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    Default Paxson's Birth Story

    The day started out as a pretty typical Monday. I'd had contrax over the weekend, but they piddled out and I was pretty sure this guy was going to stay put until his scheduled version/c-sec date (Wed). So...I prepared myself for class as usual. I had one class at 10:30 and a final at 5:30. The plan was to just stay on campus and study for the final in between.

    As I was studying, I noticed I was having a lot of BH contrax. I started timing them and they were mostly 6-7 minutes apart. They did start to get a little painful right before I went in to take the final, but still only about a 1-2 on the pain scale, so I wasn't worried. Throughout the test, I kept getting these contrax, and they were coming every 5 minutes...pretty consistently. So...when I was finished, I decided to hang out in the student lounge for awhile to see if they continued that way (that's when I posted to the Crown Seekers thread!).

    After about 5 more which were 5 minutes apart, I called L&D to see if they thought I should stop in to get checked (the hospital is across the street from school). I still didn't really think it was anything, but I live about 20 minutes away and didn't want to drive all the way home just to have to turn around and drive back. They told me that I should come in, just to be safe, so off I went, and called DH to come meet me.

    So...I get to the hospital and go to L&D the same way I always do (I volunteer here, so I'm very familiar with the building). I get to the locked door and try to call the desk to be let in while an employee comes over with her badge as she's entering the unit. She stops me to tell me that policy has changed and they no longer allow people to enter through this door because of some security rule. I tell her I'm in labor, but she still sends me across the floor, back down the elevator 4 floors, and to the opposite side of the building and back up, so they can let me in through a glass door on the other side. It was SOOO ridiculous!! I've already spoken to a bunch of the staff about it and everyone agrees that this employee made a huge judgment error by not letting me in.

    Anyway, after this little confrontation, I start my detour through the hospital. As I'm getting on the elevator to go back down, I call DH to tell him the story and to make sure he goes up the right elevator when he comes so he doesn't get sent away too. About half way around the detour, I feel a warm sensation between my legs. Yep, my water broke!! As I was talking to DH telling him this story! In hindsight...pretty funny...

    I finally got to the L&D desk and inform them that my water just broke. They got me into a room within about 5 minutes and checked the fluid...sure enough...amniotic fluid and a ton of it. She then checked my progress, I was 5-6 cms already 100% effaced! She could clearly feel his little tooshie while checking me. Now things were really on! As soon as my water broke, the contrax started coming about every 4 minutes and were INTENSE. People were buzzing all around me, they called my doc, DH arrived, they did a quick u/s to confirm he was still breech. Within about 30-45 minutes they had me prepped for the c/s and in the OR.

    The c/s was so surreal, but not nearly as awful as I expected it to be. I couldn't feel any pain, only pressure. The staff was fantastic and kept me upbeat, while throughout the whole thing DH was a saint. He got to watch the surgery and thought it was incredible. It took the team about 10 minutes to get him out after they made the incisions. His butt was SO wedged in my pelvis, that my doc just couldn't get him out. She ended up having to extend the incision and said that her hand was numb from digging between me and baby trying to dislodge him. There was NO way he was moving either through a version or through any of the treatments I'd been trying. I feel pretty lucky now that a c/s was an option for us, because it was really the best route in this situation.

    So...we went into recovery for a little over an hour while the spinal wore off and they took Paxson to the nursery for bathing and weighing, etc. We made a bunch of phone calls from there while waiting. With the exception of the "shakes", I was feeling great. His stats:

    Paxson James
    7 lbs 11.5 oz
    20 3/4" long
    Apgars 7 & 9

    As soon as I was cleared to leave recovery, they wheeled me down to the post-partum room and I got to meet our little boy! I did get to see him for a moment in the OR, but not able to get a good look or hold him or anything. The pictures I posted were from our first meeting. I'm SO in love!

    We tried BFing right away and he's an absolute champ. Latched on immediately and now feeds 30-40 minutes on each side, every 3-4 hours. He's pretty much sound asleep in between...it's exhausting to nurse that long!

    All in all, we've had a wonderful experience! I arrived at the hospital at about 7:15pm and he was born at 8:47pm. Incredible!! Today, I'm feeling sore, but overall very good. They had me up walking around this morning and I was able to shower and eat. I'll be in the hospital until Thursday. So far I've had no vomiting or side effects other than soreness. I am on good meds right now, so we'll see how I feel in a few days, but for now, I'm on top of the world!

    Congrats if you made it this far!! I'll post more pics soon...

    OK, here's one...Ya think he was breech?

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    Default The Birth of George

    On Wednesday, April 16th, I went in to my 40+6 weeks appointment. My midwife and I decided to do a stretch and sweep to try and get labour going. Carolynn, my midwife, said that if anything were to happen, it would probably start that evening. Matt and I went for a walk later to get some Mexican take out and spent the evening relaxing at home. There was no sign of labour starting, so I took a gravol to help me sleep through the night, and resigned myself for a few more days of being pregnant.

    At 1:40 am, Thursday, April 17th I woke up and thought "crap, the gravol didn't work!" I dozed off and woke up again at 2:20 to go pee. I noticed when I wiped that there was mucous plug present. It was clear, but very obvious. I went back to bed. I woke up again at 3:30 with a menstrual-like cramp. It was the first sensation I'd had that was obviously not a braxton hick and it made me stop and think. I had another one about 9 minutes later. Another 6 minutes after that. Then 4 minutes, then 3, then 2. They were only slightly painful and lasting about 10 seconds each, but the fact that they kept coming made me realize this was the beginning of labour. With the cramps I would get the feeling that I needed to go to the washroom, but I wouldn't actually do anything, so I was up and down a lot. I finally decided to just get comfortable in there. I covered the back of the toilet with a towel and sat backwards on it, resting my head and arms on the tank in between the cramps. They were sporadic, but still coming and lasting about 10 seconds.

    At 5:30 I decided to wake Matt. I told him that he should call in to work, and then get some groceries, because things were happening. He was hesitant, because it was still early. He couldn't miss work if this wasn't really it. I knew it was, but conceded. I went downstairs to get some food and putter around while Matt got ready for work. At 6:05 I got on the phone to Emily. I explained that I was having what felt like "medium menstrual cramps" every 4 minutes or so, lasting about 10 seconds each. I asked her if she thought Matt should go to work or stay home. She said that was up to me. She asked if I wanted her to come over. I said yes. Since she was on her way, I told Matt he could go to work, and that we would call him as soon as anything changed.

    Emily called back a few minutes later and told Matt her hubby would drop her off in about 30 minutes, once she had the kids all packed up ready for grandma's house. Matt made me promise again to call him as soon as things got serious and left for work.

    While I waited for Emily to show up, I put on my birthing music playlist and made myself some toast with butter. I ate about 3/4 of my toast, and then suddenly the bite in my mouth was extremely unappetizing. I ran to the bathroom and spit it out. I puttered around some more, getting things set up how I wanted them for the birth. Then I started to feel nauseated. Soon enough my breakfast came back up. Feeling better, I continued wandering around with busy work.

    Emily arrived around 7am. I gave her the "tour" of where all my supplies were. She put on some coffee and we chatted. I told her I'd lost my breakfast, so she suggested I try to eat some more. I went for cottage cheese and toast with peanut butter. It seemed to be going down better this time. The cramps were still coming, and starting to get a little longer. I was still able to walk and talk through them. They were presenting themselves in a band across the bottom of my pelvis/top of my thighs. They were starting to hurt in my sacrum as well.

    I had given Matt a grocery list of items to pick up on his way home, but Em and I decided to go ourselves. I was starting to get a little spacy, so I decided to get together my personal items before I couldn't handle it anymore. I went upstairs and threw a bunch of clothes and toiletry items in a bag. I brought them downstairs, then went back up to get dressed.

    Shortly before 8am we headed out to the grocery store. I noticed that the first of my pansies were blooming. I thought that was a beautiful sign for my birthing day.

    As we walked up the road, I was having more cramps/contractions. I forced myself to walk through them, even though it was getting harder. After walking up the hill to the main road, I felt the need to stop. I leaned on the guardrail and stepped in place to the contraction. Then Em and I took a self portrait, and we continued on our way. We stopped at the bank first and then on to the grocery store. Every few minutes I would need to squat or lean on something through a contraction. We got to the grocery store and I grabbed a cart to lean on. First person we saw inside was my old vocal coach, who I hadn't seen in a couple of years. He asked when I was having the baby, and I said right now. I don't think he believed me, because he said I needed to go for a bumpy car ride. lol

    In the store Em grabbed items while I mostly leaned on the cart. I shuffled over to the pharmacy aisle to pick up some Tums. I had a contraction and squatted, trying to make it look like I was looking at the items on the lower shelves, because I felt a little self conscious. I was getting progressively more uncomfortable. It was harder to concentrate on anything going on around me. We got into line and I squatted through a contraction. There was no pretending this time, but I just didn't care. After that I went outside to wait for Emily. I squatted, leaned and rocked on a rail. A lady in the parking lot yelled over was I ok? The third time I said yes, she finally let it go and got in her car. It was a little embarrassing, but funny at the same time.

    Emily came out and we headed down to the drugstore. Unfortunately, it was still closed. I was feeling really uncomfortable, loopy, and sick at this point. We decided to call a cab instead of waiting for the drugstore to open. Then my cell started to ring. I wasn't able to get at it, so Em answered. It was Matt. He said he was just waiting for a replacement to show up, and he'd be home in about an hour. Emily updated him on my situation, and asked him to pick up a couple of items from the drugstore on his way home.

    We caught the cab home about 9am, and then I rushed into the bathroom and promptly lost my second breakfast. After this point, the details get fuzzy.

    I sat on the toilet for a few minutes and noticed a small glob of red mucous plug. I was really uncomfortable in my clothes, so I changed out of them into my robe.

    I went out into the kitchen and found that holding onto the side of the stove while squatting was good for the contractions. I chanted to myself "open up so the baby can be born, open up so the baby can be born" to keep myself motivated. Emily was in the bathroom attending to the birth pool hose, and every once in awhile she'd poke her head out to assess how I was doing. The contractions were coming about 3-4 minutes and lasting 45-60 seconds at this point. Every few minutes I would think I was going to be sick again, but when I'd go into the bathroom the feeling would pass. At some point I wanted to stay in there. Sometimes I would lean against the tub, sometimes I would squat holding onto the sink. Sometimes I would stand, squat, stand, squat through the contractions. I thought sitting on the toilet would be a good position, but that was very painful. It was frustrating because there was no one position that was right. I had to keep moving pretty much all the time.

    At some point I was sick for the third time, and I think Emily called the midwives shortly after that. Carolynn was off call that day so Claudette, my secondary midwife, called us back. Emily updated her, then I talked to her. She asked how I was handling the contractions. I said I was moaning, moving around and "praying to gawd that they end soon!" I also told her I'd been sick 3 times. She was at the hospital, but she said she'd see us within the hour.

    I asked Emily to call Matt to see when he'd be home. This was around 10am. He still hadn't left yet, which distressed me to hear, but promised he'd be home in about an hour.

    A little while later Claudette called back. She said that she couldn't come just yet, but that another midwife, Lisa, would be over soon.

    When Lisa arrived she offered to check me to see where I was at. I consented on the condition that she tell Emily what she found, and Em could decide if I'd want to know. I headed to the bed. I wished I could labour on the bed, but I had to stay moving, so it wasn't happening. After the check I went back into the bathroom and continued doing my thing.

    Lisa and Emily came in and told me that I was at 3cm and 100% effaced. I had been at 3 and 50% before labour started, so I was definitely progressing. She took my vitals and the baby's; all was good. Em was helping me to drink sips of juice every few minutes.

    Matt got home around 11am. I was very relieved to see him.

    Just before 12 I headed to the bed. I was tired and wanting to rest between contractions. A couple minutes later I said I was going to be sick. Matt scrambled to grab a bucket. I projectiled and *mostly* got it in the bucket. Poor Matt, Emily and Lisa all got a little bit of spray. Thankfully, it was only apple juice. Relatively harmless, I suppose.

    Lisa offered to check me again, and I agreed. I was at 5 now. Claudette arrived about 20 minutes later. We discussed getting into the pool. Lisa and Claudette agreed I could, but they would keep an eye on if my contractions slowed down. I mentally decided that they would just have to not slow down. Lisa left at this point.

    Getting in the pool was nice. I loved the feeling of the hot water. I was surprised though that being in the water didn't relieve the pain of the contractions more. I assumed that I would just be able to lounge and feel nothing, but I still had to work hard through each one. Claudette would take my vitals and the baby's heart beat every once in awhile. The babe's hb was elevated, and she wanted to get a decel/excel pattern, so she was listening for quite a while. The problem was, the doppler was irritating my stomach and causing contractions. But we finally got a good healthy pattern recorded. The babe was moving around a lot too, which was reassuring. However, I found the movements really uncomfortable.

    I felt like I had to pass a bowel movement, so I went to the bathroom. I peed, but couldn't pass a bm. I went back into the pool. My thighs and back were *really* starting to hurt. I needed someone to put counter pressure on them during every contraction. There I was moaning and groaning and twisting around in the pool, and Em was pushing on one leg while Matt pushed on the other. I still felt like I had to pass a bm during contractions.

    The contractions were starting to get closer and more intense. The baby was visibly moving down. My body above the water was cold, so I asked for the bucket. I used it to pour water over myself, until Matt took over. We got into a pattern where between contractions I would rest my head on the pool's side and Matt would pour water over me, and during contractions Matt and Emily would put counter pressure on my thighs and sacrum. Every once in awhile someone would step away and I'd start a contraction. I'd start yelling, "Legs! LEGS!! BACK!!" and they'd be there in a jiffy.

    I started to get pushy through the peak of the contractions. I wasn't doing it myself, it would just happen. I've heard pushing contractions described as a vomit going backwards. That is *exactly* how it felt. Claudette asked to check me to see if I could safely start pushing.

    I was only at 7cm. My water bag was bulging, which Claudette assumed was causing the pushy feeling. She suggested that I either try to pant through the contractions, or she could break my waters to see if that would relieve the pushiness and help me dilate. I didn't want my water broken so opted to pant. I was able to do so fairly easily at first. As the contractions continued to get more intense, I discovered that I had to start panting before the pushy feeling came or I couldn't control it.

    I remembered thinking "I can see why women want pain meds. This is hard. I don't like this pain," but then I'd counter that with "the only way to get rid of the pain is to get this over and done with. One at a time." Whenever I started to feel overwhelmed I'd chant to myself "one at a time, one at a time, just stay with it, just stay with it." Claudette would encourage me to stay on top of the contractions. Staying on "top" was a foreign idea to me. I preferred to stay "with" rather than "on". I had thought transition would be very difficult, but it really wasn't. I never felt out of control or panicked. Sometimes a contraction would have two peaks without a full break in between, but I never noticed that the contractions were back to back.

    My cervix was slightly swollen. Claudette wanted me to get more upright. Being on my hands and knees or leaning over the edge of the tub was extremely uncomfortable. Only reclining and stretching out in the tub was comfortable, but unfortunately this wasn't helping my cervix. I needed to get upright to help dilate and stop the swelling. I opted for the shower.

    Matt and I got in the shower. It was really great in there. Our tub is extra deep, close to two feet, and there is a ledge under the window. Leaning on the ledge during contractions worked well. Sometimes I'd rest my foot on the tub side to relieve some of the ache in my thighs. I felt less pushy standing in there, and well able to pant through it when I did. I could have stayed in there forever, but eventually the hot water ran out.

    I decided not to get back in the pool. I stayed in the bathroom, leaning on the wall, or leaning on Matt. Resting my foot on the toilet helped relieved some of the ache in my thighs. I still needed someone to put pressure on my thighs and sacrum. Sometimes I would also need to massage the tip of my tailbone during the contractions. The contractions were getting pretty intense now, and the pushing feeling was coming back. Even with panting I was losing control over it. I tried squatting or sitting on the toilet a couple of times, but that was so uncomfortable I had to get right back up. Claudette wanted me to try to sit anyway. She said that sometimes the position that is the most unpleasant is the one that gets the job done. But I just couldn't do it. I stayed upright for awhile longer.

    Eventually I felt right about sitting on the toilet. I had lots of bloodly show, and I was finally able to pass a bm. Emily brought me some chicken noodle soup and I had a couple of spoonfuls.

    Claudette tried to check me on the toilet, but was unable to, so we headed to the bed. I was at 9 and baby was +1 and descending with each contraction, but the swollen lip of cervix was still there. I was feeling that in my lower abdomen, and needed to hold my hand there through the contractions. Labouring on the bed was good now. I could rest between contractions, and still get counter pressure during.

    Claudette was getting worried now about the cervical lip. It would recede during the contractions, but come right back. She thought breaking my water was the best choice at this point. I agreed, because I felt that I was far enough along that I wasn't worried about the increased intensity or possible complications AROM would bring. However, Claudette checked again and now felt confident that the lip was getting smaller, so she decided that AROM was unnecessary. I was relieved that it wasn't warranted after all.

    Carolynn, my primary midwife, arrived shortly after. Since we didn't know if she would even make it, I was thrilled when she showed up.

    She suggested I get on my hands and knees and let her try to slip the lip of cervix over the baby's head with the next few contractions. I was all for it. I pushed a bit with the contractions as she slipped the lip over the baby's head. The pushing sensation suddenly felt different. Less out of control and more "right".

    I started actively pushing with the contractions while on my hands and knees. I was resting my head on the pillows, so it was suggested I lift up during pushing so I wasn't pushing uphill. They asked if I could feel the baby moving down. I couldn't really, but I could feel that I was passing a small bm.

    I felt the need to turn over. Matt got behind me and I sat in front of him in a semi-seated/reclined position. Immediately I felt my pushes were more productive and easier. My water suddenly popped! That was pretty cool! It was a light green, and I panicked. Meconium means a hospital transfer. I couldn't believe that I'd get so far only to have to transfer at the last moment. I asked "why is it green?!" I was reassured that it was a very small amount of mec, and not a danger whatsoever.

    I continued to push, and I felt the ring of "fire" very intensely. It didn't feel very fire-like to me. More like the ring of "you're about to split open in all directions at once". Carolynn used some warm compresses on my perineum, which felt supportive, but didn't really diminish the tearing sensation. I was trying to push but also let myself stretch. I kept getting reprimanded to not be afraid of the sensation. I wasn't afraid, I was just trying to let the stretch happen, but I wasn't able to communicate to say that. I could feel the head crowning. I had one hand on my abdomen, and the other hand in a fist behind my tailbone. I was asked if I would like to feel the head, but I declined. I couldn't risk moving my hands, because they were keeping me grounded. At one point it felt right for me to touch the baby's head, so I did.

    Matt was asked if he would like to see the baby's head in the mirror. He was not comfortable with the idea, but I wanted to see, so they told him to close his eyes and held up the mirror. I could see just about an inch of the babe's scalp. I think Matt ended up taking a peek after all.

    The baby's pulse suddenly plummeted to 80. Carolynn said I needed to get this baby out now. "Alrighty then," I thought, "let's do this." Claudette told me to focus my anger at the pain in order to push through it. That was exactly what I needed to hear. I stopped trying to wait out the "fire" and just pushed through it. I did try to be conscious of not "purple pushing" though. I'd push as long as the contraction was with me, and then used my muscles to keep the babe down while I took a couple seconds to get my "push" back. I could feel the baby's head starting to come out. I swear it felt like there was a good 4 inches sticking out. I was thinking, "how pointy/big is this kid's head going to be?!" In reality it was only a small amount of scalp showing, and certainly not a 4 inch long cone. I felt a tearing sensation up near my clitoris, so I put a hand there to support myself. I could feel the baby's head with my fingertips, which was pretty incredible. I had to take a moment about three quarters of the way through the head's birth to catch my breath. The midwives told me to keep going and I said "Just a second [pant, pant]" then pushed, pushed, pushed the head out. Then I got confused. I wasn't sure if I should keep pushing the shoulders out, or wait and how long. Someone finally gave me the cue to push again, so I did, and out came the shoulders. They told me to catch my baby. I reached down, but couldn't stretch far enough, so held my hands out for my baby. Someone handed him to me and I pulled him onto my chest. I checked and saw that he was a boy. Well, confirmed really, because I always knew. Matt said later that as soon as the head was out he knew it was a boy. George just has the face of a boy.

    When George was born, the sun was still letting light in the window. I had really hoped he would come before the sun set. It was pretty awesome that I reached my "goal".

    George was looking around, but not crying. I rubbed his back and talked to him, trying to get him to breathe. He made a few efforts, but still wasn't taking a breathe. Claudette offered to help, much to my relief, and we finally got him crying. I held him while he cried and we waited for the cord to stop pulsing. It seemed like it was taking forever to stop. I was getting impatient and asked how long it was going to take. Carolynn said it could take up to 45 minutes. 45 minutes! I guess they saw my dismay at that, because they offered to clamp it at that point. It had been about 10-15 minutes already and the cord was only pulsing faintly at that point, so I was comfortable with them clamping. Matt got to cut the cord. Claudette and I tried to get George to latch, but he was still crying too hard, so we just let him be. I had a couple of menstrual like cramps, but they weren't pushy. I finally had a pushing contraction and out plopped the placenta. I was expecting that to feel gross but it wasn't. It was easy and it meant I was DONE.

    A lot of blood came out. They told me later there was a huge puddle. Carolynn thought it might have been caused by early detachment of the placenta. The midwives were all business. Carolynn told me to cough. I coughed and kept coughing until she ordered a shot of pit stat. I knew by the tone of her voice that things were serious. I passed George (who was *still* crying) to Matt. The bleeding stopped shortly, and then they assessed my perineum. I had second degree tearing through my vaginal wall and slightly into the perineum. I needed 6 stitches. The tear was awkward to stitch, so it took awhile, but Carolynn anaesthetized the area well so I didn't feel a thing. I ate the tastiest bagel with cream cheese while she worked.

    Once she was done, Matt brought a crying George back and we finally got him to latch on.

    And the rest, as they say, is history.

    George William Harris H
    April 17th, 2008, 7:45 pm
    9 lbs 5 oz
    14 inch head, 22 inches long
    Apgars 9/10

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    Birth Story:

    Nadia Elise
    Born: April 15th 2008
    Time: 2:36 pm
    Weight: 7 pounds 7 Ounces
    Height: 20.5 inches

    On the morning of April 15th (9:00 am) I went to my 39 weeks appointment. My midwife checked me and I was 6 cm dialated and 100% effaced. She said the head was at +1 station. She said that she believed my labor would be very fast when it finally happened and asked if I would like to come in later that night and we could just brake my water and go from there... to make sure the baby wasn't born in the car on the way to the hospital. I was worried about having time to drop the kids off and really didn't want to take them with to the hospital while I was in active labor, so I agreed that that would probably be a good option. She said to make sure that if I had any cramping or contractions that afternoon to head straight to the hospital.

    I went home and called my husband at work to tell him that we would be having a baby later that night. 10 minutes later (at about 10:30 am) I had a contraction... 3 minutes later another one... three minutes later another one. I called my husband and told him to come home. DH was home shortly after 11 am. We quick got our bags together and headed out the door. We dropped off the kids with some friends and started to head for the hospital. At this point it was just before noon. The contractions were still about 3 minutes apart, but were not overly painful. I felt them, but they didn't really require much concentration on my part to get through them. After about 5 minutes or so of driving the contractions started to get more painful. I moved into the back seat and stayed on my hands and knees which was just what I needed. We got to the hospital at around 12:30 pm. We checked in and they already knew that I was 6 cm, so they got me a room and didn't even bother checking me again, I was allowed to "get down to business." As a pleasant surprise, when we were checking in we saw the nurse that had been with us when I had my second dd. She immediately remembered us and said she would switch rooms, so that she could be there with us this time. She is AWESOME!!! Honestly she's like my very own doula!

    Anyway, I got in my room shortly after 12:30 and I told the nurse that I wanted to get in the tub. Immediately the tub was filled and in I went. The water was great for working through the contractions. After awhile I was getting a little hot and got out of the tub to lean on the side of the bed. That was also great for getting through the contractions. They were able to adjust the bed to "just the right height." At around 1:45 the contractions started to get really intense and I started feeling nauseous. It took me a few contractions, but I soon realized that this was most likely transition. My midwife suggested that maybe I would like to get back in the tub. I did and that definetely helped. I did start to kind of lose my mind through a few of the contractions, but managed to switch positions slightly and regain my focus.

    Shortly after 2 pm my midwife suggested that the baby was probably not decending all the way because of my bag of water. I agreed to let her brake it. At about 2:15 I got out of the tub and climbed onto the bed on my hands and knees. I was told I was 10 cm and she broke my water. I looked down and realized there was meconium in the water, but I was told that it was VERY slight and not to worry. I continued to labor on the bed with my hands resting against the back (which was raised up) and on my knees. The contractions were intense, but I knew it wouldn't be much longer. Finally, my body took over and all of a sudden the baby just shot down and instantly I felt "the ring of fire." I screamed out loudly when this happened (my body was taking over). I reached down and could feel my baby's head as I gently pushed with the contractions. After a couple contractions the head was out, then a couple more pushes and the body was free. What an incredible feeling to have the baby out!!! Nadia Elise came into the world at 2:36 pm. I flipped over onto my back and they handed me my baby girl. She was so perfect and TINY. She did end up being our smallest baby. There was a little trouble getting the placenta out... it ended up coming out in pieces, but they do think they got it all. Nadia latched on the breast after about 10 minutes and nursed for the next two hours. We then had her weighed and measured.

    I really feel that the birth could not have gone much better. I was never given an IV or any kind of "intervention" and my recovery this time has been amazing. I had no tearing whatsoever with this birth which has also been great for recovery.

    Nadia is a breastfeeding champ! She nursed pretty much continually for the first 24 hours of her life, but once my milk came in (just 32 hours after birth!) she has spaced out her feedings more and has some nice stretches of sleep in between. So far she is a very content baby and I couldn't be more in love!!!

    Just born and nursing...

    Up Close...

    The kiddos meet Nadia...
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    Default Birth Story- Harlei Jaide

    Well as you all know I was induced. We got to the hospital alittle before 7 a.m. on the morning of the 10th, by 7:30 they had me started on the pit and by 8 I was having contractions, but I was only dialated to a 2. I was having contractions every 2 minutes but I wasn't dialating any. The doctor came in around 3:00 and checked me and I was at a 3 so he went ahead and broke my water. I was in so much pain cause I was having back labor and this was the longest I had ever been in labor so Joe talked me into getting an epidural so around 3:45 they came in a started my epidural. Take goodness they didn't show me the needle until after they had already stuck it in my back or I probably would have passed out, but Joe and his mom held my hands and talked to me the entire time they were inserting the needle. I finally dialated to a 6 and got stuck there my parents finally decided to take the other kids home around 8:00 since I wasn't progressing and had been at a 6 for 3 1/2 hours. Joe's sister decided to come back up to the hospital around 9 or 10 and we all touched my belly and prayed that next time the doctor came in I would dialated more and the very next time he came in I was ready to go and 2 1/2 contractions and little Harlei arrived at 11:24 p.m. When I saw her and heard her cry I started crying. Joe had gotten wuzzy while I was delivering because he was standing up and the excitment got to him so he didn't get to hold her for a while the doctor made him sit down and rest and Joe's mom got to carry Harlei to the nursery and Joe went down there and stayed while they cleaned her up. I was fine no tears no cutting nothing I did have a slight problem with bleeding it took a while to get it to slow down so they watched me closely for the night. The doctor said that Harlei was actually earlier than what the had thought they had my due date wrong and instead of being 2 weeks early I was more like 3 or 4 weeks but she was fine a healthy baby girl weighing 6 lbs 6 oz and 19 3/4 in head measured 13 in.
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    Wow I would have never imagined that it would take me this long to get on here and post this!!! I have tried all week and I get a couple pictures edited here and there. Geeze! Well anyways... here it is... finally!

    I was sceduled for an induction on the night of April 13th at 8pm. I had a doctors appointment the Thursday before and had no change since the last appointment. I was 1cm, 60 % effaced. So off we went to the hospital after the longest day of my life...

    I get there at 8pm. They check us in and around 9:30 do a vaginal exam to determine if they are going to start with cervidil or pit. To our surpise I was 3 1/2-4 cm and 80%. So they hooked me up to the contractions machine and I was having contractions and had absolutely NO IDEA! Needless to say, they started with pit.

    My doctor wasn't going to be in until 8 am and she had to leave by 2 pm on Monday, so I had a 6 hour time frame to deliver if I wanted her to do it. The nurse came in with the pit. and informed us that usually they up the dose every half an hour, but since I was way more dialated than they thought I would be, they wouldnt do it that fast so I wouldnt have him before the doc got in. So pretty much the entire night was a huge stall. I was having contractions more regular, but still really couldnt feel anything other than a little bit of tightening. But being as excited as I was, I didn't sleep... WORST MISTAKE EVER! So they ended up only upping the pit. about once every 2-3 hours. BORE!

    FINALLY, at 7:00 am the nurse started really increasing it, and the doc gave the orders to break my water. The nurse was really pushy about me getting an epidural. I wasn't really against it but I wanted to go as long as possible. However, I said all along that I would be fine as long as it wasn't back labor. They came in and checked and I was at 5 cm, and they broke my water around 8:30 (Weirdest thing in the world). I started having none other than back labor, and like I said, I knew I couldnt handle that. So I decided to go with the epidural. The nurse came in about a half an hour later and I told her I wanted the epidural. They got it all set up and didn't flippen check me. Gave it and what not. At that point I finally decided to get some sleep. At around 9:30am the nurse came back to check on me. She wanted to check my cervix because she "had a feeling." Sure enough... I was fully dialiated, 100% effaced and ready to push. Only the doc was in surgery now and would be out until 10am. So they made me lay there. URG!

    So I layed there and waited. Finally, at 10:15 the doc got there and they got things started. 5 contractions later, at 10:44 am on April 14th Zachariah Harold was born! He weighed 8lbs, 5 oz, and was 20.5 inches. His apgars were 9 and 9! The little guy was screaming before his body was even out!

    It was by far the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. I think I was in partial shock because it happened so fast, but it was truly a miracle! My labor was VERY easy, I wish it could be that way for everyone!

    So here are some pictures of my little guy!

    Our surprise... we definitely thought he would be smaller... Well everyone but daddy!

    First family photo!

    What a proud daddy!

    Just chillin'

    Mommy is finally feeling better!

    Our little frog.

    Getting ready to go home

    All bundled up!

    Daddy getting him out of the carseat at home!

    Going back to the same hospital we just left to visit his new cousin Carson... born 3 days after him!

    Our little Cardinal fan!!!

    Cassi & Adam ~ December 22, 2007
    Zachariah Harold ~ April, 2008
    Baby #2 ~ February, 2011
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    I had my 40 week appointment on Monday morning. My Dr said I was about 4 cm dialated and almost 100% effaced. Around 4 pm I started to get contractions. They were not very consistant. At around 7 pm I had to go pee and when I wiped, there was lots of bloody mucous. For the next hour there was blood every time that I wiped. My DH came home from playing basketball around 8pm. By then my contractions were 6 minutes apart. Around 9:30 pm I had DH call his brother to come over to keep an eye on our other kids. We got to the hospital around 10pm. When the nurse checked me she said I was only dialated to 3cm. So we waited. These contractions were very uncomfortable. At 11 pm nothing had changed still. The nurse called the Dr on call and he said that if my contractions didn't get any closer or I didn't furthur dialate by 2AM they would give me a shot of morphine mixed with something else to give my uterus a break. Thankfully things started to pick up. At midnight exactly the contractions really started picking up in intensity. The nurse checked me andI was 5cm. She checked me again at 12:30 and I was 6cm. At 12:45 I was 7cm and at 1am I was at 8 cm. The contractions were horrible! They were back to back and some of them were peaking twice and even three times before they would end. At 1:20 the nurse turned me on my side to help the baby move down. Only a couple of contractions later ad I was ready to push. The Dr came in and checked me out, I was 10 cm. The Dr broke my water with a little pair of scissors, I gave three pushes and my little man was born. The cord was wrapped around his neck so he was a little blue, but that didn't stop him from yelling at everybody!!!
    Tawnya, Alex 11-11-02, Lucas 12-13-05,Nikolas 4-30-08

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    Finally my birth story-LONG!


    I started to lose my plug (clearish-yellowish) Sat. 4/19. Nothing in between but BH. Tues. AM 4/22, I woke up to liquid trickling down my leg into a nice little spot in my bed. I got up to pee, and lost a lot more plug, this time bloody. I guess bloody show? Called Dr, they had me go to L&D, checked me, I was still 1 1/2 CM (had been for 2 wks) and the AF test came back neg. So I was given the "I must have pissed myself" diagnosis and sent home. I was having painful contrax in my back on & off, since I left the hosp, but nothing consistent. They became more frequent Wed AM 4/23, so I called the Dr, and he said they aren't consistent, but if I wanted, I could go to L&D, and if no progress, they would have me walk. So, I went, and I was 2 cm, but cervix was still way far back. So, they had me walk for 30 min, check baby, walk for another 30 min, and checked me, and I was still at 2. The nurse said the Dr wanted to send me home, since my contrax weren't regular. (My back contrax weren't even showing up on the monitor!) She said she was betting I'd be back that evening. Went home about 1:30PM and of course, the contrax were coming harder & stronger. Got on contractionmaster.com (HUGE help btw) and back to bed, laptop next to me, Dh on other side helping me through each one, still mostly in my back, but beginning to feel more pelvic pressure & hip pain with each one. They were so bad, everytime I had one, I was crying like a baby, and making these weird moaning noises that I can't even explain. DH felt so bad. 10PM: I felt LO start to REALLY move- I mean It felt like he was standing up & trying to split my tummy down the middle to get out-it hurt SO BAD! THAT FREAKED DH out so bad, he said- that's it- i'm jumping in the shower, and we're going! I don't care WHAT the Dr says! By 10:30PM, they were consistent at 2-3 min apart, and I called the Dr, and told them I WAS COMING IN!
    Got to L&D, checked me, and was told that I was 7CM!!! I said, OMG I need the EPI NOW!!! They said, oh boy, I don't know if there's time- I said OH PLLLEEEAAAASE!!! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!!! 20-30 min later, the anesthesiologist came in, and did his thing, and I IMMEDIATELY started to feel better. After that, I didn't even feel one more contrax. I thanked him about 20 times for coming so quickly. I was so happy/out of it, I even texted my BB at like 12:30 AM!
    3AM comes around, nurse asks how I feel... Dr has to go into an emergency c-sect, and should be about 45 min. I said I feel fine- not too much pressure. Checks me at 4:00AM, and baby was about 2 inches from crowning, and I was beginning to feel pressure, so she had me start to push. We tried the regular pushing, nurse on one side, DH on the other, and me holding my knees up. They she decided to try the tug-of-war w/ the towel technique I remember Sunny (KNA's MOM) did. It was awesome- a lot easier! The Dr came in shortly after, asked how big DD was. I told her 8 lbs 11 oz. and that the other Drs estimated this LO to be about 8.5-9 lbs. All I kept thinking was, this is really starting to hurt, I know i'm gonna need a c-sect. I asked the Dr if she was going to give me an episiotomy, she said I don't know yet- it's too soon.
    As i'm pushing, I can feel the Dr put her hands in and stretch me- HOLY CRAP! I REALLY didn't like that! 40 min later, yes... only 40 min later, out came AJ. All the nurses said WOW! What a big boy! I took a look at him, they cleaned him up, I heard him cry, (whew!) and they put him on my belly. Instant love. I started laughing & crying at the same time. DH cut the cord, and the nurse took hime to the little table, & stuck a tube down his throat, because she thought he has swallowed meconium, since he took a big gulp of fluid on the way out. No meconium. They had me nurse him about 20 min later, to make sure he had some food. They were worried abut his blood sugar because of his size. Blood sugar was ok though, and continued to be ok throughout our stay at the hospital.
    Now the big family joke with all the guys is, Michelle pushed out a 10 pounder in 40 min. Hardee har har. Really funny, guys.

    Antonio Raphael Jr. (A.J.) Born 4/24 4:43AM 10 lbs. 20.25 oz.


    DD Alyssa 9-8-93
    DS AJ 4-24-08

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    Default Cyrus Birth Story

    The BIRTH of Cyrus Milano

    Everyday past my EDD was met with great anticipation and wearing patience. I was sure this little guy was going to be early, but nope, . . he had a plan of his own. I was starting to think he may never come. His EDD came and went. My doctor finally scheduled us for an induction (9 days past his due date). I really wanted to avoid this and kept hoping he would decide to come out on his own before then. And he did.

    Thursday 4/17/08 ~ I had my last doctors appt at 40 weeks 4 days. I was 2.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced. The nurse practitioner did a stretch and sweep. I'm pretty sure my doctor did this the last 2 cervix exams as well, but he never mentioned it. I was spotting and cramping the rest of the day and decided to walk as much as possible. The cramping (which I was afraid to call contractions, because I just didn't know for sure) was irregular but continued throughout the day at 8-15 minutes apart and lasting about 30-45 seconds. The pain was not bad at this point. . uncomfortable yet bearable, . but it was enough to wake me up each time throughout the night. I had eggplant parmesan for dinner, just hoping anything would help

    Friday 4/18/08 ~ More of the same cramping. The bouts were getting more consistent and slightly more intense. I was pretty sure at this point that I was on my way to having a baby. For most of the day I wouldn't have considered my "labor" to have really begun though. Around 4:30pm things picked up and Kamy started tracking and timing my contractions (yes, I was ready to call them that at this point ) We were averaging 4-8 minutes apart. Over the next few hours things escalated. I took 3 baths in a 3 hour period of time. The pain was mostly in my back. Kamy was so wonderful, helping me breath through each one. I wanted to labor at home as long as possible, . . .

    Saturday 4/19/08 ~ I lasted until about 3:00am and was ready to head in to the hospital. We got checked in at 3:30 and I was 6cm dilated. I labored at the hospital for a few more hours, and then decided I was going to go ahead and get an epidural. This wasn't in my plan, and honestly the pain was ok since it was only in 60-90 second increments (don't get me wrong, it DID hurt), but I hadn't slept for a couple days now and I was on the verge of crash and burn. By 6:00am I was 8 cm and got the epidural. I fell right to sleep after that and woke up an hour later feeling marvelous. At 7:30 the doctor broke my water. My dilation had basically stopped. Breaking the waters didn't get them going again so they started me on pitocin at 8:15am. I hung out, chatted with my family and made phone calls until 11:30 when I was fully dialated and ready to push. The epi was still working and I could hardly tell if I was pushing hard enough. I guess I was though because the nurse said I was making great progress. After 15 minutes the head was almost out and she called the doctor in. I was feeling great and smiling and laughing between contractions and pushes. The doctor came in, I pushed through 2 contractions and the baby was out at 11:51am. As Kamy watched him being born he started to cry and as soon as I say my boy my tears of joy began as well. What a miracle, what a perfect being. Here was our Joy, our Baby. He was given directly to me. I held him with tears in my eyes and love in my heart. It was so beautiful. Kamy cut the cord, and we just ogled over him for 30-45 minutes. No episiotomy but I had a very slight tear requiring 2 stitches. I was basically obliviously to this though, thank goodness - too excited and in love.

    Cyrus Milano P., born April 19th 2008 at 11:51am, weighed in at 8 pounds 14.5 ounces and was 20.5 inches long.

    XOXO - JP
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    Default Jaxon's Birth Story

    Jaxon Alexandr came into this world on Sunday the 30th of March 2008 at 5:44 PM. He weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 20 inches long.

    My labor started Saturday night at 10:00 pm, one hour after I went to bed. Of course I slept through most of those early contractions barely acknowledging their existence. At 2:00 am they were finally strong enough and frequent enough to interrupt my slumber and cause me to realize that this was finally the "real deal". By 7:00 am they were 5 min apart and lasting about 1min. and had been that way for an hour. The magic combination that my OB had said it would be time to head into the hospital. Of course, after we were at the hospital, the contractions pretty much stopped once I was hooked up the all those monitors. But, there had been progress, so thankfully they didn't send me home. They had Rick and I walk the halls for about an hour and in no time they were back regular, frequent, and strong. We did very well for about 4 hours everything progressed to almost 7cm and we worked so well together as a team. Then my water broke and it all stopped being a very easy, tolerable labor. The very next contraction tripled in length and intensity. I spent the next 2 hours having conractions that lasted 3 to 4 minutes with 30 seconds to 1 minute between. The more time that progressed the shorter between contractions down to just a few seconds before the next one would start. I didn't know this at the time, but I've now been told that the peak of those contractions lasted about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes and were so strong they would go off the chart for that time before subsiding and coming back down. My L&D nurse and my doula had mentioned how they had not seen contractions like this (this early in labor) without pitocin. During those contractions, I would hang off of Rick's shoulders and just moan and grunt like a moose. Poor man must have been exhausted, and his back was on fire the next day. After 2 hours of this we all thought this baby is ready, I was feeling like I had to have a BM. So, my nurse checks me, and to everyones dismay, there had been no progress at all and I was still no farther along than almost 7 cm. At which time, my adament refusal of an epidural and the desire for a "natural delivery" flew out the window. I was just so overwhelmed that I could do all that hard work with no progress, and the thought of how long I would need to continue in major agony was too much for me. In no time I was one happy camper, complete with epidural (today I very much struggle with this decision) and a desperate need of sleep. In between naps, I gladly watched that contraction graph rise and fall at a steady pace, with the same insane intensity that I had once felt.
    Then, all of a sudden, my room has 2 Labor and Delivery nurses in it. The baby's heart beat had suddenly plummeted and stayed there. They had me lying on my left side, then my right side. Then they want to know was I able to get on my hands and knees? Thankfully, the anesthesiologist had done a wonderful job, and I was able to still, very slightly, feel the contractions and have control over my legs. So, on my hands and knees I went. Then it was, could I stay on my knees, but get on my elbows and put my head on the bed? Then the next thing I know, while I am in this very lady like position, they drop the head of the bed down. So, if you can imagine, I'm on my knees with my face on the bed, my butt in the air, and the bed is completely inverted! And we wait. Apparently, Jaxon finds this position suitably humiliating for his mother, and gets off his cord, restoring his oxygen and blood flow. Since I'm now 9 1/2 cm, and after what I think is way too long in this position, the nurse wants to see what his heart rate will do if I try pushing through my next contraction. We get through that just fine, or so I am led to believe. Rick knows differently, but is not telling me. I thought we were ready, and were waiting for the OB to arrive for delivery. well, we were waiting on the OB, but I know now we were waiting for him to confirm the nurses suspicions that this baby was in grave distress. Dr Davis arrives and we repeat the "pushing through a contraction exercise". He very calmly states "It appears this baby shouldn't undergo the stress of a vaginal delivery, we are going to need to deliver him by c-section". What I didn't know, and wasn't told until after the surgery, is that little Jax not only wasn't going to be able to handle a vaginal delivery, but his heart rate was so low and was continuing to drop that he needed to be delivered immediately. I'm very thankful I wasn't aware of how much danger this little man was in, and I thank God every day that I even had a baby that I was able to bring home, let alone one that was perfectly healthy. Not only did we almost lose him, but there was no damage from the lack of oxygen and blood flow. The mystery of what was happening in the womb was answered when Dr. Davis delivered Jaxon. His cord was wrapped around his shoulder, he had a firm grip on it with each hand and was pulling it taught. He wouldn't let go if it, and was slowly "strangling" himself.

    Afterthought.....I have spent the last month contemplating why I was oblivious to my baby's heartrate, and I didn't ever have an answer. Rick and I talked about this recently. I just said tell me what happened. He said they turned the monitor so I couldn't see it and they all just kept me distracted. I remember, when the Dr came in to "check" me, the bed was still inverted and I "reminded" them they would have to put the bed upright because I wouldn't be able to push a baby out upside down! LOL ok, back on track here. To this day my husband still won't tell me how low Jaxon's heart rate went. He just says it kept dropping and it never recovered. He said when I was on my elbows and the nurse told me the baby liked this position, inferring that his heart rate was returning to normal, that it wasn't, it was still falling then. When the nurse said she wanted to see how Jax did if I pushed through the next contraction, what she was really wanting to know is if she should have the on-call OB take me to surgery and not wait for my Dr. (who really wasn't my Dr, he was the doc on-call from my OB's office)
    Anyway, what I learned from all this......My baby out smarted me and did things his way LOL. I spent 9 months educating myself and deciding what the ideal birth experience would be for myself and my baby. I was petrified of 3 things, pitocin, c-section, and epidural. And never in a million years did I think I would require medical intervention. Ah well, such is life.

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    Default Chris James Jr Birth Story

    So here we go.....Sunday and monday I was feeling so tired and happy I was 37wks and going to have the baby with in the next couple weeks.

    Lets skip to monday nite i ate took a shower and then went to bed about 9pm. around 11:15 i went 2 pee and laid down..6 min later i did the same thing and laid back down ...7 min later same thing and laid back down. about 11:30 I start feeling cramps and thought nothing of them and tried to go back to sleep but couldnt. they were about 2-4 min apat...and I got up walked and thought they would go away. They didnt. So i called my dr he said come rite in.

    Got to the hospital about 12:00 am and was checked 2cm. They put me on the mointer and said 1 hr later they would check me, if I made progress ill stay if not ill go home. I had my mind set I was going home. Got checked 2 hrs later and was 3cm. I was like you got to be kidding me...he was like nope your staying.

    3am I got my room and was feeling fine. Got checked at 6am and was4 cm. 7:30 was the same and then they broke my water and stared potocin..to help me contract closer....about 9am I was done with the pain and had to get the EPI....after that i was checked and was 8cm.Nurse said ill be pushing around 3pm. 2:30 I felt his head move down.....2 min later I felt it again. and again. 2:45 I was yelling to my mom and husband...I gotta push I feel his head. My mom was calling the nurse and of course they were taking for every and telling me not to push I told em I couldnt help it and was feeling his head come down and out. When they checked head was right there....2:50 I was pushing and .......

    2:54 PM Christopher James P. Jr Was born....Screaming and yelling on the top of his lungs weighing 5pound 13 onces. 19 &1/2 inches Long. I love my son and would go thru it again...In 2/3 years...lol I was wroth all the pain and waiting.

    I didnt expect him this week seeing my due date was the 29th. He is a healthy boy and a Gift from God. And thats all that matters. Thanks for Reading and for all the love.

    Wife to Chris 2-14-07
    Ds Cameren 8, Chris 5, Coby 4, Candace 1

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