2008 Baby Names are out! JULY 2008

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2008 Baby Names are out! JULY 2008


So what rank is your firefly?

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Parker is 103. I think it is getting popular around here though.
My other kiddos
Tanner 161
Kristen 492 I can't belive this one. It is used to be so popular when I was a kid.
Clayton 233

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149 with the "C" spelling. I think it is geographic though. I have been running into a lot of Catherines with the Catie spelling.

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Greta is ranked #694, not very popular!

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Leo is 227.

Nolan, my oldest son, is 131.

Mallory is at 253.

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Noah is 15th.
Addison is 12th! The year she was born it was 160! D@mn Grey's Anatomy LOL
Alaina is 223.

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Dani didn't make the list!!!

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Connor (with the exact spelling) is 57th. I really thought it would have been higher. Kinda glad it isn't.

Over the past 20 years it has remained right around the 50ish mark.

Olivia is 6th on the girls side. I love that name.

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I think Everit hit somewhere around the 380's (i looked at this a week ago, so I cant remember exactly)

And the cool thing is my Girl name is not even in the top 1000! ! ! Woot! Hope its a girl!

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sydney is 49th...i didn't really know it was still pretty popular...oh well. i have been seeing it a lot since she was born...though rarely before...

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Both my LOs, Dina and Shaye, did not make the list. My name Chana is 971 and DH is 685. Now if they had a list for Jewish names, DH and I would be near the top, and Dina and Shaye a little further down, our names are not all that uncommon.

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Barrett is #609. It's about where I think it would be.

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Noah is #15.. lol

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Im willing to bet none of mine are even list as a name.. at least what we call the babies.. Some of their given names might be lol

ETA I just looked for all of their names including middle.. The only hit was for Damien being 189 in 2008... The rest told me that the names were not on the top 1000 list in the past 9 years..

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Shawn is 195th.

Other names i have picked out for future kids(all girl names)

Angessa isn't on there
Awdreanna isn't on there
Rose is 344

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Weston is 324--I swear when I looked it up last year it was like over 500, but it says it was 360's last year. middle names James is 17.

Kaitlyn is 53

Joseph is 13--but his is falling. it was in the top 10 a few years ago.

But K and J's middle names don't make the list. I had wanted to name both of them their middle names as their firsts, but they didnt' flow well, we thought. middle names are Thayn (for dh) and Alora (after my mom)

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Ada is #598. Ava is in the top 10, so there will probably be some confusion as she grows up between the names.

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Gabriel 24 but we call him Gabe and that's not in the top 1000 for the last nine years...interesting.
Saige 809 the year she was born and 824 in 2008

I love the search engine on this site, much better then having to scroll through them all.

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Rylee is 116...it keeps getting more popular.

The spelling Riley is 39 :eek: Guess she'll grow up just like I did....there was always at least ONE other Jennifer in my classes, but usually 2 or 3.

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Well, here's a shocker - Luken does not make the list.


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Darcy is not in the top 1000, the last time it was on the list was 1994 and it was ranked 987.

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Joshua is #4 :eek:

DD's name, Alexandra, is #61

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tanner is 161 (thanks to jill looking up her son's) i only did the top 100 and not there his middle name however is #82 Bryan.

my 2 yo is alexandra as well and will be 3 in august.

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elle was number 494 and her middle name lorraine hasn't been in the top 1000 for the last 9 years

ethan's was number 4 in 06 and number 3 in 08. strange cause i didn' tknow any ethan's till after he was born. stupid passions...hehe i loved that corny soap : )

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Alana is # 162 or something around there, not to bad

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Neil is #709. I looked at this site as I was deciding on names.

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Eleanor is 256
Joshua is 3 for 2006 when he was born
and my name
Crystal was rank 12 in 1984 when I was born

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Finley was #665. Her middle name, Anne, was more popular- in the 500's or 400's I think. Our older DD is Peyton- #130 the year she was born and in 2008 it was #60!!! Grrrr...

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No surprise here, Esme didn't make the list.

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