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    Jackie's Space

    My name is Jackie. I have been married to DH - Bobby for four years. We have a son, Adam, who will be three in September. I had pre-ecampsia with him so we will see what happens this round.

    Family Pic @ Disney World 2/2009


    I got off of BCP May 2. The week of June 2, I took four HPT. Two were negative, the other two were positive ... after the waiting period. I had bloodwork done on June 3 - hcg levels were 0 - not pg. On June 17, I took another test and it was instantly positive.


    I went in for bloodwork that same day and my hcg was between 5000-6000. My nurse told me she was expecting it to be about 1000. I asked if it could be twins and she said probably not. Then, the dr's first comment was, "Could it be twins?" I went for an u/s on June 18. We saw the yolk sac - going back on the 25th for u/s #2. Ultrasound #2 showed 1 sac and one heartbeat.

    Ultrasound 5weeks 5days - heartbeat

    2nd appointment -July 23 - heard h/b with doppler

    3rd Appointment - August 18 - BP was good. Gained 3lbs since the first weigh in.

    Next appointment - September 15 -scheduled big u/s October 1 - IT'S A GIRL!!!

    U/S pics of Miss LillyAnn Marie

    Lily's foot

    Her arm

    Her spine

    Face shot

    It's a girl!


    1st Belly Pic taken 7/28 @10 weeks and 3 days


    17 week belly shot

    24week 3day

    29 weeks 4days

    31 weeks 3 days

    32 weeks 2 days
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    Adam - September 2006
    LillyAnn - February 1, 2010

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    If I tell ya I'd have to kill you!:)


    I am the mom of 3 boys,the most handsome alive...that's what makes it so nice to have 3

    Riley was born 2/14/06 he is 3.5!
    Ryan was born 5/08/07 he is 2 and 2 mo's

    Adam IS 1 YR OLD.
    I have been married 5 yr on Aug 15th!
    Stefine's eggo is preggo space!


    Got a bfn on 10 dpo and then on 11dpo...

    Then later that day...

    Then days later more tests...the number on the test stands for the dpo.

    The darkest line is the test it showed up so fast I didn't even blink...I know it don't mean nothing but it is good to see.
    I am due feb 24rd god willing!

    belly pics!

    11 wk shot



    18 wks

    20 wks shot.
    25 wks

    starting to get big

    every pic I take my shirt looks dirty

    31 wks

    34 wks

    37 wks
    look at baby!

    My 1st u/s!!!
    Went great!!!!!!
    The baby is measuring right at 8 wks with a nice heartbeat of 164 bpm!!!

    Here is some pics of our 4th miracle due feb 24!!!!


    regular u/s baby is facing away from the screen

    iTS A....

    I am very shocked and surprised...
    scared too...bittersweet...thought boy for sure!
    She is doing great IS 14 OZ'S...growing fine...heartrate was 159bpm...active...have an anterior placenta GAINED 7LBS...she wouldnt let us get good pics but will put them up later...

    her face

    shes waving at you!

    3-d face..looks adorable lil her big bro's!

    her back

    3-d face agian




    25 wk photos..


    she had her arms crossed like a mummy over her face/chest....
    30 wk u/s
    the pic I have been waiting for!(need proof!)




    My appts are as followed

    Intake-June 22~Done
    1st prenatal-July 7th~Done
    1st u/s-July 14th~Done!
    Prenatal-Aug 18th 09-done heard hb 156!!
    Prenatal-sept 15-everything is wonderful...
    Big u/s Oct 13th-
    baby is a healthy GIRL HEARTRATE 159 WEIGHT 14OZ'S.
    Dec 2-Baby Jewels measures 3lbs 2 oz's ..all looks good
    dec31st-all looks good..
    Jan 13-all is great w/Jewels
    Jan 28th- C/s scheduled for Feb 17th!!
    Feb 9th-I have to do Pre-Operation papers...ect.(last appt)
    Baby Stats
    On 7/14/09 baby measured 8 wk's exactly with how far along I was and had a heartbeat of 164!
    Heartrate of 156 at 12 wks6 days!
    heartrate 150 at 17 wks
    Oct 13 big u/s-shows baby as a girl with a lovely heartrate of 159
    she is 14 oz's at 20 wks 6 days.
    Dec 2-Baby Jewels measures 3lbs 2 oz's ..all looks good


    I am 150 with clothes and shoes on at 5 wks preggo.
    July-8th still 150 with clothes!
    Aug 18 weight 155 w/clothes
    Oct 13-156
    NOV 12-158
    Jan 2-168!
    Jan 17th-170
    Birth story..

    So I knew of my babys birth day for 3 wks...I counted them days down till tues(the night before c/s) I was excited but sad as this my last pregnancy. I couldnt get to sleep knowing my baby would be born in a few short hours...the moment a woman has kids she waits for her daughter to be born...it was finally happening...I had my boys now it was time for my girl.
    So at 4:45am I got dressed and by 5am I was ready...we left the house for the hospital by 510am,got there at 5:40 am (a nice quiet night drive). It was quiet at the labor and delivery and as soon as I came in they got me in my room and prepared for my c-section(iv,cath,acid reducing drink and shaved)

    my last belly pic)

    (was so tired)

    (my dh in his baby uniform)
    it all went fast and before I knew it I was getting in to the OR,getting my epi in(I had the epidoral shock this time...ekk) and they had started.one nurse asked "What is your name and what are you in here for today." Of course my tubal and a c-section.
    My hubby came in and held my hand...at 731 am Julia was born with, as predicted a bush of black hair, and a fiesty cry...

    (just born)

    "It a GIRL." was cried by the nurses...I was in my own world of happiness and shock..
    They asked me if I was sure I wanted a tubal...I was sure...later on they told me it was a good thing due to my thin uterus.
    Once closed up they wheeled me in the post Opp/pre Opp room...I was super exhausted and couldnt keep my eyes open...Jewels was with grandpa and Daddy...she was safe..
    I was put in my own room where all the nurses (due to me having one of few babies born that day) knew of Julia being my last and only girl of 4 kiddos...so she got blankies and other stuff for a girl

    (1st bath)
    ...it was nice...to be honest I never had a kid at that hospital and didnt have good experiances there either...but it was a great birth there and all went better than planned.
    Julia is a super calm,quiet baby unless she is dirty/hungry she has a zesty cry...she is a great nurser...what a way to complete my family!

    coming home in carseat

    holdin a paci

    dressed 4 coming home...
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    Stef~Wife for 7.5 yr,Mom to 4 angels &
    Riley 6, Ryan 5, Adam 3.5 & Julia 2 !

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    Angie's Space
    Here is my first HPT---

    And my totally unexpected little bug #3 @ 6 weeks 1 day

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    sparkle - http://www.sparklee.com

    I'm Erin, DH is Jon. We've been married two weeks. We have DS1 who is Max. He was born on June 3, 2008!

    More to come...

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    Talking Lindsey's space

    My name is Lindsey and I live in Kansas City, MO. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant! This is my second biological baby; my son Robin is 6, and my step-son Nick is 4. My husband Steve and I got married in May; this is a honeymoon baby! We saw the heartbeat two weeks ago and can't be happier! I will be having a repeat c-section.

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    Default kats Space

    Hi my name is Kathryne im currently 22 and pregnant with my first! Got a BFP on June 5th.. with a due date of Feb 11th 2010!

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    Reserving my space....hopefully i will do something with it lol
    Michelle and James 8/2000
    DS Aidan 05/2003 DS Brennin 09/2004 DS Cael 11/2007 Baby #4 EDD 2-23

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    Default This is one doodle that can't be undid! :-)

    Hi, My name is Stephanie (24) im married to the most wonderfulest man on earth, Brandon (28 ) we have 4 dogs and too many cats lol.

    DH and his dad on christmas 2008:

    We found out I was preggo on 6.28.09 after aunt flow being late and me just generally not feeling good.

    Thankfully I haven't had any morning sickness to speak of, just some minor nausea. The biggest obstacle to overcome is the tiredness, and my new found incredible sense of smell. We've only had one u/s so far at 8 weeks:

    Here are some belly pics:

    Weirdly enough I got smaller after the 12 week mark, maybe because my bloating went down? Im not complaining though

    Our next appointment is 09.11.09 and then our gender u/s is the next day!
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    My name is Julie, DH of 4.5 years is Steven. Isaac is our first little one, and one of pg.org's Little Acorns from Nov 07. He was born at 34 weeks due to preterm labor that I had dealt with for 2 months prior to his birth. He was 4lbs 15oz and 17" at birth, but only had to stay in the NICU for 6 days before coming home with us. Here's hoping that this pregnancy is very different from my last and this one will bake the whole time!!! We are so excited to be expecting a little sibling for Isaac, as both DH and I grew up as only children.

    We live in Texas, midway between Houston and Galveston Island. We both work in Galveston, and are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurrican Ike which affected our lives tremendously. I am a graduate student working on my Ph.D. in biomedical research, specializing in immunology. I conduct my research at Shriner's Burn Hospital for Children, working on a treatment to improve the damaged immune systems in burn patients to prevent deadly infections. I hope to graduate in 2010. After that, I have no idea what I want to do with it!! Steve is an IT specialist for a major insurance company, working on computers all day long. My MIL lives 1 block away and comes to our home during the day to watch Isaac for us. She moved here after the hurricane closed down Isaac's daycare, and she has been a lifesaver for us.

    8 weeks 5 days ultrasound - July 13, 2009

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    Isaac Lee - 10/3/07 @ 34 weeks 1 day - 4lbs15oz
    Lucas Vincent - 1/8/10 @ 34 weeks 2 days - 4lbs7oz

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    Default Lisa's Space

    Lisa's Space!!!

    My name is Lisa, I am 32 (in a couple of days anyways) I am married to Dave who is 37 and we have been married for almost 11 years. We have Molly who is 9, Morgan who is 7 and Mia (whom we all still call the baby) who is 2. This baby will complete our family and is due around Feb 17th. More to come later
    Molly, Morgan, Mia and Carson

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