April 08 ~ Puglee's Great Adventure! (no comments)

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April 08 ~ Puglee's Great Adventure! (no comments)

Puglee's Great Adventure!

Puglee is super smart. How can you tell? You know how they say if you get really good grades, you’ll have a better shot at getting a really great job? Well Puglee figured out that a great way to avoid getting a job was to get the worst possible grades ever! Only an F- would do. But here’s the problem... Puglee LOVES to read, write, and count. So she gets all A’s no matter how hard she tries! Puglee is also smart enough to know that life isn’t about getting a grade. It’s about the special bond she now has with you.

Please post your pictures from your time with Puglee here. Also, please post them on the main board so that we can comment on your holidays together. This is a no comments thread.

Puglee is our board mascot! She will be traveling the world to meet our April Blossoms and their mamas! Puglee will have the chance to stay with each baby for a week. After which she will be sent on her way again. When you receive Puglee you will be pm'd the address of the person to send to next. The order of which may change depending on who can or can't ship to certain places. Notice will be given ahead of time.

Puglee's great adventure will begin when she arrives at Wendy and Paxson's house!!

[COLOR=SeaGreen]SPCN319 ~Wendy
jlz08 ~Jansen
VanessaBabe3 ~Vanessa
mtmomma ~Heather
Chefkel ~Kelly
Keegan456 ~Tawnya
KnA'sMom ~Sunny
Shefrn1 ~Peggy
MBowman ~Marcie
Allie01979 ~Allie
Jumarse ~Julie
Janel814 ~Steph
JorgieGirl ~Jordan
JennMill ~JennRoxieBlue ~Roxie (need addy)
CritterSkunky ~Cristina (need addy)
Dianec ~Diane

mist1006 ~Kerri
katlady1974 ~Maria
PaulaJoFSU ~Paula
Renomx6 ~Ashley
Joey'sHoney ~Lia
Shelzabel ~Michelle
[/COLOR]LadyAngel ~Carla
lynzb ~Lynsay
Barto9729 ~SarahShelzabel ~Michelle
Maddz ~Maddie
Soren11Golf ~Cassi
Lady Angel ~Carla
LynzB ~Lynsay
MaxiMamma ~Karina
Arianrhod ~Kirsteen

If you would like to participate, please send along your address to me in a PM. I'll add you to the list!! Please keep in mind the exchange rules of pregnancy.org though. Minimum 300 posts and 3 months membership.

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August 7-13, 2008


Day 7
[COLOR=Black]We're gonna miss you Puglee, thanks for visiting!!!

Today, we went to the zoo!!

And to a new (new-to-us) vegetarian restaurant (Dairy-free food! :yahoo:) Can you find Puglee??

Bye Puglee!!! Have a good trip!


Day 6


Days 4 & 5
Pax wasn't feeling well, so Puglee hung out in the diaper bag on days 4 & 5. He's feeling better now though!


Day 3


Day 2



Day 1

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Puglee arrives!!

Poor girl just wanted to relax after her trip...I didn't believe she was of age, so she only got a pretend drink

Then she checked out Braedan's fish tank

And cheered Braedan on during tummy time

Again...wonder who did these?

Ride on DH's firetruck bar set

Go CAPS!!! Smile

Hey you!! You came to my grandparents with us?!

Ok, you should check out the scenery Pugs!

Nice view!

Time for a walk...see me peeping?

Group shot

Someone thought jail time was funny...:rolleyes:

And finally...taking a jump with Braedan!

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Puglee singing with Niko, my DH and my BF Korin.

Now she thinks she is a rockstar!

Hanging out with Niko

checking preg.org

watching House, it's our favorite!

Movie night, Kung Foo Panda!

Hide and seek

Alex is so sad, Pugleekeeps hiding from him!

Alex's b-day party, he's now six!!!

(don't mind how I look, I just got home from work)

I have more pictures, I just have to upload them!

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so finally I got a chance to upload my pics from our time with Puglee!!! nothing too exciting happens in Jersey in the winter...so we were pretty laid back!!!

Puglee arrives in Jersey!

Hi Puglee...nice to meet you...I just had a nap!

Alyssa and Puglee playing

Alyssa takes Puglee for a walk in her baby stroller


Alyssa just got dressed for the day!

Come on Puglee...come take a bath with me...don't worry Puglee wanted to stay dry so she stayed on the other side of the tub with Mommy

All done our bath...time to get ready for bed!

Mommy reads us my favorite Bedtime book....The Going To Bed Book...by Sandra Boyton...mommy took the pic by herself that's why it's a little off!

I don't wanna go to bed...or could it be that Mommy flashed the camera in my face in a dark room and scared the crap out of me!

Let's see if Puglee can fit in the elephants trunk

We had an Eagles party for the NFC Championship game...too bad they lost!
Mommy and her friend Nic and Puglee

Mommy, Alyssa and Puglee

Ok Puglee...one more time before you go...let's see if you fit in the Elephants trunk!!

We had a great time with Puglee...thaks for coming to visit us!!!

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Puglee comes to Kansas


Snack time

Our other Ugly Dolls were excited to see an old friend!

Valentine's Day

Going to Great-Grandpa's Birthday party at the nursing home

Uncle Scott and Delaney's future aunt Erika (shhh...she doesn't know he's going to propose!)

Uncle Jason being obnoxious (I think Puglee is still traumatized)

Nothing like bowling at the old folks' home

Bye Puglee!!! Have fun with Allie and Aiden! We enjoyed spending time with you!