Baby McD 3.0

My name is Beth, my DH is Mike. This is baby #3 for us. We are so blessed with 2 beautiful babies. 3.0 is a total surprise for us and has taken a little getting used to. We knew we wanted 3, but we were not planning on it for a while.

I was driving to go shopping with my kiddos and realized that I was 4 days late. I had the flu and I hadn't felt very good ever since and felt pretty crummy that day. I didn't really think much of it and then I was taking a bath the next day and realized that I really needed to take a test. I broke it to DH and he agreed, I needed to POAS. I got a very faint BFP with a Dollar Tree test on 12/2. I then had to get a FRER and got a solid BFP that night. Just for kicks (and because I bought a 2-pack) I got a quick + on 12/3.

I didn't bother making an appointment since we were going to be out of town at the time they would have wanted to schedule me. They won't see patients until they are 8 weeks. That was right in the middle of our vacation. I am scheduled to see the OB Dr. on Thurs., Jan. 10.

So far I have been really nauseous for about 3 weeks and I have been vomiting pretty regularly for about 2 weeks. I had been able to control the vomiting up until the last few days and I have had a few close calls. While I hate feeling so lousy, it makes me feel secure. I have always had a very positive take on pregnancy and I have never been one to worry. I guess I am lucky in that.

I will dig up my birth stories on my other kiddos and more of my info from those pregnancies.