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Thread: April Jellybeans important information

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    Default April Jellybeans important information

    April 2007 Jellybeans

    Flower:Sweet Pea & Daisy
    Birthstone: Diamond
    Astrological Sign: Aries & Taurus
    Chinese Lunar Calendar:Boar

    January arrivals
    3rd Olivia Hope ~ (devermee) 6:13 am 2lbs 3 oz 14.5 inches
    24th Jennifer Renee ~ (ljones4521) 2 lbs 5 oz

    February arrivals
    23rd William "Gavin" ~ (CearaGen814) 5:10 PM 5lbs 6oz 18 inches

    March arrivals
    1st Josh ~ (Saige) 6:00 PM 3lbs 4oz 15.5 inches
    5th Isabella Ryann ~ (caitybugsmommy) 5lbs 7oz 18 inches
    6th Caleigh Grace ~ (auret) 1:57 PM 3lbs 6 1/2 oz 15 3/4 inches
    6th Luci Anna ~ (Django) 9:51 AM 5lbs 1oz 18 inches
    6th Ella Rose ~ (Django) 9:53AM 4lbs 7oz 18 inches

    14th Brayden Nicholas ~ (mommy2muncher) 1:21 PM 6lbs 13oz 20 inches
    18th Liam ~ (SandyBaltimore) 3:44 pm 6lbs 15oz 20 3/4inches
    19th John Henry ~ (ilovesporty) 7:38pm 8lbs 5.5oz 21 inches

    21st Jaimie Lynn ~ (mjb819) 6:36am 6lbs 15.5oz
    22nd Jackson Reid ~ (Audna) 6:55pm 5lb 13oz 19.5 inches
    22nd Anayah ~ (Bella01) 7 lbs 7 oz 19 inches
    23rd Hailey Elizabeth ~ (xSweetAngelx) 4:43am 6lbs 6oz 19 inches

    23rd Connor ~ (ElishaConway) 4lbs 7oz 18 inches
    23rd Jonathan Connor ~ (Cassidy1999) 12:32am 6lbs 6oz
    23rd Luke Joshua ~ (corydory74) 7lbs
    23rd Michael - John ~ (kayla_joy) 8:07am 8lbs 5oz 21 inches
    24th Braelyn ~ (brandywine01) 1:48pm 6lbs 11oz 18 1/2 inches

    24th Annsley Faith ~ (tiff0502) 8:25pm 7ibs 3oz 19 3/4 inches
    24th Maverick Gabriel ~ (pie_u) 1:05pm 8lbs 9oz 20 inches
    25th Riley Jean ~ (stephstretch2001) 5:19pm 5lbs 14oz 19 1/2 inches
    26th Grant Jakob ~ (JennRoser) 1:26pm 6lbs 9.2oz 19 1/2 inches
    26th Maddox Cole ~ (hhuntley) 8:28pm 6lbs 15oz 20 inches
    27th Jameson William ~ (gump) 12:53pm 7lbs 1oz 20 inches
    27th Landon Gregory ~ (mwallace) 8lb 5oz 21 inches

    28th Claire Isabelle ~ (Claire'sMommy) 11:49pm 8lbs 11oz 20 1/2 inches
    29th Isabella Rose ~ (Rubie75) 11:15 a.m. 8lbs 4 oz 19 inches

    29th Phineas Richard ~ (Happay) 7:51pm 7lbs 9oz 20 inches
    29th Colton Charles ~ (christne) 8:11am 7lbs 10oz 19 1/2 inches
    30th Brandon ~ (chelly_baby) 3:38am 7lbs 8oz

    30th Tabitha ~ (mommysheenax3) 1:03pm 8lbs 7oz 20 inches
    30th Avery ~ (birdy_17) 1:54 pm 7lbs 11oz 21 inches

    April arrivals

    1st Rylee Paige ~ (gabby98) 2:13am 7lbs 2oz 18 inches
    1st Seth ~ (armywifefisher) 9:43am 8lbs 3oz 20 3/4 inches
    1st Benjamin Lowell ~ (MrsLaurieJean) 7:57pm 6lbs 2oz 20 inches
    1st Kyon Deshon Kier ~ (MyShim) 11:53 pm 8lbs 15.2 ozs 21 inches

    2nd Gianna Belle ~ (ClassiclyAmber) 1:12am 6lbs 9oz 19 inches
    2nd Caroline Jo ~ (Juri) 2:17am 8lbs 5oz 20 inches

    2nd Jameson Scott ~ (mommy2krj) 5:18pm 6lbs 5oz 18 1/4 inches
    2nd Grayson Lee ~ (Mammaknows) 7lbs 6oz 21 inches
    2nd Kyle ~ (K'sma) 5lbs 15oz 20 inches
    2nd Tyler ~ (catwmn00079) 10:45 pm 9lbs. 1oz 22 inches
    3rd Garrett Wayne ~ (brandyr) 6lbs 12oz 11:00pm 17 1/2 inches

    3rd Aloryn Paige Randall ~ (txducky) 4:01pm 7lbs 13oz 19.5 inches
    3rd Rachel Alexia ~ (Kellyayerst) 3:15am 7lb 11oz 20 1/2 inches
    3rd Alyssa Lee ~ (jesyka9908) 4:23 am 9lbs 6 oz 20 inches
    3rd Lydia Hope ~ (Tommi) 7:55am 8lbs 4oz 19 1/2 inches

    4th Quinn Lee ~ (rollergirly) 7:53pm 6lbs 11oz 19 3/4 inches
    4th Allison Beatrice ~ (abschropp) 2:23am 6lbs 11oz 19.2 inches
    4th Quinn Alan ~ (Mommy2OliviaNQuinn) 11:46 am 9lbs 8oz 20 1/4 inches
    5th Jared Michael ~ (brianna1972) 4:32pm 7lb 1oz 21 1/2 inches
    5th Corban Jedidiah ~ (Renee0407) 2:27 am 8 lbs 9 oz 20 1/4 inches
    5th Ethan James ~ (missT) 5:20pm 8lbs 10oz 21 inches

    5th Juliana Andrea ~ (heather32200) 1:39 am 8 lbs 4 oz 20 1/2 inches
    5th Nora Ann ~ (my2turkeys) 9:58pm 9lbs 4oz 21 1/4 inches
    6th Sophia Grace ~ (Mimi820) 9:49am 7lbs 11oz 21 inches

    6th James Edward (Jamie) ~ (Gaidinsgirl) 8:04am 8lbs 13oz 20.5 inches
    7th Liam ~ (BluePenguin) 7lbs 1oz 20 inches

    7th Sophia Renee ~ (ProudMommy729) 11:47 a.m. 7lbs 3oz 20 inches
    7th Tabitha ~ (danielle91113) 1:05pm 6lbs 7.2oz 19 1/2 inches

    8th Isabella Josiphine ~ (buffyr) 12:13pm 7lbs 9oz 19 1/2 inches
    9th Noah Atticus ~ (dorahall) 4:28pm 6lbs 15oz 20 inches
    9th Jack Michael ~ (Karenb51) 2:20am 7lbs 4oz
    9th Emma Nicole ~ (Sweet_T) 12:24pm 7lbs .1oz 19.5 inches
    9th Ava Elizabeth ~ (cjlalonde1) 7lbs 6oz 19 inches
    10th Elijah Esteban ~ (miszstephy) 5:20 pm 7lbs 9oz 21 inches
    11th Helaina Ember ~ (Chrissy77g) 2:04pm 9lbs 4oz 21.5 inches
    11th Emily Marie ~ (ab+rb=bb) 12:09pm 7.11lbs 20.5 inches

    11th Luke Bower ~ (racidoodle) 6:04 am 7lbs 12oz 20.5 inches
    11th Cannon Richard ~ (Silverwind) 7:29pm 8lbs 14oz 51 cm
    12th Ethan Anthony
    ~ (NewAtThisJen)
    12th Cora Grace ~ (MaryCat) 1:08 pm 8lbs 0oz 20.5 inches
    14th Ella Dawn ~ (merrycharter) 11:22 pm 8lbs 15 oz 19 1/4 inches
    14th Zoe Beth ~ (zoesmom23) 11:32am 7lb 5oz 20 inches
    14th Amelia Ryan ~ ( klassiqbeauty) 5:42 am 7lbs 6oz 20 inches

    14th Kenneth Edgar IV ~ (Momma2SweetPea) 7lbs 10oz 21 1/4 inches
    15th Cashton Charles ~ (jksmiller) 11:41 am 6lbs 12oz 20 1/2 inches
    15th Malik
    ~ (Mommykins)
    16th Sarah Sioux ~ (ttcgal) 2:58 pm 7lbs 7oz 22 inches
    16th Hayden William ~ (robgem) 5:30 pm 7lb 8.5oz 51 cm
    16th Jacob Thomas ~ (MaybeGracie) 11:03 am 8lbs 9oz 51cm

    16th Shiloh Eleanore Grace (MissMichigan) 9:47 am 7lbs 8oz 19 inches
    16th Sophia Jean ~ (Leia'sMommy) 9:20 am 7lbs 11.1oz 19 1/2 inches

    16th Sebastian Blake ~ (babyit_uk) 8:46 am 3.480kgs 50cm
    17th Toby William ~ (tracelynn) 5:52 pm 9lbs 0.5 oz 21 inches
    17th Maxx ~ (patrical) 8:54am 6lbs 8oz 19 1/4 inches
    17th Elijah Hayden ~ (LovePinkGotBlue) 2:37am 7lbs 13oz
    17th Brandon Michael ~ (dea8885) 11:41 pm 8lbs 13oz 22 inches

    17th Brooklyn Nicole ~ (bugbutler) 10:16 pm 9lbs 6oz 20 1/2 inches
    18th Aiden Matthew ~ (thinkpink) 7:37 am 9lbs 5.8oz 21 3/4
    18th Mariah Juliet Ida Woo ~ (My4th) 7:05 7lbs 2.4oz 19.5 inches
    18th Shelby Grace ~ (Princessemily) 10:15 am 8lbs 10oz 20 inches

    19th Cole Joseph ~ (mommyglb) 8:03 am 7lbs 8oz 19 3/4
    19th Sabrina Deborah Mary ~ (MomToBe26) 3:18 pm 8lbs 7oz 22 3/4
    20th Emily Ann~ (daisies73) 2:18 am 7lbs 11oz 20 inches

    20th Adam Vance ~ (TrishaMomto3plus1tobe) 3:08 am 8lbs 1oz 19 3/4 inches
    20th Matthew ~ (hahall) 5lbs 9oz 19 1/2 inches
    21st Colin Alexander ~ (crazyjane25) 8lbs 11oz 20 1/2 inches
    21st London Mae ~ (Junebugz77) 3:57 pm 6lbs 7oz 19 3/4 inches
    23rd Beatrix ~ (MRSDJ1234) 6:04 am 10lbs 10oz 21 inches
    23rd Sophia Ann ~ (St. Margaret) 7:48pm 8 lbs 6 oz 21 inches
    23rd Allison Nicole ~ (2x's_a_charm) 1:08 am 7lbs 10oz 20.75 inches

    23rd Henry Matthew ~ (Nikkinms) 11:31 pm 8lbs 9oz 22 inches
    26th Carson ~ (Saundersgirl) 6:48am 8lbs 3oz
    27th Brian Alexander ~ (Halfpass4) 12:40 am 7lbs 10oz 20 inches

    27th Cadence ~ (Basschick) 1:16 pm 8 lbs 9 oz 20.8 inches
    29th Reilly Elin ~ (Sunny_az_mom) 11:30am 8lbs 5oz 21 inches
    30th Logan Donald
    ~ (Danavoth) 1:55am

    May arrivals
    4th Andrew Robert ~ (teachercarrie) 4:39pm 9lbs 10oz 21 3/4 inches

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    Our Birth Stories
    Our Calendar

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    Our Birthday List

    11th happay's Anniversary
    12 my2turkey's DD (Reilly)
    13th Brianna1972's (Joyce) Anniversary
    15th Mrsdj1234 DH (Rudolph)
    18th Kellyayerst (Kelly)
    19th mjb819's DH (Patrick)
    21st racidoodle (Rachel)
    22nd gaidinsgirl's DH (Eddie)
    22nd Auret's DH (Terry)
    25th Chelly+Brandon's DH (Craig)
    26th Klassiqbeauty (Rachel)
    28th mommy2muncher (Erica)
    29th bugbutler

    3rd MaybeGracie's (Cynthia) Anniversary
    4th Silverwind's DD (Michaela)
    14th MomToBe26 (Tina)
    14th Junebugz77's (Melinda) Anniversary
    16th rollergirly's DH
    19th sunny_az_mom
    22nd ElishaConway's (Elisha)Anniversary
    23rd rollergirly (Alix)
    26 my2turkey's DH (Derek)

    3rd merrycharter (Mary)
    3rd Junebugz77's DH
    6th cjlalonde1's (Cara) Anniversary
    7th cjlalonde1
    9th Silverwind (Melissa)
    20th K'sma (Nicole)
    23rd ElishaConway's Ds (Connor)
    24th Mrsdj1234's DD (Astrid)
    25 daisies73's DH (Mike)
    28th dorahall (Dora)
    29th BluePenguin (Anna)


    3rd happay
    4th JennRoser's DS (Gage)
    7th Christne's (Christine) Anniversary
    9th basschick's DH (Jared)
    11th MissMichigan (Hannah)
    20th Sweet_T (Tracy)
    23rd LovePinkGotBlue's (Liz) Anniversary
    24 my2turkey's (Joelle) Anniversary
    29th teachercarrie (Carrie)
    29th heather32200 (Heather)
    30th Momma2SweetPea's (Jennie) Anniversary


    5th gaidinsgirl (Angie)
    8th heather32200's (Heather) Anniversary
    8th basschick's (Lisa) Anniversary
    10 daisies73's (Erica) Anniversary
    11th danielle91113 (danielle)
    13th Halfpass4 (Pam) Anniversary
    29th mjb819 DS (Thomas)
    21st mammaknows' (Hanna) Anniversary
    27th bugbutler's anniversary
    30th Auret's (Beth) Anniversary
    30th dorahall DH (Chuck)


    2nd ElishaConway's Dd (Elizabeth)
    5th dorahall's (Dora) Anniversary
    11th racidoodle's (Rachel) Anniversary
    12th pie_u (Paula)
    17th Karenb51 (Karen)
    21st danielle91113's DH (Matt)
    21st BluePenguin's (Anna) Anniversary
    28th LovePinkGotBlue (Liz)
    30th MaybeGracie's DH (Isaac)

    2nd MomToBe26's (Tina) Anniversary
    2nd Junebugz77 (Melinda)
    2nd crazyjane25's (Andrea) Anniversary
    5th Klassiqbeauty's DH (Ryan)
    5th Danavoth (Dana)
    8th Robgem's DBF (Rob)
    8th mommy2muncher's (Erica) Anniversary
    11th danielle91113's DD (abigail)
    11th MaybeGracie (Cynthia)
    14th happay's DS
    25th JennRoser's DH (Andy)
    26th St. Margaret

    4th Halfpass4 (Pam)
    5th Christne (Christine)
    6th buffyr's DH (Jason)
    8th jksmiller (Jenn)
    9th merrycharter's (Mary) anniversary
    9th buffyr (Meghan)
    10th St. Margaret's Anniversary
    12th pie_u's (Paula) Anniversary
    13th sunny_az_mom's anniversary
    14th JennRoser (Jenn)
    14th teachercarrie's (Carrie) Anniversary
    17th merrycharter's DS (Elias Evan)
    17th ElishaConway's Dh (John)
    17th buffyr's DD (Callista)
    19th mjb819
    20th Christne's DS (Kavon)
    24th thinkpink (Angel) Anniversary
    27th Robgem (Gemma)

    4th MrsLaurieJean's (Laurie) Anniversary
    9 Momma2SweetP's DH (Kenny)
    10th rollergirly's (Alix) Anniversary
    11th Chelly+Brandon (Chelly)
    18th crazyjane25 (Andrea)
    20th Auret (Beth)
    22nd Silverwind's DH (Chad)
    22nd ElishaConway (Elisha)
    26th Christne's DH (Kevin)

    4th hahall2's (Amy) Anniversary
    7th mammaknow's (Hanna)
    13 Catwmn00079's (Aja) Anniversary
    11 JennRoser's (Jenn) Anniversary
    20th buffyr's (Meghan) Anniversary
    21st Mrsdj1234 (Helen)
    24th gabby98's Anniversary
    25th MissMichigan's DD (Bethany)
    28th hahall2 (Amy)
    28th Klassiqbeauty's (Rachel) Anniversary
    29 daisies73 (Erica)
    30th Mrsdj1234 (Helen) Anniversary


    2nd gaidinsgirl (Angie) Anniversary
    4th basschick (Lisa)
    5th Claire'sMommy (Lisa)
    11th Saundersgirl (Julie)
    18th gabby98
    21 catwmn00079 (Aja)
    25 Momma2SweetP (Jennie)
    26th txsducky (Jen)

    1st Brianna1972 (Joyce)
    9th ab+rb=bb (Anita)
    19th MrsLaurieJean (Laurie)
    19th ElishaConway's Dd (Andrea (stillborn))
    27th MissMichigan's (Hannah) Anniversary
    27th txsducky's (Jen) Anniversary
    27 my2turkeys (Joelle)
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    Time Zones of the JellyBeans

    DH - Rudi(30/10/04)
    DD#1 - Astrid(24/03/06)
    DD#2 - Beatrix(23/04/07)

    DD#3 - Kaylin(23/10/08 )

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    Need updates:

    Sibling arrivals
    mommyto2 (formerly danielle91113 (Danielle)) - Mckenzie 17th March '08
    Mommysheenax3 (Sheena) - Baby girl, born at the end of March (more info coming soon)



    Not trying, not preventing

    Waiting to TTC

    Family complete
    thinkpink (Angel)
    oneprinceoneprincess (Emily)
    dorahall (Dora)
    ricalynnand (Erica)
    merrymommy (Mary) *probably*
    brianna1972 (Brie)
    txducky (Jen)
    renee0407 (Renee)
    Kellyayerst (Kelly)
    danavoth (Dana)

    Audna (Audna)
    missmichigan (Hannah)
    my2turkeys (Joelle) - secretly hoping family not complete
    Last edited by Claire'sMommy; 10-16-2009 at 10:52 AM.
    DH - Rudi(30/10/04)
    DD#1 - Astrid(24/03/06)
    DD#2 - Beatrix(23/04/07)

    DD#3 - Kaylin(23/10/08 )

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    Emily and I were left off of the Bday lists.

    Emily Marie, April 11@12:09pm, 7.1oz, 20.5in.
    Anita, December 9

    Thank you!!!

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    Northern BC


    I just clicked on the link to our birth stories and it said "web page not found"...PLEASE tell me that's not gone!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by basschick View Post
    I just clicked on the link to our birth stories and it said "web page not found"...PLEASE tell me that's not gone!!!!
    here is the link

    April 07 Birth Stories!

    Helen will need to update it as the other forum is no longer available now.
    Sorry for the scare.
    Last edited by thinkpink; 09-13-2007 at 07:40 PM.

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    Melbourne, Australia


    fixed it.
    Anita, I'm fixing yours now.
    DH - Rudi(30/10/04)
    DD#1 - Astrid(24/03/06)
    DD#2 - Beatrix(23/04/07)

    DD#3 - Kaylin(23/10/08 )

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    Not Sunny Climes


    we're still waiting to ttc, but will start trying April 08

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    Where Ignorance is Bliss


    I thought I posted to this before...I'm sad we're not on the list. :0(

    Grayson Lee, April 2nd. 7lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long. My birthday is October 7th. GO LIBRAS and our Anniversary is May 21st. Did I forget anything? I was included on the other stuff.
    ~ Hanna ~
    DH (5/05) * Tyler (2/99) * Sophie the Beagle (10/05) Grayson (4/07) * Ethan (9/09)

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