Ultra Sound)

    Belly Pics..




    1st appointment: September 10 paperwork, u/s for dating measuring correctly due April 12th

    2nd appointment: September 21 genetics counseling, blood test everything is great!

    3rd appointment: October 12 heard the heartbeat everything is great! scheduled big U/S on Nov.24

    4th appointment: November 20th, everything is good! gained 15.7 lbs eeekkk! Baby's hearbeat sounds like galloping horses (thinking boy still but will find out for sure on tuesday!

    GENDER SCAN: November 24th, ITS A BOY!!!

    5th appointment: January 4th, did the GD test and passed with flying colors. Joenathan Christopher is head down. He is measuring great and HR was great. Also talked about birth options and maternity leave. If by April 19th i dont go to labor by myself i have a scheduled c-section that day. Last day of work is March 19th..so excited! Almost forgot...so far I gained 26.3 lbs total...blah!

    6th appointment: Everything is good, birth plan is in place. Still not 100% on the day of scheduled CS just in case I need it. Oh yeah i forgot to mention im at a total of 31.7 lbs gained!

    7th appointment: Measuring right on, heartbeat is great! 36.25 lbs gained...blah!

    8th appointment: Had the GBS test and tested negative!!! still at 36 lbs gained.

    9th appointment: March 30th.
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    Gracia & Nate 12/14/2005

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    Kristi's Space!!

    I just realized I didn't create a space!!!

    Due date 04/23/09

    DH: Alex
    Mama to: Alison Jean born 04/08/10 + four fur babies
    Blog: theadventuresofalexandkristi.blogspot.com


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    Default Beckie's space!

    Hello! Me and my fiance have been engaged for two years. We have two cats, two chinchillas and are trying to complete our little family!

    Me and my fiance, Phil.

    My BFP 29th August. This date was supposed to be our angel baby's due date and we feel like it's a present from her.

    6 weeks


    8 weeks

    My fur babies:
    Duke all snuggled up

    Not a very good picture but this is Molly



    Early scan 24th September - saw a heart beat!
    Midwife appt - 1st Oct
    Mummy to one angel.

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    Karen's Space

    I'm Karen, DH is Eric. We were married August 9th 2008. We live in Switzerland. I'm Canadian and DH is Swiss and we're expecting our first dual nationality, French/English bilingual LO on April 26th. It took us a year to get a sticky BFP and suffered one loss in December 2008 at almost 10 weeks.

    THE BFP!!

    August 17th, 2008

    How I told DH

    We went on a trip to Scotland for our first anniversary, and brought home a little Souvenir! (What's a little strange is that the very same thing happened to MY parents as I was also a "Made in Scotland" baby.)

    How we told our families

    We waited until after the 13 week scan to 'go public'. I made this scrapbook layout for my parents and one in French for Dh's parents and we told them the weekend of October 24/25th.


    17/08/2009 - BFP!!!
    21/08/2009 - Thyroid levels: TSH 2.52 - increase meds to 50mcg/day
    24/08/2009 - spotting and cramping.. oh no!
    25/08/2009 - OB visit and u/s - gestational sac seen - prescribed 200mg progesterone/day
    07/09/2009 - OB visit and u/s - we have a heartbeat! LO measures 6w6d - 8.7mm
    23/09/2009 - Thyroid levels: TSH 1.84 - increase to 100mcg on Sundays
    21/10/2009 - OB visit and n/t screening - 72mm long, HB 150 bpm, n/t measure 1.4mm - 13w2d - blood tests show 1:5,506 chance of down's etc.
    23/10/2009 - Thyroid levels: TSH 1.51 - increase to 100mcg 3x per week
    16/11/2009 - OB visit and u/s - HB 150, all looks good. AFP blood test and H1N1 vax.
    24/11/2009 - Thyroid levels: TSH 1.9 - increase meds to 100mcg every day
    16/12/2009 - OB visit and BIG u/s - baby was being shy and all curled up so doc couldn't get clear shots of heart.
    22/12/2009 - u/s - OB able to get measurements of heart etc. and all looks good. LO is still curled up very low in my pelvis. Still on team green!!
    22/12/2009 - thyroid levels: TSH 0.6 - a bit low - no change in meds for now
    25/01/2010 - OB visit - HB 138, weight @ 1.2 kg - GD test - all looks good - breech
    26/01/2010 - thyroid levels: 0.74 - keep meds the same
    24/02/2010 - OB visit - HB 150, weight @ 2.4kg!! starting to move head down! Given Iron and Magnesium supplements
    25/02/2010 - thyroid levels: TSH 0.75 T4 11 - keep meds the same
    18/03/2010 - OB visit - HB 150, weight @ 3.4 kg!! head down. OB mentioned possible early induction due to size of baby. GBS test
    25/03/2010 - thyroid levels: TSH 0.59 T4 12.4 - TSH low - change to 50 mcg on Sundays
    31/03/2010 - OB visit - HB 145, weight @ 3.470 kg. head down. GBS negative. 'finger' dilated
    13/04/2010 - OB visit - HB 140, weight @ 3.8 kg. cervix soft and short, finger dilated - mentioned induction again and sent me to hospital to get checked.
    14/04/2010 - Hospital visit - heartrate and contraction monitoring - regular contractions though I don't feel most of them. MW estimates 3.5 kg. u/s estimates 3.7 kg. NO induction planned
    22/04/2010 - thyroid levels: TSH 0.98 - keep meds same until delivery
    26/04/2010 - Due date! Hospital check. HB and contraction monitoring - all good - cervix soft and short - 0.5 cm and 1-2 cm dilated. Induction booked.
    28/02/2010 - induction cancelled... still sitting and waiting...
    03/05/2010 - next apt. at hospital...

    Ultrasound photos

    The Belly

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    Amanda's Space

    I'm a bit late here, but I blame being sick for 5 months straight.

    So a bit about me--I'm 30 years old and this is my first baby. She is due on 4/25/10. My husband and I are over the moon!

    This is me, my husband Jerry and our first 'baby'--our cat, Bailey.

    We got our BFP on 8/18. I felt my period was coming--I had back pain and cramps. But when my period was a day late, I went ahead and tested--my period was never late. Imagine my surprise when I got these:

    Jerry was sick with the flu, but very excited. It was only fitting that he was sick, however--he'd had the flu on our wedding day, too!

    I didn't have much time to be excited about the pregnancy before the morning sickness hit me. On the first day of my 6th week I threw up--a pattern that would continue unabated until my 13th week when my doctor finally became alarmed at my 20 pound weight loss (and my throwing up right in front of him) and put me on Zofran. I still get nauseated without my meds, but I am feeling much better these days--I've put back on almost all of my lost weight.

    One bright ray in the midst of all the yakking came on 9/15 when I had my first ultrasound. What a teeny peanut the baby was then!

    Honestly most of the first 16 or so weeks of my pregnancy is a blur of nausea and vomit except for this ultrasound. But once I got onto my medication good and started to eat, I felt much better. And on the day before Thanksgiving I felt the baby move for the first time! I was sitting at work, reading emails, when I felt these tiny flutters. I started to cry and then called my husband and my mother. At that moment she became real--not just an extended illness.

    On 12-7-09 I believe I was 20 weeks along and I had my 2nd ultrasound. My mother was able to come with us and it was amazing to see the beautiful, sleeping baby on the screen. We were told she was a girl, and we were all over the moon! She weighed 14 ounces at this appointment.

    We had to go back for a second ultrasound on 1/5, however, since the baby was sleeping with her head to her chest and the view of her heart was obstructed. At this appointment we were told she weighed 1 pound, 10 ounces--and her heart was fine! And she was definitely still a girl.

    Her movements have grown stronger, and she seems to prefer to curl up on my right side. As of early February it has become hard to rest at night--what with waking up every few hours to use the bathroom and with my stomach making it hard to get comfortable. But it's worth it.

    On 2/6 we decided to give ourselves an early Valentine and had a 4D ultrasound done. Momma was able to come again. It's so special that she can come with us--last year she suffered through stage 2 breast cancer and it was a hard time on us all as she struggled with it and I took care of her. It's like this baby is our reward for persevering. In any case the 4 D ultrasound was amazing--the baby was holding her foot and sucking her wrist, yawning, frowning, smiling, kicking the ultrasound wand--It was all too amazing. And to see how beautiful she is--there are no words.

    Now we're working on buying a house before our baby gets here--and getting our apartment ready just in case we can't move in time. It's been a long road but so totally worth it!!

    Here's me--weeks 20, 22, 24, 25, 27, 30, 32, 35, 37, 39...

    Now that I've added this space there will be more to come, I'm sure!
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    Jerry & Amanda: 5.17.2003
    Maia Danielle: 5.5.2010

    Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

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