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Thread: April 2009 Spaces!

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    Rachel's Space
    EDD April 11

    Rachel & Sean married 7/24/04

    Ryan & Mom 4/22/07

    Ryan 1 year

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    Reserving my space
    Heather & Sven Married 7-3-03
    Jake 1/26/06
    Angel In Heaven 3/21/08 9 weeks


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    Reserving my space! First OB appointment: August 28th!
    Expecting baby #3.

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    Jori's Space

    Hi, I'm Jori... my DH is Patrick. We've been married for a year and 4 months and we started TTC back in May. I thought we would have a difficult time TTC because i have some medical issues. Well, apparently they weren't that bad and i was able to get pregnant!

    Here are some wedding pictures

    We are expecting #1 sometime around April 24 i think.

    BFP - Aug 9
    1st Appointment - Aug 25
    1st Ultrasound - Aug 27
    Endocrinologist Apt - Sept 2 - he put me on insulin and wants me to see a nutritionist to get me on some meal plans to better control my blood sugar.
    2nd OB Appointment - Sept 23
    4th OB Appointment - November 11 - heard the heartbeat really clearly..she said that it was nice and strong. Current weight loss is 10 pounds! Did the AFP bloodwork and scheduled the BIG ultrasound for 11/25.
    Gender Ultrasound - 11/25 - It's a girl!!! Possibility of a due date change waiting for confirmation from OB
    5th OB appointment - 12/9 - got my booklet from the hospital and my bottle of stuff for my glucose tolerance test for my next appointment - not sure why i need to do that, i was under the impression i already knew i have GD! have started to gain a little weight - still down a total of 6 lbs.
    Endocrinologist Appointment - 12/9 - 2 hours after my OB appointment - nothing to exciting - BP was almost the same, weight didn't change, she wants me to be enrolled in the "Sweet Success" program offered by the hospital to manage my GD. Probably because i didn't go see a nutritionist.
    6th OB appointment - 1/6/09 - nothing too exciting... i think i've lost 2 pounds since my last appointment, which means my weight gain is -8 pounds. Belly is definitely growing though.
    8th OB appointment - 2/24/09 - had another ultrasound, this one changing my due date and pushing it back 11 days. Weight gain is still negative, but she is growing fine (according to the ultrasound she is well over 4 1/2 lbs). Blood sugar is doing ok.

    Here are some pictures of my BFP...its really hard to see the line on the first test, but the digital is pretty self explanitory:
    The first test

    ultrasound pics
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    Reserving my spot!

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    This is my DH, Tim, and I. We were married 8-27-05...

    I got my first BFP's with Cameron on 1-3-07

    Me preggers at around 7 months

    Me around 38.5 weeks preggers

    Cameron almost 3hrs old with me

    Here's Cameron now (10 3/4 months old) and me

    Here's my + HPT for #2 on 8-8-08 (there's a line there, I swear; the lighting is too bright)

    Here's an O test I took as a PG test on 8-12-08 and as you can see they work well as a PG test too!

    Here's how Cameron told Grandma & Grandpa he was going to be a big brother!

    First OB appt and u/s on Sept. 15th!
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    Hi all, I'm pregnant with my 5th child, surprise. I don't know how to do all the funky pictures, timelines and so forth. Maybe I'll learn. I have 4 children, 3 girls 1 boy ages 14, 8, 6 and 4. Haven't made any appointments with any ob. Maybe I'll do that next month.

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    Default Christine's Space EDD 04-20-09


    I am new to this, but excited to share this experience.
    I will post pictures of the family soon.

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    Martie's Page

    My DD with baby # 2 is April 23 (according to my O date).

    Hi I am Martie and I'm married to hubby Carel for just over 6 years now. We have a son, Marcel (3y), who was born on October 4 2005.

    Home Pregnancy tests taken. I got my first BFP on Sunday August 10, but the line only appeared a long time after the testing time so I doubted whether it was an evap line or the real thing. I tested again on August 12, but with a far less sensitive HPT and the line was very faint. I did two more "reassuring" tests on August 15 and again a week later on August 22 and the lines got darker and darker.

    A HCG Beta blood test confirmed pregnancy on August 12.

    Belly Pictures (sorry I can't get it fit in next to each other so it takes a lot of space)


    5 Weeks

    6 Weeks

    8 Weeks

    11 Weeks

    12 Weeks

    13 Weeks

    14 Weeks

    15 Weeks

    16 Weeks

    17 Weeks

    18 Weeks

    19 Weeks

    20 Weeks

    21 Weeks

    22 Weeks

    23 Weeks

    24 Weeks

    25 Weeks

    26 Weeks

    27 Weeks

    28 Weeks

    29 Weeks

    30 Weeks

    31 Weeks

    32 Weeks

    33 Weeks

    34 Weeks

    35 Weeks

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