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Thread: April 08 ~ Apple Blossom Birth Dates, Stats, Spaces & Stories ~

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    Default April 08 ~ Apple Blossom Birth Dates, Stats, Spaces & Stories ~

    **Birth Stories start at post #84**

    Arrivals: 94 Total
    Blue Team : 53 arrivals
    Pink Team : 41 arrivals


    January 9th
    March172007- Baby boy born at 25 wks

    January 16th
    Jonesn' (Tracy)- Tyler Matthew @ 8:12am, 2lbs 13oz, Born at 28wks 6days

    January 23rd
    Kellbelle (Kelly) ~ Twin Girls
    Miley Paige @ 4:49am, 3lbs 5oz, 16 inches, born at 30wks 5days
    Irelyn Nicole @ 4:51am, 3lbs 4oz, 17 inches, born at 30wks 5days

    January 26th
    KennedyATL (Jen) ~ Ian Francis @ 1:50am, 2lbs, 13 inches, born at 28wks 5days
    VanessaBabe3 (Vanessa) ~ Breanna Grace @ 7:50pm, born at 28wks


    February 21st
    momtobeCG (Cheri) ~ Jonathan 4lbs 9oz, 18 inches, born at 33wks 2days


    March 11th
    Joe's Wife (Caitlin) ~ Triplets! 2 boys & 1 Girl
    Dylan 4lbs 14oz, born at 36wks
    Ella 4lbs 8oz, born at 36wks
    Cade 5lbs 2oz, born at 36wks

    March 13th
    Jtmonique (?) ~ Kaylo Elijah @ 1:31pm, 5lbs 10.9oz, 17 inches, born at 34 wks

    March 15th
    Dianec (Diane) ~ Justin James @ 1:08am, 4lbs 6.5oz, 17 inches, born at 36wks 2days

    March 17th
    Mommyto2 (?) ~ McKenzie @ 7:56pm, 6lbs 10oz, 20 inches

    March 18th
    Kristimcw (Kristi) ~ Mikayla Cheyenne, 6lbs 8.5oz, 19 inches, born at 37wks 2days

    March 19th
    Mist1006 (Kerri) ~ Annabelle Mary @ 1:45pm, 6pds 13oz, 20.5 inches

    March 20th
    SALee (?) ~ Carla @ 11:42am, 7.34lbs, 20.86 inches, born at 38wks 5days
    Leah017 (Leah) ~ Madelyn Rose @ 11:36am, 5lbs 3oz, 19.5 inches

    March 21st
    pnjlyman (Jill) ~ Kailyn Isabella @ 8:50pm, 6lbs 3oz, 19.5 inches, born at 38wks, 1 day

    March 25th
    Jessica1623 (Jessica) ~ Hannah Jade @ 6:46am, 8lbs 4oz, 20.5 inches, born at 39wks 1day

    March 26th
    Lady Angel (Carla) ~ Adam Isaiah @ 7:36am, 6lbs 14oz, 19 inches
    Mrs. Worm (Jamie) ~ Cameron @ 12:06am, ?

    March 27th
    HoosierMommy1975 (Kitty) ~ Noah Lee @?, 8lbs 11oz, 19 inches
    JLZ08 (Jansen) ~ Braeden @ 1:59pm, 8lbs 5oz, 20.5 inches
    sdarlene (Selina) ~ Jonah Prescot @ ?, 8lbs 1oz, 20.5 inches
    Tybaysmom (Ali) ~ Jayden Cole @ 8:34pm, 5lbs 9oz, 18.75 inches

    March 28th
    KerriAnn (Kerri) ~ Owen Michael @ 4:09am, 6lbs 12oz, 19.25 inches

    March 29th
    2Confused (Amanda) ~ Elan Dane @8:41pm, 7lbs 9oz, 20 inches

    March 30th
    Luangwa (Melissa) ~ Jaxon @ 5:44pm, 7lbs 13oz

    March 31st
    Olive123 (Jodie) ~ Sam @?, Details Pending


    April 1st
    Katydid00 (Katie) ~ Blaze Michael @ 12:21 pm, 6lbs 3oz, 19 inches
    PaulaJoFSU (Paula) ~Landon James @ 6:59pm, 7lbs 1oz, 19.5 inches
    Mbowman (Marcie) ~ Delaney Sue @ 10:30pm, 7lbs 15oz, 20 inches
    Brandifawn (Brandi) ~ Nicholas

    April 2nd
    Chefkel (Kelly) ~ Owen Daniel @ 9:58am, 9lbs 3oz, 20.5 inches
    gottharf (Ruth) ~ Noelle @ 9:20am, 6lbs 3oz, 19.5 inches
    Jumarse (Julie) ~ Colby Reese @ 2:50pm, 7lbs 9oz, 20-3/4 inches
    KnAsMom (Sunny) ~ Alexander Brayden Bishop @10:09pm, 9lbs 1.2oz, 21-1/4 inches
    Roxiblue (Roxie) ~ Tivoli @ 10pm, 8lbs 10oz, 20 inches
    Treyx3tj (Trey) ~ Jada Yesemia @9:30pm, 5lbs 13oz, ? inches

    April 3rd
    Kamm (?) ~ Samuel Edward @ 7:26pm ~ 7lbs 1oz ~ 19 inches
    KSC77 (Kelly) ~ Carston Ryan @ 12:20pm ~ 7lbs 1oz ~ 20 inches

    April 4th
    Alexsbabymomma (Maham) ~ Noah @ 4:14pm, 4lbs 13oz, 18.5 inches
    ~Jenn&Drew~ (Jenn) ~ Markus Andrew @8:34am 9lbs 7oz. 21inches
    Dani1983 (Dani) ~ Oliver Luke Patrick @ 11:39pm, 6lbs 9oz, 18-3/4 inches

    April 5th
    Mtmomma (Heather) ~ Braelyn @ 12:14am, 7lbs 2oz, 19-3/4 inches, born at 37wks 6days
    Agape Mama(?) ~ Lexa

    April 6th
    Arianrhod (Kirsteen) ~ Harrison James @ 3:38am, 8lbs 4oz, 20.5 inches
    Brandirena (Brandi) ~ Maddison @7:59pm, 6lbs 10oz, 20 inches

    April 7th

    April 8th
    Cassandra83 (Cassandra) ~ Christopher James P., Jr @ 2:54pm, 5lbs 13oz, 19.5 inches
    Isisgoddess_1 (?) ~ Joshua Richard @ 6:24pm, 9lbs 3oz, 21 inches
    Lilrshl (Rachelle) ~ Karly Ladean @5:29pm, 7lbs 12oz, 20.5 inches
    Runnerdc (Laura) ~ Clara Grace @4:00 a.m., 7lbs, 13 oz, 20 in.

    April 9th
    Janel814 (Steph) ~ Samuel George @ 12:57am, 8lbs 8.2oz, 21 inches

    April 10th
    Barto9729 (?) ~ Lillian Regina @ 12:40pm, 6lbs 15.8oz, 20 inches
    Jennmill (Jen) ~ Harlei Jaide @ 11:24pm, 6lbs 6oz, 19-3/4 inches

    April 11th
    Kbird251 (?) ~ Madelyn @ 4:05pm, 5lbs 12oz, ?

    April 12th

    April 13th
    HalcyonMama (?) ~ Alanis @ 2:40pm, 5lbs 14oz, ? inches
    JorgieGirl (Jordan) ~ Violet Gwendelyn @ 7:24am, 7lbs 8oz, 19.5 inches
    Maddz (Maddie) ~ Riley James Logan @ 11:15am, 7lbs 10.8oz, 19 inches

    April 14th
    Applelace (Brenda) ~ Ashley Madeline @ 12:40pm, 8lbs 2oz, 20.5 inches
    Lyndeerae (Lyndee) ~ Ryker Brian @ 5:16am, 6lbs 4oz, 20 inches
    MaxiMamma (Karina) ~ Anna Marcella @ 9am, 8lbs 4oz, 20.5 inches
    Soren11golf (Cassie) ~ Zachariah Harold @ 10:44am, 8lbs 5oz, 20.5 inches

    April 15th
    Allie01979 (Allie) ~ Aidan Ronald James @ 7:58am, 7lbs 5oz, 20.5 inches
    Joey'sHoney (Lia) ~ Tyler Joseph@ 11:15pm, 6lbs 12oz, 20 inches
    LoriCarter (Lori) ~ Julia Alease @ 12:08am, 7lbs 12oz, 19 inches
    Pharmer25 (Jan) ~ Alexander Joshua @12:25am, 8lbs 14oz, 20 inches
    Pollo_La (Laurie) ~ Nadia Elise @ 2:36pm, 7lbs 7oz, 20.5 inches

    April 16th
    Jeepbaby (Kathryn) ~ Corinne Elizabeth @ 4:38am, 7lbs 10oz, 20 inches

    April 17th
    MamaArty_RMT (Ariana) ~ George William Harris @ 7:45pm, 9lbs 5oz, 22 inches

    April 18th
    MoonBabyMomma (Krista) ~ Ryan Jeffery @ 3:27pm, 7lbs 11oz, 20.5 inches
    Runnerdc (Laura) ~ Clara Grace @ 4am, 7lbs 13oz, 20 inches
    StateChick (?) ~ Cadence Mae @ 5:57am, 9lbs, 20.5 inches

    April 19th
    I_Love_You (JP) ~ Cyrus @ 11:51am, 8lbs 15oz, 20.5 inches
    Regdahl (?) ~ Cohen Patrick @ 3:26pm, 7lbs 3oz, 19.75 inches

    April 20th

    April 21st
    SPCN319 (Wendy) ~ Paxson James @ 8:47 pm, 7lbs 11.5oz, 20 3/4 inches
    April 22nd
    ladybee (Amy) ~ Oliver @ 8:21am, 8lbs 7oz, 20 inches

    April 23rd
    Shadow3_31_2001 (Jennifer) ~ Kendra Louise @ 12:47pm, 8lbs 9oz, 21.5 inches
    Taysmom (Stacy) ~ Easton James @ 8:09am, 7lbs 9oz, 19.5 inches

    April 24th
    Shelzabel (Michelle) ~ Antonio Raphael Jr (AJ) @4:43am, 10lbs, 20-1/4 inches
    Elshells (Laura) ~ Jeremiah Layton Kinman @3:27am, 9lbs 9oz, 21.5 inches

    April 25th
    TheresaT (Theresa) ~ Brendan Xavier @?, 6lbs 15oz, 20 inches

    April 26th
    WendyH (Wendy) ~ Marissa Marie @ 1:53am, 7lbs 1oz, 20 inches

    April 27th

    April 28th
    Rxplatt (Roxanne) ~ Bennet Gerald @ 2:38pm, 6lbs 12oz, 19 inches

    April 29th
    Aquabee (Shayna) ~ Aliya Claire @ 11:13am, 6lbs 14oz, 20 inches
    CritterSkunky (Cristina) ~ Karina Lynn @ 4:07pm, 6lbs 11oz, 19.75 inches
    LPollom (Lesley) ~ Harper Adele @ 7:54pm, 6lbs 10oz, ? inches
    Sera22 (Sera) ~ Kaylee Grace @ 4:24pm, 5lbs 12oz, 20 inches

    April 30th
    Keegen456 (Tawnya) ~ Nikolas Orion @ 1:38am, 8lbs 1oz, 20.5 inches
    Monkey720 (Andi) ~ Alexis Rae @ 10:13am, 8lbs 7oz, 20 inches


    May 1st

    May 2nd
    Auroraroseny (Carol) ~ Nathan Tyler @ 5:32pm, 8lbs 2oz, 21.5 inches
    Burgandy01 (Erika) ~ Maya Kathleen @?, 7lbs 9oz, 20 inches

    May 3rd
    Calgary_Mama (Vera) ~ Adam Lawrence Roy Jr @ 12:20pm, 7lbs 5oz, 21 inches
    Tomedragon (Shana) ~ Jonah Thomas @9:48pm, 8lbs 1oz, ? inches
    Toothy35 (Colleen) ~ Abby Rose @ 7:30am, 9lbs 4oz, 22.25 inches

    May 4th

    May 5th
    EmilyC3 (Emily) ~ Gwendolyn @ 9:28pm, 8lbs 2oz, 19.75 inches

    May 6th
    May 7th
    May 8th
    May 9th
    May 10th

    And our honorary Blossoms
    ~ JULY 20th. 2008 ~
    Leo Charles - 1:35am. 8lbs 2oz. 21" 41 weeks (Emilys3Guppies-Emily)
    ~ April 8th. 2009 ~
    Grace Elizabeth - 6lbs 6ozs 19 inches (YooperGirl8 - Deb)


    Instructions (I'm making this up as I go along so PM me if I need to change anything!!!!!!)

    Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, BFPs, Families, Furbabies, ultrasound photos,
    and nursery shots.


    * This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

    * Reserve your "space" and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the top right hand corner of YOUR post.

    * Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "attach signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

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    And so it begins ...


    Here he is!!!!!

    Silly things I did with my belly!

    Christmas card

    Well here it is...my birth story.
    Harrison James
    April 06, 2008
    3:38 am
    8lbs 4 oz

    Harrison was a week overdue. No amount of climbing stairs, eating spicy foods or pineapple was going to get him out so they scheduled me for an induction at 11:30 am on April 7th.. I was not to keen on an induction, and needless to say, neither was my baby!

    I had gone to a friend for dinner the night I went into labour...and eaten a heap I MEAN HEAP of beans. (Trust me; this plays a little part in the story)
    I went to bed around 11pm, and lay there for a while obsessing about the looming prospect of an induction when all of a sudden I had the sensation of having to go to the washroom...(no.2 if you hadn't already guessed) I went to the washroom (cursing the beans I ate) and then went back to bed. Few minutes later, I had gassy cramps...still thought it was the beans.
    Just after midnight these gassy pains got a little stronger. My husband decided to punch them into the contraction timer thingy we had downloaded off the computer...5 min apart. By about 1 am, I knew it wasn't the beans. 1:30 ish we phoned the hospital to say we were on our way. The nurse told me to take my time, have a shower, relax... I thought about it for a second and told my husband to get in the car.
    When we got to the hospital I started puking... they checked me and I was only 4 cm. The contractions were coming quite quickly now, so they admitted me and took me to my room. I headed strait for the floor and rocked back and forth on my hands and knees (worked well for 2 contractions and then it didn't matter what I did. ) They put me on the bed and checked me again...4 cm... ??? The contractions were one on top of the other by now and then I yelled to them that I was going to start pushing. I went from 4cm to 10 in minutes... The nurse later told me that she didn't believe me until she saw the bulge... he was coming! I screamed for drugs and they said "honey, there is no time for that the baby is coming... 3 pushes and he was out.
    Small tear in the nether regions but other then that...pretty darn good!
    They put my screaming purple monster straight onto my chest and that was it... I was in love.
    I wouldn't change a thing!

    Look how he's grown!
    From One Month to 11 weeks!!!

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    EDD 29 MARCH 2008
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    I'm out. Chemical pregnancy, so you can delete.
    DH - Tommy
    DD - Rose

    DS - Elijah

    Our newest addition:

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    I tried to condense all my pics so you wouldn't have to scroll through all of them!

    EDD: April 2nd, 2008

    18 weeks...

    30 weeks, 1 day....

    Married June 25th, 2005:

    Pics of our precious baby, Madison Catherine. Born Sept. 7th, 2006

    A slide show of Madison's first Easter: (just click on picture)
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    Default deleted space, m/c ment

    *deleted* miscarriage on 8/5 due to low progesterone

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    please delete.
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    My hubby Matt and I.
    We got engaged May 13, 2007 (Mother's Day) and were married
    October 20, 2007.

    First positive pregnancy test on July 26, 2007

    3 weeks..........6 weeks..........9 weeks

    12 weeks........15 weeks......19 weeks
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    Positive test 7/24/07

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