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    Reserving my place here

    I'm K, married to J, we already have 2 beautiful boys who have me on my toes all day!
    My husband got back from Iraq, and we were secretly hoping we'd get pregnant quickly...it worked!

    This pic was taken June 1st, a few days before AF was supposed to show up (sorry, cell phone picture with shaky hands) Very faint pink line, taken in the middle of the night when DH went to work.

    We were out of tests, so the next night we went and got a Clear Blue Easy test, took the first one that night, came back not pregnant. Took the other one the next morning and it came back positive. (sorry, camera date is wrong and I don't know how to fix it!)

    Had first appointment on 26 June, just talked to a nurse
    Have another appointment on the 29th of July for our first U/S and to meet with the midwife.

    We won't be finding out what the baby is this time, but we're hoping for a girl.

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    Default Marie's space

    Hello! My name is Marie (27) My SO, Paul, (31) and I will be expecting our first baby together March 3rd, 2010!! (Date is now pushed back from Feb 28th) So excited! This baby is a complete surprise!! I have one other child, Drake (5) who is excited to be a big brother. We'll see how that changes after he hears the new baby's cry's. LOL I am keeping up my siggy so you guys can see Drake. After this baby comes I hope to only work PT. We'll see how the economy allows.

    8 weeks
    8 Week Pic
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    Paul (DH)
    Drake (9 )
    Seth (3)
    Philip 12-25-12


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    Hi. My Name is Steph & I have been married to J for 5 years (together for 10.) We have a wonderful son, Andrew, that was born 12-22-07. We have been TTC since last September - Hurricane Ike slowed our plans, as we were displaced until March of this year. We found out we were pregnant in the ER after an 20 foot extension ladder slipped out from under me, an event we now refer to as ladder surfing.

    EDD February 17, 2010

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    Reserving my space...
    More to come!!!
     Pregnancy Ticker

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    Elaina's Space

    I'm elaina, most people call me laina, 28 expecting my fourth child on feb 8th, my birthday is the 4th so maybe i'll get a nice birthday preasent. my husband and i have been married for 6 years and have three boys aiden 6, reagan 3, and alex 1. we tried the girl diet and timing and all of that stuff so we'll see if you do get a girl this time but really it doesn't matter and we feel really blessed to be pregnant. I get the pleaseure of staying home with my boys and my dear hubby is a dr. so he works a lot, poor guy.

    9 weeks
    this picture was taken at nine weeks and i need to get more but well that takes time

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    About Me
    I'm a 30-year-old law student, currently living in Arizona. I'm from Northern California, though, and lived there until two years ago. I miss it, and I can't wait to move back!

    Another minor detail: I'm a little obsessive about medical research and health. There are lots of reasons for this (see below, for example), but one major reason is that, until 2006, I was morbidly obese-- even when I was a little kid. I've managed to get it under control, but it's taken tons of work, commitment, and understanding of how my metabolism was screwing me up!

    About my Husband
    I met my husband, Paul, our first year of college. He dropped out after that year, but I finished-- apparently I'm the overachiever. We'll be celebrating our 12th anniversary (of couplehood, not marriage) in December.

    Until two years ago, he worked in the wine industry. Now he's a stay at home dad, which he loves, and he's looking forward to having another kiddo to cuddle. He's really into body mods, and has spent more money than I'd like to admit on gorgeous tattoo work. Most of it's visible, so it's a good thing he's not working at the moment. Stay at home parenting has some definite benefits!

    More to Come!
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    DH Paul
    DS Rex
    DD Rowan

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    I am a 29 year old registered nurse who works on a postpartum floor. I have been married for 12 1/2 years to Patrick, and we have two wonderful boys, Brent who will turn 13 in February (right before the baby is due!) and Kyle who will be 8 in October. We are so excited about this new little one! We have been married since 1997 when we had our first child at the ages of 16 and 18. One of the odd couples that survive!

    As of currently my home computer is not working and I can only get online at work... Computer should be fixed this week though and then I will update this space!!!
    Married to Patrick since 2/14/1997
    Mother to Brent,13 , Kyle,8, and
    Jacob Hanley 01/12/2010
    Thinking about possibly one more...

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    Default Megan's February space

    Megan's Space

    I suppose I should do one of these..

    My name's Megan, I'm 28 and live in Ontario, Canada. My SO and I have been together nearly 5 years (although just became common-law last month). This pregnancy was planned (despite the shocked looks his parents gave us when we told them).

    We aren't finding out the gender (or aren't planning to, if (s)he flashes us through the u/s who knows..).

    July 22 - IPS (~13 weeks)

    Belly pics

    August 7 - 15 weeks .................................................. .. Sept 1 - 18w5

    Appt details
    July 15 - first appointment with midwife (~11 weeks)
    BP - 90/50, doppler couldn't find heartbeat, but still early
    July 22 - IPS u/s
    got to see the LO (actually a child, not an alien species as I feared), got to hear the heartbeat, didn't ask what the rate was, they were understaffed as it was and bean was being uncooperative as it was. Picture above..
    July 23 - Research appt
    I'm participating in a research study looking at the effects of air quality/environmental factors on mothers and children and breast milk. This was the first appointment with the nurse. There was about 40 minutes worth of questions about eating habits, household cleaners, paint etc. and the she took 4 vials of blood and a urine sample.
    Aug 5 - second midwife appointment
    Heard the heartbeat - 154, and went over the ultrasound. MW told me that everything looked good, but that I'm about a week further than we'd thought. My placenta is growing in the front, so likely no real movement detection until later. BP - 110/70.
    Weight tracker
    Before BFP - 140; Aug 2 - 136; Aug 5 - 136
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