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    Reserving my space!

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    Hi! My name is Sara and my husband is Joe. We have one baby girl, Athena born November 13,2007. We have one doggy named Hemi.
    I am so excited to be here! I got my BFP on Friday May 29. (Thank goodness the night before I got my sushi fix, lol)

    I'll have to get in gear and get some pics . . .

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    Myspace Text - http://www.sparklee.com

    My name is Courtney, I've been married to Bill for 5 years, together for 10, and this is our first baby after 2 cycles!
    My BFP:
    My winning Chart:

    1st Appointment: Tuesday, June 30th--With ultrasound! =] (8 Week)




    2nd Appointment: Tuesday, August 11th, 14 week appointment! =] Everything measuring normally, HB 157, NT scan good so far!! =]
    I paid for an early Gender scan...August 25th!

    Mommy Graphics


    Third Appointment September 22nd..Gender Scan (Official)--So glad I got the other scan--horrible pictures. It's still a boy and everything looks good and healthy. I have a low lying placenta but the doctor doesn't think it will make a difference...Hooray!!

    Fourth Appointment October 20th at 8:30 AM...They are getting closer together!! Now only 4 weeks apart instead of 6! Got my flu shot, my uterus is measuring 26 cm? and I'm waiting on the H1N1...

    Fifth Appointment November 17th at 1 PM and 3 PM...I'm getting the Rhogam shot and they are rechecking my sugars again...Not too much else going on that I can think of...Oh! I got my H1N1!

    **Ended up in the ER with a terrible UTI on November 18th...

    Sixth Appointment November 24th. Passed GD. Everything normal.

    Seventh Appointment December 8th. Everything within normal range, measuring 2 weeks ahead.

    Eighth appointment December 22nd. He's head down!! HOORAYYY!!! I got my disability papers so everything is looking really good!

    Nineth Appointment January 5th. Oops. I was scheduled to work on the 5th so I changed it to the 6th. I had the Strep test done, fundal height measuring 37 weeks. Still head down, but my cervix is closed and thick.

    Tenth Appointment January 12th. Dr checked me again, fundal height still measuring 37 weeks. Dr. Seemed unconcerned, just told me to keep up the kick counts. I tested negative for Strep B. Hopefully this little boy comes soon.

    Eleventh Appointment January 19th. Still measuring 37 weeks, but my cervix is thin and soft, so I'm doing something! I also lost a pound, which I haven't done this entire pregnancy. YAY! I'm looking good so far!!

    Twelfth Appointment January 26th. I'm 50% effaced, and still technically closed, although my cervix has changed. The DR says that to an inexperienced Dr they might say I was 3cm dialated, but I guess it's coned right now so at the top I'm still closed and at the bottom I'm 3cm. Which is different than last week, so I guess thats better than nothin. She also felt around my abdomen and told me she thinks the baby is currently in the low 8's (meaning pounds.) I'm scared now. LOL So hopefully this guy wont hang out much longer in the belly.

    Thirteenth Appointment February 2nd. I'm 2cm Dialated, 50% effaced and he is so low the Dr was touching his head. She stripped my membranes again (I guess she did it last week too, she just didn't tell me--No wonder it hurt lol) and they are guessing my boy is in the high 8 pound low 9 pound range and there is some concern about me delivering him vaginally so they are going to do an ultrasound with a specialist on Thursday.

    February 4th: Had ultrasound, baby is measuring between 8-10 pounds. Fluid and placenta measuring good, everything looks normal. Haven't ruled out a vaginal birth yet.

    Superbowl Sunday (yay saints!) February 7th/ Monday February 8th 2010:
    Birth Story:

    Around 5 PM I went to the bathroom, and as I was walking down the hallway I felt like I had peed myself again. It was weird, and I commented on it but continued to watch the Super Bowl. After I went to the bathroom the second time, and stood up, water splashed on the floor. I was pretty sure it was my waters breaking, so we went to the hospital and they confirmed it in L&D. They got me hooked up to the monitors and D's heartrate was really elevated--so they gave me an IV thinking it might be dehydration and the IV would bring it down. Eventually his heartrate dropped a little and they were pleased, but they felt my contractions were not strong enough or regular enough that they put me on pitocin. About an hour into pit I asked for an epi--I was 4cm and 90%--and after I was given the epi I was much happier. About 20 minutes after that they had to take me off pit because D's heartrate was dropping and my blood pressure had dropped very low so they put me on the hands and knees position for 2 hours. And for some reason my Epi wore off on one side, so I was feeling one sided contractions that sucked just the same. Around 5 AM ish they checked me again and I was 6 CM (I'd only had the pit for about an hour because we were not tolerating it well) but the Dr felt that my contrax were not strong enough or regular enough to continue with my son's low heartrate (It had dropped to the 90's) so I had an emergency C that happened really quickly and I was scared. It was surreal to hear my son scream for the first time--they rushed him over to me, showed me, then he and my husband left and I was alone. That sucked too. Finally it was over and they wheeled me into my room where I moved from one bed to another and a nurse commented on a "little blood" but it was no big deal. I had the shakes for the next 4 hours and my skin was very itchy. I commented to my husband that I felt weird on my legs, and I reached under the blanket to touch them and when I pulled my hand out my fingers were covered in blood. I asked my husband to look down there and he immediately called a nurse. Soon my room was full of people and they were putting pressure on the c-section site, and got something I think they called a sandbag? and wheeled me to the OR. They knocked me out and had to reopen me, where they had found a vein that had clotted, filled with blood, then hemorraged. Luckily I noticed it before I lost too much blood. A little sore, a LOT tired and totally in love with my son! =]

    Pictures of the Nursery:

    Photobucket4w1dPhotobucket15w4dPhotobucket 33 Weeks!
    Just born:
    lol, They were mirroring each other:
    Finally home:

    He's here!
     Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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    Courtney, 29

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    Crystal's peanut
    BFP 6/1/09

    After TTC for 10 months we finally did it!
    I'm 38 and will be 39 when baby comes, I had GD while Pg with DD, hoping that we don't have it again this year. I want pumpkin pie and holiday cookies.

    I love being pg. I can't wait until it all sinks in and I get to hear or see the heart beat for the first time.

    This will be baby number 3, I have DD# 1 11 yrs old, DD#2 18months, Baby on the way. DH and I have been married 6 years by the time baby comes.

    I had a miscarrage about 5 years ago so I'm a little nervous until I see the heartbeat. Won't tell the world about being pg until then.
    Baby's heart beat is 170 at both dr.'s appointments so far.
    No weight gain as of so far 13 weeks.
    Ultra sound picture got messed up at the dr's office so I don't have one to post but should have and U/S in a couple of weeks.
    Boy??? or Girl???

    Belly shots 15 weeks
    Big U/S scheduled for September 8th
    Gained 1.5lbs as of 16 weeks.
    20 Weeks, gained total of 3 lbs

    Family Picture 8/2009

    It's a BOY!
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    After having some issues going of depo we concieved #1 this month. My DH and I have been married for 8 years, we were high school sweethearts. I am 27 and he is 29 and this is our 7th cycle TTC and I am dying to tell people. My mother had 3 miscarriages before me so we are being cautious and keeping the news quiet until I make it to month three.

    BFP 6/1/09

    6/10 - 1st doc visit pg confirmed, lots of test!
    7/15 - Doc visit with u/s
    7/29 - 12 week doc. visit with u/s and finally got a picture!

    8/3 Week 13 belly pic!

    Week 24 belly pic

    Week 32 belly pic
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    My name is Amber and DF is Ed. I have one DS named Trent who will be six in Nov. I had one m/c in March of 2009, and now we are thrilled to be expecting again!

    BFP at 15dpo

    BFP at 17dpo

    Belly Pics:

    4 wks 3 days

    5 wks 3 days

    6 wks 3 days

    7 wks 3 days

    8 wks 3 days

    14 wks 2 days

    18 wks 5 days

    32 wks 2 days

    1st- June 8th, 2009
    2nd-July 6th, 2009

    U/S Pics:

    6 wks 2 days
    HR 94 bpm

    12 wks 4 days
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    Ed~ 33
    DS Trent~ Nov. 2003
    DD Erykah Jade~ Jan. 2010
    DD Bria Lynn~ Sept. 2012~ 34 wks
    Angel Babies 5 wks 1 day 3/3/09 7 wks 12/25/10
    Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

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    Default LadyIllusion7's space

    I have been married since 1995 to my dh, Roland. We have 4 gorgeous children, 2 boys and 2 girls (perfect no. I know!) and now we're expecting baby No. 5. I will be 41 by the time he is born.

    We're excited and cannot wait. This will be our last baby (well, from my body anyway!) as my dh will be getting the 'fix' by the time this little one arrives!

    Anyway, I hope to make some friends here, and hope that you'll enjoy your pregnancies.

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    free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com
    I'm 28, mother of Maddie, 2 1/2, DH is Bob. We were trying for 7 months after tackling diabetes that developed after having gestational diabetes during my pregnancy w/ DD. (Been wanting for over a year.)
    Thrilled to be here, still can't believe it. HH9M to everybody!!!
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    Clear Water

    Default My Space :)

    My name is Crystal, i'm 28 from Puyallup, WA, I'm a SAHM to my 3 year old Casper and we're currently expecting #2.

    The BFP-

    And since you're probably wondering why there's 4 tests, i'll explain the need for multiple tests lol.

    Test #1 was on CD 31 June 4th, BFN so I called my dr and made an appt for a Clomid check so we could start over. Wasn't sure why AF hadn't started but figured she would soon.

    Test #2 CD 33 June 6th still no AF so I decided to test again and what do you know? BFP, it was faint but it was there. I already had the dr appt set for CD 35 so I figured we'd talk about it then. I went to my appt, he did the Clomid check despite my telling them that AF hadn't shown and then he had me POAS just to make sure. Would you believe that the test came back negative? So the doctor prescribed Provera and more Clomid and there was no way that I was going to take it. My period never just doesn't start and I'd gotten pregnant with my son on a break from Clomid, which was what we'd done this cycle.

    I had a friend with me and I told her that the test just couldn't be right, so she said, "Let's go pick up a test from a different Dollar Tree to make sure it wasn't a bad batch or something" So we go and do that and about 2 hours after my dr appt I'm finally home and ready to pee.

    Test #3 BFP on CD 35 June 8th, 2 hours post Dr appt what do you know? So I call and tell them that I wasn't comfortable taking the provera and had tested again with a BFP at home. They said to come in the next day for a blood test.

    Test #4 was simply taken out of spite lol but also with FMU to try to get the darkest line possible. I took the bottom 2 tests with me to my doctor appointment so they'd know that I wasn't crazy and of course the blood test on CD 36 June 9th, came back positive at 117 as well as the test on CD 38 June 11th, which was 304.

    I go back on wednesday June, 17th which will be CD 44 for one more beta then they'll schedule the u/s. That's my story for now I guess.

    Oh! We were TTC for 2 months, which I'm thankful for because it took a year and a half and a m/c with my son, so this time has been a blessing to be so short.

    I'll add a few pics of my little man and then update when I get the U/s pics

    Wanting to be like Daddy

    Pool Time!

    Update for 06.18.09-
    Got my beta results from yesterdays draw and the number was 4694 yay! So we have an ultrasound scheduled for June 25th at 9:45am!

    Update for 08.03.09-
    12 week checkup, HB-165bpm
    next appt 09.10.09 for AFP and scheduling of the BIG U/S
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