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    Height/Length: 30 3/4 inches (75th percentile)

    Weight:Weight is 18 lbs 13 oz (4th percentile) He dropped off on the curve so we are going back in a month to recheck it. He is eating better now so hopefully it will be o.k.

    Clothing size: Mostly 18 mo.

    Shoe size:4s but they are a little too big, 3s are too small.

    Walking: Not independently. He can stand by himself but like Brittany said, kind of has to be tricked into it.

    Words: Mama, dada, cup, gook, baby (not sure what that means but he says it all the time)

    Diaper size:4

    Anything else? Getting lots of teeth in right now! Loves cars and wheels.

    Do you have any fun summer plans? No, we suck

    Update on you: I'm good. Working a lot but not getting too stressed yet I'm trying lose a bit more weight too. Tom is working on going back to school. Hoping to move and get pregnant in about a year. Getting baby fever!
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    So, Chloe's not officially one until tomorrow morning at 12:08a. I know our weekend/next week is going to be crazy though so I'm doing this now!

    Height/Length: 31 1/4" (95%)

    Weight: 18lbs 7oz (10%)

    Clothing size: She can still fit some 6mo summer stuff, lol. 9mo tops, 12mo pants and sleepers. Girl has loooooong legs!

    Shoe size: 3.5-4 depending on the brand/type of shoe

    Walking: Oh yeah! Try running!! She's a busy girl!

    Words: Mama, Papa, Dada, Gramma, Kee (Keeva the dog), Kitty, Doggy (first time she said this was Monday! Up until now everything fluffy has been a kitty), I do, I go, I see, Thank you, Yes, No, Birday (Birthday) (we've been working on this one for a few months!), Up, Go, and probably some other ones I'm forgetting. Chloe talks to me all day long.

    Diaper size: 3's. I think the next box we get will be 4's, but we still have 100 or so of the 3's left and she's not hanging out of them yet.

    Anything else? Chloe is a busy, energetic toddler. She loves to climb and explore EVERYTHING. She loves to dance and any time music is playing she's boogying it up! She has different moves for different types of music. She cracks me up.

    Do you have any fun summer plans? We are trying to get the $$ together to go to MN for a family reunion in July. It's not going so well though, so we may just be hanging closer to home and hitting the beach and Disneyland a lot. We'll see!

    Update on you: Right now, life is going okay. MIL is foreclosing on her house, and moving in with us! Lots of stress there, but we'll get through it. My body seems to be getting back on track and I've been working on losing some more weight. Trying to work on building our savings account and get our finances in order, but we aren't doing so well on that one! Mostly, we are just enjoying life, each other, the outdoors and an occassional cupcake.

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    Height/Length:29 1/2 inches
    Weight:20 lbs. 3 oz.
    Clothing size:12 month Carters
    Shoe size:?? Size 4 is way too big!
    Walking:Not yet! But she's close!
    Words:Mamma, Dadda, Up. She mostly points and yells when she wants something. LOL.
    Diaper size:4
    Anything else?Marley loves playing with her older siblings and being a part of all the action.
    Do you have any fun summer plans?No plans yet!
    Update on you:Just loving life and my family!

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    Height/Length: 32.5 inches
    Weight: 27 lbs
    Clothing size: Mostly 24 month. 18 month pants are too long, and 24 month onesies are getting short. Must have short legs!
    Shoe size: 6!! I thought he was wearing a 4 and they were getting a bit small, bought a size 5, came home, and they are too small. I checked his old pair and they were a 5
    Walking: Yes! He is very old man like and takes small, jerky steps, but walks all the time.
    Words: I think so. He says Hi to himself in the mirror. Mama, dada, and all done. Signs milk, more, all done, bye, cracker.
    Diaper size: 4
    Anything else? Hudson is really into balls right now. He is always carrying around a ball and rolling or throwing it. Loves to be outside.
    Do you have any fun summer plans? Just hanging out at the lake and swimming in the pool. Nothing exciting.
    Update on you: Glad summer is almost here. So thrilled basketball season is over so I will get to see dh more! Just enjoying all of my boys!
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    Height/Length: 30 1/4 inches
    Weight: 23lbs 10oz
    Clothing size: 18-24 months
    Shoe size: Size 5 for now, I'm sure we'll be moving up to a 6 sooner than later
    Walking: Yes since about 9m3w, and running. He's such an adventurous boy. He's always on a "mission" going somewhere.
    Words: Mama, Dada, Nana, bird, ball, book (but it's never just "book", it's always "a book a book a book", 3 times lol), kitty, if you ask him a question he always says "yeah", uh oh when he drops something (or before he purposefully drops something), and.....sh*t That one's my fault. I've stopped saying it though! I'm hoping if he doesn't hear it anymore he'll forget about it eventually. He can also say his first sentence, "Do you see it?". He points at anything/everything and asks "Do you see it?"
    Diaper size: 4, soon to be 5..I just want to use up all the 4s we have
    Anything else? Like Hudson, MB LOVES to be outside. We're always outside playing and walking around and exploring. He loves to read. He'll bring a book to me and say "a book a book a book". He knows what 80% of his books are, so you can say "Go get Elmo and Angela (or something)" and he knows exactly which book. He's so so so friendly! Yesterday at his party he hugged and kissed all of his friend when he saw them, regardless of whether or not they wanted him to lol. And today at the doctor's office he went and checked on all the babies in their car seats, and ran up to every kid that walked in the door and tried to hug them lol. He's awesome.
    Do you have any fun summer plans? Just swim a ton I'm going to get him his swim outfit, diapers, etc. today. Hopefully we'll make it out to the lake a lot, too. I just want to enjoy this summer with him. It'll be the last before I'm in nursing school and working, etc., and he'll be at such a fun age.
    Update on you: I'm doing well. Taking 16 hours this semester, and making one B and the rest are all As. Still doing yoga daily, running, going to the gym and stuff..that all keeps me sane. Life is good!

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    Height/Length: 29.75in

    Weight: 21lbs 7oz (he weighs the same that Carson did at 16 months LOL!)

    Clothing size: 12 month pants 18 month tops/sleepers

    Shoe size: He can still fit into his 3's, but should be in 4's

    Walking: He's not walking full-time yet, but his first instinct is to walk when he's standing up and wants to go.

    Words: Definately "Hi/Hey". Other than that, we're thinking he's saying "dog" and "dada".

    Diaper size: Luv's 4 during the day. We're having trouble trying to figure out a nighttime solution for our leaking issue.

    Anything else? I love love love seeing my boys play together. They imitate eachother all the time. I'm reminded of why I had my kids as close together as we did

    Do you have any fun summer plans? Not really. We should hopefully have the house painted, and new trim on by July. It's going to be a slow process, but it's going to be so nice to make our house "ours" finally. We've lived here for 2.5 years...

    Update on you: Not a ton to report about myself. Still staying at home with the boys. I've really been working on my photography, and wanting to get better. I need some new subjects though, because my kids are getting really tired of me taking pictures of them.
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    Height/Length: 30"

    Weight: 18lbs 12oz

    Clothing size: 12 month

    Shoe size: 3 but could probably move to 4 soon

    Walking: yup, not full time but if she is already standing then she will walk instead of crawling

    Words: hey, dada and I am pretty sure I've heard Char (our dog Charlie)

    Diaper size: 3 Huggies

    Anything else? I love watching her play with Lincoln! She loves him sooo much and he loves her just as much! It is amazing to watch the smiles on their faces when she walks to him!

    Do you have any fun summer plans? Not much! There is some work that we need to do around the house and I really want to take the kids to the Detroit zoo!

    Update on you: I am back to work and missing my babies!!! still needing to lose weight but that is an uphill battle with my arthritis meds. Trying to wait till Sept/Oct to start ttc!!
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    Height/Length: 31inches
    Weight: 24lbs
    Clothing size: 24months - size 2/3 (depending on brand)
    Shoe size: no idea, only wears Robeez (I think 18-24 months)
    Walking: Taking steps and walks everywhere pushing her wheelie bug/walker.
    Words: dadda, what's that, socks, pointing with her finger to everything
    Diaper size: 4/5
    Anything else? Clara LOVES to eat and eats anything! She loves grapes, cheerios, cucumbers, bacon, toast, oranges, yogurt.... etc...
    Do you have any fun summer plans? Will definately spend lots of time outdoors at the beach.... dying for winter to end as we have cabin fever!
    Update on you: Finally getting on top of my morning sickness but otherwise life is good

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    Height/Length: 30"
    Clothing size:18 months
    Shoe size:5
    Walking:yep- like crazy, once she figured out she could do it she was off and never looked back.
    Words:saying: cracker, doggie, kitty, OB! (Jacob usually yelled); signs: eat, drink, water, milk, cracker, more, doggie, kitty, shoe, poppy, all done, outside, (I think that's it?)
    Diaper size:4
    Anything else?Ava loves her big brother, she wants to do everything he does and play with everything he plays with. She loves to be outside. She has been fighting ear infections since the beg. of Feb.
    Do you have any fun summer plans?going to the beach and spending all day every day with my babies!!!
    Update on you:still working Trying to lose 20lbs or so, really fighting the baby bug

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    We are finally here too!

    Height/Length:30.2 inchese

    Weight:21 lbs 8 oz went on her chart, though she only weighed 21lbs 3oz...Jaime kept trying to get the nurse to weigh her again because he thought she didn't weigh enough but H wouldn't cooperate, so she just added 5 oz, lol.

    Clothing size: 12 mos bottoms, 18 mos tops.

    Shoe size: 3

    Walking: Everywhere!

    Words: Momma, Papa, Gampa, Baby, Cool, Agua, Gacias, Here, No, Yep - but she doesn't know what all of them mean.

    Diaper size:We've been in a 4 since she was 6 mos old, but just went back down to a 3 this weekend because she's gotten so skinny the 4s fall off of her.

    Anything else?She has 8 teeth and working on her molars. She's still very attached to mommy. She's awesome!

    Do you have any fun summer plans? Lots of trips - Florida, D.C., Minnesota, Wyoming, and South Carolina

    Update on you: I'm doing pretty good. Getting big, ha ha. Tired. But love being a momma and having a blast with my *toddler*. Can't believe she's a toddler all ready.
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