April Sweetpeas Birth Stories

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April Sweetpeas Birth Stories

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Arrivals List
Please Welcome ...

Mama's name/screenname -- Hannah/hysimmonds
Baby's name -- David Kent
DOB -- Feb 7th, 2010
Time of birth -- 11:10 pm
Weight -- 2lbs 14oz
Length -- 15.25"

Baby's name -- Rachel Abbey
DOB -- Feb 7th, 2010
Time of birth -- 11:11 pm
Weight -- 2lbs 14oz
Length -- 15.75"

NICU - 8 weeks

Mama's name/screenname -- Kristen/klmj
Baby's name -- Preston Xavier
DOB -- 03/14/2010
Time of birth -- 3:43 am
Weight -- 6lb 13oz
Length -- 20 1/2 inches long

Mama's name/screenname -- Kylie87
Baby's name --Olivia Kait
DOB --22nd March 2010
Time of birth --1:19am
Weight --7lb 2oz
Length --46cm

Mama's name/screenname --Lauren/LHunter2783
Baby's name --Natalie
DOB --3/25/10
Time of birth --9:10PM
Weight --7lbs 11 oz
Length --19.5 in

Mama's name/screenname -- Kristy / kristya
Baby's name -- Liam Thomas
DOB -- 3/26/2010
Time of birth -- 11:08 am
Weight -- 7 lbs, 8 oz
Length -- 19.5

Mama's name/screenname --nicole - two loves
Baby's name -- Samual John Allen
DOB -- March 30th 2010
Time of birth -- 12:46 am
Weight -- 8lbs 2 oz
Length -- 21 1/4 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Cherie / Mom2AandJ
Baby's name -- Daisy Anne
DOB -- March 30th, 2010
Time of birth -- 8:57 am
Weight -- 6lbs 8oz
Length -- 19"

Mama's name/screenname -- Rachel/My Sweet Six
Baby's name -- Grey Ryan Anthony
DOB -- March 31st
Time of birth -- 7:40PM
Weight -- 6lbs. 14.6oz
Length -- 20 3/4

Mama's name/screenname --Jenn/Elliottsmom
Baby's name --Callum McKay
DOB --4/1/2010
Time of birth --2:55 a.m.
Weight --8lbs. 13oz.
Length --20.5

Mama's name/screenname -- Kayla/Kayla1981
Baby's name -- Jordan Mae
DOB -- April 6, 2010
Time of birth -- 9:45am
Weight -- 5lbs 4oz
Length -- 18 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Michelle, onlyn2urmoney
Baby's name -- Deegan Christopher
DOB -- 4/7/10
Time of birth -- 12:07pm
Weight -- 5lbs 14oz
Length -- 18 1/2

Mama's name/screenname -- Ashley/ash0110
Baby's name --Nathan Christopher
DOB --4/7/10 @ 38 weeks
Time of birth -- 6:11 PM
Weight -- 8 pounds 12 ounces
Length -- 18.5 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Gracia / graciagarcia
Baby's name -- Joenathan Charles (JC)
DOB -- April 7, 2010
Time of birth -- 6:49 PM
Weight -- 7 lbs 2 oz
Length -- 19 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Kristi/A's Girl
Baby's name -- Alison Jean
DOB -- April 8, 2010
Time of birth -- 5:34am
Weight -- 7 pounds, 7 ounces
Length -- 20 inches

Mama's name/screenname --Ashley/iluvmygemini
Baby's name --Kylee Marie
DOB --4/8/10
Time of birth --8:37 AM
Weight --8lb 9oz
Length --20.5 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Dana/Wobbs
Baby's name -- Annabelle Marie
DOB -- April 8, 2010
Time of birth -- 1015 am
Weight -- 6 lbs 10.5 oz
Length -- 17.75 inches long

Mama's name/screenname -- Mara/natesangel
Baby's name -- Jade Alexandra Dawn Elizabeth
DOB -- April 9 2010
Time of birth -- 3:52 am
Weight -- 7lbs
Length -- 19.5 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Kristine / mamakkfan09
Baby's name -- Nathan Alexander
DOB -- 4/12/2010
Time of birth -- 5:33 AM
Weight -- 7 lbs. 7 oz.
Length -- 19 1/2 inches long

Mama's name/screenname -- Misty/mystical
Baby's name -- Olwyn Shootingstar
DOB -- April 13th, 2010
Time of birth -- 12:29 PM
Weight -- 6 lbs, 13 oz
Length -- 19 1/4 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Chickdey/Nikki
Baby's name -- Sigrid Ambre
DOB -- 4-14-10
Time of birth -- 4:52pm
Weight -- 7lbs 12 oz
Length -- 21 1/2 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Val/ImogenSky
Baby's name -- George Orion
DOB -- April 14th
Time of birth-- 8:14PM
Weight -- 8lbs 2.8oz
Length -- 21 1/4 inches

Mama's name/screenname --Kristine/kere02
Baby's name -- Reese Ann
DOB -- April 15th
Time of birth -- 6:21 pm
Weight -- 10 lbs 6.8 oz

Length -- 21 inches
Mama's name/screenname --Megan/mbg78
Baby's name --Abigail Rose
DOB -- April 18
Time of birth --12:16p.m.
Weight -- 8lbs 7oz
Length -- 19.5 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Julie/ julieanddanny
Baby's name -- Daisy Ellen
DOB -- April 18, 2010 (35 weeks, 6 days)
Time of birth -- 3 pm
Weight -- 6 lbs 8 oz
Length -- 18.5 inches long

Mama's name/screenname -- Star/Mamastarbird
Baby's name -- Griffin Nathaniel
DOB -- April 18, 2010
Time of birth -- 10:44 pm
Weight -- 9 pounds, 5 ounces
Length -- 21.5 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Carrie / mommycarrie
Baby's name -- Katherine Elizabeth - "Katie"
DOB -- 4/19/10
Time of birth -- 5:54 pm
Weight -- 8lbs 4oz
Length -- 19 3/4 in.

Mama's name/screenname -- Oris/Oris
Baby's name --Sumayyah
DOB --4/22/10
Time of birth --12:54p
Weight --8lbs 5 oz
Length --20 1/2 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Flourish/Kimberli
Baby's name -- Silvanus and Spark
DOB -- April 23rd
Time of birth -- 4:35 and 4:36 am
Weight --7lbs 1oz and 6lbs 2oz

Mama's name/screenname -- Mary Carter, ~MC~
Baby's name -- Grace Elizabeth
DOB -- April 23, 2010 (40 wks 3 days)
Time of birth -- 6:53am
Weight -- 8lbs, 11oz
Length -- 21 inches long

Mama's name/screenname --laney83/Elaine
Baby's name -- Berlyn Brynnlee Arie
DOB -- April 26th
Time of birth --7:12 pm
Weight --7lbs 9oz
Length --20 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Barefoot~mama
Baby's name -- Blaise Allen
DOB -- 4/26/10 - one week overdue
Time of birth -- 10:41pm
Weight -- 8lb. 15oz.
Length - 21 1/2 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Erin/Kerina313
Baby's name -- Wiliam Graham
DOB --04/29/10
Time of birth -- 5:22 pm
Weight -- 5 lbs 7 oz
Length -- 18 1/2 inches

Baby's name -- Samantha Lynne
DOB -- 4/29/10
Time of birth -- 5:24 pm
Weight -- 5 lbs 12 oz
Length -- 18 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Karen / k_canuck
Baby's name -- Joshua David
DOB -- May 1st
Time of birth -- 10:46 am
Weight -- 4.12 kg / 9 lbs 1oz
Length -- 52.5 cm / 20.7 inches

Mama's name/screenname -- Kara/karebare1980
Baby's name -- Declan Henry Graham
DOB -- 05/04/2010
Time of birth -- 6:30 am
Weight -- 8lb 6oz
Length -- 22 inches long

Mama's name/screenname -- Amanda/Prynn
Baby's name -- Maia Danielle
DOB -- May 5
Time of birth -- 3:39 a.m.
Weight -- 8 pounds, 9 ounces
Length -- 21 inches

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"hysimmonds" wrote:

I had my babies!! Both are ok and weigh 2lb 14oz each.

More info after some sleep.

On Sunday Feb 7th, 2010 we started the day prepping the house for our baby shower. It went really well and had quite a few guests who brought a lot of baby stuff! We all had a good time and enjoyed ourselves. I did more than my usual share of bending over to pick things up, moving around, etc. but nothing that seemed odd.

Once everyone cleared out of the house, Andrew went to the store for some drinks to take over to my parents to watch the Super Bowl. While he was out I went to the bathroom and noticed some dark red/brown spotting. I threw a few things into a bag and called the Doctor that was on call. She had me come in to be checked due to the previa.

Both of the babies’ heart rates were great and they were moving around kicking the monitors. My spotting stopped by the time we were at the hospital but I was having some pressure and the monitors showed irritability with some contractions. They felt like period cramps. I was given an IV for fluids, a catheter for complete bed rest, had an injection given to me for the babies’ lungs and another to stop the contractions (which made me very shaky). After some time the contractions were not as frequent but stronger. The catheter was very uncomfortable to say the least. I was then given Magnesium to help with the contractions as the first shot didn’t work. What another miserable drug – hot flashes and weakness.

The on-call Dr. Bishopric came in to visit and check on us. A quick ultrasound showed they were OK, but within a minute of some discussing our options I had a gush of blood. They assembled the Operating team very quickly and put Andrew into scrubs. I was given a 2nd IV to get more fluids through since I had not been there very long.

I got whisked off to the OR, the babies were still doing fine, and got prepped. I had a spinal that wasn’t great, but bearable, and Andrew came back in. Without him I felt panicked & worried and had my nervous crying, Holy Crap moment. Everyone in the room was so supportive and kept me informed.

Baby Boy was born at 11:10 pm 15.25” long and Baby Girl was born at 11:11 pm 15.75” long, both weighed 2 lbs 14 oz and were crying. Andrew cut the cords. I got a quick glimpse of them as they were taken to NICU, they are super tiny but beautiful. I cried as I was able to see both of them. Andrew was able to follow along. The Dr cleaned up some extra endometriosis adhesions and stitched me together. Overall it was an easier surgery and recovery than any of my previous surgeries. We’ve had great nurses all around.

Since they were born at 29 weeks 1 day, there is going to be a lot of NICU time. Little Girl is able to breathe with the help of a CPAP machine and Little Boy has a tube down into his lungs. I’m planning on pumping to get some milk to them once they are ready. Overall it has been such a fast-paced experience with little time to think and take it all in. We’re all doing as can be expected. I will be released on Wednesday and will make trips into NICU as often as possible. We hope to settle on names soon. Wow….I’m a mommy!

I will post some pics when I can.

***UPDATE 2***

Thanks again everyone! It has been one heck of a blur the last few days. I'm having no problems at all recovering from the c-section physically, but emotionally is another story. Its been crazy with people in & out of the room at all hours visiting, etc.

We're going to try to get some more pics tomorrow that will show just how tiny they truly are, its amazing. Both are still doing really well for their ages and even though there are some complications its all expected and being managed successfully.

I would like to introduce David Kent & Rachel Abbey.

David Kent Simmonds

Rachel Abbey Simmonds

found this, let me know if there is another one that you would prefer!

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"am_leigh79" wrote:

I'll make ths story as short and sweet as possible...... At 3am Sunday morning, my water broke unexpectedly. By the time we got to the hospital 45 minutes later, I was contracting every 2-3 minutes. Labor was progressing very quickly! I went rfom nothing and baby very high to complete and pushing in about 2.5 hours. That was not the plan, but it just went fast. Isabelle was still breech, so we had to go for a C/S, even though I had really wanted a natural birth. Unfortunately, I got to experience that natural birth b/c it was so fast..... but also had to go through with the c/s. I don't think that's a very fair deal.... but I guess I can't complain to God about it too much! Labor progressed so fast that I was pushing on the OR delivery table while awaiting anesthesia's arrival. It was so bad that they had to give me Terbutaline (a drug to make contractions stop) to buy some time to get a spinal in b/c I was pushing and contractions were soming so fast. That was not fun at all! She was born at 6:08am.

The doctor said that after the c/s he knew why she was breech the whole time..... come to find out I had a biforcated uterus, so she didn't had the full "house" to live in. She essentially ran out of room and that's why my water broke. He said he was surprised I made it this far. Other pregnancies may be the same issue, but at least we'll know about them and maybe be able to schedule bedrest or something.

She is in NICU, b/c she was 33.5 weeks. She weighs 5# 8.8 oz and 19 inches long. She was on CPAP for about 6 hours and has transitioned to a nasal cannula, then back to a higher flow nasal cannula for a little more support. She is still breathing fast, but stable. She is very bruised from the quick delivery. She is on IV fluids for nutrition, but we hope to start breastfeeding tomorrow. It all depends on how fast she is breathing though. Also, I asked if we could do her bath ourselves tomorrow, instead of the nurse. Overall, she is a typical 34 week baby.

I am doing fine. Up moving around, and my BP has improved greatly, too. They took out my catheter and capped my IV a few hours ago. That has made me feel 100% better. Jon has been great, and is a very proud daddy. I can't say enough about how amazing he has been today. Done everything from turning down lights during contractions early on to cleaning breast pump parts every 2-3 hours. Really, he has outdone himself.





Whew... not how we planned it, but here we are!

ditto if there is another story you would prefer to have here!

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"klmj" wrote:

Worth the wait Wink

Preston's Birth Story

At 2:39am on Saturday March 13 I woke up and had to use the restroom. I went to the bathroom and when I wiped felt something funny so I turned on the light and saw my blood-tinged mucous plug. I had woken up a few times earlier that night to pee and remember thinking each time, "Wow! I've been sleeping really well tonight." It was different because the night before I had been up off and on all night, restless and crampy. After losing my plug I had a feeling maybe there was good reason that my body was getting such good sleep.

I called DH to to let him know what had happened. I remember telling him it could mean nothing or it could mean something. I knew I could walk around for weeks without my plug; I was also very crampy and just had this feeling. We decided that he would call after he loaded his truck and was ready to set out on his route and we'd figure out our gameplan from there. That would be at about 4am. I ended up calling him back in about 15minutes; I was quite crampy and I just really had the feeling that he needed to be home. He called his boss and then got back to me that he would load the truck, his boss would meet him at work, and then they would switch and DH would head home.

About 3:45 I had some loose stools and remember thinking it was good that DH was headed home. After that the cramping was stronger & I had more contractions and blood-tinged mucous off and on.

I texted DH and asked him to pick up some eggs and stuff for breakfast. I knew that if things were going to progress from here I'd need a good breakfast. DH got home from work around 5am. He immediately went out and installed the infant car seat and worked on the mobile he'd been making. I got a few more things into the hospital bag, made sure the camera and cell phone was charged and paid some bills. Alexa woke up pretty early and we all ate breakfast.

By 9am the contractions had pretty much totally peetered out. DH asked if he should go back into work. I asked if he wanted to and and he said no, but he also didn't want to just bail out on his boss. He called, but his boss said not to worry, that by the time he got there the route would be done anyways. Glenn laid down to rest a little and I tried to, but the contractions start coming again. They were very irregular, not strong, and not regular.

I laid Alexa down for her nap about noon and tried to nap too, but as soon as I laid down I had contractions every 10-12 minutes or so. I got up and the contractions completely stopped. At about 1:45 I resigned myself to the fact taht this was probably going to take days, if not weeks. I had many friends tell me they had contractions every day for a couple weeks with their second and I thought that seemed to be what was going to happen with me too. It was hard thinking that things were going to progress, only to feel like things were going absolutely nowhere.

At 2pm I went to the bathroom to urinate. After peeing I felt/heard a "pop" and a gush of fluid. It took a moment for me to realize that it was my water bag. At first I thought I was just peeing again, but then I realized that wasn't it at all. I yelled to Glenn that my water had broken and he called my sis. We had called her earlier to see if she just wanted to come over for dinner and spend the night just in case, but hadn't heard back. I told him just to have her come over now. I was nervous; my water breaking meant one thing to me -- the idea that I was "on the clock."

I called the midwife and relayed what had been happening. We decided that if the contractions hadn't picked up by 2am I would come in and get checked out. She said that most of the time contractions would start within 12hours of water breaking, but did mention the P-word -- a low dose of pitocin if things hadn't started by 2am.

I was a bit anxious. My water had never broken with Alexa (the OB broke it after I was complete). I remembered one thing about my labor after my water was broken -- the contractions were much more intense. Glenn watched a movie, my sister played with Alexa and I turned on my Ipod, listened to Damien Rice and tried to unwind. I grabbed my copy of The Thinking Woman's Guide and read up about pitocin and etc. The music helped me to relax.

About 4pm I was still having very irregular contractions, some were strong enough that I leaned over the counter and had Glenn apply counterpressure to my back, some were a lot shorter and not very strong at all. Nothing regular or progressing still.

I went outside and walked to the mailbox. I cried a little. I was frustrated that things did not seem to be progressing. I knew my frustration was only because of the anxiety I had about my water being broken. I knew I needed to meditate and focus. I listened to more music and did some breathing in the dark dining room. In kung fu there's a technique called chamber breathing, basically you take a deep breath in and then as you breath out you focus on releasing all the air downward from each pair (chamber) of abdominal muscles. There is a huge focus on the downward momentum of breathing out. Instead of focusing on releasing the air, I focused on moving Preston downward.

At about 5:30pm I decided that Glenn and I needed to get outside for a walk. My sister was making Alexa dinner. We walked for 30-40minutes. I had a few stronger contractions. We tried a bit of nipple stimulation when we got home. While walking we had decided that we were going to go in to the hospital before Alexa went down for bed. I knew that if she was having a difficult time lying down that it would make me anxious and unable to focus and I knew we needed to get out of the house before then. I decided to go in to the hospital and see what was going on. With Alexa my contractions were never quite regular and I was 6cm dilated when we arrived at the hospital; since this was our second and my water was also broken I wondered if things could be progressing without me really giving my body credit.

At 7pm we leave the house and I call the MW and said we were heading in in a bit. I told her about my wondering and etc and she said, "I'm not trying to talk you out of coming in." I think I was trying to talk myself into it actually. We stopped at Starbucks for Glenn and we drove around the neighborhood a bit before heading in. I told Glenn I would really need his support and help if we went in and nothing was happening. We parked on the third floor of the parking garage and took the stairs down to the hospital.

We go in to triage. I pee in a cup with great difficulty (surprisingly to me, I had been guzzling water and juice and peeing all day long), do the Amniosure (?) to test if it indeed was my water breaking and get hooked up to the monitors. I was contracting every 4 minutes. The MW was surprised when I said I hadn't been soaking through pads, but I didn't realize until much later that my water bag wasn't completely ruptured. They asked if I wanted a cervical check and I declined. I hadn't had one at all yet and knew that with my water ruptured I wanted to minimize checks as much as possible. They asked if I wanted to stay or go home. I knew I didn't want to go home. The offered to admit me or suggested walking the halls for the next couple hours. If admitted, I would have to have intermittent monitoring. We decided to get dressed and walk.

We walked. And walked. And walked. About 9pm we think of gettig food delivered, but not much was still available (pretty much pizza which sounded like a gut bomb) so we pass. The nurses suggested grabbing food from the nourishment rooms (there is one on each hall of the maternity center) so we grab some sandwiches. As we're eating I feel very hot. We walk a little more and I get three contractions one on top of the other. I decide it's time to go get admitted and check things out. As we go back to triage I get the chills.

About 9:30 or 10ish I get quickly checked on the monitors. I was contracting every 3 minutes. The nurse asked if I'd like a cervical check now. I agree as I really want to know what's going on at this point. She had some difficulty checking (said something about bulging water bag but it still didn't click) and said I was about 6cm dilated and baby was at 0 station. To be honest, I was hoping to be a bit farther dilated, the hot and cold had me wondering if I was getting close to transition. But I knew 6cm was a good start, especially because, although long and somewhat frustrating, the labor had been relatively easy to this point.

We get in our room and get a longer strip on the monitors. I am totally uncomfortable lying down in the bed, so I end up standing next to the bed leaning on it with each contraction while they monitor me and baby. I express interest in getting in the tub so they start to fill it up.

We walk more. I wanted to see if I could get things to pick up even more. With Alexa we had walked a ton after I was first admitted and I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea again. Glenn and I had both been up for a very long time (him about 21 hours and me about 20) so we decided to go back to the room. I figured I could try to relax a little in the tub and maybe he could catch a quick cat nap. The contractions still seemed off and on. I talked to the MW and asked her if she thought getting in the tub would slow things down at all. She said if so she really thought they'd pick right back up again once I got out. I asked her if I was on any sort of timeline and she said no, that as long as I was progressing that she had no timeline for me.

We go back into the room and I get monitored again. I laid in the bed on my side for part of the time on this one. After having a very intese 2 minute long contractions I got up and sat on the birthing ball. I hated being in the bed. The nurse drained some of the water out of the tub as it had cooled off a bit and added more hot water. I ask to be checked again before I get in the tub. I was 8-9cm dilated. I asked if there were any popsicles and the nurse went to grab me one. I had a few licks of it and then went to get into the tub.

I get in the tub and realize instantly there is no way in hell I am going to sit in there. The nurse had said earlier that she had seen a Penny Simkin video where women were on hands and knees in the tub so we tried that. She put a towel under my knees and I grabbed the bar with my hands. Glenn held the shower head over my back and it felt so good. I later learned he was also holding my melting popsicle in the other hand until the MW asked if I still wanted it. I didn't so they threw it out and Glenn no longer had popsicle dripping all over him. Once in the tub the contractions got a lot more intense. Glenn was holding the shower head over my back, the nurse was rubbing my back with each contraction, and the MW was gently rubbing my shoulders (I had a lot of tension in them holding onto the rail) and talking to me. I stayed there on my knees for quite awhile until they started to ache. I really didn't want to get out of the tub though so the nurse suggested trying to stand up for a bit. I did that and it felt pretty good. After getting tired of standing I went back onto my knees. The nurse grabbed two or three more towels so I'd have more cushion under my knees. The whole time in the tub I was more vocal with my contractions. It was new to me; with Alexa I had pretty much been silent through all the contractions and even when pushing. It felt good to vocalize though so I just went with it.

After quite a long while I was ready to get out of the tub. I went back to sitting on the birthing ball and leaned over the bed. Glenn sat on the other side of the bed and held my hands. Again the nurse rubbed my back during each contraction (there wasn't much rest in between at all now) and the MW talked to me. I remember during one very intense contraction I let go of Glenn's hands and threw my hands up in the air....not in frustration but just that it was such an intense contraction that time. Immediately Glenn grabbed my hands and brought them back into his and back onto the bed. I did a lot more chamber breathing, envisioning Preston moving down the birth canal. I was feeling a little pushy but not a lot so I kept thinking of him moving lower and lower. During one contraction the MW started talking about an elevator going down each floor and to the basement. I envisioned him moving downward. During the next contraction I asked, "Can you talk about the elevator some more?" and she did. She mentioned that there was a bit of a forebag above his head and it might help to break it. I thought about it, but declined. This is when I finally realized that my water bag was still (somewhat) intact. I remembered how much more intense the contractions were with Alexa when I had my membranes ruptured and things were already very intense for me. One of the nurses was very "into" having her break my water, but I said no again. (There were 2 nurses the whole time, but only one was really with me for comfort and etc -- the other was more like the popsicle getter, etc). It was the popsicle getter who was so "into" trying to break my waters. I wasn't in a hurry now; I knew things were progressing and, at most, breaking the forebag would maybe help a little, but not much. We talked about how I was feeling and the MW asked if I wanted to be checked again. I said yes.

She checked me right about 2am. This is pretty much the only time-stamp I have after we went to the room, but I know it because we had been talking about how the clocks were all going to shift at 2am for Daylight Savings Time. We wondered about the non-digital clock with the hands on the wall. Were they going to spin around the clock right at 2? I was complete and Preston was at +1 station. I looked at the clock and noted that it still said 2:01 or so, so it hadn't spun around.

I had earlier asked about what position might be best for someone like me (who obviously was hating the bed) to push in. They had gotten the squatting bar out because I thought I might like that, but after the MW checked me I stayed on my side in bed. The nurse said to bear down if I felt like it. I did and it felt great to bear down with these contractions. The nurses helped hold one of my legs back and I tried to hold back the other and open up my pelvis. At this point I had to push with each contraction and it felt good. It was hard though, much harder than I remember with Alexa. I was getting tired, but everyone was so encouraging. And I was almost there, almost about to meet my son.

I think I pushed for somewhere around a half hour or so, I don't really know at all. Preston Xavier was born at 3:43 am on Sunday March 14, weighing 6lb 13oz and 20.5 inches long.

He was put to my chest immediately and was trying to open his eyes and was already rooting. I remember saying, "He looks tinier than I thought," and we all guessed how much we thought he would weigh.

The placenta delivered quickly without any real effort on my part. I tore slightly and the MW did a few stitches while I held my new son.

I asked the MW to see the placenta and cord and everything. I hadn't with Alexa and I was really very curious. She showed it to me and showed me the small tear in my water bag. I asked if that meant Preston had been born in the caul (or at least mostly so). I had always wondered if Alexa would've been if they hadn't broken my water bag and thought it was interesting that he was (sort of I guess) too.

We tried to nurse; he was very interested and alert but just sort of playful at the breast and then tried to rest.

I am so happy that everything turned out just as I had hoped. While I was surprised to have a longer, more intense and difficult labor than with my first, it really was one of the most amazing experiences ever.

tried to get you all in order!

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Daisy's Birth Story

March 30th @ 8:57am via scheduled c/s. She was born a beautiful 6lbs 8oz and 19" in length.

Naturally we could barely sleep that night, we tried watching a movie in bed, I dozed off and on. My MIL slept over so no one had to be disturbed by our early departure. In theory, the night/morning should have went perfectly....in theory....

I had the alarm set for 5am, all I had to do was shower and leave with SO to be at the hospital for 6:30am. At 4am I hear running around upstairs then my 8yr old appears at my bedroom door "Mom, I threw up all over my bed!" ok sweetie I'll be right there. So poor Andy vomited all over, I mean all over his bed and blankets. As I was stripping his sheets and rinsing pillow cases etc, I hear poor Andy "Mom! I just diareahed in my pants!" ok sweetie, don't worry about it, have a seat on the toilet I'll be there in a second ok? so I finish cleaning his room and underpants, I'm going downstairs to start a laundry "Mom! I'm going to puke again!" it's ok sweetie, just get to the bathroom I'll be right there lol

So I managed all of that, some last minute packing of meds and stuff, showered and hugs and kisses for everyone (everyone was up at that point lol) and we were off.

We get to the hospital and the lady downstairs says just to go up to the OR area and wait there someone will be there to greet us or will be shortly. I said "so I don't go to the maternity ward?" she said no just wait by the OR. ok........waiting...waiting....waiting....forget this, we went in and talked to one of the OB nurses. Apparently we WERE supposed to go into the maternity ward, whatever lol at least we're there. I get in my gown and get my IV, I'm hooked up to monitor the baby's heartbeat but she wouldn't sit still, took awhile to get what the nurse wanted. The surgeon came in to see us and took a feel of my belly and said "OH, we have quite a good sized baby in here" The nurses agreed that the baby was big and we all started guessing how much she'd weigh etc. I get my folly(sp?) put in, ouch ouch ouch that burned and was very uncomfortable.
Then the waiting game began again for the OR to call us in

So while we're waiting I go into labor lol The cx's are so bad they have to wait until it passes before they can continue whatever they're doing. So Daisy was going to be born that day no matter what, which is nice Smile Absolutely everyone was amazing! I love my small town hospital! I got my spinal and the nurse talked me thru it because she could tell I was extremely nervous and having cx's. The spinal was the best one I've ever had, as was the IV and every other experience I had there.
I could tell Daisy was out before they let me know and before she began to cry. I looked up at John as I felt a wave of relief as the pressure of her was finally off of me. I said "Oh thank God, honey, she's here!" Then my Daisy began to cry and so did I, I heard my OB say she was just a dainty wee thing and she was out of me long enough to be transfered to the cart (for lack of a better word) and she had her thumb in her mouth. They were giggling because she came out so hungry and I told them, they had me fasting since last night and they could here my tummy growling on the operating table lol It also turns out that I had an enormous amount of amniotic fluid and that`s why they thought she was going to be so big. On top of that, I retained a lot of water and have still been peeing constantly and having incredibly bad night sweats as my body is trying to get rid of the extra water. I`m a little excited about that because water weight is soooo much easier to lose Wink

John went with Daisy as I got my tubal and stitched back up. My OB joked as John left that he was already leaving me for a younger woman lol then he made sure I still wanted a tubal by asking "So you're still sure you want a tubal done? you don't want to see me anymore?" I said I'd gladly see him but under different circumstances. *love my ob, i'm actually having a hard time dealing with not getting to go to that office anymore...*

once the surgery was complete I was taken into recovery where the nurses and anesthetist began asking me questions. I guess there was some issues with my bp and hb and I was having bad effects from the morphine, I was so friggin itchy and the benedryl wasn't helping. Turns out I'm so sensitive to morphine they had to give me a drug to reverse the effects of it, Narcon I think. From there I had to wait 24hrs before I could have anything stronger than tylenol. Then came the lovely demerol lol
Anyhoo, turns out that the reason it took so long for me to recover from my first two c\s' is because of my morhpine sensitivity, it kept me frozen wayyyyy too long which stiffened me, made me more gassy than normal and lethargic. But this time because they caught it and did something about it I'm up and at'em at an alarming rate! I feel so great! with the last two, 1wk after I could still barely walk and this time I was walking almost normal 2days after. Now it's been a week and you would never know I had not one but two procedures done. Now if only this face rash from the morphine will go away then I won`t feel like such a freak lol

I was the only Mama in the hospital so Daisy and I got LOTS of attention. I took advantage of their downtime and let them take her each night so I could rest and they brought her back to me for bf'ing.
John brought Jack to see me and he was petrified of the whole experience lol he wouldn't look at me, was scared of the baby, cried if John put him down. He was a bit better the next day but wasn't back to normal until I came home. Andy couldn't come see me until he felt better and wasn't throwing up etc for at least 24hrs. but he came to see us the next evening and it was great to see him. He was crying at home because I was in the hospital, he couldn't come see me, couldn't meet his sister. Turns out he faked being well so he could come to the hospital lol what a kid, he's feeling much better now. My OB came to see me to fill me in on anything I needed to know before I left, he checked the baby over and told me it was a pleasure to have me as a patient. We came home Good Friday morning Smile

I don't miss being pg. I miss the OB and his wife the Nurse Practitioner, their recpetionist was awesome too. I miss the maternity ward experience, I loved all the nurses and loved the healing experience this time around. Everything was blissful. And now we`re home, it`s exactly one week later, my toddler Jack was up last night with what Andy had exactly one week ago. John had it Friday night, fingers crossed that Daisy doesn`t get it.

My family is complete Smile

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Deegan Christopher
4/7/10 12:07pm
5lbs 6oz 18 1/2 in
35 weeks 2 days

I had my regular Drs. appointment on Friday 4/2/10. I was complaining of lots of BH and alot of pressure in my pelvis. The Dr. decided to do an internal and the baby had already dropped and I was 1cm dialted and 70% effaced. The Dr. put me on strict bedrest till the end of my pregnancy since I was only 34 weeks at the time.

Saturday 4/3/10 I was having more BH than normal and this sharp pain in my pelvis. I knew I wasnt in labor but I was concerned since I was put on bed rest. I called L&D and they had me come in for monitoring. It turns out I was having contractions every 8-10min. They checked my cervix and nothing had changed since my Drs. appointment so they sent me home.

Tuesday night 4/6/10 I was laying in bed watching tv. My contractions started at 10:15pm. I knew they were the real contractions because I had to breathe through them and they were painful. I laid in bed at timed them for an hour. They were 3-4 min apart. By then I knew I was going into labor. I decided to get up and get ready and finish packing my bag and wait for my mom to come over to stay with Presley.

Wednesday morning 4/7/10 at 12:57am we checked into the hospital. Since it was in the middle of the night we had to check in through the ER. That felt like the longest wait for me since I was in pain. When I was checked in at 1:35am I was 4cm dialted so the Dr. said I was too far progressed to try to stop the labor. At 1:50am they started the IV so when I would be ready for the epidural when I told them I wanted it. The contractions were hurting but not enough to get an epidural so at the nurse gave me a shot to help with the pain at 3:40am. I really helped with the pain, I felt loopy like I was drunk LOL. I wasnt even feeling the contractions for a while. At 6:07am I was 5cm dialted and was advised that if I wanted an epidural I should get in then because labor usual picks up by then. I didnt feel I need an epidurl yet because I was able to breathe through the contractions and they were only in the 60's on the chart. But I was scared if I waited too long it would be to late so I called my uncle up, who is the cheif of anesthesiology at the hospital and asked him to come over. He showed up by 6:50am and by 7:00am I had my epidual. By 7:55am I was 6cm dialted and by 8:47am they broke my water. By 10:00am I was 7cm dialted and by 10:03am they started me on pitosin since my labor started to stall out. I was started to feel alot of stabbing pain in my pelvis so the Dr. checked me again and I was still 7cm dialted at 11:00am so they game me more pitosin. 11:25am I was 8cm dialted and what felt like an eternity later...I started to feel pressure in my butt during contractions. 11:55am I was 10cm dialted and ready to push. 3 pushes later at 12:07am little Deegan was born. DH got to cut the cord which I was really happy about since he didnt get to do that with DD. Overall it was a very easy labor except for the part when I felt nauseous after getting the epidural. I really think I could have gone through the labor without an epidural. I didnt start getting hard contractions until the last 30min and they didnt get higher than 90. With DD they were well over 100.

His apgard scores was 8 and 9 and was breathing fine at first. When he was under the warmer the nurses wanted to monitor his breathing more closely. They took him to the nursery for 2 hours. All I wanted to do was see and hold my baby but I couldnt because my legs were still numb from the anesthesia. Finally they brought him in to see me and he was already having trouble breathing by then. You could hear him weasing for air. They wanted me to try skin to skin. They said sometimes that helps them breath, but after 15min of holding him you could tell he was just getting worse. They took him away to the nursery again and ended up needing to put him on oxygen. To make a long story short they couldnt keep him at our hospital because there isnt a NICU so they has to transfer him to they next city 30min away. I about died when I heard that. I never imagined not being able to go home without my baby.

It turns out since he was 5 weeks early his lungs wernt fully developed yet so he is needing oxygen to breathe. We dont know how long he will be in the NICU but I really hope soon. Its been a really hard situation with lots of tears but I know my little man is a fighter.

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Hello Ladies!!! Well Joenathan Charles was born on April 7th at 6:49 PM weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz. 19 inches long. Here goes his birth story:

April 6th I had a doctor's appointment and the OB stripped my membranes. That afternoon I started having some contractions but way too far apart like 15 to 20 minutes apart. It was not so painful yet so I ignored it and went with my day. Around midnight the contractions started coming in 10 minutes apart and started to get pretty uncomfortable. 1 AM I decided I want to get checked at the hospital. I got to the hospital and I was checked and was only 2 cm. They asked me to go and walk around for 2 hours and come back. I walked around in the hospital back and forth for 2 hours and came back. They checked me again and I was almost a 4. They admit me then. I asked for an epidural but was encouraged to wait because it might slow labor. Around 6:30 AM my water broke and there was meconium. They said it should be alright. I try not to worry. JC's heartbeat was rising up to 200s..it was freaking me out. We decided to go ahead and have a c-section, that's when the craziness began. They got JC out no problem, they had to suction him due to the meconium and had to put him on a breathing aparatus for an hour but he was fine after that. While the surgeons was trying to sew me up, they could not stop the bleeding and I was loosing a lot of blood. Due to the infection, my uterus was not contracting and thus the bleeding out. They were pumping blood to me left and right and giving shots to stop the bleeding but nothing was working. My veins were collapsing and they had to do a central IV on the vein on my neck (forgot what its called). I lost 8 units of blood and was really in trouble. They were finally able to stop the bleeding by putting a balloon in my uterus to clamp the bleeding (they almost gave me a hysterectomy). They had to put me to sleep and intubate me to keep me from aspirating. I woke up and I was in the ICU with a ventilator. I had the ventilator for 2 days and was in the ICU for 2 days, finally they took the ventilator off and transferred me back to the labor and delivery floor and stayed there for another 2 days to be monitored. The surgeons and staff at the hospital was all great and I am thankful that they saved my life! WHEW it was crazy but we are great now...Isaiah is being such a sweet big brother and JC is such a darling!

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I was suppose to be induce sunday March 28th at 39 weeks. I had been having a lot of contractions for the last week and he felt like he was low. I was working out every day and doing a lot of walking to prepare. Sunday came and I had to call in at 6:00 am and when I did they said they were full and to call back at 9:00 am. I called at 9:00 and they said still full call back at noon. DH and I went out to run errands when I got a phone call from the hospital telling me they were pushing me to the next day. I started crying in the middle of target, how embarassing, I just was looking forward to meeting my lo.

so monday came and I did the same, 6:00 am called in...and got the same answer. we are full, but we are trying to get you in. They said I could come wait at the hospital or i could wait at home and they would call. We decided to wait at home. I had dh go to work and I dropped dd at my moms and went to the mall to walk and find something to wear for Easter. when I got home two hours later I got a call that said come in now. I said can we wait an hour, my husband is at work. the lady was a little irritate...sorry I am not at your beckon call lady.

dh got home pretty quick and we were off to the hospital. we walked up to labor and delivery and they said come with me. gave me a gown said change the doc is on his way up to break your water...this was literally minutes from walking in the door. I guess the doc told the nurses to call me and reschedule me for the next day and they were like "no, she is already on her way".

I was dilated to 2cm and baby was -2 station. he could not get my water to break, too far up and it was causing me a lot of pain. they started me on pitocin. I was having contrax and able to breathe through them fine. dh ran home quick to change and my mom came to the hospital.

at 3pm or so the doc came back and was able to break my water. then the contrax really started. I was 4 cm dilated within the hour so said I was ready for my epidural. the guy came and put in the epi, which did not hurt much at all compared to the contrax. we were kidding around and laughing a lot. the epi did not seem to work right I was numb on one side and could still feel the painful contrax. doc had me lay flat. they ended up having the epi guy come back and he added more medicine.

I was laying there and telling my mom that I felt weird. it was like my hands were going numb and I was having trouble breathing and was just really tired. the nurse came in looked at the monitor and her eyes opened wide. "we need to roll her...NOW" and then it got chaotic. she rolled me to the left put on the oxygen. turns out my bp crashed (i thought to 70/40 but my mom said more like 50/40) and babies heartrate was in the 50's. they were poking me up at shoulders and I could not feel it. turns out the epi since I was laying flat traveled up my spine affecting my heart/lungs thus blood pressure

there were doctors and nurses in the room. someone came to take my blood to get me ready for emergency c section in case I needed blood transfusion. the nurse gave me two shots of ephedrine to get my heart rate going again. the doc seemed pretty calm during all of this. my mom and husband not so much. I was pretty much unresponsive and dh kept shaking me asking me if I was ok.

the ephedrine worked. and everything came back to normal. they turned off the epidural and the pitocin. eventually started the pitocin again but doc said no epidural. about two hours later I felt that tell tale pressure with the contractions I was now feeling again, b/c of no epi. doc said time to push.

I pushed for 30 minutes and got an episiotomy and with the assistance of the vacuum Sam was born. His head was crowned and doc said wait for next contraction...right like that felt good. then I pushed his head out then had to wait for next contration to push rest of body out...let me tell you so uncomfortable and so hard not to push it out.

Sam was born at 12:46am 11 hours after arriving at the hospital. he is 8lbs 2 oz and 21 1/4 inches long. Has a head full of dark hair and blue eyes.

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better late than never!
Jade Alexandra Dawn Elizabeth C.
born: April 9 2010
weight: 7lbs even
length: 19.5 inches

thurs, april 8 started like any other day, we had breakfast, complained that i was still preg and dtd! at 11:45am i stood up and felt a little gush like when my period starts. when i checked i wasn't sure what i was seeing, just clear, scent free liquid that soaked through to my pants a little. threw on a pad, told dh that i think my water is breaking and i'm a trickler. decided that we would do some walking to see what happens, went to the store, got dh a hair cut and did laps of the block for a about 1 1/2 hours. nothing but more trickles, which continued in little gushes the whole time. by 5:30pm i had soaked through three pads and was on my third diaper and dh wanted me to call the hospital to see how long i was to let this continue since it seemed like a lot of fluid to be leaking with nothing else happening. by this point, there was nothing else going on and she was still squirming a little! they said to come in so we called my dad and were off. snow storm started as i was dialing the hospital and picked up to the point that by next morning there was two inches on the ground! figured this was typical since she was conceived during a lightening storm! between 6:30-7pm got admitted and hooked up to monitors to see what was going on. confirmed that yes water was breaking (still leaking at this point) and everything with Jade looked good, still no contractions. all dh had to do at this point was wheel me in and wait, his joke, 'i don't know what all the fuss is, this is easy!' told him to enjoy and wait for it! probably could have waited at home more but the doc said it was good to come in when i did. 7:05pm doc wants to start oxytocin since i was still only 2cm and she was high again. 8pm the nurse came in to start the iv and i asked to be checked first, 2-3cm and still thick, they decided to go with cervidil first, thank you to all who reminded me to say something! pit wouldn't have done much at this point! 8:30pm cervidil in, still no iv and i tried to get some rest while i could. 9pm contractions started getting serious so we moved into the shower, dh was terrific with the hand held while sat in the sitz bath. i wish at this point i had remembered to do an enema before, i hadn't pooped since wed morning and OMG couldn't feel anything except pressure on my butt. 1:15am contractions getting really bad, cervidil taken out. 2:30am i had enough, it was all butt labour and i totally was not prepared for this style of pain. asked for epi.; got epi in after the first try failed, guy hit ligament and couldn't get it in, apologized profusely, moved up a notch and got it in no prob. looked at dh and he agreed that i had earned the relief at this point! sometime before 4am doc came in and checked me, baby was starting to show signs of cardiac distress and they had me on my hands and knees, nurses said i was about 9 1/2 but there was still a lip and they were hoping that it would go soon. doc had me flip to my back so she could check me and Jade. dh said it was this fast: fingers in, fingers out, 'push', 3min later Jade literally fell out at 3:52am! doc had vaccum on her to assist, head came out, doc went to hang up the vaccum and Jade fell into the blanket (nurse was there and doc only turned so she was still right there!) she didn't cry only squeaked! it was wonderful, dh had not wanted to see anything from the waist down and ended up seeing everything as he moved in to hold my leg at the last minute. he told me later that she came out with her eyes open and looking right at him!! he is still weepy when he thinks about it! got her cleaned up and put on the boob right away, she took to it like a champ once the nurse got her hands off me (she was trying to help and not really doing it!) jaundice was noticed a few hours later but she was feeding and pooping really well so they let us go home at 3:30pm april 10! all in all not what i was picturing it would be like but i really can't complain, even the epi was great, only 1 1/2 hours and by the time i pushed i had some feeling, by the time they put her in my arms i had total feeling and during i was only numb from belly button to butt!

the most important item i brought turned out to be the cell phone, mp3 got turned on so we could all listen to music and as a result it distracted from all the hospital noises and we were able to get some sleep!

since dh got first pics i thought who better to share with than here!

dh's fav pic, 'his porcelain doll'

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Here we go

On early Thursday morning I kept waking up which felt like every hour to use the loo, but at 5 am I woke to feeling two pops in which I though YES is that my water breaking. So I stand up and say to DH we are having our baby today. Of course he is now in are ok alert. So we prepare our selves for the hospital. We arrive at L&D at 6am. The m/w that is there checks me and says I am only 2cm, but they are admitting me since my water has broken. She seemed a little annoyed that I came right away, well if she knew my history she wouldn't be so stand off ish. I deliver fast so I know what I am doing! We wait for awhile as my contractions are coming every five minutes but are not strong. DH is very sleepy as he did not get any rest poor thing hence the reason why we did not have camera or camcorder with us. So this m/w leasves at 8 thank God and one of the other m/w that I like arrives. she checks me at 9:30 and I am only at 3 cm. She starts suggesting that because I haven't had a baby in 12 years maybe my uterus is lazy and we might need to jump start it. ABSOLUTELY not! Right after she checked me I start getting uncomfortable. From 10-11 I am getting contractions one on top of the other at this point I am a 5. I get in the tub at 11:30 and back out at 11:45. Now I am so uncomfortable that I can't breathe I have never had them so fast ever! I was getting them two at a time. One would start to go away and the other would start and reach it's peak fast. (12:30) My first time ever asking for meds I am yelling please honey tell them I need something. She checks me and says your at 7. We can give you something to ease the pain so I get meds in the rear, but honestly 5 minutes after that my lil miss was born. I went from 7-10 in five minutes. I got the meds at 12:49 She was born at 12:54. When they were giving me the meds I screamed have to push now. I started pushing and the m/w said unbelievable push one more time and your baby will be here. She came out looking around and peaceful. It was a beautiful experience. I believe in my heart that this is my last child. My BP issues throughout the delivery was a pain as well. When we arrived my BP was 150/95. With that said I just don't want to put my body through that again.

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Well she's officially a week old and I finally finished writing down the birth story. As you can tell I tried to be thorough and actually started writing it down in the wee hours before we went to the hospital. Sorry so long but I wanted a detailed account for myself and just cut and pasted here...

3:18a.m. – I rolled over for the 4th or 5th time that night and decided to get up to go pee. Sat on the toilet and went but it was “different” instead of normal it felt like a little gush which I shrugged off until I did it again while wiping…not from the right place. I got up turned all the lights on in the bathroom and went back to “check”. There was no mistaking the bloody show when I wiped so here we go! I called for Scott as I sat there and he sprang out of bed. He popped in to check on me and then told me he was going downstairs to clean up since it looks like we’re definitely having people up today. He was wonderful and got the kitchen, den and pretty much everywhere else cleaned up while I showered then he went up to shower (I managed to save him some hot water this time). And now it’s 3:57am and I’m sitting here typing this while it’s fresh and timing my contractions. They’re rather short and feel like “period cramps” so far so we’ll wait a little longer before heading to the hospital (and I fully intend to eat before we go this time).
My contractions started out as rather mild short ones that were 2ish minutes apart and went to moderate ones that were around 5 minutes apart by 4:10. They stayed pretty mild for a while and by 4:30am they were picking up and we decided to give our neighbor a call. She volunteered to watch Jason for us when it happened…LOVE our neighbors. Holly got here to watch Jason and we were about ready to leave around 5am.
We checked into the hospital shortly after 5 and they sent us to L&D. They went to check to see if my water had broken and they said it hadn’t which I thought was rather strange since I had felt it come out…when they checked me I was 2-3 and they hooked me up to monitors. It wasn’t until about half an hour later that the nurse said “well we may have to send you home for a few hours”. HUH??? Then another nurse came in and told us we should walk around and try to get things to progress so we don’t have to go home since they haven’t admitted me yet. So off we went for about an hour of walking (6 laps around the floor later) we went back into the room to get checked. I was having contractions that were coming one on top of the other (about every min – 2 min). When they checked I was 3-4cm and 90% effaced so they decided to admit me. They got me hooked up to an IV to get fluids into me so I could get my epidural and they started my antibiotics for strep B. They got all that in by around 9am. A little while later (while still waiting for my epi) a nurse came in to check on me and pulled out a shot of “something to take the edge off” my contractions (The thing that bothered me was that they were going to give it to me without asking/telling me – I’ll definitely be talking to my OB about it when I see her next). The shot made me very light headed and I REALLY didn’t like that feeling. They were prepared to give me another dose before my epidural and I told them I didn’t want it. So they reluctantly didn’t give it to me and then the anesthesiologist came in and gave me my epidural. They checked me again when they put in my catheter and I was 5. That was around 10:15. I laid on my right side for about an hour before asking to be flipped since I was stuck staring at the wall instead of being able to see the monitors, TV, and couch where my mom, sister and Scott were. My contractions were unnoticeable which was nice but once I flipped I could feel them a lot more but that gradually dissipated. My mom and sister went to get lunch around 11:30am and within 5 minutes of them leaving I started to feel “pressure” so we called them back and they got back upstairs as the nurse was checking me. She didn’t tell me what I had dilated to she just looked surprised and said “Yeah, we need to get a hold of Dr. Harvey”. Dr Harvey arrived around 11:45. She started “cleaning things up” as she put it and said she was just using warm water…only I could feel the warm water (guess the epidural wasn’t working quite like it should). Let’s just say the whole pushing experience was SO different with this delivery than with Jason’s. I thought I felt everything with Jason’s and it doesn’t even compare with the burn of delivering Abigail. Essentially my epidural worked for the toughest portion of contractions (about an hour and a half) and then I was back to feeling it all. I pushed for about half an hour and Abigail was born at 12:16p.m. It turns out this delivery was harder than Jason’s because she was turned so that her spine was toward my spine instead of being up which makes it more difficult (and explains why I was having back labor). Dr. Harvey was surprised I was able to push her out and said that most of her deliveries of babies turned that way end up needing vacuum assistance. I am SO glad I didn’t end up needing it. I had some minor tearing (3 stitches) and otherwise I’m doing pretty well (except for some monster hemorrhoids). Abigail weighed in at 8pounds 7ounces and was 19.5 inches long.

Here she is Smile

A very happy big brother...

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Birth Story of Elliana Viorica. (written the day following her birth)

Born: April 6th, 2010 at 6:14 pm
Weight: 7 lbs, 7 oz
Height: 20 in.

On Tuesday morning I went to my 39 week check-up with my midwife. At 10:15 my midwife saw me and did an internal check. 4 days earlier I had been 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced. She had stripped my membranes then which did result in quite a lot of contractions, but nothing that led to true labor. At this check she said I was now 4-5 cm dilated. She was going to strip my membranes again, BUT there was nothing to strip. That was that. So, I left thinking Elli would not likely come that day on her own.

Well, right after the appointment, my DH met me at the YMCA (he had taken a half day off from work). Grandma was watching the girls and DH and I walked on the track for about a half hour. At the end of walking I did feel a couple contractions (around 11:30 at that point), but anytime in the last 2-3 weeks that I have walked the track I have always had contractions, so I didn't think much of them. DH and I then decided to go out to lunch. I continued to have a couple contractions in the car. We went to have Chinese for lunch, nice and spicy. I continued to have regular contractions throughout lunch, about 6 minutes apart. After lunch (it was about 12:45 at this point) we went for a walk again. We walked for about a half hour again and the contractions continued to come regularly, although I wasn't timing them throughout the walk. We started to head for home and the contractions continued. We stopped at Goodwill on the way home, and the contractions continued. I went to use the bathroom while we were there, and part of my mucus plug fell out. The contractions got just a bit more intense after that, but still quite manageable. We headed home. We got home at about 2:25 and my contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart at that point. I told my mom that I though we would need to leave for the [COLOR=#006400 !important][FONT=verdana]hospital[/FONT][/COLOR] soon. DH and I finished packing the hospital bag and walked a bit more around the neighborhood. I had a couple of fairly strong contractions at that point, and I KNEW then that I would be having a baby in a few hours. At around 3:30 we left for the hospital.

In the car on the way to the hospital I didn't even attempt to belt myself in. I got in the back seat on my hands and knees, and I was able to work nicely through the contractions this way. We got to the hospital just before 4. When we checked in, the nurse saw me work through a couple contractions and admitted me right away (she could tell I was truly in labor Smile ). When I got in my room they checked me and told me I was 5 cm, which I pretty much expected because the contractions were strong, but still quite manageable at that point. They did require me to stay hooked up the monitors for 20 minutes to get a good read on the baby, but they let me stay in whatever position was comfortable for me during that time. When my 20 minutes were up, they told me I had been contracting every 2 minutes. They also surprised me when they mentioned that I was strep B+. I had not been aware of that. They hooked me up to an IV with antibiotics. I thought the IV would be a pain to have attached to me, but in all honesty, it really didn't end up bothering me at all. I was ready to get in the tub at that point.

The tub had been very nice to labor in while I was having Nadia, but this time it just didn't work for me. I sat in there for a couple contractions, and promptly got out. I actually found that sitting and rocking on the toilet felt really good, and when the peaks of the contractions hit I would lean forward to get through them, and they were quite easy to deal with that way. I also found that just rocking and swaying on the the floor, and laying down almost flat through the contractions felt good to me. So, I alternated between the floor and the toilet throughout most of my "hard" labor. At around 5:30 a couple of particularly strong contractions hit that I had to moan through a bit. At this point I asked the midwife to check me again. She said I was 9 cm. After another 20 minutes or so, I asked to be checked again. At that point she said there was only the very top lip to my cervix still there. I labored for another 10 minutes or so, and then asked her to break my water. I knew at that point that my water bag was likely preventing the baby's head from coming down all the way. Once the water was broken, I knew the baby would come fast. She broke my water at 6 pm. I got up on the bed which was in a full upright position. So, even though I was laying my back against the back of the bed, I was actually pretty much in a squatting position. It felt good. For a couple contractions, I just lightly pushed with them. It felt good to be able to push a bit at this point. It wasn't long before the head worked down and she was crowning. It of course burned like crazy at this point, but in just a couple small pushes Elli was out. At 6:14 pm I helped pull my beautiful baby girl onto my belly. No tears of any kind, and thankfully my placenta came out in one piece about 15 minutes after the birth. In my past two labors I had had difficulty delivering the placenta, as it would not detach, and came out in pieces. It was so nice to see a nice solid, healthy placenta!!

When Elli first came out she was NOT happy. She showed us that she had quite some lungs. Finally, after about 15 minutes she settled down and started rooting around to nurse. It took her a bit to get latched on, but once she did she was quite happy. I held her and nursed her on and off for close to 2 hours. At that point they had to take her and do some initial blood testing on her because of the strep B+ thing. So far, everything is seeming okay with that. We had a great first night. She is nursing well, and had quite a long period of time where she was very alert and looking around this morning. Now she is enjoying a long nap tucked in at my side and I sit in bed and type this. There is nothing better than a tiny sleeping newborn baby tucked in and sleeping against me. Smile

The girls came to visit this morning and they all seem very much in love!!! Smile

Here are a couple more pics...

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Declan's Birth Story

On Monday, May 3rd (10 days overdue), nothing was happening. I had a mw appointment at noon to have a NST, membrane sweep (I had 2 previous ones) and talk about our game plan. Everything looked fine with baby, I was still 3 cm, soft, anterior and my cervix had shortened a little from my previous appointment. My mw's prefer not to induce after 42 weeks so we decided to book my induction for Wed. morning (12 days over), in the meantime she offered me their "labour cocktail" recipe and told me it was up to me if I wanted to try to kick start things that way first.

I had been very vocal throughout my pg about not wanting to try castor oil, but I was really not wanting a medical induction. So I went straight to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients for this "cocktail". By the time I got home and took it, it was 3pm. The drink didn't taste that bad, but there was a lot to drink, so I just felt a little bloated. I sat around waiting for something happened, but nothing drastic did. At around 5, I had a loose bm, but nothing horrible, it had just made me gassy. 5 hours after the first dose, I was allowed to repeat the "cocktail", which I did at around 8pm.

We went to bed at around 10, and I was feeling a little discouraged that it didn't work and it was looking like the medical induction would be needed. Between 1030 and midnight I had 3 mild contractions. At midnight I knew things were starting. I sent DH to the spare room to get some sleep bc I thought I would labour all night at home and then go into the hospital some time late morning. At this point the contractions were all over the place, ranging from 8 to 3 minutes apart and lasting from 30 sec to 1 1/2 minutes. By 2 am some of them were starting to get more intense and I thought I might pass out with some of them. I decided to get in the bathtub, which didn't last long, bc they slowed down while I was in there. Dh heard the water running and came to check on me, at this point I made him stay with me. At around 3, dh asked how far apart they were, I told him that I didn't know, I was just trying to get through them. He started to time them and even though they still weren't really consistent, they were around 2-3 minutes apart and lasting for 45 sec. At 330, dh finally convinced me it was time to call the mw (I wasn't sure bc they weren't that consistent and I did not want to be sent home from the hospital or bother anyone in the middle of the night). The mw said to head to the hospital (she was 25 min away). We called my mom to come stay w/DD and got ready to go. We were at the hospital a little after 4, it took me forever to walk to the maternity dept, bc I only had about 30 sec to a minutes bt the contractions.

I was begging for something to take the edge off the pain by the time the mw got there at 415. She gave me the gas :grin: while she got things set up. When she checked me I was 7-8 cm, baby's head was really low and my bag of water was buldging. She said that as soon as my water broke the baby would be there really quickly. She didn't want dh to run back to the car for the cameras, but I made him go! At 6 I need to pee, so dh helped me to the bathroom, as soon as I sat down I said "I need to throw up" and then threw up 5 or 6 times into the shower, at the same time I felt a pop, "uh, oh, my water just broke". I was a mess! My mw was encouraging me to quickly get back into bed bc she thought I was going to deliver on the toilet. About 5-10 min later (I think, time was a little foggy) I felt the urge to push and after about 10 min of pushing (630 am), Declan Henry Graham was born! He was 8lbs 6oz and 22 inches long. He was absolutely perfect. I was so happy to be able to go home 8 hours after he was born!

He's a great nurser and at his 2 week appointment he was up to 9lbs 10oz!

Minutes after he was born!

Our first family of 4 pic!

His big sister is totally in love with him!

Snuggle time with daddy!

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Maia's Birth Story

I went in at 8 a.m. on Monday, May 3rd to be induced as I was due on April 25 and my cervix was still nice and tightly closed… I had no signs of labor. It took forever for me to get into a room and I had to sit in a very cramped waiting area with a woman who was having a scheduled C Section and her group who were entirely too ‘on’ for such an early morning. It was like a comedy routine you’re being forced to watch… or maybe my nerves were just on edge. I was glad to get away from them when the nurse called us back.

I was set up in bed and given my first dose of Penicillin, as I tested positive for GBS. That stuff hurt! I had 2 bags of it every 4 hours and I dreaded it. It hurt worse than the contractions… of course; I had an epidural for those! After I was given the Penicillin and my IV fluids my doctor came in and told me he wanted to try Cervidil to jump start my labor. We had talked about this in clinic the week before so I was prepared. It was inserted and then I had a long wait ahead of me. Most of Monday was spent with being hungry and trying to keep the stupid shoestring of the Cervidil out of the way when I went to the bathroom. Towards afternoon I started to have a bit of back pain which grew worse as the day went on. But when I was checked in the early evening my cervix still hadn’t really done anything. And I figured out why all my cervical checks had hurt so badly—the doctor told me my cervix wasn’t in the place they expected it to be—it was high up and way over towards my side. I have no idea what that was about.

At this point, since nothing had happened, the Cervidil was removed and I was given an hour to eat some Jell-O and rest. The doctor then wanted to try a drug I cannot remember the name of… it was a small pill apparently used in medical abortions?? Has anyone heard of this? I can’t remember the name. I was given one of those that night and another one the next morning, and that’s what finally brought on labor.

The night was long after the first pill was inserted, pain started in earnest then, and that’s when I was given an epidural. That really helped me to relax for the cervical checks, too—I felt like a stuffed turkey every time they’d go fishing for my cervix! After the delivery the nurses who removed my catheter said I was more swollen vaginally than any woman they’d ever seen. I did feel like the doctors had violated me in a way—the whole experience of them digging for my cervix seemed so demeaning.

May 4th was filled with my cervix finally dilating… though the contractions weren’t really something I could feel until around 10 p.m. I had been given Pitocin by that point and my water had been broken. As the doctor broke it, it spurted out and almost hit the wall opposite me. My husband said it was not something he’ll ever forget—he was horrified. The contractions were horrible—especially with my being so swollen and the catheter which made it impossible for me to close my legs together like I felt like I wanted to do. It felt like I had to use the bathroom so badly—it was the most uncomfortable feeling I’ve ever had. But I was glad to feel them so intensely because I knew the baby was close. Unfortunately the baby’s heart rate plunged at this point and I think I might have passed out or something because when I became aware again they were giving me a shot to stop the contractions and had turned off the Pitocin. This actually happened THREE more times before they put a contraction monitor in me. After a few minutes I could feel the baby’s head butting at it and when I told the nurse that they checked me and I was at 10 centimeters. This was about 1 a.m. on May 5.

I was given the go ahead to start pushing, but the baby’s heart rate plunged again. It was at this point that I was told that I could stop the Pitocin again, and wait, or I could opt for a C-Section. I was exhausted and scared for my baby, and though I really did not want one, I opted for the C.

I was wheeled into the OR and it seemed so surreal. I was half asleep—having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I felt like I’d been tortured for three days and now I was facing major surgery. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. The surgeon was so nice, though, and really walked me through everything, though he had to keep waking me up—I’m not sure if it was the meds or the exhaustion or both but I couldn’t hold my eyes open. I wanted so badly to see my baby but I just couldn’t stay awake.

Finally they started to surgery and within a few minutes I heard someone say “It’s a boy!” and I freaked out because we’ve known since 20 weeks that we were having a girl. I turned my head to my husband and said “What?? It’s a boy??” and he calmed me down. The person had actually said “Oh, boy!” because the baby was facing upwards and looking right at them as they opened me. She is most definitely a girl. The story is funny now, but at the time I was just horrified. LOL

Maia was born at 3:39 a.m. on Wednesday May 5 and weighed 8 pounds, 9 ounces. And she had a great set of lungs… she was screaming her head off. I can’t blame her. She’d had a rough few days, too!

After all of this I was taken to recovery and then wheeled into my room at about 5:30 a.m. The baby was wheeled in soon afterward and our adventure began. She is a beautiful baby and so worth all the pain I went through, but I have to say that I don’t think I could go through it again. I never thought my birth experience would be so bad. After suffering through hyperemesis for months I thought the worst of the pregnancy was behind me, but I was wrong.

But as you can see, the prize at the end was worth the suffering!

(And if you made it through this whole story, I’m sorry for YOUR suffering. LOL)

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Nathan Alexander's Birth Story

Born: April 12th, 2010 at 5:33 AM
Weight: 7 lbs. 7 oz Height: 19 1/2 inches long

I don't really have much of a birth story. But here it is......

Around 2:30 AM on Mon I got up to go to the bathroom and I felt a little gush. I wasn't quite sure if it was my water or not so I laid back down. Then I decided to call my OB and they told me to come in and get checked. The first test that they did didn't show anything so they used the speculum and the OB saw a small puddle, and my water trickling out. I was actually having pretty regular contractions too. Which I was impressed that I actually felt, because I hadn't felt any contractions with Lucas. So they got me all prepped for my c-section, Mark took Lucas to my grandparents house -- it's good the they only live 5 mins away! Mark got his "jump suit" on and they took my back to the OR.

My DH was soo cute. He had this sweet little smile on his face the whole time. His little proud papa glow. And now that he looks at the pics he can see what I was laughing at him about. I was disappointed that they couldn't get my spinal done. They said that my spine was too deep?? They tried several times and only succeed to make my back and hip hurt worse! I had really wanted to have Mark in the room with me this time because he wasn't able to come in for my c-section with Lucas. My anesthesiologist was wonderful and took our camera back with him after he told DH that he couldn't come in because I was going to be under general again, and he took video and pictures of them cleaning Nathan up. He also tried to calm me down before I went under, he stroked my hair and told me that it was going to be okay, because I was crying.

Recovery was a little harsh. I felt like I got run over by a semi! I woke up in MAJOR pain this time because I wasn't able to get a spinal. But once they got the morphine drip going I felt pretty good! lol! First couple of days were a blur because I would pass out at random times. But because there weren't that many ppl around they brought Mark and Nathan back to the recovery room so that they would be there when I woke up. Mark told me that they were breaking a lot of rules for us.

But all in all my hospital stay was good. I had some really wonderful nurses. My grandparents kept Lucas for us Mon-Thurs so that DH didn't have to take him to the sitter and that he could bring him to see me every night after work.

Nathan is such a good baby compared to his brother. Very content and he only wakes up at night to eat. We did change his formula to soy in the hospital after the first two days.

Me and my boys!

Stoned mommy holding Nathan for the first time! (Mark LOVES this pics--dunno why?)

*** Note*** It took me a while to find this. I add a few things.

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Nathan Christopher arrived Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 6:11 PM, weighing in at 8 pounds 12 ounces and 21 inches long.

Tuesday (April 6th) evening I had 6 hours or regular painful contractions, but then they just stopped. Then, on Wednesday (April 7th), they started up again at about 2 pm. They were pretty intense and pretty regular, so my OB said to head to the hospital. Got to the hospital about 4:50. I got hooked up to the monitors and they tracked my contractions and his heart rate. His heart rate kept dropping with each contraction and I was only a fingertip dilated so they decided to do an emergency c-section. Got into the OR at 6 PM and he was born 11 minutes later. They had to put me to sleep since they didn't have time to get lab work done. His apgars were an 8 and 9. It all went by so fast, but we are glad to have him here, happy and healthy!

Pics! Smile

38 weeks (less than 2 hours before he was born!)

Daddy got to hold him first...

Grandma and big brother meeting him!

First outfit...poor little guy kept scratching his face!

Brothers Smile

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Annabelle's Birth Story


This may get a little long ...
On mon april 5, I woke up at 2am to some contractions. Nothing regular or strong, but enough to keep me from sleeping. The contractions kept up all day, not settling into a regular pattern, but also not fading away, despite walking, resting, and lots of water. In the evening, DH, my mom and I all went to the last childbirth education class, and while there, I lost my mucus plug, which caused great amusement because I had had a repeating dream that my water would break during that class.

At home that night, I tried to get some sleep, but the contractions were just strong enough to prevent that from happening. In the morning, the contractions were slowly starting to settle in a regular pattern, about every 10-15 minutes. I had my 38 week appt that afternoon, at which my doctor agreed to check me (they generally only check at 39 weeks), and I was 2cm, 70%, though still quite posterior. The doctor swept my membranes, and told me that probably wasn't going to be too many days before I was in active labor.

Later tues night, around 11pm, I started feeling not so great, so we went to the hospital to get me checked. I had progressed to a 3, and about 80%, but my contractions were not in a regular enough pattern for them to admit me. Going home, I tried to rest as much as possible, but was unable to get any sleep.

By 4pm on wed, I was feeling bad. I had sudden swelling in my feet, a massive headache, and was seeing floaters, so we went back to l&d. I had not made any more progress, but my bp had spiked up to 140/100, after being at 120/70 since entering the third trimester. That, with my symptoms, and bloodwork, gave me the diagnosis of PIH rapidly moving towards pre-e. Since I was 38 weeks, the dr and me made the decision to induce rather than treat with medication, however the doctor delayed making the decision until there was a room available to me, rather than sending me home to wait for a phone call. 10 long hours in triage later, I got my room.

Once in my room, my mom phoned my husband to come back to the hospital, as he had gone home to get some sleep. Before we started the induction, i had a consult with anaethesiology, as I have severe reactions no most natural and synthetic narcotics, and we decided that i could try fentanyl if i decided that i needed something (I had planned on going without pain meds if i possibly could).

Just before 6am, the nurse started the pitocin, and within 15 minutes, it was starting to make my contractions more regular. At 7, my DH got back to the hospital, and by then my contractions were strong enough that I could no longer talk through them. I was checked, and had progressed to 5 and fully effaced, and the dr broke my water. I tried leaning against the wall and kneeling on the bed to help keep things moving, and started using some gas to help me through the contractions.

By 8, my contractions were so close that i was only getting 3 breaths as break between them. I was handling most of the contractions quite well, it was only that first sharp edge of the peak that was hurting. I was checked again, and was fully dilated, however Annabelle had turned and was posterior. I didn't feel any back pain, just a lot of pressure from how low she was. The dr had me get back on my knees on the bed to try and get her turned before i started pushing. They had a hard time keeping track of her heartbeat, so they inserted an internal moniter.

At this point the contractions were so strong that i needed a rest and had a dose of fentanyl, which really helped take the edge off of a few contractions. By 930, with one more dose of fentanyl, the urge to push was so strong that i had to push. The nurse set up the squat bar for me to put my feet on, and handles for me to hold. I found it hard to really commit to each push, and needed the encouragement of my dh, mom, and nurse to really commit and push properly. After 45 minutes, her head was just starting to show, and the nurse got ready to give me one more dose of fentanyl, thinking delivery was still a ways away. With the next contraction, and the nurse busy giving me the fentanyl, I push and Annabelle's head just pops out.

The nurse rushes to catch Annabelle, while having dh push the emergency page button to get the dr back in the room. The dr, seeing that the nurse has everything under control, has the nurse finish delivering Annabelle, rather than try to make us wait for her to suit up. The shoulders were so much worse than her head, if only because there was less pressure. She went directly skin to skin on my chest while my husband cut the cord, and my beautiful girl was right there in my arms. Amazingly, despite her fast exit with no support, i only had a small 2nd tear. Her apgars were 8 and 9, and she weighed in at 6lbs 10.5, and 17.75 ".