11 dpo dysal?

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11 dpo dysal?

The difference between an internet cheapie and FRER. FMU, same time.

and...OPK from this cycle. According to FF with temping O'd on cycle day 21, OPK from cycle day 19.


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The first one is fainter, but I see the lines! Congrats!

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Wow! Thats quite the contrast, isn't it? TFS!!!

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The FRER is definitely much more clear. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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definitely see the difference! wow! and that is the most positive OPK I have ever seen!

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Reassuring. I just peed on an internet cheapie I got today and the line wasn't nearly as dark as my FRERS. Thanks for posting that!

And...my ovulation test strip looked just like that too today! I had ordered all these strips and then found out I was preggo..so why not have some POAS fun lol!!!:cool:

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the first is definately lighter but I can see both! congrats girl!

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Congratulations! Biggrin

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Wow, what a difference between the two brands! I was using ICs a lot while ttc, and finally decided to switch over to FRERs and Answer brand this past cycle. I was glad I did. Congrats!

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wow..nice lines!

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Wow!! Big difference!!! Congrats!!! All of these BFPs are getting me more and more excited! I hope I see one soon!

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